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Racheal Sep 14
Started by teasing me waking me up three times a night to tell me how imperfect i am,to tell me that even sleep could not stand having me for so long without a break.

Drink hot water,hot milk your stressed they said but deep down i knew it was the demon of my imperfections waking up and tormenting me.

instead of praying before i go to sleep i prayed before i stayed awake.
My Insomnia,now my closet friend by default.

Am taking peels to sleep,praying that they do not damage my brain but hoping that this demon only remains mine and suddenly i cant breath but am awake i now know the difference betwwen being alive and being awake.

So i have learnt to love this my Insomnia with the hope that the pills it brings as gifts do not damage my brain more than they have  damaged my body,This MY INSOMNIA
What if stars were
Giants so large we couldn't see them walking
And voices so loud we can't even hear them talking
Beings so high we only see them spin
Yet we only find the truth within
Breathing in the spectrum while waves pulsate in tempo
To the patterns heaven plays with the weather and its reflection
I could contemplate the motion of the sky
But it wouldn't take the ache away that wakes the soul inside
A moment in desire will wake the egos fire
And the way this system was designed if we temper we’ll burn higher
I try to Stay away from gains that make us consumed by currency
Because it only makes everything feel like a sudden sense of urgency
May a Blade be sharpened by the still and patient warrior
Complacent expectations makes the act laborious
So practice makes perfect, its been said a thousand times
Yet somehow we only remember after opportunities arise
You can say you know
Have you felt it in your bones?
That pure electric feeling coming from experience alone
Step back and observe the trails walked before you
Maybe the path you seek has already been laid out for you
Or maybe it was never there, no steps to see no sea to fare
Perhaps your destiny is to create it and bear the duty to share
bk Aug 8
This morning
I woke up,
looked down at my pillow,
and hoped that my dreams would drip out.

They didn't
and now you are stuck in my dream
that I will never see again.

Sara Kellie Jul 21
Blessed are the fools
who remember read ink.
Fooled are the blessed
who critically think.

Planejane2 Jun 11
Good morning handsome

Good morning handsome

Good morning handsome
As you tell me good morning beautiful at 5:30 everyday.

I was having a good dream but you awoke me with the birds and the bees.
I wake up and prayed as I was trying to establish a daily routine.

Pray, bathroom, gratitude, read, hygiene...
but I still wanna go to sleep because I stayed up til 5 am and you asked me did I wanna stay a lol longer and I said yes.

I love you soooo much,
But I should’ve chose what was best
For me.

I love you so much but
I can’t pour into your 10 cups
You gotta get on your own two knees.

I was broken before
RhTs, that’s why I poured.
But I have a cousin who randomly called me out the blue last night and said I am not the one who can save him.

Those crown royal shackle chains  
He have to break fun from.
I know you run fast
So do it as quickly and fast as you can.

I can drop all the hints in the world
But it still doesn’t matter if you’re not the one to ask me to be your girl.

It doesn’t matter if you are not the one to acknowledge it and surrender
Because one thing I’ve noticed on this self love journey is that you HAVE to be whole for oneself, yourself.

You can’t depend on anybody else
Just like somebody to help you go, got to sleep or help you wake up.

You are a spoiled brat lol
It’s okay lil pup.

I can’t wait for the day that we get to talk about and share each other’s buzzard, buzzard, bizarre ways
But we understand because all along we were always having distant memories.

You don’t know what the hell you like,
Well try this show called Black Mirror.
I know, it’s kinda hard to look at yourself
But if you look on the shelf. Tell me what episode stands out to you.  Hopefully it means so much as it means to me for you. (Revise)

You asked me what my goals, inspiration, muse is....

It’s to be an educator. A facilitator, to get you the help you need.

I’m not good at ending poems and I wanna say I love you, but I think sincerely planejane2 will do.
Sara Kellie Jun 8
Take the pieces that remain,
I'm leaving them to you.
Use them wisely,
learn the game.
You're now on level two.

You cannot change
what others do.
So what will be, will be.
Remember this.
It won't be long.
You're now on level three.

No need for riches,
don't care you're poor.
Quit the race,
you need no more.
You're now on level four.

Organically dying,
body is old.
Your spirit is flying,
you feel alive.
You're now on level five.
Will we meet again?
When you get to level 10
Osiria Melody May 14
Toss and turn in bed like laundry undone
My washing machine mind runs and my
energy dries up
Exhausted from being awake for too long,

I toss and turn to begin another cycle
I rinse the pain away from my body thru
successive stretches
A calisthenic conversation with myself

Lying in my bed of thoughts, each one is
a piece of emotion clothing, unravelled
I detect the fibers of morning breath and
reluctantly tumble out of bed
With a sigh, I walk to the bathroom to
brush my teeth, just another day

This toothpaste bottle is like detergent to
rid of my morning breath
And as I wash my face, I wash away the
morning grumps, which drain to my sink
My reflection greets me as I realize that
my image is an outfit seamed together

Since I look a little better, I don't feel like
the laundry undone when I first woke up

I woke up earlier than usual today.
Life has seemed just like a dream to me It took the loss of my wife to wake me up to
reality that I had hidden from
all my life I lived a life of fantasise
Before my wife I had lived the life of a loner just spent my time In dreams of a yesterday and What things might have been
I thought
never have a relationship or
to fall In love never looked likely to be, considering my life you see that of a loner I had left home town
where I was
after two years of leaving
one day decidin to return home It was to there I met my wife to be my true to be Helen I knew my travel days were done time
to settle
After many years traveling deciding to return home to the place where I was born that where I met my wife to be
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