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Shadowhollow Oct 5
To fall in love isn’t to run carefree
Yes it may start in erratic tumbles
But it ends in slow dances
Calm movements
The winds hands stroking you’re hair
The calm of the water breaking tide

To fall in love isn’t assured
But it is all the same
Shadowhollow Oct 5
To be honest
If that’s what I am
Then I am never truly honest
Because for it to be true
I must be without flaws
And to be without flaws is
To not be human
And that is something
I am undeniably
Shadowhollow Oct 5
Rome burned
In a red iridescence
The houses burned
As did the ruins
And everything seemed perfect
For Rome burned
In sunlight
And reminded us
of everything we were
And promised to us
Everything we will be
Shadowhollow Oct 3
I am raw
And bent
I am as honest as a poet can be
In an age of brutal honesty
Wrapped up in pretty silk
A doll to be played with
Shadowhollow Sep 29
I can’t breathe
Rising to the top
Only to sink further down
Deep into an abyss
Surrounded by
An empty kind of
Shadowhollow Sep 26
You’re boring
Boringly in love
With her
How boring it must be
Someone who isn’t me
Shadowhollow Sep 26
Sometimes I wonder if you’re waking dreams
Are about me
Because my wondering thoughts always
Wonder their way
Back to you
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