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Sep 6 · 65
Hunger Sep 6
My sweet release so sad and dark,
Was the start of the black fire that tiny spark,
Ignite my once weak soul,
The fire that burns me is what makes me whole,
I have become the pain,
My soul is no longer free to stain,
I am Greed,
I am Lust,
I am Hunger,
I am Malice,
I am Hate,
I am Wrath,
I am Envy,
I am Sorrow,
I take it all I breathe it in,
I am it and it is now within,
My soul shakes at what I have become,
But its now all said and done,
The monster I am now all may fear,
Till the day I die and disappear...
Jul 21 · 157
Distract Me From Myself
Hunger Jul 21
Someone slap me in the face,
So I can forget that I am a disgrace,
Someone **** my pain,
So I can stop going insane,
Someone fix the voices inside,
So I can finally hide,
They scream at me and say I am wrong,
To listen to music be happy or sing a song,
All the noise hurts as my soul weighs me down,
I fell as though the sound is the water in which I drown,
Could I ever be happy again in any way,
If not yesterday perhaps today,
Id gladly give heart soul and mind,
To finally have joy to stand behind,
But inside I cry,
I feel like I should die,
I hold my breathe waiting to see black,
And let it out wishing the air was crack,
Cause id rather be anyone but me,
Cause them maybe I could be free,
But if must stay me,
Can someone help distract me from myself...
I am not getting better, it all just hurts worse, nothing is helping, I need someone to love, and no one is there, I just feel dead and empty, I pray and pray and nothing happens, I do my best and nothing changes, the weight, the pain, the lack of emotion after all, I hate being in pain but the numbness that follows is even worse...
Jul 11 · 289
Not Another Day
Hunger Jul 11
How can this ever possibly be,
That this would ever happen to me,
No not another day,
How could life even find another way,
To hurt my heart and melt my soul,
I guess I will just never be whole,
Another way to feel alone,
As I wither from skin to bone,
My body shake shivers then stops,
Yes I wither like freshly poisoned crops,
Nothing left to fear,
I guess this means the end is near,
I shed my last silent tear,
Before I tell you all goodbye.....
Jul 8 · 30
Hunger Jul 8
Have you ever always been surrounded but felt alone,
Have you ever had a heart that just felt like stone,
When you get up in the morning it ways you down,
Every color in your life fades to grey, black, or brown,
No matter how many people try to help the hope is lost,
The world feels cold like my heart is covered in frost,
But my face melts as the tears roll down thinking about you,
But our 1 + 1 will never again make 2.
I will always miss you cause you were everything to me and it hurts to know i meant nothing to you...
Mar 23 · 43
Few Words
Hunger Mar 23
I want to tell you not to grow up,
Stay away from aging don't drink from that cup,
Its a hard pill to swallow when you see,
That your born to change and to change is to be,
To be what you need,
Be love be passion be hope be greed,
Life is about finding out who you are despite these things,
No matter what troubles or trials life brings,
Even if it burns or aches or stings,
Do this and you can sit amongst the kings,
I want to say all these things and so much more,
But my voice is gone just like out of mouth my tongue was tore,
Lost in a mist of what is right and wrong,
This poem should be wisdom in the form of a song,
But i am left here to weep over these things and just say,
I love you for now and my wisdom is best spoken another day.
Mar 23 · 441
Hunger Mar 23
My mind drifts so far away,
My heart slows as it begs me not to stay,
In this reality we are like cattle marked with a brand,
So we must find our way to our own Never-land,
We spread the our wings or ride our kites,
We could fly by day or through the cover of many nights,
  A place we can go where we long to be,
A place where our dreams play as they always longed to be free,
Whether our Never-land is a Island or Planet,
Whether its a house made of logs or a cave laden with granite,
A place that is wild or peaceful and silent,
A home filled with love or broken and violent,
We all have a place we would rather inhabit,
From the largest of foxes to the tiniest rabbit.
Mar 22 · 41
Hunger Mar 22
I think of you and my soul turns to stone,
I think of you i feel cold and alone,
My voice to a shallow withdrawn tone,
My spine shivers along with every ****** bone,
The crown on my head falls straight to the ground,
The glass its made of shatters with one loud sound,
My heart will drop like the beat of a song,
My days will draw on and on so long,
Weary i fall so slowly down into my bed,
I lie down to hide from the thoughts in my head,
Dec 2020 · 58
Hunger Dec 2020
I look down a tunnel and all I can see,
Is so many bright lights shining at me,
