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  Feb 6 Shadowhollow
Mr Quiet
I could give you the entire universe but then I would just be giving you yourself.
but it's true tho.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 14/14
Shadowhollow Feb 6
Run away dandelions
Swept away by the stars
Shadowhollow Jan 27
I can’t fight the bitter taste
Of regret
When I smell you on my duvet

I can’t fight the bitter taste
When I remember your hands around my waist
I felt ever so safe
But now the comfort has left this place

And now all that’s left is what your kiss gave me
A bitter aftertaste
  Jan 22 Shadowhollow
The good times and the bad,
Are both located in my past.
I've watched you cry,
I've heard you laugh.

That doesn't mean,
I always have to come back.
You've ripped my heart out,
In the worst ways possible.

You think you're the best,
But that's just not plausible.
You use to be my best friend,
It turns out that was implausible.

I've spent hours crying over you,
Denying that I ever felt anything.
But the truth is that I admired you.
I swear that I would've died for you.

But that was thirty-four hours ago,
I've cried my eyes out now though,
So goodbye my new nemesis,
Thanks for giving me a new therapist.
  Dec 2018 Shadowhollow
~I want to text you and tell you I miss you, but I'm scared of what you'll think of me~
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