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Megan Feb 3
they touch each other igniting passion in their hearts
as my mind wondered aimlessly in my subconscious
watching the poison spread
the poison you never kept hate was all that was left
broken was all I was capable of being
after you spread you venom
trust was all I had for you
every step you took towards her
was a step I took back
now from a distance I will stay
when you were in darkness
I showed you the light
but you took the all the love I had left
holding it hostage
it was all I needed but it was ****** in by your eyes
now I must glue back together what you broke
even though it will never be perfect
it will always show the thing you destroyed even though I fixed you

goodbye to my lover and best friend
my poems do not tend to rhyme but i write to make people feel something
Erick Ramos Jan 16
A little wooden box that keeps your red lips inside,
A flower that survived the snow, and forgotten on the ground.
An apology is what I try, please don't get mad, I'll die.
A kiss that would let me guide, our secrets through the sky.

Easy to act, react but not to try, hard to be and stay alive,
A second pass, the years gone by, age awaits for no one. I,
Helpless with no glass in hand, the water falls to the ground
**** into earth to be brought back and go give birth to creature, plant.

Knock knock, I'm at your door, no one answers I might go blurt.
Desperation rises, it's got no disguises to hide away in single case.
You know I'm there, yet far away, I let you know that it's okay,
You know I came, that was my game I guess it's done just for today.
I hope you liked it, because it was a beautiful wooden box.
Jiya Nov 2018
Listening to Christmas song in the early hours of the morning.
Don't ask why as I myself have no clue.
I often despise their catchy tunes, yet tonight they are appealing.
Whilst I'm holding back salty tears, sleep is yet to consume me.
There's little chance it ever will.
I've had five cups of coffee today, yet I know that doesn't affect me.
My cycle is already disrupted and unhealthy.
A teenager in the midst of development.
I shall be waking in six hours.
It's the weekend.
Yet if my eyes are open before then, don't be surprised.
It's unpredictable.
It's self-diagnosed.
It's been here for over a month.
It is seldom taken seriously.

My fellow insomniacs would know.
This poem I wrote at two in the morning. For the past month, slightly longer even, I've had insomnia. It takes me hours of laying wide awake staring at the wall for me to fall asleep. I wake up multiple times a night and extremely tired in the morning. I lose focus at school, especially in the afternoon. I constantly feel in a state of sadness, frustration or anger and I just really needed to express my feelings. So... thanks for reading and understanding :)
cassie marie Oct 2018
I can't do this
The constant reminder of you
The constant shame I walk around with
No one helped me
I cried for hours
I waited months before telling
My father blames me
My mother wants it to go away
My school made excuses
"You'll ruin his future"
"It happened in the past"
But where do I stand
Where do my values come into play
It happened to me too
I'm here to stand
Stand for all the survivors
All the ones who can't speak their truth
All the ones who are too ashamed
I stand for you.
unfortunately, this is based on an event that actually happened to me during my freshman year, so I stand for you
Obassi Bholai Oct 2018
She reminded me of a summertime story that I
never finished
it's not that my mind wasn't right but time won't permit
we kicked like a pair of shoes, you know? the classics
it wasn't that she ran through my mind she was always there

but when it came time LIFE showed us that it wasn't fair
never in a dream because she was hard to believe in with the elegance of her mighty spirit I heard a voice and thought it wasn't clear, t'was a thought I didn't wanna hear..
"she has a man"
was a phrase I couldn't understand and though I hadn't known him,
it wasn't apart of MY plan.

I knew she felt what I did in every minute
couldn't leave each other side without that breathless moment
unforeseen what I saw but it true, that call,
she still remained the same as if it wasn't at all drowned
in what was the unforeseen, didn't deserve anything but more than what stood before her, remembering all of what could be
between her and me.
MicMag Jul 2018
Walked through a field full of llamas
Wooly babies, papas, and mamas
But these llamas were purists
And spat on this tourist
Turning excitement to trauma
"Don't you want to pet the llamas too?!"
"No thanks."
"Come on! Why not?!
"OK, fine."
*five seconds later I'm covered in llama saliva

LLimerick 2:
Anne Jul 2018
Us sitting on the sand
Staring at the lovely red-orange sky
Looking at the sunset
As he kissed me at sunrise

People often pass through our lives
And so many have come my way
Some stay for a lifetime
Yet you last just for a season
And then we must move on

No matter whether we're still a couple
In the end it'll be just a summer fling
It was still a once a lifetime opportunity to fine love

As I said, I hope to see you again soon
He replies, You're the most wonderful person I've ever bumped into
My summer fling
true story
April 30 - July 14, 2018
yellow soul Jul 2018
he is the first thing I think about in the morning
he is the last thing I think about at night
he is the only thing I dream about
he is the Only thing I want so bad, but I can’t have
he wants more than my sweet kisses and my hand in his
he wants us to be more than friends and I want to
but my parents are so strict,
that if I tell them all the things we love to do together
will be forbidden,
we weren’t be allowed in my room alone with the door closed
and I bet my parents will be so mean to him
he is my forbidden love the thing I really want but can’t have.
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