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2.0k · Aug 2019
Faizel Farzee Aug 2019
We are the disease of this world
Is this notion accepted
We a plague to the trees
the air, the sea
Yet some still contest this.
The beauty of the world
Is now captured in paintings and cages
We a plague to this world
These words now singed to this pages....
The world's in decline, a may not happen in our lifetime, but our future generations will gain our mess.
1.1k · Sep 2019
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Dark is the Absence of light, laughter the absence of fright
  weakness the absence of might, day the absence of night
    Blindness the absence of sight, grounded the absence of flight

The absence of you, i would no longer write
You are my muse, without you, i'm just hopeless in life

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, This is not not true
i'll die within a second, if i cant breathe the essence of you
You the queen that i live for, if only you knew
infinite words can never conclude
failing to capture what i wish to imbue

You are the blood of my lifeline, i live on cloud nine
so please don't ever leave me, you are my prayer, my living shrine.

The absence of you, there will be no divine.

I will get stuck to our past lives , with the absence of time.

The absence of you, will surely, with conclusion
                           sever my life line.
The one i live for, die and cry for, the one i adore
she's the muse of muse, i love her,
down to broken  core
992 · Sep 2019
Blood flow
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
My heart is my centre of gravity,
     My mind it's depravity
When the heart fights the mind,
Armed to teeth, where do you find
The answer you seek
899 · Sep 2020
Faizel Farzee Sep 2020
I love you, I love you too
Your hand caressed mine
With every winged kiss, my elevated heart starts to fly
I looked deep into your eyes
You know it was always meant to be, you and I
Our union blessed in heaven
You laughed, blushed and turned shy.
I know silly, came the reply
This promise you know we share
Always and forever
until the day that we die.

I want you to  go first, so for me you don't  have to cry

I'll carry the burden of living life with a broken heart
I will not have you shed one saddened tear, whether I'm dead or alive.
I love you that much
I would not let you shed a tear because of me
you the air I breathe
our love magical, border line mythical.
our love we addicted to, something we both need.
834 · Oct 2019
Hated Love
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
I danced to the tune of your heartbeat
I love to the memory of your touch
I'll bleed just to see your smile for one more fleeting moment
I'll give up my soul just to hear your Angelic voice calling my name

In the bitter end
The truth decaying my numbing mind
Words like daggers through a fragile heart
These words floating in a river of hatred
The honesty of your love undefined

You moving forward in life
leaving me broken and blind
Truthfully, love and hate both have four letters
This time your love was unkind.
When love only flows one way
no matter how hard you try
When every part of you is craving their touch
when they say that they love you
Yet it's the kind of love that's never enough
It's a love that hurts,
It's a love that lost all the smoothness of being gentle
a love that wholeheartedly rough.
821 · Sep 2019
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
As I journey through the tracks of life, I lost my train of thought

Emotions avoiding to feel, it's closest touch of feeling, is distraught

Trapped in a whirlwind of unemotional cyclones
Feelings trapped, feelings caught

My essence seeping from my skin daily, I question of fight or flight
Decaying self worth
I fought

Dividing by zero, a bitter chaotic end, life has its lessons, I'm not listening
It comes to nought

I'm married to the darkness, a trial in error, the verdict still out
Im lost in court

A life settled in coin, casket to cross the river to the afterlife
Paid in full with despair
It's bought

I wish this train would return,
Take me with it on it's journey, let my self worth become my companion, I crave it
My escort
Emotions dead inside, I can't feel anymore, even my tears are dry.
It's like the grim reaper forsaken me, even he died.
788 · Sep 2019
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Love is a drug, i wish to overdose on yours
                No Rehab Required
Love is the essence i breathe, only if it's yours
you are my one and only
your gaze make me feel like a super star.
767 · May 2020
Faizel Farzee May 2020
covid -19
a killer unseen, without uttering a threat
it has the world pulling at every nerve, it has them down on their knees.
It has people creating songs about going crazy in quarantine
While Trump is really going crazy,
he cant throw money at it
for someone like him, this is unseen,
now his true colours shows
his fake, while the world bleeds
he is still trying to save his stake.
he has ample, yet he still pulls at every last cent.

If you cant see this, he must have stolen your eyes
he keeps it with all his supporters minds,
it's in his refridgerator, he keeps it on ice.
locked in a safe
now they all mindless, so they play by his rules
yet he control the outcome of dice.
he dont care about the human race
you can clearly see it on his unsympathetic face.

