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annie rose Dec 2019
im over it.
please stop haunting my mind.

when im happy.
when im sad.
when im angry.
when im feeling.

please stop.
when im trying to sleep
after a long day, week, month.

you appear yet arent here.
so please go away.
and stay away.

- i miss you and i hate it
annie rose Sep 2019
sitting in my closet
is one of my last memories of you.
ratty, beaten jacket
and it smells like you.

of the better days.
of walking hand in hand
of laughing shamelessly
of exploring, eating, kissing.

of the worst days.
of throwing our hands up
of crying hopelessly
of hiding, screaming, cursing.

it smells of you,
my home.
it smells of you,
my lover.
it smells of you,
that jacket, my jacket
which wraps me up
in so much
love and
too much pain.

you. are. gone.
in the seams of fabric.
I smell that **** jacket sometimes.
annie rose Sep 2019
hold on to me
our adventures
our jokes
our dreams
our future

every time i close my eyes
i see yours
staring back at me
as i said goodbye to
our plans
our fights
our nightmares
our future

swelling of my heart
as i say
to please hold on to me


say you are still there
to hold me.
I still think of you. How are you doing?
annie rose Nov 2016
fingertips gently touching
heartbeats syncing to one
breaths of laughter, lust, anger
now I sit here, alone

coffee mug sharing
fighting over the remote
off-key screaming to songs on the radio
now I sit here, alone

hugging from behind
stealing of hats and sweatshirts
your scent, your voice, your warmth
now I sit here, alone
annie rose Oct 2016
my favorite season has arrived.

standing outside in the sunlight,
feeling the cool breeze
   slip through my fingers,
      weave in and out of my hair,
         and twirl me around like the falling leaves.

standing inside in the firelight,
absorbing the smell of the
   cinnamon, and the
      roasted potatoes, and the
         hot chocolate and coffee and tea.

true happiness has taken its place,
and i finally feel the joy.
annie rose Oct 2016
He threw candy at me.
I whirled around, annoyed.
He laughed that singsong laugh.
I couldn't help but laugh too.
Rules and regulations
tied our hands back.
Do not touch.
Do not look.
Do not kiss.
First date?
"Yes, but
do not kiss
and do not touch,"
Mom demanded,
solemn look in
her eyes.
he's a
good guy.
I know him.
I really like him.
We won't kiss,
I promise, but
please know
that I trust

I grabbed his hand first.
He hugged me from behind.
We danced and sang in public.
We were a beautiful mess.
But awry things went.
A kiss
on my cheek
turned to five.
I told him, "No."
He pushed himself
as if I said nothing at all
until I had too much. "Enough!"

It wasn't the rules and regulations.
It was my heart and my feelings.
Something was wrong,
and I didn't want the
touching and the
kissing and the
hugging and...
He. hurt. me.
I trusted him.
He. lied. to. me.
practically all the time.

Should I have loved him?
I could've loved him.
I almost loved him.
He said I love you.
I didn't believe it.
He said "Stay."
As if I was
Bitterly laughing,
I guaranteed him I won't.
His eyes turned dark,
but his voice
"Are you sure?
Please, baby,
You are
my everything."
Deep in those eyes
lied the truth, and
I knew this was
not what love
felt like.
he said, seething anger
laced his once-sweet voice.
"**** it. If you want to go-"
I nodded, "Yes."
He said bye.
So did I.
Based on a true story, unfortunately.
I guess one can say he was my first boyfriend.
annie rose May 2014
There's something about the way you dress,
the way you talk,
the way you laugh,
and the way you walk.

There's something about the way you smile that
makes my heart run miles.

There's something about the way you tease me that
pleases me to no end.

There's something about you that I love.

And that's everything.
♥ i love everything about you ok, you are perf ♥
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