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Hunger Sep 6
My sweet release so sad and dark,
Was the start of the black fire that tiny spark,
Ignite my once weak soul,
The fire that burns me is what makes me whole,
I have become the pain,
My soul is no longer free to stain,
I am Greed,
I am Lust,
I am Hunger,
I am Malice,
I am Hate,
I am Wrath,
I am Envy,
I am Sorrow,
I take it all I breathe it in,
I am it and it is now within,
My soul shakes at what I have become,
But its now all said and done,
The monster I am now all may fear,
Till the day I die and disappear...
Hunger Jul 21
Someone slap me in the face,
So I can forget that I am a disgrace,
Someone **** my pain,
So I can stop going insane,
Someone fix the voices inside,
So I can finally hide,
They scream at me and say I am wrong,
To listen to music be happy or sing a song,
All the noise hurts as my soul weighs me down,
I fell as though the sound is the water in which I drown,
Could I ever be happy again in any way,
If not yesterday perhaps today,
Id gladly give heart soul and mind,
To finally have joy to stand behind,
But inside I cry,
I feel like I should die,
I hold my breathe waiting to see black,
And let it out wishing the air was crack,
Cause id rather be anyone but me,
Cause them maybe I could be free,
But if must stay me,
Can someone help distract me from myself...
I am not getting better, it all just hurts worse, nothing is helping, I need someone to love, and no one is there, I just feel dead and empty, I pray and pray and nothing happens, I do my best and nothing changes, the weight, the pain, the lack of emotion after all, I hate being in pain but the numbness that follows is even worse...
Hunger Jul 11
How can this ever possibly be,
That this would ever happen to me,
No not another day,
How could life even find another way,
To hurt my heart and melt my soul,
I guess I will just never be whole,
Another way to feel alone,
As I wither from skin to bone,
My body shake shivers then stops,
Yes I wither like freshly poisoned crops,
Nothing left to fear,
I guess this means the end is near,
I shed my last silent tear,
Before I tell you all goodbye.....
Hunger Jul 8
Have you ever always been surrounded but felt alone,
Have you ever had a heart that just felt like stone,
When you get up in the morning it ways you down,
Every color in your life fades to grey, black, or brown,
No matter how many people try to help the hope is lost,
The world feels cold like my heart is covered in frost,
But my face melts as the tears roll down thinking about you,
But our 1 + 1 will never again make 2.
I will always miss you cause you were everything to me and it hurts to know i meant nothing to you...
Hunger Mar 23
I want to tell you not to grow up,
Stay away from aging don't drink from that cup,
Its a hard pill to swallow when you see,
That your born to change and to change is to be,
To be what you need,
Be love be passion be hope be greed,
Life is about finding out who you are despite these things,
No matter what troubles or trials life brings,
Even if it burns or aches or stings,
Do this and you can sit amongst the kings,
I want to say all these things and so much more,
But my voice is gone just like out of mouth my tongue was tore,
Lost in a mist of what is right and wrong,
This poem should be wisdom in the form of a song,
But i am left here to weep over these things and just say,
I love you for now and my wisdom is best spoken another day.
Hunger Mar 23
My mind drifts so far away,
My heart slows as it begs me not to stay,
In this reality we are like cattle marked with a brand,
So we must find our way to our own Never-land,
We spread the our wings or ride our kites,
We could fly by day or through the cover of many nights,
  A place we can go where we long to be,
A place where our dreams play as they always longed to be free,
Whether our Never-land is a Island or Planet,
Whether its a house made of logs or a cave laden with granite,
A place that is wild or peaceful and silent,
A home filled with love or broken and violent,
We all have a place we would rather inhabit,
From the largest of foxes to the tiniest rabbit.
Hunger Mar 22
I think of you and my soul turns to stone,
I think of you i feel cold and alone,
My voice to a shallow withdrawn tone,
My spine shivers along with every ****** bone,
The crown on my head falls straight to the ground,
The glass its made of shatters with one loud sound,
My heart will drop like the beat of a song,
My days will draw on and on so long,
Weary i fall so slowly down into my bed,
I lie down to hide from the thoughts in my head,
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