Why dint he react in haste,
maybe his just slow?
He is worth 8 billoin dollers, i really dont think thats the case
he cares more about the economy,and  losing face
he knows if the US economy drops
at the table in the whitehouse, he has to set china a plate.
give them the morning paper run their bath
and under his breath, he would have to quietly hate.

He would rather let the world burn,

They miscalculated this whole situation
they thought they were unleashing an attack
they forgot to disable the homing pigeon
it did a 180, knocked at their door, politely disclaimed Hi , I'm back.
Talking about money he has to track, that they paid to create this monster
is it just me or has the whole world been smoking crack.
we glossed over that, i get it  
He can even in song confess, our hands will still be tied
money is power, an intoxicating lust
the jury has already been bought, the justice system unjust.
truths are not pretty, neither is the world
so the darker truths we have to highlight
this whole situation, it's like im living in the zone of twilight
my mind cant compute, it doesnt feel right, what nex, t get abducted at night, now aliens can be real, parralel universes
truth shivering in fright this unholy night.
667 · Sep 2019
Ignored truths
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Completely spaced out again
When will this endless voyage end
The cemented past does not want to bend
Tired of trying to will the impossible i'm spent

I'm just a feather on a breeze, going with the flow
Life is the navigator, it's steering the boat
Erupting emotions about to blow
Missing again, i lost hope

Thoughts spinning, caught within the eye of the storm
Separate from the world, my pen refuse to conform
To the sadness and chaos it is magnetically drawn
I feel the worlds pain, in my soul it's still warm

Words of wisdom i spew
From a broken winged mind it flew
What i preach, please don't misconstrued
These words come from the heart, a place of truth

Let's take a second and realize what to the world we have done
It's beauty a hostage, locked in cages and paintings for our fun
This worried message is a global concern, its for everyone
The world is decaying, Armageddon has silently begun.
Truth bombs exploding from my sleepy mind,
i have to write, these feelings are not kind.
forcing me to capture these words on the pages
wrenching every word from my minds cages
please let me go, i just want to sleep
Not until you capture the worlds pain,
It continuously  whispers to me
580 · Oct 2019
Dark Days
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Madness whispering loudly
Floating on winds scented breath, I can hear it's seductive call
Blindly leading me down mazes within my uncharted mind
Sanity has misplaced my blue print to a glittered life
In my broken heart it no longer reside

Hatred combat ready, It's fully armed to the teeth
Speaking in oppressive tongues
It craves for me to greedily taste and admit defeat
Chiseling relentlessly at my positivity
my cool resolve alone withstanding the heat
The air around me is toxic and choking  
I'm still grasping to breathe

emotions screaming to break free
it no longer wants to suffer in silence
even it's prayer is cloaked within a plea
waiting for this clouded smoke to dissipate
so finally the world pictured i can truly see.
Madness consumes the idle minds
lets not be blind
we all have those days
when we questioning if we living right
just don't give up the fight
never back down to any strife
if the clouds is all that you see
then lets get creative
and cut this thoughts with a knife.
559 · Aug 2019
A soul tortured
Faizel Farzee Aug 2019
Tortured soul
He walks this earth alone
Crying out to be saved
His heart has turned to stone
He’s soul now aimlessly roams
Searching for the light to his darkness
He finds that no one’s home
He put his pen to paper
His savior has become his poems
Capturing all eternal heartache, that life to him has thrown
It brought him sadness
His scarred
Which for he alone atones
For the words he captures
When he gets lost in the zone
Writing from feelings
He will never truly disown
Giving it life, No one will ever condone

As he’s pen bleeds
Inscribing heartache of a tormented soul to these pages
His heart rages
His caged demons scream’s for him to release him from their cages
His inked pen becoming his soul Savior
A poet mask....hidden from the world
When only your ink give it life, unmask your true nature.
555 · Sep 2019
Ticking the boxes
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
A river trickles seamlessly in an
              eternal stream
                      It flows

A flower reaches for the light
             life of it's being
                  It grows

The wind chasing the dreams of
            dreamless clouds
               It blows

Your fire flied smile illuminate
              my darkened soul
                 You glow

