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brian odongo Feb 11
Sometimes I am a star,
I am stucked in my position.
Sometimes I am a planet
Rotating and completing
an unending revolution.

Sometimes I am a meteor,
I tend to fall so hard and break.
Sometimes I am a comet,
I burn, I shine, and fade.

Sometimes I am an asteroid,
just a rock wandering the space.
Sometimes I am the moon,
believing that everything
is just a phase.

Sometimes I am just a blank space.
Dark. Empty. Lonely.
brian odongo Feb 1
There are so many kinds of bravery in this world, my Mother said. The ones where you feel like a small ship sailing through the stormy ocean waves, and the ones where you dry your tears and keep charging ahead even when your knees give out. There are those kinds of bravery where you sacrifice your own self and the ones you love for something much bigger, and those where you decide to live with endless regrets and guilt just for the sake of a single important moment. There are those, too, where you almost give all your life, all the strength you have just to be a little less hopeless, just to have a simple but comfortable life.

But there is another kind of bravery, too. The kind that asks you to take a step back and breathe when everything gets too heavy. The kind that pats your head when you fall down and tells you that it is okay to be home again. The kind that only reminds you of being tender to yourself, of knowing that bravery doesn't always mean going on even when it hurts. Sometimes, it means knowing when to stop and accepting that it's okay to give up and take your time rather than blindly losing everything running ahead.

I hope you don't always mistake resilience for bravery. I hope you treat yourself as someone important, too.
brian odongo Jan 31
I fell for you
faster than
9.8 m/s^-2.

So I told you
I love you
faster than
3.0 x 10^8 m/s^-1.

And I mean it.
I fell for you faster than the acceleration due to gravity on the earth,So I told you
I love you faster than the speed of light.
And I mean it. Always.
brian odongo Jan 31
Writing poetry is like breathing.
Inhale ideas and emotions,
And exhale a master piece.
brian odongo Jan 20
I know a genius writer
who writes horror,
because his heart
was filled with
anxiety and terror.

he lost his beloved wife,
in the Kingdom by the sea,
and yes,
it is his Annabel Lee.

he is the greatest poet
who ever lived.
he writes with his soul
as dark as the night
but with a pure heart
that create art.  

beauty and sublime,
these two words define him.

his life became miserable
like the stories he wrote,
his death is still unknown
and there were few
people who attended
his funeral,
the world is not that literal.

The Raven took him,
so did the Black cat.

his last words were "Lord, help my poor soul"

I have to ask,
"Is this what a great writer deserve?"

he became penniless in writing,
but it didn't stop him.

writing is not a job,
it's heroism,
it's an obligation,
it's the most humanistic profession.

be proud,
if you can write.
brian odongo Jan 18
I wonder if the moon cries
when a star dies.

I wonder if the moon weeps
when a meteor dives so deep

I wonder if the moon shines
when it is lonely;
I wonder if the moon loves poetry.
brian odongo Jan 4
"what's your religion?"
he asked.

"love is my religion"
I replied.

"so, where is your church?"

"the earth is my church".
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