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Mitch Prax Jan 13
There was a time where we
meant the world to each other.
Those nights together seem so distant and
I'd do anything to relive those perfect moments.
I don't understand what went wrong-
you turned away and closed the door.
Believe me,
I've tried putting the pieces back together
but they always never fit.
Perhaps some people were never
meant to fit together.
Mitch Prax Jan 13
You drive me crazy,
but not in the romantic way.
You turn my brain upside down;
you leave me clueless and hopeless-
your image branded into my mind
and I can't seem to drive you out
of my dreams.
Mitch Prax Jan 12
there are some nights
when life tosses you a name
back into your brain
without caution
and we spiral back
into the memories we thought
had left behind a long time ago.
Sometimes our souls take a fall
over life, an endless cliff,
so let the future help
take you higher than before
so that when a toxic name
crawls back into your veins,
you can fight the poison
that wants to reach your heart
oh so badly.
Mitch Prax Jan 12
If you left,
the sun would still shine,
but I would rather have you
and the rain any day.
Mitch Prax Jan 12
To this day,
your name
still hurts my tongue
but I still say it anyway.
Sometimes I like to
hear my soul
gently tear itself
Mitch Prax Jan 10
it's true-
I still dream about you,
and I still write about
all those nights I told the moon
about you and your smile.
I would wake up the next morning
with a smile of my own
knowing that you exist.
So this one is for every smile
and every song we shared.
This one is for those countless hours
on the phone-
they flew by, didn't they?
This one is for all the postcards
I tried so hard to hold on to-
they were all I had left so,
most of all,
this one is how I say
Mitch Prax Jan 10
Loving you was a battlefield,
and a paradise.
The many masks you wore–
all those changing faces.
I never knew which one
you were coming home wearing.
One day you love me,
the next day hate me.
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