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My fine silver,
A saddle i barely rode;
Hijacked by a strange scent,
Unbeknownst to you.

Without my consent, you were
Snatched for his pleasure,
For his selfishness refused to be
Quenched with dignity.

In the reign of winter,
I found you in
The eye of a house,
Damaged beyond repair,
In heartbreak waiting,
To bid me farewell.
I got tired of waiting for you to be
the person you were

I began to accept the fact that the
person I loved was simply just an
beth haze Aug 2
It’s been so long
I didn’t recognize the
number on the call.
You asked if I wanted
to catch up, I should’ve
just hung up.
- blocked.
beth haze Jul 29
Your games and
childlike attitude
always put me
in a bad
It's like you
were trying your best
to leave a
permanent crease in
between my
- frown.
Raven Jul 2
Keep your mind
I have my own
I am not blind
Now leave me alone
Jessa May Jul 1
Why is this boy acting like I'm interested?
Persistent like I'm playing hard to get
I'm happily in love, I'm committed
Does this boy thinks he is actually a threat?
He has someone and still wants another
She's a keeper, when its over, he'll regret
No thank you, not a chance, goodbye lover
Bid you adieu, cant take this girl into your bed
anonymous May 5
you must untangle yourself
from the nets of my mind
so you too can swim
into the sea of confusion
threw me into cold deep waters
did you know I couldn't swim?
it's easier to ignore the guilt
just do whatever's best for you
I've lost the knife to cut you loose
I'm not even sure I care to
so if you strangle for a minute?
you've already slaughtered me
please leave
Ironic is what we live
When do you see this so call light
How is this not hell
We go through hella pain and hurt
Still have to attend our regular routine
Oh don’t attend your routine
That deep hole you’re in
Only gets deeper and deeper
Expected to bend yourself backwards
Who’s there to help you straighten yourself back
No one !
Now you’re stuck with this pain
A pain that never goes away
Half way out that hole
Guess what *** some **** popped up
Now you’re in that hole 2x deeper
Be positive tho have faith
Now you’re half way out
Oops back in 3x more
Smile, there soon to be light
26 years later, the record don’t work
Maurice Apr 5
it's one of those days
where nothing seems to be going right
and everything is out to get you,
woken up on the wrong side of the bed
and your whole day is off
you feel uncomfortable
but for no particular reason,
you're trapped inside with nothing to do
desperate to socialize
but your mood is contradicting your thoughts
and you get annoyed at the littlest things
but you don't know why
and no matter what you do to fix it
nothing will change
because it's one of those days
and those days never end
while we're stuck inside,
doomed to repeat them again.
Amy Dedman Mar 12
shut your mouth
breathe quietly
are you capable of sitting silently?

i have watched you
in my hour of boredom
you have become my problem

peace has stormed out of the room
because of your inability to be quiet
do you really have to yawn that loudly?
is it really necessary to bulldoze me with your breath?

irritation simmering
yet i find it bewildering
that the annoyance you cause me
stems from your simple act
of being free
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