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I made a mistake
I meant to be perfect

But I colored outside the lines
On purpose

I crossed the line
That meant to keep the lines inside

Because I'm not supposed to do it
On the skywalk

I saw
Two men greet
Each other with smiles
On the crosswalk

I saw
A young man and young woman
Holding hands
On the sidewalk

I saw
An old man
Cradling a baby girl
On the boardwalk

I broke
From my pause
On the skywalk
13.7 Billion years
yet we are here
celestial beings
floating in a cosmic stream

Everyday is a miracle
sorta like a dream
we are mere specks
on God's spectacles

Caught in a bind
we are figures
in the creator's mind

Until the day  I die,
I will forever cherish my existence,
because given the odds,
we shouldn't be breathing.
She smiled to hide the sorrow behind her eyes
The tears that never got to roll down her pale chubby cheeks, if they ever did she said they were tears of joy
The truth behind them, hidden
Like a predator in camouflage

It was easy to find
That her smile was just a cover
That hid all her wounds
But none dared to look more into it
None cared for they all fell for her silly act
The smile that hid her pain

The smile that hid her agony
Behind it she hid herself
Now when all the pain is gone
Her face no more twitches to smile
Unable to share her joy and happiness
Unable to hear the sound of her laughter

She goes back to being sad all over again.
Firstly I know it's very long. The tittle itself is smile but the poem is really sad. Trust me I wanted to write something happy but couldn't. Let me know what u guys think about it.
What colour is sky?
The sky is blue.
The colour of morning,
and its delightful hue.
Fantastic forests with delightful due-
add a jewel to this cronet of hue.

What colour is sky?
The sky is pink.
The colour of twilight,
and its alluring wink.
A tinge of joy hides in the skies-
like dreams living in a maiden's Eyes.

What colour is sky?
The sky is dark.
The colour of night,
and moon's cry of lark.
Here lurk secrets never said or told,
and persist emotions, eternally unconsoled.
What color is your sky......let me know
'twas March, I saw you first
in your slender demeanour
mute shine on your lips, adorn
Silent when I moved across
just behind, in queue.. to you
Introduced hath an acquaintance
the gentle vibes about you
the poems that you hadn't yet writ
the pen that had yet not wrote
It was similarities, I had seen
flowers that graced your wall;
Striking carnage in my mind
dissimilating my being,
And, finally in triumph, declared
yourself, I _ an adversary
Oh, but why, an adversary?
Since we could decide on
being likeminded friends
the church bell tolls
one, two, three times for my soul
God will never take away
my reason to pray

sighing between sips of cyanide
my pace a little slower
my eyes a little lower
it's all quite hazy
living in a day dream
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