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You took everything from me, the moment that you said that you leave
My lungs is now pleading me, constricted so I cannot breathe
Why you feel like hurting me, you know for you I'll always bleed
You know your tears are crushing me, why you blind and cannot see

Took everything from me, everything I need to breathe
take away your kisses, It was the touch I need to feel
why yo got to be heartless, forever in love was the deal
Why I got only memories, Playing on a saddened reel
Messes with my sensory, tears of sorrow I cant conceal
your silhouette still present, like I'm in a waking dream
reality a nightmare, waking moments left to scream

You know that I need you, everyday and every night
You know that without you, the moon will never shine as bright
you know that I'm hurting, daily heartache becomes my plight
You know that I'm broken, left in the dark with no sunlight
do  you not remember
When we were in heaven
that night we were together
after all storms weathered
to your lies I surrender
now by hate we tethered
all your tears I've savored

Why do we think its love we need
When hates all it breeds, a carried disease
Why do you think loves a dream
A cloud full of steam, tears cry it weeps
Why do you think some kids hearts bleeds
It's love they need, it's locked up and keyed
Why do think loves drenched in deceit
Our love can mislead, we believe we are free

just admit we broken
just admit we souless
just admit we love less
Just admit we are guests
our love cant stand the test
In tears we become obsessed
red thread of fate has become stretched
from this place we should digress

You know this is over, choking while we breathe
addicted to tears while groping, blinded we cannot see
lying I feel like a poser, knowing how we feel
we both know this is over, in constant grieve
Faizel Farzee Apr 15
They say it's better to lose so you know what to do next time
Ok fine
What if you lost yourself in chaos & the exit you can't find
The person in the mirror seems to have fallen behind
I think I lost its blueprint, I lost its main design
I feel I'm constantly battling on the frontline
Life's wars, hanging on by a lifeline
life's buffet, on me it hungrily dine
I don't see the goal line, I cant see, I'm blind
Is there light in this world, does the moonshine
blinded I'm constantly stepping on land mines
With the voices in my head I'm entwined
telling me I'm not worth any shine
I have no spine, my existence asinine  
leave me alone, I don't want to die
I need to find the light, I need its guidelines
I'm being consumed, fighting, but still in decline
Will it ever change, will my mind ever revive
Until then, skating, I'll stay on the grind
Raging fever murky rivers clouds my inner thoughts.
Fogged by lovers lies who's kisses taste of loss
Past midnight my mind sinks to depths of remorse
Guilt ridden rippled through tortured time in discord
Wretched rain rips through hope with tears as it pours
Broken dreams with silent screams crashes as it falls
Memoire's soiled in reverie my memories curtain calls
Lost within the silent night living through every flaw
Faizel Farzee Mar 28
I'm mystified by your alluring mystique
Mysterious & mischievous motif
Allurance that's magnetically deep
Intrigued because you intrigue
At times time get lost in Déjà vu, it sleeps
Leaps, my heart jump every time you speak
Eloquent in elegance a elegant feat
Featured features fearless & elite
A walking dream poetry supreme
Treat with a candied heartbeat
A beat that's upbeat & sugary sweet
Leave, I will lay down in defeat
Invite the reaper, get my soul reaped
You the air I need to breathe
Undying love daily to you I bequeath
Uncaged winged words have me soaring free
You gave me the belief to believe I'm more than negativity
Negative thoughts boxed and caged within my minds disease
With you I leave the key, knowing you will never leave me to bleed
Never leave me wounded bleeding, in your eyes guaranteed
Faizel Farzee Mar 20
Walking unseen stalker eye see the darker side of this a grey life in shatters
Our minds engaged and battered
Corporations selling their addictive drugs legally for profit
Sell the antidote to the same addicts they create, how is this legit? We should be disgusted
Governments hands are tied as they just walking  puppets
Control by the lawmakers and breakers it's truly tragic
The world lost it, we conquered by being devided and split
They get away with ******, police unfit designed to keep the masses confined to a system only they permit
The system is rigged, we already in cages, it's easier not to admit
I wish I could ignore the squeeze it's choking, Boa, it's starting to constrict
Making it harder to breathe when all I can see the constant pain they inflict
This world is past sick, they profit off lives and tears ******* us dry like ticks
While capturing our focus on a screens with *******, off we get picked
Prescribed addictive drugs on false positives so money they can extract
In fact, we are cash cows caught in a stacked net, we can't escape or fight back
The only time it ends when they bled us dry and let us go to wait for death
While they live large until their dying breath
Our morals gone, we have nothing left.
Faizel Farzee Mar 15
Life has been cruel to me, it couldn't get through to me
Continually calling my name calling constantly out to me, what does it want from me, what does it want from me
I'm living by my rules, It's making it hard to breathe for me
Leave me alone, let me break free from this mortuary.
Freedom an illusion forged by forgery, embedded in history
Forget me, I don't want conform to be part of this chaos and greed
The cancer of sceptic filth deep in to our society seeped.
It reeks, the stench of decay of innocent  souls reaped, horrendously embedded in the earth deep
When it's quiet and earth survived it's days riot, if you listen closely she sadly weeps
There will never be peace, segregation the key.
Split a world with hate, through a little screen.
Robbing our life while we complacent and they unseen
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