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4d · 18
Midnight Spiral
Raging fever murky rivers clouds my inner thoughts.
Fogged forever by lovers lies who's kisses taste of loss
Past midnight my mind sinks to shallow depths of remorse
Guilt ridden rippled through tortured time in discord
Wretched rain rips through hope tainted with tears as it pours
Broken dreams with silent screams
crashes as it falls
Memoire's soiled in reverie my memories curtain calls
Lost within the silent night living through every flaw
Mar 28 · 22
In your Eyes
Faizel Farzee Mar 28
I'm mystified by your alluring mystique
Mysterious & mischievous motif
Allurance that's magnetically deep
Intrigued because you intrigue
At times time get lost in Déjà vu, it sleeps
Leaps, my heart jump every time you speak
Eloquent in elegance a elegant feat
Featured features fearless & elite
A walking dream poetry supreme
Treat with a candied heartbeat
A beat that's upbeat & sugary sweet
Leave, I will lay down in defeat
Invite the reaper, get my soul reaped
You the air I need to breathe
Undying love daily to you I bequeath
Uncaged winged words have me soaring free
You gave me the belief to believe I'm more than negativity
Negative thoughts boxed and caged within my minds disease
With you I leave the key, knowing you will never leave me to bleed
Never leave me wounded bleeding, in your eyes guaranteed
Mar 20 · 51
Faizel Farzee Mar 20
Walking unseen stalker eye see the darker side of this a grey life in shatters
Our minds engaged and battered
Corporations selling their addictive drugs legally for profit
Sell the antidote to the same addicts they create, how is this legit? We should be disgusted
Governments hands are tied as they just walking  puppets
Control by the lawmakers and breakers it's truly tragic
The world lost it, we conquered by being devided and split
They get away with ******, police unfit designed to keep the masses confined to a system only they permit
The system is rigged, we already in cages, it's easier not to admit
I wish I could ignore the squeeze it's choking, Boa, it's starting to constrict
Making it harder to breathe when all I can see the constant pain they inflict
This world is past sick, they profit off lives and tears ******* us dry like ticks
While capturing our focus on a screens with *******, off we get picked
Prescribed addictive drugs on false positives so money they can extract
In fact, we are cash cows caught in a stacked net, we can't escape or fight back
The only time it ends when they bled us dry and let us go to wait for death
While they live large until their dying breath
Our morals gone, we have nothing left.
Mar 15 · 158
Eyes wide shut
Faizel Farzee Mar 15
Life has been cruel to me, it couldn't get through to me
Continually calling my name calling constantly out to me, what does it want from me, what does it want from me
I'm living by my rules, It's making it hard to breathe for me
Leave me alone, let me break free from this mortuary.
Freedom an illusion forged by forgery, embedded in history
Forget me, I don't want conform to be part of this chaos and greed
The cancer of sceptic filth deep in to our society seeped.
It reeks, the stench of decay of innocent  souls reaped, horrendously embedded in the earth deep
When it's quiet and earth survived it's days riot, if you listen closely she sadly weeps
There will never be peace, segregation the key.
Split a world with hate, through a little screen.
Robbing our life while we complacent and they unseen
Feb 26 · 317
Faizel Farzee Feb 26
It was a sunny day, your smile on my mind I was on my way
Ring in my hand today is the day
Always felt this way, from the moment our lips touched It was meant to be
From the moment our souls touched I was meant to stay
Both envision it see, the moment our love touched we were meant to break free
Together forever on a oceanic breeze, exploring the wonder our love evergreen
A heavenly scene, I see paradise in your eyes,  our river of passion runs infinite deep.
Skin real silken soft like satin when we embrace and feel
Every instant our tongues collide it's living a dream
Heaven I'm seeing, perfection I'm living, infinite giving as to nirvana I'm driven
Your voice equivalent to angels singing, If loving you make me a sinner, every second I'll be sinning
Our red line of fate not cotton a ribbon
Cinders in our hearts fire it's omitting
Sizzling and spitting imprinting our love on one another as we kissing
This the day I willingly give in to thanks, you my thanks-giving
My only wish granted, Gods present
Feb 16 · 57
Love scars
Faizel Farzee Feb 16
It was a day in November, that sad journey a walk to remember
Through tear stained eyes, worst day of my life if I measured
You were priceless, flowing river of a lost kings treasure
Immeasurable, you made me want to be better
In this world of pain , you are my only pleasure
Through storms we weathered, separable never

Your deceit, left me feverish, running a fever
Withdrawal from your love left my heart with a seizure
Broken a bleeder, bleeding for your love I crave every instant

My attempt to put up resistance futile as you I could never resist
Even though we distant I still crave your essence
I know you not here but I still feel your presence
In Perfect memories we still together under pretense

Our love that's now severed
Bleeds from the seams death where it's headed
Our red thread of fate beheaded
Our love lust dejected like it was your initial endeavor


The black scar on my heart, how you will always be remembered
played with my heart, I hope my saddened tears you savored
Wolf in sheep clothing, you were never my shepherd

