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Jack Jun 2022
Goodbye Tinkerbell,
It is time for me to leave the neverland,
The journey was beautiful indeed,

I remember the time we looked at the moon,
Wishing to shooting star,
Actually I wish for you to be happy,

My wish was granted,
but without me in it,

You always be my favorite character in my untold story,
Farewell now.
AmyKatrinaSmith Jun 2022
When I was a little girl my favourite film was Peter Pan.
I so desperately wanted to go to Neverland.
So much so that I often thought about becoming lost.
Just run out of my home one night and never look back. Peter would find me and fly me away to Never Neverland, where all the lost boys and lost girls were.

What if I did run away?
What if I'm still lost?
What if my body is still here but my soul, my being is gone?
Never to find its way back.
What if I found Neverland.
Only somewhere in the depths of my mind never to return.

Only my shadow remains.

Forever a Shadow.
Hunger Mar 2021
My mind drifts so far away,
My heart slows as it begs me not to stay,
In this reality we are like cattle marked with a brand,
So we must find our way to our own Never-land,
We spread the our wings or ride our kites,
We could fly by day or through the cover of many nights,
  A place we can go where we long to be,
A place where our dreams play as they always longed to be free,
Whether our Never-land is a Island or Planet,
Whether its a house made of logs or a cave laden with granite,
A place that is wild or peaceful and silent,
A home filled with love or broken and violent,
We all have a place we would rather inhabit,
From the largest of foxes to the tiniest rabbit.
nim Nov 2020
give me a reason to exist
numbing the pain, i persist
to go on, even if it's meaningless
and even if i've never felt less

take my hand
now crush it, let me die
hoarding the skies of Neverland
let me live a beautiful lie

the sky is dull, my life's on line
to paint the sky, i must try
so it can be a miracle and shine
and i can finally go on and cry

i like the lies you tell
your lips convince me as you speak
i let the truth escape and leak
you caught me, but that's why i fell
yashasweedas Sep 2020
The night grew darker and the babel hushed,
To their beds, the orphans rushed.
One by one sound asleep,
While through the curtain slit, Peter Pan peeped.

He crawled into the hut, silent as a grave
Played a melody, with an unusual octave.
That night had been quiet ghostly, odd and peculiar
Yet strangely enough, the orphans sensed no fear.

The melody chimed like a beautiful lullaby,
Frosty December cold seemed to have vanished, and it felt like warm July.
The misery and sorrow appeared to be ending,
As though time had stopped and reality was bending.

Soon it was morning with the crack of dawn,
But the hut lay silent, as if the children were gone.

With no guardians to search for the stray,
Lifeless bodies left on the floor, stiff and grey.
The little ones fell into a deep slumber, one with no breath,
A slumber that was led by the angel of death.

However, beneath the bed was a note that read,
“Off to Neverland, we now head”

                                                               ­                                                     -Yashaswee Das
I've always been amazed by the original Peter Pan book by J. M. Barrie and how its actually a lot darker than one might think. With that concept in mind I came up with this poem. Hope you like it :)
Agatha Prideaux Apr 2020
Within the promise land of calm and sound
Pearls found harbor on coarse, finite-like sand
Now whitened by the faces of the drowned
****** by the berserk billows as they stand

Willows frown upon the unjust waters
Whose surface's frozen in a dreamlike blur
Cradling ghostly hollows like coy daughters
In tender whispers as always, they were

And the world bowed down its head in silence
As Lilith raised the rose of thorns in hand
"My children hearsed in tombs of violence;
my children to be salvaged!" she demand

But nevermind the promised neverland
—No one ripens from their so-called homeland
Day 8 of #NaPoWriMo 2020. Followed the site's prompt this time—borrowing a line from the Twitter bots. "Whitened by the faces of the drowned" is from @sylviaplathbot on Twitter, a line from her poem "Finisterre".
Yash Feb 2020
A lost minor in the mall.
An abused child in the house.
A neglected boy in the world.
A lost boy in Neverland.

Big bad wolf, howling orders.
Mummified monster, dry smiles.
Frigid rigid winter yeti, ice embraces.
General parent, straight salutes.

House of dreams.
Land of imagination.
Kingdom of make-believe.
Imagica, Fantasia, Traumland.

An escape, a path, a relief.
Hypnos, watch over him.
Morpheus, bless him.
Epiales, stay away.

Where scars can't be seen,
sticks and words can't hurt,
wounds can't bleed.
Only engels reside,

erwachsene demons, be ******.
Go back to Dante's hell, neun kreise,
continue your corruption of the Earth.
Your trauma killed them, their Träume saved them.

At least, leave them free here.
Melatonin, save them before it's too late.
Hypnos has to come himself
to put the kids to sleep, Lullaby.

Twinkle, twinkle, lost boy,
how I wonder how you are?
Up above the hell so high,
like an angel in the sky.

My hope is
for you all to reach
land of your dreams.
Lost boys, forever, be lost.
Traumland - Dreamland
Engels - Angels
Erwachsene - Adults
Nuen Kreise - Nine circles
Träume - Dreams
Max Neumann Nov 2019
skin color
daisy Sep 2019
you took my hand,
we wrote a story that I thought
will never last
everything was just a fairytale
where I was playing the role of Tinkerbell
the girl who fell in love with Peter Pan
even though, Wendy was already holding his hands

you took me to neverland,
without thinking it would be this hard
for aiden
YusufKudsi Sep 2019
My heart skipped a beat just by looking at you,
It would have stopped if you looked back at me.
Time froze when you smiled like a shining star, we were in the same room but million miles away.
I tried to speak but fear took my words away.
How can I be brave when I am just a lost boy from Neverland.
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