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xavier thomas May 12
its only wrong
because they don't expect you
to act on your emotions
Man Jan 13
to the silences that bother you
the pauses which seem to have no end
dragging on to eternity

to your shortness
and the quickness with which you act

it's really stupid

i'm in love with the idea
of seeing how you end
thelemonpolice Oct 2020
If you’re going to listen to me cry
And then withdraw your support
Then I’d rather have stayed sick
Than tell you all my thoughts

I don’t know what it’s like
To have your kids grow up in front of you
But to tell me I’m too young
To understand, just isn’t true

I’m not cocky, I’m not full of it
I’m telling you the truth
If I come across as too abrupt
Then maybe it is you

You just won’t listen
You will list my flaws until I come undone
But can’t handle me when I tell you
The things that you have spun

It doesn’t matter
All is fair in love and people that we are
No ones perfect
I’m not saying that we all don’t have our scars

I just wish sometimes you wouldn’t
Bring up mental health again
Because I’m happy now and stable
Not like how I was back then

And it’s how it is
I relapse and I pick myself back up
And you saw it sometimes in my eyes
And asked me what was up

But don’t listen
Don’t you dare say that you’ll be there for me
If you’re going to bring it up in fights
Just to gaslight me.
Johnson Oyeniran Sep 2020
My fine silver,
A saddle i barely rode;
Hijacked by a strange scent,
Unbeknownst to you.

Without my consent, you were
Snatched for his pleasure,
For his selfishness refused to be
Quenched with dignity.

In the reign of winter,
I found you in
The eye of a house,
Damaged beyond repair,
In heartbreak waiting,
To bid me farewell.
Maria Hernandez Aug 2020
I got tired of waiting for you to be
the person you were

I began to accept the fact that the
person I loved was simply just an
beth haze Aug 2020
It’s been so long
I didn’t recognize the
number on the call.
You asked if I wanted
to catch up, I should’ve
just hung up.
- blocked.
beth haze Jul 2020
Your games and
childlike attitude
always put me
in a bad
It's like you
were trying your best
to leave a
permanent crease in
between my
- frown.
Raven Jul 2020
Keep your mind
I have my own
I am not blind
Now leave me alone
Jessa May Jul 2020
Why is this boy acting like I'm interested?
Persistent like I'm playing hard to get
I'm happily in love, I'm committed
Does this boy thinks he is actually a threat?
He has someone and still wants another
She's a keeper, when its over, he'll regret
No thank you, not a chance, goodbye lover
Bid you adieu, cant take this girl into your bed
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