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Does my cat
still look over you
like I told him to all those years ago?
I made him promise to protect you,
as I wish I could from afar.
But time has a funny way
of changing our lives,
just look at how far we've come!
After all this time and he still follows you,
across the ocean, in winter and in darkness.
Every now and then he tells me of your flourishing
and I could not be any more proud.
One thing I know for certain that
has not changed is my promise to the cat.
To this day he still watches over you,
admires and adores you.
I think he always will.
There are some people
in my past who aren't welcome
in my present life

1:21 AM
There is no such thing
as a life without pain.  
Pain follows from the cradle to the grave.
From the moment our mothers suffered
to give birth to us,
to the moment it all ends,
life is one big, precious, painful process.
So embrace the pain,
let it shape you, liberate you, learn from it!
Pain is a part of life so you may as well
learn to embrace it.
It is time for you to let it go.
Only you can be the one to erase,
to rise above and to move on.
Fill your garden with new seeds
and learn to love
what will blossom.
Solitude is not
about where I am, it is
about who I am

6:05 PM
The sunflowers remind me of you.
Indeed, I crave the warmth of your body
and your vibrant soul that would
brighten each and every day.
Your light lifts shadows
from this bleak soul
and plants sunflowers
in this heart.
Mitch Prax May 14
How easy it is to weep
at the memory of you.
I could never forget you
wherever you are in this world.
I have never felt this abandoned since you left,
it's like a piece of my heart went across the sea
never to return to this chest.
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