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It is important
not to dwell on these things-
they have a way of
eating you alive.
The best thing you
can do now is shut up,
look forward,
and never back.

Look forward,
and never back.
to feel your warm
and tender hands
upon my chest
to melt away this
frozen heart.
I'll walk the streets
some nights
not knowing what I'm looking for.
Just longing and searching
until I find my peace.
You are art
the way you are
constructed with all
of my favorite things
inside of a
flawless frame.
This life
is everchanging
but I will be here,
There are no heroes-
only villains and victims
in this ****** up world

12:49 PM
Mitch Prax May 30
We may not be in love
but that doesn't mean I
don't want you to be happy
without me.
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