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Just Me Oct 2015
One year and six moths ago she was a different person.
One who never believed.
One who never lived.

She was a shell of a human
Breathing and blinking
Never once was there happiness in her blinking eyes or excitement in her breath.

One year and six months ago
She never even saw herself living that long.
Her life was suppose to end that fateful cold March night.

But one year and six months ago she found a small glimmer of hope
She can't remember where or who
She can't remember anything really.

One year and six months ago, she chose life.
Just Me Jul 2015
It has been a while
It has been too long

I am at a loss for words

Remember me when I am gone.
Just Me Mar 2015
Gemma~: Autres Temps,  Autres Vertus~~

A young girl, so innocent, so new,
Cheerful and happy in any place,
Sat alone in her room, beneath the argent glow of the moon
And whispered to the jewels that glittered the sky
        “I am beautiful, I am me.”

Now that she's older, the world around her has become colder.
As she sits in her bed, beneath the lunar glare,
Silver turns to red,
While she whispers to her familiar jewels
        “Am I beautiful, am I me?”

The moons go by, and her jewels remain ever changeless.
This time she stands on a chair, illuminated by the metallic gleam of the moon she held so dear
With one last breath and one last glance, arms wide open, she whispers
        “I want to be beautiful, I want to be you,”
And welcomes death.

The moon continued through its phases, and the stars stayed their course.
He sits alone in her room, in the argent glow of the moon
And whispers to her jewels that glitter the sky
        *“To me, you were always beautiful, to me you were always you.
        There is no one to blame, but the world who ought to hang her head in shame.”
~Gem or jewel. On a dark night, this star lives up to its name, sparkling at the forefront of the semi-circle of stars that make up the constellation Corona Borealis. Commonly known as the Northern Crown, it once belonged to Ariadne, princess of Crete and wife of Dionysus.  
~~ “Other times, other values.”

I wrote this for a contest for school. The original idea came from a poem I wrote a while back and never published. The parameters for the contest where (for those who are interested): A conversation in the dark, a constellation, start and end in the same place/way, and a phrase in a different language. Hope you all enjoy it, and this is dedicated to all those lives lost. May you rest in peace.
Just Me Dec 2014
The snow glimmers like diamonds, each falling flake sparkling in its own array of prismatic colors. The sky, clear and blue, is sprinkled with these small gems.
breathe in.
      The air is cool and crisp, stinging her nose on every intake, but filling her lungs with clean fresh air.
breathe out.
      Little puffs of steam flow from her mouth and into the world, each little droplet tumbling over another as they scramble to explore this new universe, until they vanish completely from sight.
breathe in.
      The soft breeze drifts carelessly over the snow, leaving an icy touch in its wake.
breathe out.
      The thumps of her heart increase and fill her ears as she approaches the gate.
breathe in.
      The thumps become steady, a rhythmic beat to keep the time.
breathe out.
      Three. The hand goes up.
breathe in.
      One. It drops.
breathe out
      She is gone.
Something I wrote for a college app that I really liked and decided to post it here. The prompt was get us hooked in 150 words. Hope you all like it :D I don't know what to call it either. Any suggestions?? Comment below :D
Just Me Nov 2014
Something happened
Maybe it was the distance
Maybe it was the time
All I know is that we aren't the same

Everything we were
Memories we created
All have faded from your mind

You said always and forever
I don’t want to give up on you
But it looks like you have already *given up on me.
This was inspired by a change in a friend I have seen. This is NOT a poem about a breakup or heart ache. However you can read it that way, but that is not it's original intent.
Just Me Jun 2014
She sits next to him
Head on his shoulder, head on hers
Sitting in blissful happiness
The music bringing them closer and closer

The notes fill her head
Singing to her
The lyrics imprint themselves on her soul
Never letting her forget

A year ago
He remembered what she showed him a year ago
The song the lyrics the band

As she sits next to him, head on his shoulder
Doubt fills her mind
Second guessing her choice
Was it a mistake?

The longer she sits the more she doubts
Was it a mistake?
What would have happened if she had said yes?
Happiness or a beautiful disaster

Would she be happy with him?

He makes her feel things
Good and bad
He makes her laugh and hate him at the same time

But that doesn't matter
What matters is that he makes her happy
A small smiles stretches across her lips as she sits there next to him
Memories flooding her mind

But the smile slowly fades, replaced by an... emptiness
Because he's leaving next year
She'll never see him again

Was it a mistake turning him down? What would have happened had she said yes?
Happiness or a beautiful disaster

She'll never know though and it is slowly killing her
But for now she'll sit, content to be next to him and almost happy
Just Me Feb 2014
You say you hate me
    You say it because I haven't been a good friend lately
    but you don't understand Why
Why I'm the way I am
   Why I've become who I am.

You'll never understand
    You'll say you do if I tell you
    but you'll never understand
You wouldn't be able to understand because you don't know what's happening
    You've never lived in my hell.

So before you say: "I thought you where my ******* friend."
    Try living my hell, see how long you can survive before you crumble
    We're all in the same game
We're just on different levels of hell
    So keep that in mind before you speak.
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