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Sep 2020
The night i was born there was a crimson moon.
There was lightning and thunder, not different to a monsoon.
The wind blew eerily while wrapped in my cocoon.

Then suddenly...

She came to me in a blinding light, told me about the power of word and its endless might.
I listened intently at the tale she recite, asking me to repeat after her
under a silver starlight.

She said, I bestow upon you a thirds mind eye
You will see the pain of this world through a poets eyes
you will marry the writing craft, it will course through veins
the oxygen you breath you will need to survive

I obliged, I gave them wings and made them fly

So i started training these words to thrill
My craft pure, refined, distill

None of this hippitty hop ****, look I use alliteration quite frequently
I think I'm the ****, well like a candy isle  in a convenient store i need bars you ***.
These words running through my mind, a marathon of thoughts
It's  is on training schedule, they ripped and fit.
This to me a game of chess, I play with finesse
you all toddlers, so easy to outwit.

Like taking candy from a baby, your defense unfit
i think you cold, here is some wool and needles leave the writing game, a new hobby for you, knit.

I see these guys with alliteration for days but ain't saying ****
Weak like trumps wall missing its bricks.
I need medical assistance my brain sick, you have no flames, a candle without the wick.

anyways, for now i'm done, i wrote this in 15 mins
ahead of myself, myself i outdone, I'm Ra
myself i out-shun.

After reading this i know you  will be brooding, I am divine, A angelic presence in a world of humans.
So don't confuse this, I'm not in battle mode yet, my demons was asking to give you some lip.

This my conclusion, sinners get down on your knees and pray for absolution.
For a written battle contest, I tried.
Written by
Faizel Farzee  34/M/South Africa
(34/M/South Africa)   
   Bogdan Dragos
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