And i realize just how beautiful life can be,
I try to understand why sometimes i am sad,
And thinking about it just makes me get mad,
But I smile each time at the end,
Fire away life I will conquer each trial you send,
Come around every corner a hardship begins,
But in the end I am the hero who always wins,
Don't ever think you can challenge me and friends,
We have gone through many trials through all of life's bends,
And I still smile through it all,
And  I will still stand tall,
Dedicated to: SMH
this was for a friend, i am still very depressed
May 2020 · 206
Hunger May 2020
I had a meaning but now i am lost,
I must be unlucky that this thought my mind crossed,
I thought that i could sustain,
that which i cannot obtain,
And now i fell feel lost,
Lost Lost Double Heart Crossed,
Drowning in a river of dreams,
That sinking deep between the board's cracks and seams,
Lost, empty, pointless, and broken,
Ask me how i am feeling? Fine, enough spoken,
I am doing fine
But some reason i feel lost in every way,
What should have been a burden off my chest,
Is this constant feel of sorrow and unrest,
I brought somone into my life and made them my all,
I thought they would love me forever if i could stand tall,
But wearing stilts will never help those who are hard to love,
when you feel dead inside nothing can help you stand above,
The feelings that you are lost in,
The feelings deep within,
The feelings that grasped the mind heart and soul,
Only end up eating me Whole,
Save Our Ship,
Here's A Tip,
Don't have hopes for the things you cant have now,
Only hope that one day you can .
I fell in love with someone who is older than me and they broke it off till i get older and now i am stuck only thinking about them and crying that i am so young.
May 2020 · 70
A Friend I Have
Hunger May 2020
A friend of a friend is the friend i made,
Cause its with my best friend that my new friend had stayed,
This friend that i have is both kind and sweet,
Don't let her words of death and dry heat,
Beat you away from the loving heart underneath,
From her pretty purple nails to her bright white teeth,
There is more than meets the eye to the friend that i'd meet,
So funny and sleepy,
A bit edgy and a bit creepy,
There is none quite the person i was meeting,
She drinks Coca-cola like it was *******,
And burned through Melatonin like it was propane,
But underneath of all the things that made her so fun,
Was a brave and quirky person that shines like the sun,
She radiates and glows a very chill vibe,
But strikes you as the person who'd never take a bribe,
Honest and upright she always does stand,
Her good morals she clutches in the palm of her hand,
She respects others in every way that she can,
And seems to be better than any friend that would be a man.
About My Friend Of A My Friend Who Is My Friend.
Apr 2020 · 140
Blood Stained Black Rose
Hunger Apr 2020
Dear Blood Stained Black Rose,
Disasters seem to strike with many hard blows,
You seem so beaten, battered, and wilted,
But you won't let life leave you tilted,
You don't let life define you,
Instead you bud in the winter and defy nature too,
You press in the snow when the nights grow cold,
You only grow stronger and hold faster as you grow old,
Dear Blood Stained Black Rose you left a lot behind,
It hurts my soul and strains my mind,
As i realize how fierce the storms you face are,
But you still shine bright like the finest star,
Your petals bloom into a beautiful flower,
You give all the credit to the Lord who gave you the power,
Seemingly dead at first i hold my breath,
I am glad you realized life has more hope than death.
Mar 2020 · 104
Who Are We
Hunger Mar 2020
Who are we,
Who are we,
We are the protector the one who comes to save,
We are the one who takes the blows and stays brave,
One two skip a few,
You blink and its a different me looking back at you,
We are the lover the passion that blazes,
We have the care that lives to walk relationship mazes,
Again Again with the nod of a head,
You realize again that another me is dead,
Now We are the crazy the life of the party,
We sing we dance and we eat meals that are very good and hearty,
You roll your eyes,
And another me dies,
We are the genius the mind and the brain,
We enjoy that homework you saw as a pain,
You drop your pen,
We change to a different person again,
We are the servant the one who comes to help,
We come at your beck, call, yelp, and whelp,
You reach out to try to pull me back in,
But there are more then one of us to love my friend,
We are the many inside of the few,
We are here and you don't know how to explain us or what to do.
+----(JUST ACCEPT US)----+
Devoted to Lucifer, Pearl, Alfred, Numby(Wick), Crow, and Alastor
Because We are Me,
But with company!
Jan 2020 · 136
Hunger Jan 2020
There are some days i love my life,

