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There are these
Socks of mine
By the side of my bed,
Multi-colored yet
Multi-faceted with many needs
But used
For only one or

I keep seeing them there,
Laid bare weak, and useless
In the grand scheme of things,
Like other
Things that we'll say, I'll say,
Well, we know
What we're talking about.

That's the best thing about a poem.
You either know or,
You don't.
If you do, you look further.
If you don't, you either look deeper
Than the knower or you don't look at all and

The world keeps turning.
I keep
Recalling my former self,
The rosacea stricken
California slow-brain
That fell in love daily
Far longer

Than he'd been alive.

I keep
Seeing him,
Walking underneath
Those ancient Redwoods
With a CD-player
Jammed into his cargo shorts,
Listening to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack,
All the way to high school,
Not ever thinking he could simply
Ride their bike.

Time then was to be
Reveled in.

Majesty was innocent
And tangible like cool soft-serve
Or the nylon of
School-issued gym shorts.

Awe, for some, was commonplace.

I keep
Trying to reach
His freedom;
The way he would feel
Without hesitation;
An open wound for the world to kiss
And to sprinkle its salt.

There is an art
To vulnerability.
It's precious and stupid and carefree and

Really, to be vulnerable, truly vulnerable,

Is to be

One's own God, free of the need

Of freedom, knowing

It is there, always there,

All along.
you plan to trap
to take a cut-
a ripening peach
with sugar bait?

you soil yourself
remove all sense
when all you have
you desecrate

her body sees, her body sees

'I'll take it now
she's just the size
to make me big
bend over chick

for she won't see
to mists she'll flee
I'll do a trick
with my joystick'

her inside sees, her inside sees

it's not all past
in spurting spray
a laughing squirt
bull at a gate

to steal a bud
the harshest crime
to rob a child
her life dictate

her body tells, her body tells

for it is seen
and registered
it's catalogued
in Judge's file

the breakage raw
her broken selves
you callous brute
are facing trial

and all can see
as you do now
the lies you told
you *******
Abusers tell one another:
''It's such good luck
she's only 6
for after 8
it's much too late?!"

Of course, it may be a boy, and the abuser may be female. 

Whatever the case, it helps to know their thinking so
we can better protect our kids

he walked away
with the sting
of youth
a halo

by those
who know
that the passage
of the years as time
makes its relentless march
is simply because we got up
and retired to bed as did he
every day of every year

and one day daffodils
were covered by falling
leaves with mulled wine
in mourning as frost waits
knowing it will soon succeed
in bringing lasting shadows to
all living breathing creatures
including the man who
saunters on by
I see myself

On a shedding


Of indifferent time.
I've never been


Than I am

Nights are always longer
When the words
Don't seem to come
As easily as they did
The night before.

It's a nail
Under my naked foot.

It's a splinter
Through my

It's that flash of death memory
Sliding down the hill behind the house
All alone
And barely catching myself
Before a split tree stump
Impaling my thigh,
Perhaps changing my life forever.

What could have been
What is now.

What could have been
What is now?

What could have been
What is, is.

Nights are always longer
When the words come
And they do not match
The feeling of, well,

I cannot say.

Off I go then,

To another series

Of reiterative days

Aglow with

What could have been
What may different

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