The past taking a step to the
        future, out of site
              It goes

This is a poem which leaves me with a bewildered understanding
                   It knows
My poetry I would like to think normally pushes the boundaries of how words can manipulate thoughts and emotions, this is adding to the collection
497 · Jun 2020
My vision's delight
Faizel Farzee Jun 2020
Her lips, soft like that of cotton candy as it subtly embraces my name. Her voice, like a beautiful musically composed orchestra of pure delight.
Her hair, red as the sands of mars cascading under the dancing moonlight.
As i look at the stars this night,
Assurance i got from the moon, our union shines just as bright.
Trying to eliminate being to abstract
All i know is i love you forever,  this is fact
these words i write, for your love they fight
i'm the happiest when in my arms, you fall asleep at night.
472 · May 2020
Tears me to Tears
Faizel Farzee May 2020
I stare deeply into my truthful mirror.
The reflection of what you left me as leering back at me.
I don't realise who this is
This creature broken and unknown,
He's face I've never seen.

I remember your eyes,
The light I once saw in them,
Blown out by the wind of your lies.
Replaced by a cold abyss,
It looked straight through my pride,
From them I cannot hide.
This virus you left me with.

Your heart has been frozen...

In my soul it reside.
Speaking to my demons
Within them daily I confide.
You left all the good in me deceased.
Even the memory of happiness has died.
The only solace
Is for me to cry
Like Rivers of anesthesia
My hatred with dry.
My demons subside.
Once again I'll put my heart on loves merry go round.
468 · Feb 2020
Moments in Time
Faizel Farzee Feb 2020
I rest beside you,
breathing in sync, hearts beating as one
I get lost in the splendor that is you

Love surges in kaleidoscope of colors
we see them through wondered eyes
unspoken truths singed to our souls
this love eternal we freely share

I breathe in your essence
the life blood of my being
a nectared aroma
i inhale with every breath that i take

Your lips a cherrie wine
i willingly drink to a stupor
a senselessness ,
leaving me aching for your touch

you are the air that i breathe
my oxygen in a choking world
a promise adorned by Angels
a promise in this moment ,we will never leave.
There are magical moments
in this dying world , grab onto it tightly
even with words unspoken
it's a feeling that words can't describe
a moment to be enjoyed.
a feeling to be kept unbroken
434 · Nov 2019
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
A rose lay in an open grave, the essence of beauty in death.
Eternally resting your eyes to sleep
This is the slumber in death.
A complete state of peace of mind
This is serenity in death.
Knowing you can any moment be acquainted with it,
This is the reality of death.
When we born
with the first breath we take
from that moment it's a step towards death
this is reality
this is not a myth
we push it to the back of our minds
so we can learn to live.
424 · Nov 2019
~ Closure ~
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
This letter I write to you with a heavy heart
Sometimes my emotions put my heart inbox,  mails it to my past,
As much as my mind want to move forwards
Like running on a treadmill backward
I'm not moving anywhere fast.

You carried my confidence like a handbag
Without you, I would be a bore
Sometimes I wish I could hunt that part me
Then realize we all carry our flaws

So I forgive us
For all our transgressional sin
The lying truths
With the untruth that it brings.

The heartache will leave scars deep within
I would never change this
I know we
Apart,  of me still loves you
My saddened tears says with a grin.

I hope that you happy
With this letter, I'm done
Now a match I put to it
Like a blazing history
My past alight I discard in the bin.
Sometimes we have put our feelings on pages
Burn them, it get of the minds mazes
Knowing you moving on from the past
Grieve has it's stages
Make yours not last long.
415 · Apr 2020
Cornered thoughts.
Faizel Farzee Apr 2020
The darkness ascends, a plague drenched in the unknown
A failing worlds flaws so beautifully highlighted.
As a world stand united in the face of adversity, corporation scramble to save their precious empires, alas,
A virus cannot be bribed.

It does not know color of skin.
It does not ask for your wealth status.
It only knows a race called Human....

Is this not perhaps the lesson we should take from this.
That a world united can achieve more than anything describable.

However, I fear that we only exist to survive.
Once the threat has past, and we talk about the ordeal that was the "darkness"
Share our stories on social media, we will hobble to the normal goings of life, where the poor is unseen and corporations continue to extract our every breath.
In memory and in our hearts,
We will know that a world stood united in a lockdown of hope.
As this memory fade, I hope then a smile arise, knowing we united as the human race ...did the impossible.
Thought in confinement
411 · Sep 2019
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Humming along to the beat of life as i sing along to the music of my heart.
The melody of you tapping enchantingly through my mind.
Notes composed by your fingers strumming every part of my quivering soul.