Other days there is no end to my strife,

There are some days everything feels good,

Other Days i just feel like i have to hide behind my hood,

There are some days I love myself,

Other Days i feel like me is the only thing i want to shelf,

There are some days I think I'm loved,

But these days that's something i sadly try to stand above.
Wish I felt Better But I Can't I  Guess
Hunger Nov 2019
People still don't care about my dream,
They act like what I love is just a meme,
They stomp all my hopes of being me,
They act like who I am just cannot be,
I am so sick of you hating what I love,
Isn't this stupid hate easier to stand above,
If you really love me then set me free,
Let me grow wild like a redwood tree,
That is not to much to ask for,
U just say it is as a reason to close my favorite door.
No reason for people to hate me playing video games, so then why on God's beautiful green earth do you stop me?
Oct 2019 · 159
Hunger Oct 2019
My mind so full of such few words,
Making my concentration fly out of my mind like a flock of birds,
A song,
A gong,
A chime,
A mime,
A lot of words fill my brain and some send shivers down my spine,
And some thoughts I question are they even mine,
All of them so tightly packed in,
In my skull so hidden deep within,
Pounds and pounds of useless grey matter,
Filled with noises from pitter to patter,
Legends and Tales,
Buckets and Pales,
Crab and Snails,
Sharks and Whales,
Words on Words on Words again,
I wish right now I could talk to a friend,
But alas the words the only come out on paper,
For you my readers to continually savor.
We all have those days when we can't read cause our mind is just to
Sep 2019 · 142
Me EvErY DaY
Hunger Sep 2019
Skin them alive,
leave none to survive,
Shred them to pieces,
I am as phantom as cold summer breezes,
Lapping up blood like a good cat,
Eating children rather than a rat,
I can take flight like a bat,
Beat you to death from behind,
Eat your bones fresh from the grind,
Cut your throat pull out your tongue,
Can't find your body its so far slung,
A lil here a lil there,
ThIs MaKeS Me HaPpY
Aug 2019 · 186
Up In The Air
Hunger Aug 2019
Life is all up in the air,
But i don't care,
Can't get my siblings outta my hair,
I just don't care,
Using my time i don't have to spare,
Guess what I DON'T CARE.
Aug 2019 · 251
Hunger Aug 2019
I cant say anyone smells more like flowers,
I can say u look better than any towers,
I cant say anyone looks more like a rose,
I can say u r beautiful from your head to your toes,
I cant say anyone is more kind,
I can say you are always there for me to hide behind,
I cant say anyone is more of a freak,
I can say i love you cause i am a geek,
I cant say i hate you,
But i can say i love you too.
May 2019 · 126
Depressed Again
Hunger May 2019
Nothing I ever do goes right,
I wish I could bleed till my face turns white,
Wouldn't that be quite the sight,
I could even do it in the middle of the night,
I feel like I am worth less than a dollar,
If u need encouragement don't give me a holler,
I know not why I am alive,
All I know is there is no way to thrive,
May 2019 · 141
Beauty In Death
Hunger May 2019
The final breath,
beauty in death,
The flower's finest blossom is right before it wilts,
the finest actors fall from their stilts,
A shot rings out and a man finds his meaning,
The last breath the victim uses for singing,
Shredded flesh makes the finest art,
Me and death will never part,
When you finally die and leave a widow not a wife,
You will realize death is the pinnacle of life,
The mask i wear to **** is my face,
Red is the blood that fills this place.
Mar 2019 · 181
Hunger Mar 2019
People Die,
People Cry,
People Lie,
People Fight,
People Bite,
People Bleed,
But People don't read,
People don't hold the peace,
People burn down trees,
Welcome to reality,
Where all your nightmares become clear to see.
have a good day..
IN your imagination
Mar 2019 · 127
Loving Angel
Hunger Mar 2019
I love you Beautiful Angel with a halo,
But I am a demon stuck in the flames though,
Growing wings and beginning to fly,
But I was born in chains and born to die,
Please save me,
Don't forget who we can be,
Together forever,
Never say never,
When I see You I set flight to the sky,
I break my chains and leave the world behind,
Mar 2019 · 537
Her Face
Hunger Mar 2019
Every time I see your face,
It makes me feel like I found my place,
I wish I could see it everyday day,
I wish I could tell you everything I want to say,
I wish I could see your smile on replay,
I wish these thing cause you are perfect to me,
And I hope I make that clear to see.
Mar 2019 · 152
Hunger Mar 2019
Lying and crying,
her love I am trying to be buying,
Slowly sighing,
Never relying,
I cry and cry thousands of tears,
And the fall into my hundreds of beers,
Trying to wash my life away,
Tying to drown every last memory.
Mar 2019 · 315
Back To Black
Hunger Mar 2019
All roads lead back to black,
the sound of leaking blood from bodies in a sack,
A rose of white begins to fade and slack,
and is quenched in the glory of one that is black,
The shirt fell off the rack,
Wasn't onto paint but it still turned black,
When anyone falls of the track,
Their souls turn black.

