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Life's comical creations,
No lack of variation,
People destined to be ******,
Falling with no where to land,

People blessed with ignorance,
No pleas for indifference,
Only bliss and fantasy,
In a world of agony...
I wrote this because in my eyes, it seems the only way to be happy is to be ignorant and unknowing of the world around you
The ghost drank a coke
(William Carlos Williams dope).
Kitchensinclusivity invisibly
fills not w/ blue or red alone.

The corpse drove a Porsche.
(lushi from the gorge).
In the beginning, hy-
drothermal vents aWOKE!

The billionaire'll be a memory
faster than his lucite feretory,
when we Kitchensink Invincibles
WOKEr than wokeisme overflow!
Erika Aug 4
it is nearly midnight

and I see her

in all of her elegance

dancing through the trees,

calling me to her.

she radiates,

glows with a light so pure

so ethereal

I almost weep

for what did I do

to deserve the treasure

that is

the moon
I was outside earlier, and I swear the moon was a little brighter. It caused my imagination to run wild, but I’m satisfied with the result.
Dave Jul 23
Addictions are like
Comfy jail cells
With games, food
and everything necessary.
You find no reason
To get out of it
Even with it's doors wide open
So you just sit right there
Until time runs out and it's doors Are shut permanently.
Moving Mountains Long, No Wrong
Through the Death Valley, Storms of Sands
Through the Death Valley, Shadows of Death
Through the Death Valley, Songs of Trouble

Moving Mountains Long, No Right
Through the Death Valley, Fighting Temptation
Through the Death Valley, A suicidal trip
Through the Death Valley, Fear till Conquered

Moving Mountains Long, No More Tears
Through the Death Valley, Breaking Bricks
Through the Death Valley, Plastering Staff
Through the Death Valley, Obligation of Stomp

Moving Mountains Long, No More Bruises
Through the Death Valley, Scared for Life
Through the Death Valley, Dagger for Vice
Through the Death Valley, Feast for Rice

Bands in Width, Distractions in Length
Lands of Fire, In the Hands of the Broken Waters
Fear of Heights, Bravery of Fights
A Beast's Demise, No Savoury in My Steak

Season Transition, Flu's & Coughs
Summer, Sunny & Lazy, yet Energetic
Winter, Grey & Cold, how sad
Autumn & Spring, so neutral tempo, Silly as Boom Bap, they Claim
Chilly as Cold, Hot as Chilli
Silly as Bold, Bold as Wil-LY
Filled, yet ******
empty, yet tasty.

Creepy as Smart, Crazy as Lazy
I'm Insane, the QUESTION is,
are you?
The pain and sorrow we all go though is the Emotion,the physical is just a Minor, like pleasure.
The Major deal is, do you have soul for the path you choose to walk?
Lu Wilson Jun 18
Have I been asleep in a dream full of toil?
Laboring to grow, trudging, but never watering the soil

Years spent clawing and grasping at straws
Never really growing, never really fighting while authority broke laws

So absorbed with existence and future opportunity
Never stopping to think about my earthly community

People are suffocating and dying and with every breath I wonder
How many more lives need to be lost, left squandered in the gutter?

As I watch the images all around me of lives yearning to be free
How is there still this much sorrow and still so many in need?

Looking back maybe it was not sleep, but rather twilight
Consumed with rest and survival, never understanding other’s bigger fight

Just being complacent now after all this rage seems like a sin
There is no going back, there is no rest, but where do I begin

In twilight the stories felt far like bad dreams, but in the end not my own
As bad as life was, my heartache and suffering was still from a throne

As I fully wake I pray the world repents away the shame
With so much hate around us that every dead soul has no name

As this twilight fades may I have a voice for those with none
May the clueless open their eyes compelled to save every mother’s son

As I awaken my spirit to see the pain and injustice
Will those lost souls continue to be hate’s accomplice?

As I hear the masses call out beckoning for equality
May the world hear the audible heartbeat of humanity

The slumber is over and the twilight retired
Leaving only room for justice, love and hope’s burning fire

May we lift each beautiful soul up in glory wrapping their ancestors in light
As statues fall and voices are lifted for justice there can be no sleep not even twilight
I can't sleep. I lay in twilight devastated for my brothers and sisters of the world that fight daily for equality and while I was fighting for my own survival I never realized that there was so much more I could have been doing to learn, grow and stand up for justice.
Where your thoughts flow is where fear lies.
What you see are objects of destruction,
Tools to destroy, tools to build.
How you see these objects,
Is why you deceive your truth.

Where your mind thinks, controls blood circulation.
What you feel is what you see, Truth.
How that flows keeps you alive,
Cleaning your blood is why you survive.

Where the world is, oil is, burning, or blinding.
Moist is what the deception tells you,
Truth is how actions express itself,
Independence is why you need to hear what lies.
Independence is why you need to listen what the Eye sees, The Brutal Truth.
Stay woke Sister.
Saudia R May 12
I don't know when I started to realize the hurt

The real reason why this feels like fingers pressed against glass


So fragile this barrier dividing us
with the answers so clear

And still

as if connection never existed
we live as strangers within ourselves

and with each other

Until there comes a day

where you finally realize
the glass is a mirror

And that
the anger
the resentment
the hurt

you thought you were seeing through

you were actually seeing reflected back

That's the day you wake up
covid -19
a killer unseen, without uttering a threat
it has the world pulling at every nerve, it has them down on their knees.
It has people creating songs about going crazy in quarantine
While Trump is really going crazy,
he cant throw money at it
for someone like him, this is unseen,
now his true colours shows
his fake, while the world bleeds
he is still trying to save his stake.
he has ample, yet he still pulls at every last cent.

If you cant see this, he must have stolen your eyes
he keeps it with all his supporters minds,
it's in his refridgerator, he keeps it on ice.
locked in a safe
now they all mindless, so they play by his rules
yet he control the outcome of dice.
he dont care about the human race
you can clearly see it on his unsympathetic face.

Why dint he react in haste,
maybe his just slow?
He is worth 8 billoin dollers, i really dont think thats the case
he cares more about the economy,and  losing face
he knows if the US economy drops
at the table in the whitehouse, he has to set china a plate.
give them the morning paper run their bath
and under his breath, he would have to quietly hate.

He would rather let the world burn,

They miscalculated this whole situation
they thought they were unleashing an attack
they forgot to disable the homing pigeon
it did a 180, knocked at their door, politely disclaimed Hi , I'm back.
Talking about money he has to track, that they paid to create this monster
is it just me or has the whole world been smoking crack.
we glossed over that, i get it  
He can even in song confess, our hands will still be tied
money is power, an intoxicating lust
the jury has already been bought, the justice system unjust.
truths are not pretty, neither is the world
so the darker truths we have to highlight
this whole situation, it's like im living in the zone of twilight
my mind cant compute, it doesnt feel right, what nex, t get abducted at night, now aliens can be real, parralel universes
truth shivering in fright this unholy night.
Saudia R Apr 29
Some days

I feel the wind

a little too well
The saying, you can feel it on the wind, takes on a deeper meaning when you know.
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