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Faizel 1h
My emotions pours into my writing
Stop fighting
Let my words consume you
You know it’s the right thing
My emotions might be dark
I promise, It comes from the heart
Let my words in and it will bring
An unclouded mind and a heart that sing
Let’s call it a summer fling
In the end
Your thoughts and emotions will be in a swing
Lifting you up, bringing you down again
Like flying on a eagles wing
Or the first scent of spring
I will even at times make you feel like a king
I’m down on one knee, and now produced the ring
Are you going to ignore this fact...
Or shall we begin.
What I am hoping my poetry inspire to bring
Faizel 1h
The demons within life
i battle constantly
Exorsising them out
I need a constantine
Overun by these shadows, they always lingering
Bringing with it constant chaos
In reality so it seems
I try my hardest to overcome
they dragging me down
Im barely afloat
So does this mean that I drown
I feel them picking at flesh
But I will never ever frown
I know in my heart I will overcome
Surviving this onslaught
Until I wear the crown
the waves of chaos is constant
Overboard I get thrown
Fighting wave after wave
how apart we have grown
My smile only widens
Knowing I will never go down
If i do, I get up again
As i am not on my own
My life is sacred
And so is my kin
the only constant
With the joy that they bring
I draw from my strength
And my heart start to sing
The notes is blissfull
So It makes away with the sting
If this sounds awfull
I have to deal with the stink
the aftermath
and desease that you bring
I have to shake this feeling
Like a coctail blend
And just move forward
In this conflicting end
And truth is....
Theres nothing wrong that I did
Sometimes one's emotions do not make sense. Enjoy
Faizel 1h
Madness consumes the idle mind
Question everything
These words I speak is divine
Yet we follow the masses
Like we completely blind
Hoping to find
Worth in this world
Yet everything’s a lie
This is our time to shine
Break free from the stigma
It’s about time we draw the line
Our morals decline
Yet we think it’s fine
Believe me I know
These words are not benign
Take this as a sign
I managed to break free from the chains
Of this cosmic design
Questioning my motives
Will only bring us down
I don’t mean to whine
The world has declined
Look at this world truthfully
I bet you will see it…..
as I see mine
Open your mind, look at the world through your poets eyes. It's a dark cold world....let our words be the light
Faizel 14h
I’m truly a wordsmith with poetry and rhyme…
If you haven’t realized it by now, I guess… you must be blind.
I really don’t feel bad if you don’t like my page…..
I have a place where my poetry’s all the rage.
In his head yes!
****! .... I wasn’t even speaking to you Chris….
Who’s Chris?
Oh!... Just the voice in my head… which the last words… rhymed with…
Who thought you can actually do that with words…..
You mean, put it on a treadmill backwards… and still make it come first.
Yes it’s a skill…. I probably mentioned this before….
It’s like the words just flow…. from my third minds eye’s core.
I completely zone out….?
Yes! …Please don’t pout… I’m always on the scout ….for my scythed words to put doubt…
Or even reroute…..
Your thoughts or your feelings……
Maybe in theory…..then you’ll like these pages.
If you haven’t realized it by now…
I’m Mr Farzee… please just stay calm.
Maybe I should just try… and put that diff-erent-ly……
Mr Farzee… in actual fact …is just me.
Just some fun....we have to explore all avenues of one's poetic licence.
Faizel 14h
Tortured soul
He walks this earth alone
Crying out to be saved
His heart has turned to stone
He’s soul now aimlessly roams
Searching for the light to his darkness
He finds that no one’s home
He put his pen to paper
His savior has become his poems
Capturing all eternal heartache, that life to him has thrown
It brought him sadness
His scarred
Which for he alone atones
For the words he captures
When he gets lost in the zone
Writing from feelings
He will never truly disown
Giving it life, No one will ever condone

As he’s pen bleeds
Inscribing heartache of a tormented soul to these pages
His heart rages
His caged demons scream’s for him to release him from their cages
His inked pen becoming his soul Savior
A poet mask....hidden from the world
When only your ink give it life, unmask your true nature.
Faizel 15h
The moon reflect your silhouette in the night sky
Are you haunting me, I feel I could cry
You left me to die
I plead, no beg of you,
please leave my mind
You still a part of me
In my soul you reside,
I can no longer cry
Someone please save me!
Why’d you leave me behind
God you should have taken me instead
In her place I would have died
Please help me!
This misplaced rage I can’t hide….

Loneliness is killing me
I can’t go on, it’s with you I should be
We for eternity, is a promise we share
Slit wrist,
Wait for me my love
I’ll be right there.
Losing someone is never easy
Faizel 18h
As I speed and strife, on this insanely busy highway we call life
Completely swaying wildly as I dodge their gloves
The bell rings as I swing…
He dodged it, like it was in honor of his wife
Out the corner I come, rough and ready, my legs are steady
I fell like steel, but just hot and sweaty
Swing and a miss, it looks like I just dodged his fist
Man that’s close, I feel like I should toast to this
Red wine? or White wine?
Wait! I ain’t got time for this, or I mean don’t misgis
Back to the fight….
I connect like Thors hammer and he just took flight
It’s over I think, better get a drink, to toast my might
Oh wait never mind, I think I just dropped the mike
Or the pen in this instance, trust me I just might, be high as a kite.
This modern take on my poem battles.
"Misgis" is an Afrikaans word for misjudge. This again is the light side of my poetry.
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