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Steve Page Dec 2021
I've started.

I'm building.
I'm developing.
I'm giving.
I'm discovering.

They'll be secrets inside,
- plenty that I haven't envisaged,
that goes without saying.

I've started.
I'm discovering.
And that's enough.
AA May 2021
You came to stay
from the very first day

And I let you in
Cause with you, I felt peace within

You bring me happiness
when I am buried in sadness

you can make me smile anytime
as if i've made lemonade of life's lime

But my goals you inhibit
Cause you make me addicted

And I'll fight, fight and resist
to let myself taste a little bit

But once again I fail
another one you win

A process I thought I was gonna nail
but this feeling of a sin
is just going up the scale

The perfect mix of good and bad
Is litterally the best thing I've ever had

In this zone, with just you and me
I hope that none else will see

How many tablespoons I ate

Of the most delicious chocolate spread
Funny, dramatic, relateable poem.
Wanna be free
Do my own thing
On my own time
No worries
No stress
Things running smoothly as they should be
Dont need the unnecessary anything
Do one thing at a time
Still doesnt work out
I'm trying to do something for myself
Have something going for myself
Instead I get pushed back..
Step 1
How is a person supposed to keep fighting like this?
Yea the same old saying..
But what else is new though?
What else you got for me?
Positivity can only bring but so much joy
Just wanna strive and achieve
Only works but so much
Block out any and every feeling that's there
Doing any and everything to make it seem like I'm ok
To put my mind somewhere else
Then it hits you
Now you dont wanna do anything
But sleep
Cry away the pain
Pain clouding
Just a simple
Easy way to think you're out
Lunar Feb 2021
Red: Why did I forget what inequality tastes like. Why did I think forgiveness was easy. Selflessness isn't a gift it's a curse.

Orange: Annoying. Why did I force myself to change to fit in. Why didn't I stand up then.

Yellow: You are unfamiliar. You are warm but warmth is something that makes me uncomfortable. Its the calm before the storm to me

Green: IDK. I don't use you but I know your importance. You probably the cement I cant see.

Blue: Deep. I can get lost in it if I want to. Scary because I don't think ill find the surface or want to if I get in

Indigo: Magic. My imaginary sky, a word I belong to; a world for me

Violet: Smell. It's nostalgic, almost like a drug. Gives me a high I never knew I could get

Black: My comfort. The one thing that is familiar. My zone, my demons, my creation...

They fall so deep,
Never to be seen.
The darkest depths where they hide,
No one can never seem to find.
In the shallow where they burn,
Never wanting to return.
With hopes of being their forever,
Being afraid to come out whenever.
It might be filled with wonders,
But still stuck due to standards.
To others they don't seem to matter.
If spoken might leave heart shattered.
Preventing itself from hurt.
There they'll remain as lost words.
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
someone said to me that
depression is like drowning
but never being able to die.

I used to relate to that.

now, I think that
maybe I've adapted
and grown invisible gills.

I haven't been able to swim
back up to the surface,

but now I'm not sure
if I even want to.

air feels foreign
and uncomfortable.

it's easier now
to breathe underwater.
Marietta Ginete Mar 2020
Lately, I’ve found myself singing.
The songs coincidentally correlate to you.
Lately, I’ve found myself writing.
All the things I could not state to you.
i’ve been reviving my old hobbies
Farheen Khan Mar 2020
And here I'm writing things
Some are those which describes me
Some that I wish I could be
But the only thing I want to write here
Are words which you require the most
Should I tell you how broken I'm
Or should I just describe how bad I'm with everything
So you could atleast relate to something on this world
To just tell you that you're not alone
Or maybe I could write the ways I'm trying to heal
Anything you want
Anything that can i help with !!!
To all the people who need help if you want someone to talk to I'm here ❤️I may not be a therapist but I will listen to you
Poetic T Mar 2020
Walking on your every breath,
          can I taste you upon I...

On the promenade of your
          It's a long walk,
but I take every step slowly.

As I'm the only one here  
                               listening to
                     what you say to I.

                      I've spoken to you,
but its like my breath is a ghost
of falseness,
and you either
               don't want to see or ignore I.

How can it be that I wonder
        upon you,
yet I'm not worth the stride to see
           what my words mean to I.
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