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we have something real
play in my mind a never-ending reel
film star in my story not pretending
its how I feel my heart
you steal transcending everlasting
love, I can't conceal

every time I'm not near
know that I love you without fear,
the only one I hold dear
my dear,
if you caught in headlights
Doe, I will be here
carry you to safety, sincere
you I revere as the premier
every time I call your name
it should be clear
I hope you hear
this my decree a token my souvenir
never will I leave
more precious than times rare
it's all 4 1 I swear

even vanity thinks you fair
lady picturesque you make portraits stare
your silhouette a dream it defeats my
nightmares that became part of what i wear
the dark my lonely despair my savior
in your eyes, i can see that you care

you are a new year I'm luckier for
having met you I see a classic menu

divine heaven the venue astute
where you reside
the light within you can't hide
this love can't be denied
equally, we feel the same
perfect circular equilibrium
in your heart, i confide
united in past lives
lasting things captive
in your eyes you forgive
past sins that give
me a new lease for positives

colored pastel past times
past, the future now
best-loved a love not passive
cindered hearts love burning
learning to be more loving
kissing every part of your olive brown
everlasting lasting forever

not even the grave can rob us
in the afterlife, we'll reminisce
in ceremonies that remedies
our memories with our love recipes
edged in history our only identity
hearts beating as one never enemies
or frenemies we gave our all
devoured all strife
side by side we conquered life
on love we rolled the dice
winning the jackpot more than thrice
gripping my heart my vice

hope the legacy of our love inspires many
dreading taking faiths leap
more a beheading when loving
but for naught it seems, keep the dream
love is everlasting around the corners
the one to complete
and defeat  
lonely nights keep the fight
you will find life delight
unconditional love conditioned
only to love unconditionally
you are deserving believe me
you worth it worthy of loves
words embedded in your heart
as pure poetic art it's written
in your eyes embedded in the stars
your love chart it illuminates
the dark at night when the moon
envy's how bright you beam
Faizel Farzee Feb 10
was a dark night with a bright moon
your silhouette on the dance floor my eyes consumed
poetry in motion body waves like ocean
seems I'm doomed if i only knew was the start
of something made for fools we rushed in
emotions spinning propelling us to new heights
soaring, above the chaos in each others sights
earthly angel bringing light to my dark nights
mesmerizing my thoughts it feels right
meant to be we shine neon lights

we cant fight it was pre ordained it excite
this our passage our rights evokes delight
think we loved each other in past lives
cant overwrite, protect you be your modern night
is there a end in sight not quite, for eternity we tethered
it looks like don't mind our souls entwined even in the afterlife
in this world you'll become my wife
we journey life in each others arms
easing strife fireflies love that shines bright
even the moon envious tonight

you know when I'm with you
there's nothing i cant do
this life seems brand new
This meant for us two
our love a glowing hue
love exist who knew
so how could you

How quickly devilish
graceful angel falls from grace.
You said, I betrayed you?
Do you not see the tears streaming down my face?
still holding the "I love you" knife you stabbed me with,
bleeding, disgraced.
Was all this years
hearts beating as one a waste?
see your black wings true colors
Was I a naive scholar?
this lesson I wish not to face
You still the air I breathe, yet,
don't want to call your out name
When I do, betrayal I still taste

What happened to together forever, eternity, infinity
With your murderous words, death his only fate
No matter how hard I try
bleeding wound won't stop.
screaming rivers of tears won't dry
need your healing touch
My skin crawls, know that's a lie
broke something in me
took a important part of me
tears washes away the veil, you infected my vision.
ugly suffering I can now  see.
twitter @WAlphabetically
so sick of this rat race
pull ahead get pulled back
by peoples hate smiles fake
good died
evils taken its place
truth you have to face, a dying breed
morals are being replaced

no matter how hard I try to live
nothing I do is good enough
inside they breaking all my stuff
feel like this life is getting rough
tough but I feel like caving in
seems everyone consumed by sin
trying to set my shine to dim
cant break i need to  save me

walking in a twilight zone
eerie feelings I must disown
trying to break me, I'm not alone
have a love that's so strong
lifts me up when I'm  down
live as a optimist that is a risk
life's trying to spin me around
I'm no clown screaming holding a fist
ready to fight, till my last breath
i know i'm right,
why should i conform to norms,
when I posses the light
have insight
to fight the dark
when it tries to bite
modern night, any evil i will smite

this where i confess life's heartless
nevertheless wont digress
no recess got to push for progress
negativity I got to suppress
ill feelings I disposes
wont feel the effects
wont bring me to my knees
have love still feel blessed
nonetheless I'm destined for success
wont stress, not a request, i impress
play this game time for chess
this board I will possess

why do they keep hunting me
I'm not fair game, insecurities
makes them lame, cant face themselves
so play the blame game, they cant face the shame
living in lies not to feel ashamed
its too late you made your bed
face the sins in your head, its your regrets
feel its effects, never forget
placed your bets, did the crime
now face the time
cant reset, try to make amends is the best bet

yet the ones you wronged, is now dead
my conscience clear yours complex
you will only heal when you accept
with deceit you are possessed
I severe ties cant stand the lies
now you nothing but pests

your story ends
book shortened, hurt a person considered
the best of men, for yawl he did everything
yet you destroyed him in the end
hope at night you scream his name
in terror because pain
did this **** for worldly gains
cant take the **** to the grave
narcissistic yawl insane
do you have empathy, what a crying shame
the time cant be reclaimed
hope heaven lose your names
Faizel Farzee Jan 28
let's take a second to listen
written alphabetically
with a brand-new addition
spliffing delivering
heat, cat on a hot tin roof
sizzling, Messi, dribbling
spit ill sickening
guest visiting,
lend me your ear, listening
shimmering as he shines bright
twinkling, divide, partitioning
locked up, imprisoning
doodle, scribbling
SA drill
spicing  with flavor
seasoning, using my head
thinking of reasons
to justify reasoning
for dazzling,
as we settle in

