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Dec 2013
She stands gazing out at the lake
         the waves chase each other across its surface.
Beside her, a fire
         connected to her, it burns softly and warmly in the dark of the night.
She can feel her city miles behind her
         its walls shifting, changing, throbbing with her every emotion.

The waves crash against the shore
         pounding the sand as hard as it can.
         a silver chain, half buried reveals itself as a wave retreats
She reaches down and grabs it before the waves reclaim it into the black abyss
                  the loop dangles from the silver chain blazing in the light of the fire.

A scream claws its way up her throat
         blood-curdling, loathing, filled with hatred.
Beside her, her fire leaps
         its flames raging, burning brighter, hotter, higher, faster
The chain falls from her shaking hands
         the light illuminating the chain as the waters reclaim it, bringing it back into the black abyss.

It was a cruel joke
         after everything?
Now they were just mocking her
         breaking their promise and throwing it back in her face.

Hatred fills her veins
         for what the silver chain means
She can feel Him waking
         He can feel her rage, her anger, her hatred.
Slowly everything around her begins to fade
         the lake, her fire, her city.

He begins to wake
         filled with longing to be unleashed upon them
                  to make them pay for what they did.
He begins to consume her
         taking over her till nothing is left
She is on her knees, panting, fighting to control Him, to keep Him subdued
         but its too late
                  He is too strong and she is to weak.

He enters the world
         and she is no more
He wants blood, pain, chaos
         He wants to make them suffer
He has no reasoning, no cares, nothing
         only the urge to ****
                  destroy, pain.

He is the Beast
         and nothing can stop him.
Her city can do nothing
         only watch and wait
Watch has the Beast destroys the world
         consuming it till it is no more...
a poem/short story take off on The Beast poem for a school comp. i have entered. The things we had to have in it: in the future, someone who does not TALK, a lake, a fire, something that washes ashore and sticks in the sand. So hope you all enjoy. Like comment follow do whatever :D hope you all like it
Just Me
Written by
Just Me  Lost in my own mind
(Lost in my own mind)   
   JDK, Sari Sups and ---
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