Mar 2019 · 121
Been ...
Hunger Mar 2019
Its been a while,
Since I saw your style,
Its been a time,
Since the last time I called you mine,
I wish,
You were my dish,
So I could see you everyday,
And like a piece of china you are so pretty in everyway,
I miss you,
Like I missed a heart beat or two,
I want so I love you the next time we meet,
And I swear next time I won't have cold feet.
Doesn't matter who is watching, because you mean the most to me.
Feb 2019 · 66
Hunger Feb 2019
Sad is bad,
so please be glad,
i try to be happy,
but people get snappy,
i am sorry for my personality,
I am sorry i amn't who you want me to be.

Feb 2019 · 152
The Dead
Hunger Feb 2019
Anything from tetanus to a lost head,
welcome to the land of the chained the land of the dead,
dead bodies buried is not enough said,
So we make headstones across fields to spread,
Blood stains the ground,
And crying is the sound,
That i hear every time i visit my family,
They all died you see,
accidents happen they tell me,
I miss them much but not anymore really,
Cause i work here and can say hi everyday,
tossing roses on their graves in every way,
I miss mom dad and brother.
Goodbye :_(
Feb 2019 · 258
Hunger Feb 2019
I am writer,
I am not a fighter,
But the pen is stronger than the sword,
and spilling blood isn't as powerful as a single word,
Fear that of which the writer will write,
Cause the writer is always right,
And his knowledge is what you think of till the end of the night.
Feb 2019 · 132
Hunger Feb 2019
They put on a mask,
As they reach for the flask,
As they lie to those they love sayin this is there last drink,
They love their friends more at least you would think,
But they will drink till the moon turns pink,
Then just one last sip,
Cause they still have this one dry lip.
DRINK ………..
Feb 2019 · 111
Hunger Feb 2019
70 horses
run 70 ways
as my 70th poem
scare them always
Feb 2019 · 179
Hunger Feb 2019
Remem­ber when we ran away,
Remember when saying I love u was all I could say,
Remember when we would run into each other's passionate caress,
Now we are in this ugly mess,
But with all these good times in our mind,
It allows us to hide behind,
Foot long smiles,
That we can wear for miles,
Thank you for the good days,
That keep me going when things go the wrong ways.
Still makes me smile when I look back
Feb 2019 · 190
Hunger Feb 2019
I will fall for you if you fall for me,
If we fall for each other we will be falling free,
And I promise as we grow close to the ground,
My love will be the loudest sound,
That echoes gracefully in your ears,
And I will wipe away all your tears,
Because I Love U.
Next time ill be on the ground ready to catch you
Feb 2019 · 81
Hunger Feb 2019
Feb 2019 · 104
Feb 2019 · 109
My Life
Hunger Feb 2019
That's the plan
Feb 2019 · 171
Hunger Feb 2019
Hi am crazy,
I have the perfect mix of soldier and lazy,
When i pass the flowers die,
When i pass the children cry,
I laugh i joke i have good fun,
Slaughtering all the people under the sun,
I am just an innocent child,
All the crimes i have done are just quite mild,
Except all the things that make me smile,
That list of accusations is quite the pile,
Each one could put me away for life,
At least those people don't have to deal with all their strife,
So let me sing,
And let me bring,
The death i love,
No peace or dove,
Bullets and rockets,
Picking dead men's pockets,
Plastered my face with many a smiles,
As i carry on my fun for miles after miles,
All my friends carried away,
Of course for the time they need to pay,
They thought it would be cool but they knew i was mad,
But at least i will never have to be sad,
Which is a fact that makes me quite glad,
Sorry if i hurt you a bit,
But that building just needed to be more lit,
Sorry if your parents died,
Not my fault they failed to hide,
Sorry for all this chaos i bring,
And that is the only thing about which i am lying.
Feb 2019 · 128
