What is so important to address
something to react to the illumine
fruity to their balance sips like
a goldmine
He sways passed you and trips
Rose Poumedeur right near your* lips

Both stumbling and boasting over her
imported wine dress

The swinging parasol his cork topped
Those imported by his number nights
Cabernet Sauvignon
Hooked to there eyes
Million stars to lift
Her petite waistline
Like heartline of Valentine
wine felt dresses

Outnumbered you by four words
The strenuous tiresome love-wine
Be mine the stargaze* dazing inside the sunsets
So bottled inside her mission
His love how it aged in her
in  a good retrospect like
Deep cherry confessions

The import from a trade surplus
She got overlooked got flown in place
like a sticker
The smart star- reservation 
 high-demand book
To seek her

What a chemistry  love- hands creation
She's the many vintage dresses A plus
The pouring of wine of many fusions
The cloudy dress is a minus illusion

She learned her entire lesson
How many times she was moved
around like musical  I tunes of wine
CD collection of Rennaisance
Battling like the fort chair
But someone was moved by her Jazz
type of hair
My lesson my wish was on hold
the mission cruise of the impossible dress
Getting weaved inside someone's
powerful suite but the best suite
and stay
The Fort William Henry until this day
The Fort William Henry Hotel like no
other sorts and what sports

Japan imports 77.8 billion exports
more than imports
Lackadaisical called the
breath of sunshine
The daisy sundress sitting on the
veranda with Fort Williams and the
Henry the eight I am children

I've been sunbathing looking at the boat
The Minne Haha thinking of MaMa
Someone was singing like Lady GAGA

The matter of great expression of words
Hummingbirds at Lake George
Picking the best birth of seeds
Imported wine what our heart needs
Rising demands of the meat
like the paradise of lovebirds
Her dress was to heal the world
Those wildflowers were the
sort of thing silence is the  best thing
Somehow not the hype of the bling
or diamond ring
Sometimes the Goddess
sun shines more

Making her feel loved to sing
Her dress had the gimmick to move
What a rural fun tree orange grove
Like the referee wine shopping spree
Everyday people were moved by her
gift of imported wines
Her gravity of smiles he's mine
Her face steams like the highest
light beam very well bred and fine
The long winding trail her
corset gown
Started to make head waves to the
higher forces
So enlightening the lakes
such cascades
Those wine deep waves romantic
To prelude to a kiss the Cosmic
The Islander-border lace her face
To love and honor her more

Not necessarily less that
divine moment
We should never miss
Lake George rippling waves
On her outskirts

Princess Kelly cheese Italian wine
Naples deserts
The evergreen  long dress
Shined your Highness the
Roman pillars
How he grabbed her waist dancing
like the Gatsby
Gave her such splendor everlasting sip
But the imported wine was deeper

To Set up the date
To Make- the wine up
In the cellar aged hours to perfect
What a stir over her dress-up deep ruby
wine start to pour end
of a new beginning
To book the trip Lake George New York
All you had to do

Go to the Fort William Henry
Hotel like a home with family
So many friendly faces with smiles
All you have to do is show up
This is about imports but I love the Fort William Henry in Lake George is a great place to stay on vacation I sort of tied it in ribbon-like gifts of imported wines tell me what you think
Freddie Ruiz Jun 18
There's a commotion here and it won't calm down.
People are furious, I don’t blame them and I just want out.
I’ve been stranded here for hours and it looks like I’ll be here all night.
Just get me on a plane before I lose my mind.
We got The Stranded Squad: Big Tom and Ne’Ke, Miss K and myself
trying to get to H-Town, but it seems Spirit ain’t taking us anywhere.
I still can’t believe I paid 16 dollars for a BK meal
and how is it that that girl is married to a man who’s got more wrinkles than a wrinkle?
Holy crap, this dude has a dead man under his arms;
Can somebody get him a deodorant ASAP?
This line is never-ending, can anyone tell me what’s going on?
It’s been 10 hours, and no one knows what the heck is going on?
My phone’s about to die and these plugs don’t work.
Is it just me or this day in general just sucks?
I was in Vegas for the weekend, I haven’t slept for two days in a row,
but hey, I saw Mariah from up close, so I can’t complain about that at all.
This is LA, how come I haven’t seen one single celebrity?
Now they’re saying there’s a storm heading this way! Oh, come on, really?
I finally make it to the counter, I got a plane ticket and 3 vouchers,
but I end up paying for a taxi, ‘cause no one wanted the damn vouchers.
Just get me to the hotel, I’m hungry, I want a beer and I need to shower.
Those 3 hours of sleep felt like 3 minutes and now they say the plane will be delayed for an hour.
I don’t care how long it takes, I just wanna get home already.
Until I’m not flying among the clouds, I won’t believe it’s actually happening.
Written on July 21, 2015
Composition number: 518
(based on a true incident at Trubros Ltd., Kegworth - A "relief" lorry driver really did get well and truly lost)

It was on a Monday morning when the lorry left the yard
Mr. Waters was away that week – and things were getting hard
But Chris gave Glyn all the info and the route
was carefully planned
And in the Cargo’s cab the mobile phone was close to hand

It was on a Tuesday morning when the site staff called to say
They hadn’t seen the lorry yet, was it on the !!! way!
With Adrian away, things had gone from bad to worse
Was it a lorry on the way or a !!! funeral hearse!

It was on a Wednesday morning we called up 999
And a very nice policeman was soon upon the line
We said, we’re getting worried, our M.D.’s on some beach
And our Cargo must be with him, ‘cos it’s phone we canna reach!

It was on a Thursday morning that the coppers we did spy
1 horse, 6 cars, 10 tracker dogs and 12 choppers in the sky
The horseman said, “we got a little lost,
but Adrian stood a round or two
So, if we see your Cargo, we’ll try and get back to you”

It was on a Friday morning, when Kate Adey came in view
She’d interviewed our Adrian, and was told to see Chris. True
There’d been one call from Cairo, and a couple from Japan
And a little Chinese merchant said he’d seen Glyn in Taiwan

It was on a Saturday morning we saw Adrian on t.v.
He told how, from his hotel, he’d been forced to quickly flee
Since a Cargo, in the Foyer, had dumped its load of steel
And this funny looking stranger had been seated at the wheel!

It was on a Sunday morning an Ayatollah called to say
He’d turned at morn to Mecca, and was prone, about to pray
When a man in navy overalls, Trubros logo on his sleeve
Claimed he’d had a revelation and was ready to believe!

It was on the Monday morning, when the P.M.’s statement came
For this international incident Great Britain was not to blame
For a man in navy overalls had been seen to lead the coup
And Saddam was coming over here to sort out Mr. True!
just a bit of a fun from my past working days - As the Receptionist I was expected to re-direct lost drivers, including the company's own!!
Rain in paradise

It was fine, this time
Sunsets, walks on the beach,
Sunshine, holding hands
Getting hot and sweaty,
(I'm talking about weather, of course)
Eating to repleteness and more
In more than one course.

We could always shower
In the air-conditioned cocoon
Of our hotel room
A massage to relax
Nothing to tax
Our nerves although perhaps
The vendors vexed a little
With their constant refrain
But they were just trying
To earn a living. Who complains
When in this game you
Wouldn't want to trade places.
Despite their admittedly fake
Smiles on their faces.

But tonight there was rain
And the email arrived
To confirm return flights.
So as we know, all good things
Come to an end, although
It is good to understand
The corollary too is true.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 12-7-2018

— The End —