       Your love my song to life
You my melody, my music to life,
You eliminate all strife, you smile takes me high, losing you, would be falling on knife.
411 · Oct 2019
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
When your slowly sinking life consistantly smells of propane
You endeavour to silently drown out the crashing waves
Dodging firery and deadly sparks
Knowing any minute it can go up in flames

Poisened with fight we lose all of your paralyzing fear
A progression of a genius mind
We  evolve and become fire eaters
Until we have fear scared and in tears

You move with armed confidence
Even your words has some bite
Slowly eating all negativity
Then still sleeping soundly at night

This life can never drown us or keep us down
We Borne in a state of fight
Screaming at the world
I believe this to  be our battle cry
To let the world know our hidden might.
With the first breath we take, we on a journey to die,
The fight of life not easy
Even the best find the rocking of the boat queasy  
So don't lose your balance
That fire in you, feed it
Give it wings, live every second
Like we were never rejected.

Life we have a stake in it
400 · Sep 2019
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
As look outside this fogged window, the rain drops insynctly falling to the beat of my heart

A smile, silent as a midwinter's night illuminates my face, a glowing reflection of a being that has tasted heaven, drunk from the nectar of the gods, tasted victory tenfold

A man that has found he's breath in this choking world....

A man In love.
I can never describe how feel about you, this merely my poor attempt,
A few words I scribbled on paper,
But my heart tries it's best
399 · Aug 2019
Puzzled Mind
Faizel Farzee Aug 2019
Caught in the four walls within my mind
Where only the dark reside
Im boxed in, squared up
Answers evading questions
Only to my heart it confide

...........Secrets and lies......
True nature of one's heart
398 · Oct 2019
Fleeting Moments
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Some times I steal a glance at you sitting
Lost in a spaceless haze

Thoughts of wonder I hope, running through your mind
I smile slowly creeping over your captivating
Unknowingly it instantly lights up the sky

Your beauty at this moment overwhelms me
I promptly forget who I am, I too get lost in a timeless daze
The love we share I can never truly capture
Your beauty these words can give justice to
Just know I'll keep trying my love
Until my last breath
This words from my soul is true.
397 · Sep 2019
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
The earth rotates on it's own axis, it spins
With it, time ages
So let's not forget,
Daily to sing.

......Welcome spring
The beauty of seasonal change
395 · Oct 2019
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
I stand before you with my heart on my sleeve
Drenched with the rain of my love
I beg you with every ounce of begging life
Please turn back the moment, to the point where I did not need to shed tears for you not to leave

When the sun smiled down on us in wonder
How sinful for a love so perfect to exist in this world
Before the stormy winds drowned out the light in our life
When just the sight of your lips had my lungs gasping to breathe.
The moment when your emotions fail to understand
When you need desire just to stand
When you wish time would turn back
When love was a masquerade
And your love with theirs went hand in hand
365 · Aug 2019
Faizel Farzee Aug 2019
Run like there's no tomorrow
Cry only to alleviate sorrow
Live like our time is borrowed
lets not cower
take this life by the neck
imprint you are not a coward
the hurt makes us stronger
punch with everything you made of
even sorrow we devour
churn it in our soul
then spit out flowers
let your flamed courage bring forth the rain
let it descend
It's a meteor shower
let this winged words take you higher
soar above the chaos
i bet life will seem brighter
we are all born as fighters
its for us not give up
in this world
with all the power.
Whatever the situation, keep fighting. We born fighters. it's for us to wake the power within us.
350 · Sep 2019
Higher Lover
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Time willingly caught in deja vu, Repeating this timeless moment
I slowly drown in your ocean blue eyes
In this heated atmosphere,we stuck, icily frozen

Your embrace releasing all the pressures of life
I breathe in your essence slowly,
every ounce of my being screaming to make you my wife
my earthly angel, defeating the nights so lonely

Your winged whispered word takes me higher
you are my oxygen, a match made in heaven
you set my soul on fire

So as i put your hand in mine, together we ascend
Our lips embrace with hungered tongues
Our immortal love, together we transcend.
As our love grows the higher our understanding ascend, you are the air that i breathe, you awake and maintain the poet within.
So for this i thank you, with a few written words,
You are the life i live for, the song of the birds.
349 · Apr 2020
Magic Mornings
Faizel Farzee Apr 2020
The first rays of a rejuvenated sun kisses the tired night, the birth of a new day.
Tears of the winds slowly trickles down the stems of elated flowers,
the smell of first light, tickles the innocence within.