round 2 smurfed but
not blue, more a colored
hue, repping cape town
awe bru, wake up
disabling snooze
jesters you fools
visionary when I see
first from the back
they all lose
not a masquerade it's all true
deadline my times due
ask mew 2, pokemon
index, it's perplex
get ash too, over
a cuckoos nest birds flew
seeking asylum hes crazy
still frosty so cool
yu gi it's time to
dddd duel

this the part where spazz out
remove doubt, running circles
on tracks, roundabout,
roundhouse kick to chin and mouth
no handout, grind out
red hot
circular rounded
noise drowned out, not shouting for clout
cant recognize skill,
take this pill, it will break
the spell my tracks stackable
not saying this sarcastical
sarcastically or sarcastic
not applicable, resolve soluble
doubt dissolve i'm liquid cyanide
every track i ****, surgeons
precision with a scalpel
so skilful, I sculpture
syllables in rhyme schemes
unseen to the naked ear
class dismissed school bell

so tell all its not all folks
not ****** toons no jokes
not ****** tunes, with lazy tones
I have lampoons, that ******
death squad platoon
you'll be history lying in ruins
surfing these dunes no fear
seeing things as the series turns
with unclear reasons I'm nuclear
its a song so dope on recorded
Faizel Farzee Jan 25
I know you feeling this
written alphabetically
spit subliminally accurate
abacus counting syllables
in reverie, ya missed his spits
unseen this ships a blip
speeding over your head
changing lead as he flips
the script he elevates
off he lifts celebrate
as he spits his wits
court him off guard
na, case dismissed
five finger clench
balled into a fist
punch at the fence
so I don't slit my wrist

dream I had
reaching must be mad
sober I'm glad
follow this yellow brick road
a none jumping toad
carrying a heavy load
not even a passing fad
skill  rad
boys a baddy
be mike have a fight
tyson ask larry

ok here we go
another lesson
class in session
teachers, written alphabetically
spits ill, verbal turrets
spits sick, leave with seizures
epileptic, flash so quick
wits is blits, words illusions
magic, pony, never 1 trick
race horse takes podium
no 1 pick, popsicles
trying to ice me
don't give a lick
armoured my skin thick
weapon my pen dipped in ink
a lion with a crown I am king
thoughts provoke
provoking your perception
of cardinal sin
I run on this treadmill backward
going nowhere fast
still, win
silence can you hear the pin
dropped in a haystack
sea lost in an ocean
like ops, it's missing
Faizel Farzee Nov 2022
if you miss me, close your eyes you'll see
me smiling at you knowing it's you I need
always be around, whether you are feeling up or down
to you I'm forever bound, queen to my world
you own the crown, enchanted I'm spellbound
whipped our love profound
with me
you'll never shed a tear or frown
glad you I found
my love circular you it surrounds
carrying you to a higher plain beyond the clouds
like EM we space bound, soaring on wings of love
elated we soar, if you need me
knock on my door
text, call,
dm on socials, be there in an instant
so that you don't miss me for a second
when you call nothings more important
we courted today forever together you worth it
we deserve it, we'll go the distance in the
clouds by angels its written
nothing we are lacking
fun fact is we meant to be
our love reminiscent
of energy, that powers the sun its glowingly
lighting up our lives as each other we breathe
lovingly it's the oxygen we need together
we ascend it how we feel
feels with you the perfect hand i was dealt
This was a verse off one of my songs
Faizel Farzee Jul 2022
was you and i together forever, seems you need a walk to remember
here's a reminder, was a night in November, eyes locked
love at first sight, the world cloaked in splendour
felt lucky, found a four leave clover, with a smile
that elevates, i soared, when we kissed, angels roared
with applause, started humming love songs, felt that's where we
belonged, faith in life restored, together our hands body's
explored, ecstasy with every touch every moan a reward
our love goes beyond,  forever adored
together chose the road unexplored, we couldn't be separated
not even by divine intervention from the lord
even now as you swing that heavy worded sword
much as you wish to ignore, i know you recall

go easy on me, my feelings raw
the situation flawed, i cant comprehend
when did my angel fall, our love a revolving door
I cant do this anymore, one day its forever
next day broken my hearts sore

stage set
I'm drained by this encore, furthermore
further i cant go on anymore, if love hurts
its time to throw in towel, or stay on the floor
we were counted out, what we still trying for
what we fighting for, if its not to stay together
this relationship flawed,

heading to a cliff with no breaks
on ice skates, on snowflakes, sound the alarm we jump
or we going down, we burnt at the stake
this high stakes i love you but I'm about to break
my love was never fake, never a flake
I think of you still asleep or awake
if you love me too you'll walk away
if you love me you'll walk away, live to love another day in another way
without the pain without the pain
without the heartache and pain

go easy on me, my feelings raw
the situation flawed, i cant comprehend
when did my angel fall, our love a revolving door
I cant do this anymore, one day its forever
next day broken my hearts sore

its weighing heavy on me, a ton of bricks added on top our tragic story
a tragedy ending going up in a smoke of glory
burning memories of happiness erasing bliss with sad mornings
fights and tears falling this faulty I' not faulting
I'm no saint, but that's what i' saying trying to explain
we should pull the plug, our loves draining
summer snow tears raining
with you I feel more lonely
than being alone, not Lying tales, true story
we know we love each other immensely but we heat and rubber
toxic together we need a breather, we burning out
it's running a fever,
we part ways with out leaving
in my nightmares I'll be screaming, time to get lost
in my feelings, know i won't be here if you need me...
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