White Rose
Hunger Feb 2019
White rose on my grave,
That slowly erodes from the slow moving wave,
Don't cry now since i am gone,
Cause i know you never loved me all along.
Feb 2019 · 162
Hunger Feb 2019
The girl you thought you knew,
When you never will or do,
she stays indoors hidden in black,
Retreating always to her knife rack,
Where she goes to gently cut her skin,
To keep in the demons deep within,
She says she is an introvert,
When really she is probably just a girl thats really hurt.
Feb 2019 · 192
Hunger Feb 2019
I am unique and very outspoken,
I am shattered and very broken,
I wish i am asleep when i am awoken,
I am introvert so quit your poken,
I am a child who lived a nightmare,
But dances on it without a care,
Because without love life is bare.
Quad thread rhyme to triple threat reality
Feb 2019 · 245
Spill Spill Smile
Hunger Feb 2019
Spill Spill Smile,
Your blood pours out all the while,
I am sorry you had to die,
But i am even more sorry i didn't cry,
I am sorry i didn't miss seeing your face,
I guess missing you is just not my place,
I am sorry for torturing you but now i am done,
I am sorry but it was so much fun,
To watch it run and run,
Slicing and Splitting skin,
Cause i have no emotion within,
I am sorry the one i hurt was me.
We have all run a knife along our skin....
Feb 2019 · 232
Hunger Feb 2019
That beloved day i got heart shot,
I thought cupid missed then i blinked and he did not,
Thanks angel of kindness and love,
With wings of peace just as a dove,
A quiver of tips full of emotion,
But only this one broken arrow set mine into motion.
Feb 2019 · 98
Hunger Feb 2019
Feb 2019 · 93
Hunger Feb 2019
Feb 2019 · 201
Hunger Feb 2019
Feb 2019 · 96
Hunger Feb 2019
Feb 2019 · 316
Hunger Feb 2019
Stab my heart,
Slice me apart,
Tear my lungs from my chest,
Try and Try your best,
But i am just to senseless,
Cause i am couldn't stand being defenseless,
But i put on so many defenses i can't feel love.
REstore my emotions and senses someone pls.
Feb 2019 · 243
Fight Me
Hunger Feb 2019
Walking down the hall i have to hold my hand down,
To prevent it from punching someone clean across town,
Don't throw the first blow,
Cause i would like to let you know,
I don't just hold a grudge,
If u try to intimidate me i won't budge,
Cause my blood is a flood of wrath,
War and hate is my favorite path,
Me and pain are the best of friends,
Who helps me meet all my ends,
So come and fight me,
But like most you will only see,
It's hard to hide my greatest monster,
I don't care if your an orphan or foster,
My cold heart shed all its tears and now is just stone,
Punch me and i won't even change my tone,
Because i love to taste tears and blood,
I don't care if you are the schools greatest stud,
I'll put you six feet under without a care,
When your blows won't even raise my hair.
Crow's Hateful Side
The one in pain and Violent Tendencies
We all have them just for others it's almost inhumane
Feb 2019 · 94
Her Eyes
Hunger Feb 2019
I look deeply into her sparkling eyes,
And ponder their resemblance to the starry skies,
I look at her eyes and all the soul within,
I look past all the hurt and sin,
I see a heart of glass that's falling to pieces,
A heart that starting to see life as meaningless,
I only see a girl who needs someone to love her,
I just hope one day ill be able to be that sir.
Feb 2019 · 378
Hunger Feb 2019
I fall for pain every day,
Letting it control me and light my way,
As i cut deep in my flesh with a razor edged knife,
Forgetting my family and future wife,
Cause i have realized the meaning of life is to die,
This thought will always come to my memory when i ask why,
If i am living to return to the ground,
My own screams will be the only sound,
That i want to hear as my head spins round and round.
Dedicated to Liberty Rushmore
A Fellow Poet I Hold As A Friend
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