Before we got tainted by a unforgiving world.  
It transport ones consciousness to a time when we heard the morning birds, we woke up with glee
when our eyes were a kaleidoscope of hope
when the dark truth of this world we could not see.

I can hear them with song sing out my name
the sound of pure delight
as they flutter and fly around the trees
a true harmonious sight, with whimsical appeal of freedom,
this is sweet melody in flight.
Pure freedom, a feather in the wind. Carried in time exempt.
Free from obligation to be a puppet for corporations.
Alluding to freedom that they created.
How I wish I could hear those birds sing aloud, more clearly.
345 · Oct 2019
Tragic fate
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Gazing upon a silent sleeping city through my window pain
Your perfectly captured picture I'm clutching soaked and tear-stained
Your bright smile in my mind is forever singed and framed

The rain instinctively falling to the beat of my broken heart
Missing you like flowers misses the desert rain
I'm holding on to your perfect memory
How do I cope with this longing pain
You were the air that I breathe, I'm starting to choke on oxygen, your silhouette still haunts me
I feel I'm slowly going insane

How am I suppose to let you go
When I'm constantly craving your healing touch
I can still feel the taste of your lips
This heartache is living within my soul

From this spiraling emotions, I have no escape
I only have God to blame
Every part of me being led by blinding hate
I can no longer see happiness
It was stolen by a tragic fate
The tragedy is a part of life
It's how we pick our selves up after the strife,
Keep moving forward
Put your hurt in a vice
Squeeze till love is in lust
337 · Feb 2020
Love Roulette
Faizel Farzee Feb 2020
There is a thin line between love and hate
Maintaining it is no easy feat
The best and worst of all emotions
Fragile is the heart
Easily breakable with deceit.

A love unknown
A journey you both willingly take
Sometimes it's heaven drenched in ecstasy
Other junctures
Hell bathed in heartbreak.
A chance we take by spinning the wheel of love.
Sometimes we strike gold
Sometime the outcome is negative
We never give up
It's all relative.
331 · Nov 2019
Artful Love
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
Why is it that I feel so subdued
I lost all fight
I surrendered all of me to you
You all I dream of daily
You are a daydream
  Even in the still of the night.

While I walk I randomly call out your name
Your name sweetens my heart
When I talk the conversation subject is exactly the same
An ode to the perfection that is you
You are my sweetheart.

Your smile more captivating than treasured art
Your essence priceless to me
A precious notion that we will never be apart
We love for eternity
Even after our souls get reaped.
Words are the meaning behind all of our feelings.
Trying to capture true love
Is leaving me reeling
My verses have words with hidden meaning
Trying to clever it up
Looking to capture the feeling.

All I know is love you till the day that I die
My heart is one with yours, you feel the same
Our feelings equally tied.
328 · Oct 2019
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Is see their ghost again
Silhouttes of past love lost
They are my floating sins

A reminder that I once wore a grin
The smile I wear now is truly paper thin
A forced happiness
Equivalent to a faked second skin

The light in my heart is set to dim
It's sizzling cinders
My future look burned, to ash it has turned
This undead feeling singed to my soul within

Do i sink or swim
Questions refuse to be answered
It's got my tail in a spin

Why can't I just live on a whim

Forget all these toxic feelings
Just pack up and run

Start a new life
Holding hands with the sun

That future seem bright

The truth is, I'm build never to give in
So I'll fight till the death
Till I have life pinned to the floor
Ready to rip of a limb
Looking into my determined eyes, no matter which ghost you throw at me
You will realize that I win.
Sometimes we feel alone
If we just look around, we will realize we not drones
We can unplug from the static
Come together as one
Share experiences and shed our infected skin
It will fill the void within
Left by love lost, at least we experienced love
Allow your mended heart to sing
So forget all bad, remember the good, pick yourself up....let the next round begin
320 · Jun 2020
Love of Death
Faizel Farzee Jun 2020
A rose lay in an open grave
Vision of beauty in death
Kneeling prayer a saving grace
Breathing joy with every breath.

