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We loved in technicolor!
Your words, your laugh,
your smile and your soul
painting my life in colors
I never knew existed.
And then you left,
and the colors faded fast-
leaving me in a
grayscale gaze.
Your laugh
still echoes in
my mind,
my dreams,
and that's the
saddest part of all.
Tragically and tenderly-
It's the only way I knew how
to love you.
I fed the wolf too well
and now the beast barely
fits its sheep's clothing.
And now, the wolf must
hunt again to satisfy
its darker side.
Let them leave-
it doesn't matter.
If life is temporary,
how can they be permanent?
Nothing really lasts so
strap yourself in and
enjoy the ride.
It's never the right time
for us,
and since there is more us-
not now, not ever,
I will cherish 'us'
from our past
and from my dreams.
I will cherish 'us'
with my poetry,
and with the photographs
I still have scattered
in the shadows.
In all honesty,
I didn't like how it ended.
I tried convincing myself
that is was okay,
but it was never okay,
and it never will be.
But that doesn't mean
I wish it never happened.
I'm glad it did-
I needed it to,
and as much as I
wish to rewrite the ending,
I know I wouldn't be the person
I am today if it had
happened differently.
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