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 Mar 2021 Hunger
 Mar 2021 Hunger
Something to torture you
Bringing you to your knees
The pain is addicting
 Aug 2019 Hunger
 Aug 2019 Hunger
R: rifle
E: empty
A: anxiety
T: threatened
H: hatred
E: exhausted
 Jan 2019 Hunger
Cat Lynn System
Stay up late on your computer, just to ignore whats in the background...

Blasting your speak or headphones to the highest volume found?

Eyes locked on whatever is attracting your mind to the screen

Consumed by your emotions and thoughts... the things unseen

Possibly in the dark, devouring food to satisfy the emptiness inside?

Deep in thought? Lost in people, dreams, and lies?

Oblivious to the time that slip through your fingers

Not to be disturbed by any forgotten chore that lingers

And sometimes... you may break out with a sigh...

That's slowly turns into a scream...and a mournful cry....
When your alone.. dont let your past or pain haunt you...the Lord is with you and always watching over you... he is there... he is listening...its easy to push away the pain l..but if not dealt with correctly and it can be a burden.. He can help you and will help you deal with it. He Loves you ♡♡♡ I know life is hard and dramatizing

— The End —