Your undying love my saving faith
A rose lay in an open grave
Addicted to your love I crave
Like a convert my life you saved.

Walking poetry true elegance
Your name within my heart engraved.
A rose lay in an open grave.
Beauty in death evident.

In death itself a endlessness
Like a limitless ocean wave
Thoughts conquered by benevolence.
A rose lay in an open grave
The Quatern is a 16-line rhyming poem that is somewhat like the Kyrielle. It is a French form and has 8 syllables per line. It is written in quatrains (four line stanzas). It also has a refrain line that appears in each stanza. However, unlike the Kyrielle, the refrain line in a Quatern moves. It begins as the first line in the first stanza, then moves down one line in each consecutive stanza, until it becomes the last line of the last stanza.

The Quatern does not have to follow any patterned meter, such as iambic meter, nor does it have to conform to any set rhyme scheme.
317 · Feb 26
Faizel Farzee Feb 26
It was a sunny day, your smile on my mind I was on my way
Ring in my hand today is the day
Always felt this way, from the moment our lips touched It was meant to be
From the moment our souls touched I was meant to stay
Both envision it see, the moment our love touched we were meant to break free
Together forever on a oceanic breeze, exploring the wonder our love evergreen
A heavenly scene, I see paradise in your eyes,  our river of passion runs infinite deep.
Skin real silken soft like satin when we embrace and feel
Every instant our tongues collide it's living a dream
Heaven I'm seeing, perfection I'm living, infinite giving as to nirvana I'm driven
Your voice equivalent to angels singing, If loving you make me a sinner, every second I'll be sinning
Our red line of fate not cotton a ribbon
Cinders in our hearts fire it's omitting
Sizzling and spitting imprinting our love on one another as we kissing
This the day I willingly give in to thanks, you my thanks-giving
My only wish granted, Gods present
317 · Sep 2019
haunted nights
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Waves of emotion crashing over me, i break
it rises, it's time for the tide
increased levels of unwanted emotion, i fake
now floods every part of my drowning mind

Thickets of rooted regret follows my scent,
running through loathed forests blindly
looking towards the heavens, i'm ready to ascend
the wind of change blows within my soul, kindly

i'm running in a waking nightmare, dreaming
a marathon of dark dangerous deceived destinations
awoken in cold sweats wailing, screaming
demons whisper beyond the trees, getting lost in all translations

the sandman hugs me to sleep tonight
my head on a clouded pillow lie
my wary eyes has given up its fight
in my welcomed rem state, i say good bye
these are the thoughts within my mind, when i'm battling to sleep,
if i don't get lost tonight, i will see ya'll in my dreams.
306 · Sep 2019
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Just sitting here thinking about the world today,
Is just me, or does it seem decayed
Has it lost all meaning?
Are we just coasting the game
Flowing along slowly, on a stream of the mundane
When genius, gets thrown out as insane
Who made all this rules, are we really just mules
Some slaves to the fame, chasing
The name
Thinking we free, when we really enlaved
I think, leaving a legacy is all we have left
We don't know what meaning is,
We lost and bereft
.......Of feeling.
When you chilling and just start jotting, thoughts flowing for a pen not blotting, a point to be made....
298 · Sep 2019
Magical Nights
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Smiling face, look how I get lost in her sparkling eyes
crystal glasses toasting, for this journey's we willingly embark on tonight

I can see her lustful thoughts
tread milling, running backwards
fighting heated feelings, she wants to rip off my clothes

Her lips the taste that gives it away, it's alone, it's lonely
Running seductively across every ounce of my quivering soul, static,slowly

I completely crash loosening my grip in this moment, I let go
Thermometer calling for a windy ice tea, intoxicating kiss that she blows

Our hungered hands searching like lost ships in the night
Body's shed of their burdens
Our ripped clothes strewn to the side

Our body's drenched with the emotions of one another
We tasted every ounce, breathed every sound, touches as soft as a feather

our groping body's heated, touching, moving intensely as one
electric, ****** surges with sensuality  
floating on each others essence, this taste, we both explode
leaving us breathless and done

we turn and get locked in each others arms
holding on for dear life, hoping this magic moments
will never lose it's charm.
We all know the feeling, of a session leaving you breathes and reeling.
Breathing each others essence, leaving our body confessing,
the love that is needed.
280 · Sep 2019
Dark Void
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
The morning creeping up on a tired night
 This notion dawns on me.

