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  Aug 2018 Becky Littmann
Ellie Geneve
An empty house
on a cloudy afternoon

If I had known
I would've packed my bags
And escaped this harsh reality

Surround myself with people
Drown all the muted silence

Dripping drops
In my kitchen sink
Wasting water
As I'm wasting ink

My therapist
Told me to write

So many times I've craddled a journal and caressed a pen
Only to find myself falling asleep
With the ink flowing on my skin
Like its trying to write something

I once woke up to an ink stain on my couch
Finally some color in this boring pastel house

An empty house
Isn't an empty home

Sometimes I forget
Becky Littmann Jun 2017
He let them win
Somehow their repetitive chatter & noise crept right in
Quietly & unseen they anchored their lies & fabrications
Truths were quickly fading into arguments & altercations
In his head their noise just echos & echos in a shout
He battled & fought, but it wasn't well enough to keep them out
The echos only got louder & louder
More & more he began to doubt her
Thoughts began dwelling
The echos were now just yelling
Hoping truth he'd soon forget
& Trusting was something he'd always just regret

Proud of what they've done
The echos thought they've won
But his thoughts weren't able to convince his heart & soul
He knew without her, he would never be whole
Feelings, really now, this time they were true & real... truly not a chance to break
& As for the echos.....well they were just a silented mistake
Becky Littmann Jul 2016
I have been left unattended for too long, in a city by the Bay
& mischief is dying to play,
I can only imagine...
As the chaos escapes from within
The beast is unable to stay tame


Becky Littmann Apr 2016
For someone who loves to unnecessarily just talk & talk
Regardless of all the silent responses she often got
This speechlessness feeling is quite a shock
Suffocating with endless feelings, feeling less she is NOT
I know it sounds preposterous & absurd
Since cold & heartless she tended to display
Because the fire in her had no longer burned
She had broken pieces with an ash covered soul & the darkness faded her away
Becky Littmann Feb 2016
Whatever, I don't care if you pay attention
I'm prone to come, **** **** up & just leave
& yes, im well aware at the glares I receive
I'm tiny in size
But that's quite obvious if you have ******* EYES
There is more
Just wait for it, it's gonna POUR
The shadow lurkers , those who live in the darkness ..
Their PAINFUL screams forever echoing, maliciously & voiceless
They never just go away..
they just endlessly stay
hisses & shouts, salt unhealing wounds with every word
& STILL undefeated, I'm prepared to battle with what is yet to be heard..
I have no choice but to continue
...**** IT! I gotta do what I gotta Do!
I won't quit, I plan to go hard & attack...
The Shadow Lurkers left me with a cold heart
& I'm giving that **** right back..
Sometimes your soul is lost in a sunless light & you're the only one who can save him before the darkness becomes the bright... Be at peace with yourself first before you try to fight the war around you!
Becky Littmann Aug 2015
Supposedly too much television will rot your brain away
BUT... you can 't believe what everyone may say

KERMIT told us it ain't easy being green
TAYLOR SWIFT taught us people can be trouble & really mean
SEBASTIAN the CRAB told us it is better down where it is wetter
CINDERELLA taught us that eventually things will get better
SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS told us over & over he's READY! he's READY!
THE TORTOISE taught us that being quick may not always work
KAYNE WEST taught us people are rude, interrupting, annoying & huge jerks
MR KRABS taught us some people are money hungry & greedy
LINDSAY LOHAN taught us some people are attention needy
DORA THE EXPLORER taught us to live our life as an adventure & go explore
SWIPER taught us to always go for more
SQUIDWARD taught us not everyone has happiness to share
PATRICK STAR taught us that some people's heads are filled with air
PLANKTON taught us that you can never give up on reaching your goal
ALICE's curiosity taught us don't chase white rabbits with pocket watches down their hole
PETER PAN taught us to live carefree & have no worries at all
HORTON taught us that a person is a person no matter how small
THE LORAX taught us to take care of our trees
SNOW WHITE taught us that there maybe more than what the eye sees
TOMMY PICKLES taught us sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
THE GRINCH taught us that deep down inside, the cruel have hearts too
NEMO'S DAD MARLIN taught us you can't protect people from all & or any danger
BARNEY taught us not to talk to a stranger
LILO & STITCH taught us no one gets left behind or forgotten, that is "OHANA"
SOUTH PARK taught us not to give a **** & some friends can be a huge ****** BAG
JUSTIN BIEBER taught us what isn't "SWAG"
STEWIE taught us that even if you're talking not everyone is listening
NELLY taught us that not everywhere has air conditioning "HOT IN HERRE"
DOROTHY taught us is you want to go home just click your heels three times & repeat "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME"
SOUTH PARK'S TWEAK taught us that your underwear get stolen by the underwear gnomes

