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jǫrð Nov 2023
As though you've
Learned anything
You little stump
Of a man

When I confide
In you, just
Cut me off and
Talk about
The elements again

As though you've
Got any other
Motive but *******
Me someday

And I'll pretend
You're a friend
Until you do it
Again and then
I'm walking away
The History: I have been kind to others for far too long. They treat me like a therapist and then discard me unless their ego can be inflated. I'm tired of people listening to respond, and not listening to understand. I am going to walk away from you when I tell you, "I think I'm being followed home from work" and you go, "Ya, so I was getting water..." Not your therapist.
Francis Oct 2023
I wouldn’t hurt a fly,
Besides that one fly,
That flies around my eye,
In the middle of the night,
This fly needs to die,
And leave me alone,
Alone while I cry.

Fight or flight,
This fly’s got might,
Dodging my swipes,
And buzzing alright,
A noisy, buzzing kite,
Flying all ******* night,
As if confined to my brain tight.

I’m not alright,
I’m not alright tonight,
I don’t really want to fight,
This fly on such a lonely night.
Man Aug 2023
Who the ****, and why.
The owner of the eye
Can answer my question,
Whoever it is that's watching;
Stop wasting your time
xavier thomas May 2021
its only wrong
because they don't expect you
to act on your emotions
jǫrð Feb 2021
All the time
I hear it
He said to me
Sweetie be a
Sweet thing
for me
The History: When a stranger calls me sweetie, I want to decapitate them.
Man Jan 2021
to the silences that bother you
the pauses which seem to have no end
dragging on to eternity

to your shortness
and the quickness with which you act

it's really stupid

i'm in love with the idea
of seeing how you end
Johnson Oyeniran Sep 2020
Several moons ago,
When strood was filled with snow,
My father crashed my first ever car into someones residence.

Without consulting me,
He had taken my keys,
And selfishly did as he pleased, for he's a man who lacks common sense.
Maria Hernandez Aug 2020
I got tired of waiting for you to be
the person you were

I began to accept the fact that the
person I loved was simply just an
beth haze Aug 2020
It’s been so long
I didn’t recognize the
number on the call.
You asked if I wanted
to catch up, I should’ve
just hung up.
- blocked.
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