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we are thespians in a masquerade,
spilling our thousand acts of charade
whilst the soul bleeds on a blade
yet we float, neither alive nor dead.

we are dolls in a tea party,
choking on liquid vacuity
our heads a barren ghost city
nameless, aimless, brimming pity.

our middle name is empty.
i don't even know what this means besides a complete void. seriously. my head and my poetry account are almost dead.
Matthew Apr 16
Sneeeky snek
Out for mous
Sneeky snek
In le hous
He slithery slither
And then he starts wither
Into dust
"I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark"
Dont eat the children sneeky snek
you're a beautiful facade
King of a fallen crown
a smile doesn't reach your eyes
cause baby, you're dead inside
Seth Feb 24
You're dead to me,
But still very much alive,
I care carelessly,
It hurts me every single time.

My love for you,
Is a contradiction.
I love and hate you at the same time.

You wished I were dead,
But already I am, inside.
Loved you even though you hurt me.
Talis Ren Dec 2018
it’s hard to explain,
but imagine
you were pulled apart;
stitched back together so hastily
that parts of you still laid
forgotten on operation tables.

like someone took a knife,
carved you out and
left you open;
a ****** display of
Lost Soul Oct 2018
"Do what I say no matter the cost"
I am what they want me to be
My feelings are numb
My soul is lost
It's fine if I'm not whole
All they need is my body
My bones cry out
My skins is a sheet covering the holes
I have little energy to even breathe
I cry till my lungs have no air
I stuff my face in a pillow
My jaw aches while I clench my teeth
All the oxygen in the room leaves
Dark thoughts swarm my head
Depression holds me while I heave
I could just die
I feel worthless, I am nothing
I watch as everyone leaves
I don't know how long I can do this
Got to get away
Its not like I'll be missed
No one around me cares
I'm a breathing corpse
I guess its true
Life's not fair
Billie Eilish
Sunset Meadows Oct 2018
I see you're with someone else
One of my friends
I don't know how to get over you
I've tried
But I keep coming back
There's a much deeper connection
Than just friends
I feel it
No matter how far I run
Or how far you push me away
I'll always come back
Even though you have abandoned me
I will never abandon you
No matter how many times
You have pushed me aside
And said you don't care
You always say you would care
If I died but now
I'm not so sure
I know your girlfriend would
But I'm just an ex
I want to be in your life
But you always push me out
Plus it hurts to see you and her
Ever since that day
That horrid day
I've been lost
You could even say that I'm
It feels like it
Might as well make it true
You wouldn't care
You could finally be rid of me
So maybe I'll say goodbye
tatianah Jul 2018
Some people are used to feeling everything
Others feel nothing
I don't feel anything anymore
I feel like everyday I force myself just to smile
Sometime i find myself happy but it always fades
Everything fades
I wake up and find everything pointless
Music would be my escape
Now nothing works anymore
My life is pointless
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