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Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Dead End
sharp claws
dark skin
red eyes
razor teeth
blood dripping
flesh eating
demon spawned
loud roars
heads scalped
people dying
wanting more
can't control
virus infected
zombies attacking
vampires *******
werewolves eating
thunder rolling
lightning crashing
rain pouring
earth flooding
wind howling
hell's frozen
pigs flying
we're dead
the end
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Love In Rhyme
loving your hair
loving your stare
loving your eyes
loving between your thighs
making you sweat
making you wet
making you beg
making you play
with my third leg
you're my farting queen
you're my miss mean
you're my angel wing
you're my everything
loving your voice
loving my choice
making you bad
making me glad
you're my *****
I'm your itch
loving your smile
loving my style
making you mine
making me feel fine
you're my one and only
I'm your no longer lonely
we're perfect in every way
what else is left to say
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Nobody Knows
Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring,
will there be sunshine, will birds sing.
Is today your last day,
if it is, what will they say.
Were you good, were you bad,
were you happy, were you sad.
Will people come and mourn,
or will they wish,
you were never born.
Is it dark, or is it light,
did you try with all your might.
Is there heaven, is there hell,
whom will toll your last bell.
Is there something,
you would change,
was there things,
you left estrange.
Is there life after death,
will you haunt,
who took your last breath.
For these questions,
that nobody knows,
we'll find out,
in the end,
I will suppose.
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Fat Lady
every time I see you
it makes me puke
you're so ugly
it gives me a *****
you're fat and you're hairy
and so very very scary
can't even look
at your face
even bigfoot
thinks you're a disgrace
you smell like ****
and you got one ***
men see you
then they run
not my fault
you weigh a ton
two thousand pounds
I mean come on
the house shakes
when you yawn
been in bed
over twenty years
you're much bigger
than the local Sears
people watch movies
on your back
rivers flow
down your *** crack
if she sat on you
couldn't hear a thing
this fat lady
just started to sing
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
I Want You, You Want Me

I want you
you want me
side by side
why don't we
people are same
where ever you go
some move fast
some move slow
good and bad
in everyone
been that way
since life begun
we learn to live
we learn to give
I want you
you want me
our dying love
sets us free
hold me close
hold me tight
then I know
it will be alright
we fell in love
while in the army
now we live
in perfect harmony
we both got locked
in a darkened box
now we can't stop
******* each others *****
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
This is meant to be read,
the week after I pass away.
This is my only and final will,
sorry I have no money or assets.
To my children,
I give whatever I have, plus love.
To my family, I give love,
and thanks for all the support.
To my friends, I give love,
and thanks for the memories.
To my beautiful fiance,
I give love,
and sorry for dying to soon.
I wish I was still alive,
to give you all,
one final good-bye hug.
I will always love and cherish.
each and every moment and memory.
Even though I died to young,
I lived a full and fun life.
I wish you all a long,
and most happy life.
Now it's time to say good-bye,
don't be sad and please don't cry.
I love you all,
Allen Wilbert.
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Just Say No

I'm a wacko
who smokes tobacco
I'm a skunk
who's always drunk
I'm a loner
who's a stoner
I'm very black
and I smoke crack
name is Beth
who smokes ****
I love drugs
who hates hugs
I drink whiskey
I drink beer
I can be straight
I can be queer
when I snort coke
people call me a joke
I watch movies in the dark
I like to trip in the park
rehab didn't do a thing
drugs are my latest fling
popping lots of pills
yes I know, that speed kills
shooting ****** in my arm
waiting till I bite the farm
don't you dare, try and stop me
or on you I'll take a ***
I ****, shower than I shave
hoping for an early grave
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