Oh I wish so much you would remember
those happy days when we were friends.
Life in those times was so much brighter
and the sun was hotter than today.
Dead leaves picked up by the shovelful.
You see, I have not forgotten.
Dead leaves picked up by the shovelful,
memories and regrets also,
and the North wind carries them away
into the cold night of oblivion.
You see, I have not forgotten
the song that you sang for me:
It is a song resembling us.
We lived together, the both of us,
you who loved me
and I who loved you.
But life drives apart those who love
ever so softly
without a noise
and the sea erases from the sand
the steps of lovers gone their ways.
John Pilgrim Feb 2015
Warm as the very light touch of frost
cold as the new born sun of tomorrow
intertwined in our opposites we lay
your heart, hotter still
your skin, still alive
I rest, alone
wondering when you will not come
C-Currently the subject of much conversation
L-Learning of its effects through information
I-Internationally scientists are using education
M-Mankind's pollution is causes this situation
A-Altering our ways may stop the devastation
T-Time isn't on the side of the world's population
E-Ever we should be aware of its manifestation

C-Cycles of weather becoming stranger by the day
H-Heat is building up in the earth's rocks and clay
A-Averting further damage cannot be put on delay
N-Neglecting our response to the planet wont pay
G-Globally hotter and wetter conditions will parlay
E-Everyone needs to heed the message of this day
Marshall Gass Apr 2014
The deepest understanding  between lovers
stands majestically above the deepest abyss
as if, unbreakable and pure in its unreachable,
unbreakable bond.

Whatever melts this emotion together
was forged in a hotter furnace than ever found
that only two people can understand.

Rising above the highest tide
soaring above tornadoes and typhoons
and cruising along points of paradise
available only to the two of them.

How serene it feels to know
that your own reflection mirrors
in the other person and their every nuance
is written into your own poems
adding the rhyme and rhythm
for your own journey together.

Author Notes
Feel like this at times?
© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved.
Algernon Jan 2012
I would hate if global warming worsened!
Think of the disaster!
All our favorite candy bars
would only melt much faster!
We'd have to buy more sunscreen
get paler everyday
and keep on re-applying,
'cus our sweat drips it away,
Inside is the new outside,
a heater is just unheard,
why would you MAKE a fire?
It'll all sound so absurd,
Our children will read about polar bears,
like our fictional Harry Potter,
all the while the world is drowning,
and its getting hotter and hotter,
hot chocolate? What a thing of a the past!
Drought? What's that mean?
Lady Libertys underwater,
and all meaning inbetween.
*this poem isn't suppose to be very serious. I imagine it being read in a very over the top sort of way. I think of Dr.Suess to be honest (with the over the top rhyming and such). It's like a joke on global warming. Not that global warming is funny. I should just stop....
Keith Collard Jul 2012
My cucumber grows
for a lovely hoe,
fellow cumbers, trained,
put in rows,
cooling pinch
of old man habanero.
Cuz she is hotter than he,
in this summer heat,
so widespread her angle--
raising beans a'dangle,
as zucchini and I do wrangle,
for he has a large leaf,
but I have a long vine,
tho his girth could cover me,
I could climb higher inside,
to get to my lovely hoe,
and she does not like grubs,
unearthed during their rubs,
for she told me so,

Oh my lovely hoe,
Hoe me up, and bat me hard,
send my cucumber seeds
sailing over the neighbors yard.
You looked at me and your eyes fell
I saw the pain eating you alive
What exactly drove you to this state
I know well and recognize

You live and breathe in your own hell
That never seems to end
You seek and chase the very thing
That has caused your life to bend

Each day anew, you tell yourself
I am finished, I am through
But it calls to you, "Come numb yourself
And I'll take care of you"

There was a time not long ago
Your self-esteem was set so high
Now here you stand, in front of me,
So broken down
You can't look me in the eye

How I wish that I could take away
This power it has over you
And help you mend your broken life
But that responsibility lies with you

Until you admit you are powerless
And see that this insanity, you can't stop on your own
You'll continue living in your own hell
And it burns hotter than anything
You've ever known
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Gloraeanna Oct 2016
You're my star in the distance
You have all my heart
Although we are different
And so far apart.

You shine a low blue light
That burns hotter
Than my bright light

You're my star in the distance
You have all my heart
Although we are different
And so far apart.

Your smile is sweet
Always asking for more
You radiance is engulfing
All the way to the core

You're my star in the distance
You have all my heart
Although we are different
And so far apart.
Dear You,
I wrote this for my love, Blue.

Sorry I haven't written in a while
                                           Gloraeanna ♡
jeffrey conyers Oct 2012
You my blanket.
I'm your warmth.
During the months of cold weather love.

I'm not freezing.
I'm not cold.
During the month of cold weather love.

Yes, it's frosty.
And cold too.
But in your company.
I'm more than cool.

All the moisture floating in the air.
Instantly disappears.
Whenever you're near.
During the months of our cold weather love.

You're hotter during the summer.
Breezy during the spring.
You're everything comfortable I would ever need.
Just Melz Sep 2016
Ice* cold
Like my soul

     Growing older than old
  Melting away
         As the days get hotter
Why bother with the same things
      When everything changes
          And I can't escape the heat
   Of my heart as it finally feels
Scott T Apr 2014
Drum Gold
Is my tobacco
It has character
And I had a girl once
Who liked Cutters Choice
And I told her it had more additives
And that it burnt hotter
And that Drum Gold had more character
And we spent nights exploring each other's bodies
And smoking Drum Gold
Which she adopted
But that ended
Like all good things
And I've forgotten a lot of those spent nights
And now she smokes Golden Virginia
Sydney Flowers Jun 2015
I was falling
It seemed like forever
Getting hotter and hotter

I swear I seen the flames
From the depths of hell.

I felt comfort that day
Like I was going somewhere innocent
But yet again, I felt guilt.

The pleasurable suspense
Had me begging for more.

He whispered,
"You're mine now"

The devil kissed my neck
And it felt like heaven.
Hazelle Apr 2014
One day I will be ready to burn every trace of you out of my life. On that day flames will be burning wilder and hotter than any wildfire. You'll feel the heat in your soul. Burning at the edges at first, then slowly engulfing your whole being. And I will smile knowing that you've always been afraid of burning alive.
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