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Like lavender,
this world is a brighter place
because of your beauty
and your grace.
Like lavender,
there is something about you,
so wild yet so soft,
that gets me through.
Like lavender,
you have a scent so divine,
and I have been blessed
to call it mine.
My relationship
with you is like that
of the sunflowers
and moon-
always distant
and dying in the absence
of your light.
I never liked the
smell of tea tree until I
smelt it in her hair

8:32 PM
I wonder if the lavender
yearn for her scent
whenever she's not present.

I wonder if the sunflowers
crave her little light
as they do in the night.

I wonder if the roses
envy her beauty
that captivated me.
Mitch Prax Oct 8
stop carrying the
baggage of the past to an
unwritten future

6:31 PM
Mitch Prax Oct 7
I don't hate you,
I hate what you did.
I hate the person you turned into
because I know that's not you.
I can forgive the person-
always the person,
but the actions
I can't forget.
Mitch Prax Oct 6
We sat there in silence,
side by side,
hand in hand,
letting the crimson sunset
pour out its last waves of light.
Let it cleanse us of our
misery and hardship.
Tonight is about us, dear,
nothing else is real-
let time stand still.
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