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Hunger May 14
Hot tears stream down my face and burn my skin,
Hot flames consume me is i burn for my sin,
Living itself should be i crime,
Just barely scraping by on the dime,
I guess hell would be better then being alive,
In this world how do so many survive,
Suicide rates have never been higher,
As peoples need for help becomes more dire,
But so many screams will never be heard,
So many people ignored every word,
Mind like a cage that keeps me inside,
Id ask to be free but I already died.
Mel Gadd Mar 2021
10 years ago you left this earth
10 years ago you died
you quit breathing
and I continued
you no longer smile
or cry
10 years ago you stopped living
yet I continued
and now
I gained eternal life
a life that was meant for you
and now
in everything I do
I can only think of you
and when I remember that you are dead
sometimes I wish
that I was you
this is a poem i wrote two years ago while I was in the hospital. at that time i felt like there was no hope for ever feeling joy. I just wanted to die. However, i am still here and am doing so much better. i have found happiness. even if there are still moments i cant see the light, i can always know that I'll find it again. so if you ever feel like giving up, keep fighting. work hard and you'll make it. there is always hope.
riri Feb 2021
she started realizing her worth
until she was set back again
she realized she drove everyone away
no one wants to deal with a broken little girl anyway

maybe she doesn't deserve anything
maybe she deserved the pain
after all she wasn't a perfect person
she's made a lot of mistakes

"maybe it's karma" she thought
she was spiraling more and more each day
she grew more angry with herself
and dark thoughts took over again

they creeped back into her mind, right when started doing well again
this time, the thoughts are more intense and strong
the temptation is there
but she knows she shouldn't give in

she wants to so badly though
she thinks she deserves to feel the pain
after all she drove everyone away
no one wants to deal with a broken girl anyway
she's so close
Jaicob Jan 2021
I wish to be tossed
Onto the soft, rich topsoil
And devoured quickly
By wriggling worms and insects.
I wish I was dead.
A haiku about fertilization...  Nothing more :)   No secret meanings at all... This totally isn't a desperate cry for help
We wake up most mornings with a sigh
Wanting a few more hours to lie
And get at least another hour of sleep.
In this thought we get in so deep

We begin the day with a smile accepting life as it comes
Overcoming struggles in all its form
But often forget to say our prayers
And forget to thank God for helping in all areas

In humans, four of every five
Keeps breathing but they're not alive
Living everyday wIthout having something to run after
Living life like an aimless drifter

Pictures don't ever change, just the people inside of them do
Whoever told you life would be easy, I promise was lieing to you.
Life remains the same, only situations change
Only God helps make them less hard and led strange
TyeniWrites Jun 2020
Sad but smiling
Dead but breathing
Hurt but happy
Existing but not living
Broken Pieces Mar 2020
You confessed you're feelings to me in a sweet little melody,
I liked you too.
But you know what I found out?
You're a back stabbing fake.
You had a girlfriend and you never told her how you felt.
Go on, take the knife and stab me,
You've already broken my heart.
Lemon Nov 2019
I'm not sure why but I tried to die
And now I feel all dead inside
Do you know why I tried to die
Or why I feel so dead inside
I always feel all dead inside
Ever since the day I tried
Tried to take away my life
And tried it while holding a knife
I feel so lost looking in this knife
And I don't know why but now I cry
I cry all the lovely lullabies
The lullabies
Oh lovely cries
They sing me to sleep at night
Every night I lay with fright that this may be my last goodnight
The tears fall out and sing about the monsters of our fearful house
This fearful house they sing about leaves hidden sights to see
But once you see you can't turn back or you must wear a shameful hat
The shameful hate oh sinful hat
Why must you not look back
Wearing this hat oh sinful hat why must I sin for you
For sinning brings more fright of this being my last night
I think I know why I must feel so dead inside for I can not express making me a sinful mess
But a sinful mess must not address any real desire for if I do well then it's you who must bear this frightful night
If I no longer bear this dreaded frightful night it will leave me in a quake that I might not survive
A vegetable
A vegetable is what I will become p
And that my friend is worse than feeling oh so numb
I don't know how I started to feel all of these things
But now I know the reason why
I must stay all dead inside
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