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same as your mom, I will always love you,
in two minds accepting you into this world
currently in the grips of war,
with every passing day, humans become worse
perverse, we have become cynical,
clinical in being tyrannical, it's what I observed
have no fear, I'll lay my life on the line to protect yours
I'm being sincere, you a blessing that brings light
the good in me you ignite, with hope you made me reunite
for you the world I'll fight, if they interfere

for you, I'll always, be there for you
I'll always be there for you

want you to know, in this world there will always be pain
sometimes it's inhumane, cry, there's no shame
it's what makes us stronger, eventually it fades
we'll create music together, as our escape
never give up, no matter what anyone says
you will always be great,

for you, I'll always, be there for you
I'll always be there for you

for you, I'll always, be there for you
I'll always be there for you

I'll give you what it takes
be there every step of the way, till you can take your own step
fly away,
I curse the day, I'm not here to stand in your way
here to love, support and guide you, till you find your sun amongst the grey
till find where you belong amongst the human race
I'll be by your side, till the day you find your place
If the worlds ever becomes to much to bear becomes grizzly
bare its teeth, loses grace
I'll always be there, if you need to find you
with open arms I'll embrace

for you, I'll always, be there for you
I'll always be there for you

If the card you been dealt becomes cruel
by chance I couldn't be there to see this through
know that I love you, always strive for the best version of you
to your values always stay true, I'll be with you every step of the way
from heaven I'll be smiling down on you,

for you, I'll always, be there for you
I'll always be there for you
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Faizel Farzee Nov 2021
promised you the world and i failed
bless the fact you still here, together , still saying you love me forever, makes this world better
gave me the strength to fight, pulled me from the ashes phoenix  I'm your fighter

scaled, the weight I carry lighter
touched by the dark, still carry a torch
felt your fire, sizzling cinders fired awaking my slumber, wanting forever to defend your honor
untainted my eyes, a purifier, gave my confidence wings, we will soar higher

this our love this our fire this our love triggered by desire

liar, never you will call me, I mean it
my meaning not faulty by us meeting
the feeling  pouring out deeply that's guilt free
I foresee forever us be together until our souls get reaped

with faith i leap promise i keep

calm I sleep, feel the same
feelings equally deep
not leave a promise we keep, , visit each others dreams
dying promise
world bleeds, light you shine
Devine leads,  my guideline forever entwined
beauty defined, angels shrine forever mine

nectared wine, feeling sublime love defined
faith leaped devils weep our hearts need
all I see, all I feel, oxygen needed to breathe
song coming soon. please have a look at my other songs, link on my profile
Faizel Farzee Oct 2021
how do I still love you when everything screams to let you go
how do i still care when your icy  goodbye left me cold as snow
How do i still need you when you left me swinging
from high to low
How do i still feel you, when your silloute is but a ghost
no longer want to be here ,without you not a home
loneliness the darkness silence
dictates the melody of your metranome

tears falling to the sound of raindrops, emotions twisted cycloned
shards of glass all around, broken soul by happiness disowned

heart screaming, the devil  he knows
you left me, a candle, wickless to the bone,
shine blown out by your lies, tears me to tears, rivers I cry, heart turned to stone

leaving me lifeless, ready to fight less
lay down and just drown.
leaving me broken severed deboned
increasingly seemingly love was disowned
miss your soothing tone, all i can do is scream at my phone

loneliness wont leave me alone, feels i should atone
measured  never known lost my pleasant tone
every thought my displeasure shown
every last  pleasure stolen,  hope overdosed
it's lifeless forever on this dangling rope
never so i cant cope
tangled up in a strangeling grip
lifes book angrily wrote

truthful note to heaven it wish to float.
sad notes emotions tearing a dog fight
truth your enemy it took flight
bad nights  functions disabled,
lies keeping me awake at night
tribulations my daily plight
no modern knight
felt tall with you, disheveled I lost all height
faulting  with ease, the stranger in the mirror staring back at me, he lost his fight, dont think he'll ever be all right.

this the end for me, love and i will never be
friends again from it  i flee
all i can do  get lost in reverie
reliving hapiness in memories under pretense
whatever be honestly I dont have the energy, i feel i will never heal not in this century

you can listen to the actual song
video location to all songs, on my profile
Faizel Farzee Oct 2021

I started as a poet on hello poetry and it helped me perfect my craft a bit. I have since moved on to apply those trades to writing music.

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Faizel Farzee Jul 2021
No lives matter the Minute you step out the door
prey to the world chaos imbedded in its core
imbedded in history not a mystery anymore
This our motto, ill Intentions so obscure
rigged to lose we already lost the war
puppets with no string we on the floor
saddled with steak this life seems so raw
No lives matter the minute you step out the door

They control everything
Freedom is misleading
Victims of sins of war
Bought into submission
Who are we living for
who are we crying for
who are we dying for
we should be striving for
living without remorse
dying without being forced
god can you hear my thoughts
cleanse our souls it’s impure
please can you hear my call
can suffering end its course

we lost our morality
It got sold for prosperity
we can’t trust one another
where the hell is the sanity
I know this life's raw
repeating our flaws
we lost our integrity
impure without purity
with wool over our eyes
we lost all transparency
we gave up our decency
we outlived our warranty
there is no more guarantee
we all choking to breathe
currently caught in a dungeon of currency
Faizel Farzee Jun 2021
On the precipice
of turning pessimist
into followers
on the basis
of logical statistics,
I persist flame thrower I bring the heat
Spit flames when I speak
A weight when I lead
Yawl Sunday lunch  baked goods
Dough that I knead, twigs snapped
I break bread
killed yawl already
shot to the head
lift your spirits
Necromancer, raised the dead
Skills reborn in eye I invest
Poetic vision
Stock doubled,
then  birthed success
A different mindset from the offset
Fueled by a rocket mentality
shoot for the moon
Lift off set, I earned respect
Flipped the script
Pitched my  tent
with Devine intent
its heaven-sent
This my shout at air
my truthful vent
Faizel Farzee Jun 2021
fake is the smile I walk around with all day
like I’m wearing a upside down happy face
the words that I mutter is not all I have to say
Not dealing with stupidity is the only heavens grace
So, I walk around with this mask on my damning face
Deep down all I know is a feeling of disgrace
Ripping  gnawing moving happiness out of place
I know I'm not the only one, that’s caught in this state
Now the notion that arises is the world’s completely fake
lies I just navigate and hope I don’t break
Clawing and scratching hoping I can claim a steak
Yet every step I take,
brings me closer to death
Choking to breathe with every dying breath
Hoping to catch a dream before there’s nothing left
Before I’m on my knees regretful and bereft
Before the scythe ascends and I lose my head
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