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Mitchell Duran Dec 2019
It's a little late for
A smile
It's a little late for
A mile

You promised
Maybe I did
That the sun
Would always shine
Both of our eyes

You're a tad quick
With your pick
You're a bit knicked
With your tick

But I love you
Just the same
There's no reason
I wouldn't have came

Walk toward a dead poet
Expose of a soulless

One day

They'll have a soul

They believe

Is not worth

Mitchell Duran Sep 2019
It's so late at night
And I ain't got no right
To call you to say
I love you the way I used to

Moon yellow parade
Your voice turns to gray
An' no amount of money
Is ever going to be enough
To pay
The things I did that day

This isn't any song of repentance
You know I hate to dance
This just a song to say
I see what I did when I did it
But those feelings
Then an' now
I can't ever repair

I can't ever take
Away a memory
That don't belong
To me.

Are just

Telling me
I never believed
You were
The one for me.
Mitchell Duran Aug 2019
Make my way to you
Just like you told me to do
Couple eggs near a morn lit pack
Of crinkled Reds cigarettes
Smells like rose perfume
Tastes of ash and I'm unabashed

With how much I'm letting myself

Love you

We go out into
That afternoon
Like we knew we would
Like we were born


See that fellow long hair wide chest
Faux pride of a king who has lost their castle.

"You two look like love but, do you feel it?"

I look at your tanned shoulder,
That twinkle of mischief that permeates
River ways and seagull calls.

"I feel as she feels so, I guess you'd have to ask her."

The fellow turns to you, imitating shyness; inside
I know you are a comet hurtling
Towards whatever direction - void of gravity or the universe's wishes - you please.

Oh, you please, you please.

"Aye," you say squinting your cue ball eye shut like a pirate. "Love be tangible ar' is not. Love invisible like the ghosts that light the stars yet, we let them guide us. Love is love until it isn't so."

The fellow and I lost breath from shock epiphany
Feel your body, I swear I heard my body say,
Feel that beating heart of yours that is not yours but,
Hers Hers Hers.

To give yourself away to such a being
Is but of the same duality.

"I..." the fellow stammered, "I must be going."

The fellow stumbled off, struck by the lightning of your words.

"To where?" You called out playfully.

After another stumble, the fellow stopped and said over his shoulder,

"To see about a grave I haven't visited in a long time."

A firework, magenta mad with streaks of panicked periwinkle, streaked across the Mississippi river. The void of gray smoke that trailed behind this sudden rainbow cornucopia twirled in a phantom wind. I was about to say to you it felt like somebody was waving to us from above but, you were watching the fellow. A tear rolled down your cheek and I did not catch it or try to take it away because it was yours like everything else was and is in this world. Including me.
Mitchell Duran Jul 2019
Shoot, shoot
I told myself to say
I got,
I got, ah
I got something tomorrow.

Who do I got?
Who do I got to
To belong to


Man, I wish I was talking to you.
I wish, I wish
I wish I wasn't talking to this muse

This lyrical, rhythmic cadence
That haunts like one of those dumb ghosts
Made of candle wax


Moon light.

That would be nice.

Wouldn't that be nice?

That would be nice?

That would be


I swear I got some nice somewhere
Stay a while
Put a record on, or the Bluetooth sure sure
We got Spotify
Put something on
This silence is like stones against the window panes
And echoes pain's something
I don't need anymore of because shadows
Because shadows
Because shadows have tainted faces
I've loved for far too long
And far too little

Let me strive for
The clarity

Of love.

The clarity of desire.
Mitchell Duran Jul 2019
I don't tell people
What I'm


I don't want them to
What's inside

My head
My heart
My other soul

Can people have two souls,
or just one?

Who says?

Who told me / you so?

The other
Day / month / year / forever
I told the world
Nothing -

Felt great about it

Because so many of us
So so many of us

Really have nothing to give to the World

Except ourselves
Not words (oh' infallible, intangible, superfluous words)
That are nothing but mechanized
Weapons of Ego
Torment and
Typhonic heart

I would trade change for a word

Any day

I would trade this poem

For you

Mitchell Duran Jun 2019
Unfortunate aparations
Of misplaced loves affairs
Misplacing their place in the world
For foreign affairs of
Guidance - because that what's poetry

Really is.

A naked shell of a crab
Looks at its claw
Telling it to stop
Stop clipping
And yet we're buying yogurt
At the other stand
The one by the gas tank
When we were supposed to buy
Supposed to buy
Supposed to buy -

You tell me
You tell me where
I was
So meaning
Can be dug
Like dirt
From what I've done

From what I've lived

From what I've experienced

Be me the varicose
A vehicle of nothing
But inspiration or

Mitchell Duran May 2019
One more absent day knocks on my windows pane
Feeling yet irksome
At the word
In it, maybe?
In what but life triggering all
Senses - love, hate, sight, touch -
Some smell in there
If it's the good kind

And I will never be excused by time

And I will always be within time

Unless I get some of that good before death stuff
In the form of noxious anxiety
Only to take me to a pixilated place
Where sounds are shapes and amorphous sentients
Of pre-ancient times
Whisper to me in a child-like way (secrets secrets are no fun)
Yet they are not children
They are stars made of dust

Just like we are

Cast out like a *****
Reaching a place of deeper solitude
Where the trees cannot even throw shade
Where the rain can no longer wet with self righteous mist
Where the sun can no longer burn or warm or soothe

Where nature -
Time's little ***** -
No longer recognizes my gait
My stench
Or even my look for

I am no longer Her child

I am no longer Her parasite

Because I have changed,

Abandoning all She has given me
Hence fulfilling the curse of humanities need
To go forth

Progress expand innovate

No Matter the Costs
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