Boys have penises.
Girls have vaginas.

Any questions?
God gave you your biological plumbing so wake up and smell the identity politics. If you want to change the way the Lord made you, good luck but don't expect me to approve OR pay for it ☺
Suicide? You’re “depressed.”
Or could it be described as “stressed”?
Victim of corporate predation
in our disintegrating nation.
Insurance plan won’t approve your meds.
One third of paycheck goes to  feds.
We no longer have conversations,
just Twitter and Instagram exclamations.
An hour and a half commute
because the train breaks down en route.
Can’t watch TV; there’s nothing on,
and comics are what movies are based upon.
At least there’s still music, sunshine and food—
I’m still here for the last things that are good.
On the primrose, the Shining or the Socio-path,
Such smirking devils deserve our wrath . . .
⇒Peter Strzok out with bases loaded
for his steep date with the deep state⇐
ConnectHook Jul 4
Evil empires, controlled by banks;
Committee mandates enforced with tanks,
Sociopaths on the Left and the Right
Prepare for your own eternal night . . .
Those who do not know their own history are doomed to watch YouTube all day long ☺
  Jul 4 ConnectHook
Ciel Noir
ce Mercredi
après midi
ceux-ci sont les États-Unis

notre pays et sa genèse
c'etais dix-sept cent soixante-seize

rouge sur la rouge pour liberté
et pour la blanc l'égalité
le bleu a dilué le thé
notre version de la vérité

le monde reste mobile
et sur l'empire
le soleil se couche t'il
ConnectHook Jul 3
(sirens, emergency frequencies activated,
obese SJW's flailing arms & shaking bright purple hair in rage)


                                 to your RIGHT

is a   (wait for it . . .)

nazi   nazi     Nazi    NAZI    NAZI    N-A-Z -I !
this public service announcement brought to you by
ZIONISTS for SHARIAH in the Global Village

(and don't forget kids,
ConnectHook Jun 28
No Cyrus he, this Angloid king from Queens;
In hate, they big him up to take a fall.
His eagle visage loads the magazines
Provoking hissy-fits of Fake-News gall.
Despised by half; notorious to all
And goading on his foes' hysteric scenes
A hail of Hitler insults hits the wall
Unleashed by frothing cows and clueless teens.
Such overused hyperbole grows weak,
And tirades, through inflation, lose their worth
To finally miss the target that they seek—
While nations on the face of God's green earth
(countries that define themselves with borders)
Appallingly parade their own disorders.
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