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Ken Pepiton Oct 2022
This is me, on a slow-fast-slow-fast-slow paced
day in the life,

I have these,
one after another, so far.

So, good, I think, fine, day
doing daily deeds,
day by day, done
one day.

Not days, not days and days
and nights, after each,
or before, but
day one, this
one, done
with vigor and gusto,
from high zazen
slightly grinning,
something more than smiling.
being alive aware awake, present tense.
Francie Lynch Jan 2022
Day-dreams and Night-dreams
Work as well as wet-dreams.
We need be alert,
Be awakened from our sleep-walking passivity.
Pick-up ourselves,
And be woke with humanity;
Rub away the sleep in our eyes.
The world is at a precipice of change, one way or the other. Let's go the "one way," not the other.
Qweyku Nov 2021
Deceit is
Woke made clickbait.
A punchline void of pugilism.
& vision ill-corrected.

Children so woke now;
Diaspora are sleepwalking,
Suffering Sleeplessness;
An insipid insomnia;
Waking others to death.

Eyes wide-open (fili-fili)
Hoodwinked in a depth of light;
Dark angel glory.
Malignant mult-I-media.

© Qwey.ku

30th November MMXXI

አሁን በኢትዮጵያ አቆጣጠር

26 Kislev 5782
It’s an insipid insomnia that wakes others to death.
Maloi Oct 2021
The world is spinning so do I
It is just a beer with peers
But I feel great once in a while
No mindless thoughts
And a sudden woke
It is just me and my ode
A quick writing of me while between drunk and sober at the same time
GaryFairy Sep 2021
why do wolfpacks attack and reject other wolves?


he was wearing a wire - bahahaha crowd roars
he was an arab - crowd roars
he was a black wolf - crowd enjoys
he was a white wolf - crowd roars
he was a jew wolf - crowd enjoys
he was a catholic - crowd enjoys
he was a christian - crowd stunned
he was a republican - crowd stirs
he was a liberal - crowd riot

the comedian was killed by a crowd of people later that night, including a mexican and black man. 100 people are in jail awaiting charges. some charges may be dropped due to we suspect that someone was least one
hey i'm no comedian but comedians aren't poets...i love me some comedy though
Francie Lynch Jun 2021
I am woke,
Yet living in a nightmare
Of prejudice.
xavier thomas Apr 2021
Pray to bed
Protect your crown
Cause nightmare crawlers
Coming to ware you out

So brothers & sisters
Begin to stand
One solution
Keep faith, Amen

Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
xavier thomas Apr 2021
He’ll curse your name
And waste your time
Cut short-term deals
False promise lies

He let his sinners
Take whatever they want
There’s a spiritual warfare
That’s about to start

Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
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