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why do wolfpacks attack and reject other wolves?


he was wearing a wire - bahahaha crowd roars
he was an arab - crowd roars
he was a black wolf - crowd enjoys
he was a white wolf - crowd roars
he was a jew wolf - crowd enjoys
he was a catholic - crowd enjoys
he was a christian - crowd stunned
he was a republican - crowd stirs
he was a liberal - crowd riot

the comedian was killed by a crowd of people later that night, including a mexican and black man. 100 people are in jail awaiting charges. some charges may be dropped due to we suspect that someone was least one
hey i'm no comedian but comedians aren't poets...i love me some comedy though
Francie Lynch Jun 24
I am woke,
Yet living in a nightmare
Of prejudice.
xavier thomas Apr 14
Pray to bed
Protect your crown
Cause nightmare crawlers
Coming to ware you out

So brothers & sisters
Begin to stand
One solution
Keep faith, Amen

Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
xavier thomas Apr 14
He’ll curse your name
And waste your time
Cut short-term deals
False promise lies

He let his sinners
Take whatever they want
There’s a spiritual warfare
That’s about to start

Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
Hannah Dec 2020
I have always been lost
between two things
the need of
tremendous noise
to calm
the rapidness of my thoughts and
the need of soothing my soul.
sometimes, I want to gaze at the moon by
the beach late at night
when it's dark and everyone is asleep but
at other times,
I want to be distorted
by a playlist that is full of sorrowful growling.
I have no other way
but to fill the void of my eagerness
when it asks me
for more and more
to remain at peace with the world.
Arcassin B Nov 2020
By Arcassin B

Call my phone ,I messed you up,

you say your sorry,
then we make up , forget our pasts,
and then start all over,
again we fall,
I know we've been through it all,
things you say leave me appalled,
in this life you only get one so lets not stall,
if you could bare  it all,
love is a complicated thing that only two young people can possess,
I was thinking it would be forever until said you can not stress,
You were so special to me in every way that no one could compare,
don't let me leave , but you just did, but I'm not sad at all ,
thats what you want me to be,
running and fighting a distant memory,
chasing the only thing that let me go,
pinching myself , man this isn't a dream,
you're a lot of stuff your heart won't show.

©abpoetry2020 ©arcassinburnham2020
Arcassin B Oct 2020
By Arcassin B

Crossing different cities,
mind state restless, I keep walking along,
Coffee stains on my shirt and i don't even
drink coffee, come to crossroads I'll never
get the chance to bare it all on, the fact,
We're in hell already, in the devil's country,
Who gives a ****, about it all.

Raise hell in the mother's wound conjuring some
Shadowy agenda for annihilation,
I cover eyes but they won't cover their own,
Can't save anybody, they disgust me , all of them,
bunch of bodies rotting,
Even with my own worst enemies I'd probably leave them out to dry and dye,
Along with the true colors,
Swearing that the darkest depths of my soul won't let the monsters out that reside inside,
I wouldn't hide the secrets that kept all of me afloat..

I am as strong as I ever was in my ultimate pride,
Feel like I'm on earth 400005,
Anger stem from stupid **** while staying alive,
I always walked alone , I am the Bill Bixby of Life,
Don't make me angry...

Douglas Greene Oct 2020
Life's comical creations,
No lack of variation,
People destined to be ******,
Falling with no where to land,

People blessed with ignorance,
No pleas for indifference,
Only bliss and fantasy,
In a world of agony...
I wrote this because in my eyes, it seems the only way to be happy is to be ignorant and unknowing of the world around you
The ghost drank a coke
(William Carlos Williams dope).
Kitchensinclusivity invisibly
fills not w/ blue or red alone.

The corpse drove a Porsche.
(lushi from the gorge).
In the beginning, hy-
drothermal vents aWOKE!

The billionaire'll be a memory
faster than his lucite feretory,
when we Kitchensink Invincibles
WOKEr than wokeisme overflow!
Erika Aug 2020
it is nearly midnight

and I see her

in all of her elegance

dancing through the trees,

calling me to her.

she radiates,

glows with a light so pure

so ethereal

I almost weep

for what did I do

to deserve the treasure

that is

the moon
I was outside earlier, and I swear the moon was a little brighter. It caused my imagination to run wild, but I’m satisfied with the result.
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