So much we've unknowingly managed to obtain
secretly stored in our brain
celebrities, songs, shows & even cartoons have taught us a lot
& that's what life lessons are all about
little hidden lessons & messages everywhere
& completely unaware you pass it on & share
Becky Littmann Aug 2015
It is as unpleasant as a nail in a your tire
or getting burned by fire
it is sometimes better to think twice
like before stepping onto the lake's ice
it came at us full speed
& with no warning label first to read
it disgusted me in every way
a party favor I wished that hadn't shown up to play
it wasn't at all like the rest
unwillingly I was given insomnia to give a trial test
mistaken for something we assumed was STILL there
but instantly after letting go of the black swan
we knew something really odd started going on
the usual way was UNusually strong
still we shrugged it off like nothing was wrong
dancing, picture posing, shot taking & celebrating
...looking at that time now, **** what a first impression it was creating
a night oh so memorable
definitely did we make it extremely unforgettable
we attempted to call it a night & get some shut eye
wide awake hour after hour sleep never joined, only failed attempts to try
so questions we're asked, "WHAT THE **** DID WE DO?!"
this whole time they thought we already knew
thank goodness we only had that one
could you only imagine what any  more of it may have done??
.....Sadly though, it gained itself another follower & it didn't take much
that mind just couldn't control the urge & resist, got ****** into its clutch
while passing the time, since the sandman missed our eyes
in the stillness of the room...there was countless clicks & flashes of us trying to "SMIZE"
Top Model had nothing on how awesome we pose
SHOOOOOOT, we at this point, are do it yourself picture pros!!!

....Now after some months have gone by & it's the New Year
& I knew it...the time had come, something I had too fear
...following it had returned & continued
tagging along was a ****** ******* attitude
fighting & arguments began
I wanted it to stop, trying so hard to end it was my plan
nights of wet cheeks & swollen eyes, tears dripping
it seemed the further & further away defeating it was slipping
I knew after that night
Winning the battle wasn't near in sight
the ONE party favor that just continued having an endless after party going
it's break obsolete, it just kept on flowing
with unsuccessful outcomes every time I was offered to join in
I STILL REFUSED to just let this monster win
&..... ONE DAY.... with help from my best, it all came to an end
into the toilet & flushed was what we did recommend
it was finally disposed of & far away
....A year or two passed & people didn't stay

....Summertime, when troubles are being destroyed daily & forgotten
of those who treated us quite horribly rotten
road trips to enjoy, nights out dancing & drinking
not a care to bother with, at least that is what we were thinking
new favors had graced our presence in our new party scene
& for once, our company was drama less & far from mean
Thizz was the past feel good choice we'd chose
when along came Molly, she showed us how feeling GOOOOOD realllly goes
Well **** it girl, you weren't lying now were you??
You're a whole new experience that I could get used to
"OHH YESSS, COME ON, they're playing 'Bad Romance' "
at first I needed some good old fashion peer pressure
I was nervous, scared, & kind of unsure
But I was easy to convince
& so thankful for each & every experience
Very, Very glad it was a risk I didn't miss
there's just nothing that compares to this....
.....Well along came that wicked, wicked party animal
who hadn't changed at all
single now, with a new attitude & mind set
....I risked it & decided to put it all in & place my bet
..........months later, " Hmmmm, have you gotten thinner?"
Where our weight had gone
was all we were questioned on
pretty soon rumors began to spread
so much dumb **** was accused & said
Oh please, give me a ******* break
Soon they were smashed & proven all to be obviously FAKE
jealousy & nosey that's all
haters will always be hating but will never be my downfall

...We found ourselves, the ones that got lost & abused
broken down, scarred, voiceless & confused
We were only off our fates course
disoriented from a toxic source
Our souls found their center again &
it's only fueled with peace
With high hopes to keep it continuing to increase
peace is what we needed to be saved
no savior with his crucifix could've changed our souls that were slaved
Peace is all you need & it exists, just believe
don't be fooled or tricked by those who try to deceive
peace is all about respect, love  & unity
a positive sense of mentality
being an optimist is pretty ******* dope
....Never giving up & always having some kind of hope!!
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