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kerri 6d
Oh Peter;
I swore I would never grow up - fly to Neverland with you;
Now I'm 17;
I wish I kept my promise;

Oh Peter;
Children don't hate themselves as much as I;
Children don't get excited to drift off to sleep;
Children don't wonder whether tomorrow is their last;

Oh Peter;
Can you tell me when it all went wrong - when I stopped believing;
Perhaps Captain Hook was behind it;
I miss you, Peter;
Written around 2014.
Myka Jul 7
"Lost boy, lost boy, where are you going?"
To the edge of our galaxy; a place for forgetting.
Second star to the right and straight on until morning,
Where time is still and reality is not coming.

With a watercan in hand and a trowel in another
The Sun in the sky, I come home to my garden of flowers
Watching them grow under sprinkles of crystal showers
Not seeking for returns like an unconditional lover.

As the Moon takes its reign and my garden falls asleep
The stars offer their presence, a company I'd keep
I tell them my secrets and they listen to me
To my uttered words of despair, faith and hopeless dreams.

I'm a prisoner of my mind and so I ran away
To a place called Neverland where forever I'd stay
Away from the world and my careless mistakes
Where my heart is full and not going astray.
I had a musical today.
We did Peter Pan.
It was fun,
Tomorrow we'll have to do it again
A "poem" every day
C F Mar 30
Break free, they said.
It's great, they said.

For once, I might have to agree.

Let me go back to the days of unfiltered grins
Cackling laughter
Knobby knees.
Clacking together

It's so lovely, here.

The trees are greener, here.
And the moss smells of
The new age.

You'd love it here.
My little slice
Of Peter Pan's Neverland.
Hope to got a flight
To neverland
Forgetting became as a habit for ones
How easy they place into hearts
& how dangerously they escape
My heart was prison
But you had flied with no reason
I wish the best for you
Since lonliness isn't good, too
Rowan Hunter Mar 15
I'm lost
In a wonderland a world I’ll never remember where I'm going or the way home.
The mad hatter laughs at my scrunched up face and the cat smiles pierce my skin.
That slimy smile that greatest laugh, I'm lost in wonderland, could I be lost with you.
But no your in neverland flying in the sky fighting pirates flirting with mermaids I think I’ll go and hide cuz the queen is searching for my head and I’m close to being dead. But tweedle dee and tweedle dum har far for my sight searching for the rabbit who is all shades a white. But white has left this place and all I see is read until the queen with finding me and sure will have my head.
Remember the years when you thought childhood would never end?
Remember the years when you thought time was so slow?
Remember the years when you thought you were too small to matter?

And now, childhood comes to an abrupt end.
Now, time is as fast as my heartbeat.
Now, I am starting to matter.

Does that mean that this new life is better?
Should I be grateful for my further understanding of the world?

I yearn for the times when I had no responsibility.
I yearn for the times when I had nothing to lose.
I yearn for the times when I was totally and fully myself.
Without being scared.

I am scared to fail.
I am so scared to fail that I am scared to even try.
And I think that is what makes this life not better.

I wish you could freeze time on childhood.
I would spend forever there.

Adulting is hard. I want to go back so bad.
Sami Dec 2018
A place
That only exist
In the heart
Of those who believe
A heart that is young
Such as the single rose
beautiful, but needs
To be cared for
For those who feel
Like there's no hope
Close your eyes
For there is a Peter
In everyone
And Neverland
Is inside our spirit
Waiting to be found.
Emma Dec 2018
I just want to go deep into the hundred acre woods,
Take a left turn into neverland,
And live a jumbled life with jumbled people with a jumbled heart
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