after all Jesus and rock and roll
  couldn't save my immoral soul
  well I've got nothing left to lose

misty Aug 1

do not trust, the people who broadcast they know how it feels
empathy it may seem, is all they're trying to appeal - it is all for show

but do it now, and do it fast ! don't look back on another lie!
let me tell you now
empathy is not pretending to know what it feels like.

empathy is giving their heart to you, acknowledging how death constricts your source of life.
empathy is concerned eyes, without understanding our strife.

misty Jul 24

poetry is not just a rhyme

it is the singing of a song
competing against time

it is touching people's hearts
with no right way to start

it is losing yourself in words
letting yourself be heard

poetry is not just a couple words

IT IS a feeling, masked in tones and forms
chorusing of a place, where we belong
and thus from there, the readers know our song!

Ace Sargent Mar 8

Scared minds write the loudest and speak the least
they shut bloodshot eyes when the pen hits ink

thoughts from the poets with anxiety
George Krokos Feb 19

At times I happen to wonder what it would be like to wake up dead
and if in fact anyone could really wake up at all from such a dread.
Although there have been cases related by people of coming back
after being diagnosed physically or medically of losing life's track.
In particular those who recall going through a kind of light tunnel
or seeing certain things that resemble looking into a bright funnel.

It seems quite reasonable now therefore to assume an afterlife may exist
and that some people have been given a rare opportunity to say or insist
about what they have experienced on the other side of their earthly life
regardless of who they might be and what strange conditions were rife,
when they had that encounter with their own personal angel of death
and were for a while seen lying motionless somewhere without breath.

Out of our dream life we may also have similar experiences to relate
though it's often difficult to recall them or find the right words to state
about what one has been through or even seen after any such time
let alone have the desire or ambition to write it all down in a rhyme.
For some people it may turn out to be a shame or some kind of regret
if they just brush it aside, don't reflect on it and then try hard to forget.

Written in 2016.

Well here we are .
Side by side ..
like super villains In the night ..
no matter what anyone says .. you are my super hero .
they can't stand to see our powers defeat them all .
when they call ..
we don't answer because we are so busy intertwining our two worlds ..
You are my night and shining armor ..
no matter what shape of ogre your face turns when they look at you ..
Here we are .
and you squeeze my hand tight enough to see if I let go when it hurts me too bad ..
and I don't .
because even when it hurts , and the going gets tough  , that mirror on the wall keeps mirroring to you like it knows we are one ..
mirror mirror , deep in the shadows .
to the fairest of the forest
who do we turn to
When it's this world is at its coldest ...
" my sweet child you , have you not yet to see .. the soul that you are seeking , is right next to thee , beware of the tricks and trades . for I'm sure that he knows to , the shadows of the forest will always try you .. but you are the fairest of them all , and will hold down every crown . you are placed on the ledge , just to look down . We remember you at your low , we helped you get through the cries at night . The darkness that you hide , the demons that you fight . We've sent you someone , who can relate just a bit . So when you crawl into the darkness .. he'll come with . and pull you out . . . Piece by piece . Yes , my sweet child like super villains in the night .. we've sent you someone who will always fight to be by your side ."

Aly Nov 2016

Never ending stories come out of my mouth
Yet never what I really feel.
Surprising surges of happiness overcome my being
Then endless rivers flow from my eyes.
Love is what I give away to everyone around me
Acceptance is what I wish to gain back.

All the smiles and laughs surface from my skin
When deep inside an unshaken fear haunts me
My hands a comforting touch to other people
They only claw at myself when I’m alone
Spreading positivity is what I pride myself in
Bottling up all the fear and insecurity is what I am good at.

A Poem I made the day before I got Diagnosed with Clinic Depression
Lauren Leal Apr 2016

It's the darkest of words we are most related to.

When it's clear that only the negatives in life seem to have more connections with people than the positives.

you want me to write
about happy things,
but i like to write
dark things.
You tell me you favor the happy ones,
but do you not like the dark ones
because they are true?
Because they come so close to reality?
Do you feel what I feel?
Have you dealt with the things I have?
I wish you could tell me.
But people live in silence
and that is just simply
how the world works.

NeroameeAlucard Mar 2016

Dear Boomers
Our generation isn't entitled, or lazy
So take off those rose colored nostalgia glasses if you think I sound crazy
You dealt us this hand, not The WW2 babies or even before them
You dealt this to us and we're trying to do better, even though our hope seems slim

The fact is only profit concerned you, not the future children that would populate this earth
Now we have poison in the air, melting Ice caps, an economy that doesn't work for us, and knowing this physically hurts.
You could've spoken up and said "Wait, what will our children have to deal with? "
But you chose to get ahead by any means necessary.
And you call us entitled and spoiled because we don't think unbridled greed and crushing everyone in our path is hereditary.

So to the baby boom generation, you lit this fuse on the earth, and we're trying to put it out.
You can scoff, and say we're lazy, we should just go out and get construction jobs that aren't here, and you can try to break us down with doubt
But a storm of changes is coming, and I can guarantee you will be caught in the tide.
So laugh all you want, because into a better future is where I aim to ride

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