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Such irony it is
when I feel lonelier
in your presence
than I do
You don't have to do
much to make my life smile-
I'll never forget

11:20 AM
Just because I still
dream about you, that does not
mean I want you here

11:13 AM
I am hollow
but full of demons
and nothing more.
I hear their shrieks echo
through this soul and sometimes
it is more than I can take.
Some days are better than others-
some days they do not take the air
out of my lungs and leave me
choking for my sanity.
There is nothing else in me,
not anymore,
just demons and more demons
that swallow me whole.
I want to be in many places
and many times
all at once.
But I am here,
inside me,
inside this reality,
inside this fragment of history
that we cannot escape.
Dear diary;
I think I am starting
to believe in love again.
Each crush feels like the first time
and each kiss melts this heart-
the same stone heart I thought
would never crack again.
Indeed, I think I am ready
for love to destroy me
I wish I had the
ability to touch you
just how you touched me

4:02 PM
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