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Shadowhollow Apr 27
A certain calmness came
with the claustrophobia of love.
A sense of knowing the unknown
and knowing that it was not for me to know .
  Feb 18 Shadowhollow
she collapsed underneath
the stars and only then
did she realize that she
was indeed exploding
When you fall asleep,
Your brain catches fire
Burning up the less significant
Memories of the day.

As the flames rise
So do the swathes of smoke
Curling past your eyes
And around your ears

What we see and hear:
~That is what dreams are~
  Feb 12 Shadowhollow
Jack Jenkins
My guard dropped like an anvil from the sky
I never knew I was up so high
So alone
Freezing from the inside
Hiding lies in lust when love would've done fine
//On love and loneliness//
Shadowhollow Feb 7
I cant bare
not loving you,
it drives me positively mad.
So sometimes I make myself
believe I never stopped.
That you were here
beautiful as sunlight,
the perfect sunny day , ruined
by the inevitable rain .
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