Lucifer’s technocrats, unelected
assume they’re impregnably protected.
But God, from His throne above their earth
ordains conception and commands new birth.

NaPoWriMo #26

Hey Basho, face it:
five-seven-five goes nowhere
but it’s Haiku—yes.

Weapons have been developed to create the damaging effects
of high-energy EMP. These are typically divided into nuclear and non-nuclear devices. Such weapons, both real and fictional, have become known to the public by means of popular culture.

                                                      ­                         Wikipedia

One E.M.P. could bring this whole thing down;
finale to steal the technocrats’ crown.
Did God intend for us to live this way
like hell on credit with heaven to pay?
One burst of apocalyptic clarity:
all it would take to reverse the polarity…
one massive electro-magnetic pulse
the data-driven shithouse to convulse.

You were dumbed down so they could set you up
to drink from the Nanny-State’s golden cup…
This Babylonian One-World vintage
exacerbates thirst: accursed beverage,
enhancing global madness as it’s drunk;
imbibers cannot gauge how low they’ve sunk.
The dregs are drained, only to be refilled;
the elixir of doom is thusly swilled.

When the chips go down as the system ends
and there’s no cash paid for your dividends,
assurance (like health insurance) falters
as your inhuman condition alters.
By then you’ll be ready to wonder why
(although you appear unready to die)
whether Man without God is worth a damn
in the Sovereign Redeemer’s master-plan.

NaPoWriMo #25

Globalism sucks.
The Bible warned us about
such godless nonsense

Dull Dionysiac, ex-Nihilist,

musing on my poorly-played roles now past,

my acts sincere and earnest—but half-assed,

I raved, an irrelevant dramatist.

Misguided former friends and I the cast;

We took our bow, Life stirred, woke up and hissed.

Such hallucinogenic scenes: not missed;

our play a farce, the curtain came down fast.

Recalling useless states I once achieved,

hampered by those intensities once known,

remembering what was beheld, believed,

the trip came to an end; I woke alone.

Frenzy is unsustainable. One learns

to be wary of realms where vision burns.

NaPoWriMo #24

Haiku, Lo-fi ku:
Western beat, Japanese time.
Make the damn thing rhyme

La Kumbia Kalvinista no es ritmo vaticano
se baila todo libre con la biblia en la mano

La Kumbia Kalvinista es la onda reformada
las sectas sí prometen—pero no entregan nada

Esta cumbia trascendente, pero poco conocida
es la cumbre de verdad, y predestina pura vida

La Kumbia Kalvinista es la nueva nueva onda
se la cantan las iglesias y ofrecen otra ronda

La Kumbia Kalvinista no lo bailan los de Roma
si un padre lo intenta terminará caído en coma

es un baile teológico que es absurdo mientras lógico
lo baile cada tribu, cada etnia y antropólogo

el papa mismo, y su esposa
bailan esta cumbia fabulosa
tu estado de animo no es nada
sino gracia predestinada

lo bailan los sajones con cojones
lo bailan las alemanas si le dan la ganas
este baile está basado en un ritmo luterano
apetece a los gringos, a los indios, y a fulano
no bailaban los franceses aunque Calvin era suya
si bailaban los escoceses y gritaban aleluya !

NaPoWriMo #23

¿Haiku?  pues... no sé.
es algo chino, yo creo.
Es un poema.

Superwoman to the rescue !
Le Pen: mightier than the sword,
greater than Joan of Arc,
sexier than Hillary and Maggie Thatcher,
way better hair than TRUMP,
up-front and national,
able to leap obsolete concepts in a single bound;

Votez avec sagesse.
[ borders / language / culture ]

This is the reasonable opposition-proposition.
Bonne chance. Que le jour de gloire arrive et que Dieu benisse la France...

et vous, Madame.

Wussup, professional Latina?
Diversity been good 2 U?
Water warm enough 4 U?
Shaking down enuf rich gringos
to fund your Non-Profit?
(speak against capitalismo here)
Got time for la Revolución after your pedicure today?
(mention the border here)
still watching Oprah, Abuela?
heard from your third ex-husband recently?
Wussup consummate professional.
(turn on NPR here)
Got nail polish? Got car waxed? Got investments?
(take a networking business lunch here)
Have you streaked your hair enuf?
(mention indigenismo here)
I hope you are caring well for all the nietos
and still have time to be a tiburona
(insert italicized Spanish word here)
How are all your gente ?
(mention mujeres fuertes here)
Hey Latina - when did you move out of the barrio ?
(mention La Raza here)
Mujer Latina—wussup.
how is Gringolandia workin' out 4 U ?
(turn off Univision here)
'cause if the oppression gets too bad
you could always move back
to Venezuela
or Chihuahua
or San Juan,  or...
(mention Trump here)

You hypocrite you

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