The last conversation we had
It's memory still tears me to tears
Tearing at my soul
My happiness now raging
It's feelings is spitting mad.

Devoid of emotions
Your eyes hollow like the dead of night
Your words frosty and so cold
My heart frozen has given up it's fight.

We were in lust
Our souls constantly craving intamacy
Emotions dacayed and turned to rust
Smiling momories tainted
It has turned to dust.
When all you have tainted memories,
Your heart feeling lost
You cloaked in this treachery
All you can do is drive forward
And hope you don't crash
In this nightmarish reverie.
279 · Jun 2020
Faizel Farzee Jun 2020
Midnight singing as it approaches.
Slipping silent between shadows.
My book of life it wish to close.
I am heading to the gallows.

I am scared hiding in plain site.
My breathing like water shallows.
I'm in a state fight or flight.
I am heading to the gallows.

I can hear its axe ground scraping.
A debt to humankind i owe
I am In chains no mistaking.
I am heading to the gallows.
The first style I tried was gammo, (won a contest with first attempt) aside from free verse, trying the below next. This also my first attempt. Writing is awesome. (Style Kyrielle)

1. A Kyrielle must have eight syllables per line
2. It must be written in quatrains (four lines stanzas)
3. The last line of the first stanza must be the last line of every stanza in the poem.
258 · May 2020
Faizel Farzee May 2020
You are the beauty in beautiful.
A true visions delight
A essence the gods finds enticing
I lost my resolve, I fall endlessly for you.
My conquerd heart lost all it's fight.

Your kisses tastes of sugar
Sweetening my dreams at night.
Your silhouette in the stars captured perfectly
Sentuated by the wonderment of the singing moonlight
A pictured elegance.
The sun envious of your smile,
As It shines just as bright.

With every word you whisper
My soul you excite.
My passion you ignite
Without even trying
A better me you incite.
Love is what keeps me sane
Even if the world's insane
She's my muse within this ugly world
She aliviate all it's pain.
256 · Sep 2019
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Erupted feelings from a volcanic mind, embedded to these pages
ashen soul and broken heart, armed emotions rages

The thoughts i bleed from an open wound, comes from deep within
A place unknown, it's unexplored terrain, it's a stranger to my skin

Flashing words moves lightning quick, disappears within my soul
with a thunderous sound to the speed of light, my innocence it control

Dreams becomes my nightmare, with eerie thoughts i wake
Sleep walking through these ghostly nights, hoping i don't break

The feelings i am touching, it has a sense of wonder
Yet every-time my heads above water, i feel like going under

Drowning in an ocean of thoughts, waves of emotion crashed over me
Sometimes i wish my past could meet my future, together we could flee

How i wish sometimes i can disappear, leave this exit door of strife
get into an elevator,  and elevate my crippled life

These marathon of thoughts, slowly running through my head
Is simply to let my lifeless soul know, that i'm not truly dead.
When your feelings escape you, and you chasing them down,
remember to be breathe, we above water, don't drown
They will soon return, although somewhat numb
it's better than dying, livings more fun.
254 · Sep 2019
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
It's that hateful nightmare again
      It won't leave me alone
        Chasing my happiness
It wants it pictured and framed

      Negatively captured for all
When everything is going well,
Life seems to have forgotten
That you still exist
Until it comes to grab your smile.
254 · Oct 2020
I still love you
Faizel Farzee Oct 2020
I  want you to know

They see life's hardship still in your eyes
l see your heart in its endless paradise
I see your smile still go on for miles

I'm sorry

Was your sacrifice now I feel part of a vice
We drifting unless another plan we devise
love is still there, its in the touch and the stares
Life got us stepping, hardship, invisible stairs
Faced it together kissing while making repairs
I cant believe where we are I know we still care
Invested our relationship is growing in shares

I promise

To tell you I love you daily
To love you forever sweetly
To cherish our love greatly
words the heart makes the pen cry.
254 · Sep 2019
Pledge of love
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Your essence the life blood
      coursing through my veins.
          You are my oxygen
                   My life.
I will love you until the last star loses its shine, until the earth breathes it's last breath, always and forever, my angel's love is Devine.
250 · Sep 2019
Inked truths
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Notions untamed running through my mind, a marathon of thoughts

