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Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
Memories of you slowly consuming my idle mind.

I can still feel your healing touch
The taste of your hungered kiss
The voice of your pretty lies
My heart starts to shed uncontrolled tears
For you, It cries.

I miss you still
Like a flower misses the desert rain
Yearning for your loving embrace
Craving words of solace
To rid me of this numbing pain.

Reels of images of your beauty timeless and vivid
It's violating my fragile soul
Reaching out to only a figment of you
A chunk of my heart you snatched
I feel I'm eternally falling
Into the abyss of an endless hole.

I no longer feel whole
You broke every part of me
This love that left me hating
Not even satin will condone.
When the pain turns to hate
Your heart has all but lost its shape
Tears are your solace
No matter how hard you try
This sorrow cloaks you
There is no escape.
they put money beside hearts
they found that it hard to be stolen
they found it hard to move  or run
fear of making it fallen
they put money at their backs
the thief likes that
the women put at handbag
motorcycle raps that
they put money on small wallet
the thief found it in his hand
the visa is found
money means happy for people
Paul Cochrane Feb 2017
The green handbag,
Clutched close,
Constant companion,
Matching clothes?
Not always.
Where did you go today?
The green handbag,
Loose change,

And pension book.
Made up?
Take a look!

Where did you go today?

The green handbag,
Memory sac of
Nooks and crannies,
Papa, Grandkids,

Aunts and Grannies.
Where did you go today?

The green handbag,
Held to heart,

Perched on knees,

A medicine chest,

With pain to ease.
Where did you go today?
The green handbag,
Where did you go today?
Pointless question, Usual answer.

As ever ­ ‘Up the Toon!’

Too soon,
Not today.

The green handbag,

Not clutched,

Nor held,

But at the foot of your bed,
A reminder of hope,
Where did you go?

The Green Handbag,
Sits at my Dad’s feet.
A monument to love,
In fading verdigris.
The green handbag was my mother's constant companion in the last years of her life.
My mind is Marry Poppin's handbag
I'm open for anything
Being open minded is more important  than ever
It's one of the contributing factors of happiness
It's one of the rules into feeling whole again

— The End —