A world derivative of past decay as it's cornerstone, the refurbished building blocks of our decayed future's

Lives the lesser value of coin,
Youth, their futures severed
by puppets of greed, cut short

Prayers on their knees, screaming for the truth to be heard, while lies cloaks impressionable minds, like the dark with deprivation of light, deceived

Our purpose to destroy life, preservation reserved only for our bodied selves

The iris refusing to envision peace as the essence of life

My spirit look to ascend, soar above a human race that is embodied with cruel intent
The pain of the world I see, these words is an escape, a way to flee
If only for a second
Lost, through inked thoughts
I'm free.
245 · Sep 2019
Bereft of feeling
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
I walk among the living
       But I'm dead inside
A saddened void where my heart
  once reside, devoid of all feeling
                 I'm Numb
When the numb replaces the pain,
Clutching at my chest, there's nothing
I'm going insane
I touch your flame,
Just to feel something....anything
239 · May 2020
Moving Grace
Faizel Farzee May 2020
Art pictured in motion, walking elegance.
Words you give life, monocle syllables
Beauty captivatingly imprinted, portraits stared.

Words gliding from your Cherrie lips, mesmerizingly eloquent
Intoxicated my heart listening, convinced by its eloquence
You my wish granted, an answered prayer.

Boastful our love drenched in splendour, Our love grandiloquent
I loved you in past lives, Aphrodite seems envious.
Saving Grace, pulled my soul from despair.
First attemp at the Gammo style writing out of ethiopia,
the rhyming scheme is insane
239 · Feb 2020
Valentine Confusion
Faizel Farzee Feb 2020
It's valentines day again
Some have a day where the sunshine
Others will taste loves acid rain
I love daily, instead of a moment in time
Greeted with cheer, when cupid himself is screaming in pain
What about the rest of the year
Is there no love to gain, there is a desert of love all year round
Why do we settle for a grain?

This brings my heart to standstill, faints
It does not understand, unanswered questions, they refuse to be accepted
It's caught in unbounded chains

I have to refrain
Running, I cannot get caught
Is this not the epitome of insane
Repeating a flawed system
Maybe we trying to re-capture it again,
That true feeling of love, instead of lust
A feeling regained.

If you happy this day,
by all means enjoy, don't get caught up in the fame
that's also meant to destroy
those that have no one, this my valentines to you
I love you all
A message from the heart i deploy.
Valentines day,
I have a valentines year
i'm lucky i found the one, so this eases my fears
with the love she gives
i have no room for tears.
237 · Mar 2020
Written truths
Faizel Farzee Mar 2020
As these words sweats from my invigorated pen
Pleading in unison, It pleads for my mind  to soar and give them wings
A staunch prayer flows from within their soul, to reach their flighted destination.
To have their intoxicating life force drip from generation’s lips touched by the song they inspire to bring.
These winged words, destined to bring inspiration to a cruel unforgiving world.
These inspired words, that needs to forever marry hope in this pitiful existence
  The tears of a lost people stream from their saddened eyes.
These armed words, that ended wars, brought courage and eternal love to nations lost.
These truthful words seeping from my shaken pen
These words, that carries heavily with it my soul scarred
These words......singed
Forever eternal
Pen is mightier than the sword
This is a artists written word
We give it a voice, when it feels like no one heard
We capture the world's tears
Cage its fears
See it through stained eyes
Like the end of a a ****** spear.
236 · Jan 2020
Love lies
Faizel Farzee Jan 2020
In transit on a stationary life
The earth rotates on it's own access
It spins,
So if my soul wait
Ghost, you will float by again.

Bring with you my smile
I misplaced it
Like hope lost, to find it
I need to go back in time

When your hand was always locked in mine
Inseparable we were
The truth is
Love is blind

I pulled out it's eyes
I laid it to waste
I spit out your name
As I don't want to know how a lie taste

If love becomes deceitful
Then we no longer safe
Love was hope
Now all it brings is distaste.

Cupid is fake
I looked for him all over
I needed his bow and arrow
This time he won't miss
You need to alleviate this sorrow

The time we surfing on is borrowed
I hate myself for wasting it on a ghost
A figment of my imagination
Do I know what happiness name is?
I am just pains host.
When words scratches at the surface
it's screams to be free
you lay it bare on these pages
to subdue my demons in their cages
so i don't end up....
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