I break free from terror
I will no longer be tethered

I will love you forever
Jan 13 · 47
Acid tears
Faizel Farzee Jan 13
the  feeling of Loving you
Have me choking from a hanging noose
I feel scarred and misused
I feel battered and bruised
**** gots me shattered and con-fused

say that I'm to blame
calling me insane
you planting seeds of ourage
without showing any restraint
yet all you left me with is this pain

your love left me drained
It's my living nightmare
this mirage I had to maintain
ya my constant headache
my living talking migraine

tonight I'm breaking free of these chains
My conscious light as a feather  
regret have you enchained
painlessly the weight shifted
As if my wills lifted by a crane
This relationshit's over
go drown in your tears acid rain
Dec 2020 · 162
Deleted Sorrows
Faizel Farzee Dec 2020
This letter I write to you, with my heart turned to stone
Empty this cave of sorrow, without your guiding light
This empty dark abyss, no longer feels like a home
Your voicemail on repeat, craving your voice
Bereft of choice, I scream at my phone

I love you! You the air that I breathe
Your name sweetened my life
Now a suffocating vice ,  I choke when I speak
Our love severed, by our bond it bleeds
From the broken promises it seeps
Cuts left wounds deep, left defeated and weak
Trying to remove the knife you stabbed me with
Tears me to tears when I feel

I thought our love was unique

You lifted the veil from my eyes
Happiness I no longer see
Replacing your love with hate
So I can finally be set free

This final letter, the beginning of peace
Breathe, I wipe my saddened tears
Erased from my scars, as I click delete
pain the cause of tears to rain
Dec 2020 · 64
Faizel Farzee Dec 2020
People say they lost in the dark
What a absurd fable
dark is the absence of light
Just light a candle

The only constant is change
Change is the only constant
What about death
The human caution

Reality is distorted
what we emotionally feel
paints the portrait
What you recall
could be wrongly recorded

Does this add to misunderstanding
Is it  life being too demanding
Rise above, be upstanding
Don't fly off the wheel
Without understanding

I called on him a few times
During low and highs
He does not reply
Does it mean he don't exist
Or severed my contact line
Left with no answers
I rely on my unanswered mind

This become confusing
causes confusion
when you left computing
racism, wars & intolerance
leaves you assuming
the flat earth no mask wearing
Dec 2020 · 101
Lying Truths
Faizel Farzee Dec 2020
I stand on a frozen lakes ledge, staring Into the cold eyes of darkness
It whispers it loves me, while clutching my bleeding heart
Daggers through my frailty, tearing our paradise apart
Our love use to harmonize
Promises you made, a masquerade of truths
Our fairytale, storybook lies.

Your honied kisses sweetened my dreams
In nightmares now your name I scream
In our world, you were made my queen
What stands before me in tears
A lying angel, a crying fiend.

You wont see me cry
I hide my tears in the downpour
You were suppose to be my savior
All you are is a lie

You the schism that split me
You caused this divide
Bitter tonight my lullaby
On my knees, I say good bye.
Dec 2020 · 124
Faizel Farzee Dec 2020
I get lost on your curvaceous silhouette
Whispered calls to my heart on the backdrop of a starry night sky.
A galaxy of awaiting wonder

A journey I willingly venture on.
Swim in your sweet essence, sip on the nectar of your intoxicating love.
Your flowing hair red as mars, cascading as the milky way

Your eyes where my paradise lies, brighter than the brightest stars.
Radiating beauty, it lights even the darkest hour of my life.

You are my earthly Angel, even the heavens adorned our union.

Our growing love like the universe ever expanding.
Together hand in hand, with locked lips ascend beyond time.
Dec 2020 · 85
Lonely Christmas
Faizel Farzee Dec 2020
Death calls silently from the distant abyss
Angelic voice of freedom sincere
This ailing body my minds prisoner
Living longer a constant fear

Songs of jolly laced the night
Thought of regret my only sight
Longing for end my companion
Longing for a loving touch my plight

They sing of joy, happiness and giving
Yet they forget their neighbors, family and living
Laughter sounds like blades singing
How loves embrace I'm wishing

With every drawn breath
I feel I'm cheating death.
I see beauty in nothingness.
Arms openly waiting to be fetched.
The world I detest, steals your youth.
Then send you lonely to rest.

This mirrored image staring back at me
I don't know who she is.
Loneliness the title of her memoirs  
I don't recognize the scars.

The world a limitless ocean of chaos
Yet, we joyful willing to drown.
Sing the halls of nights so lonely
This my only Christmas song
For a sad Christmas comp
Dec 2020 · 97
Shattered Dreams
Faizel Farzee Dec 2020
As earth, sea and sky love and hate you and me! All simultaneous, all wanting needing craving screaming bleeding, for one piece or moment of lost time. Dragging. grabbing and pulling, spitting and calling, this complete chaos,  only a faction of my aching life.

No! This is chaos, this impulse that drives our inner thoughts and feeling to constant self-destruction. This morphing unstoppable force, my driven path in life.
The mirror holding my blue print to a better life had shattered it seems.
Spending more time seeking to find these fruitless shards, a constant search which I fear will never end. Like lost ships at night with not an ounce of light lost at sea. Eternally searching...

How do you rebuild chaos? Do you string all pieces, so it hangs from the fabric of time like art unmovable?
Its would still be shattered, though unmovable. This bolder of despair blocking my journey to tasteful freedom. A journey to a higher conscious. How do one that has been battered and bruised, knocked and kicked find the strength to move the unmovable.
How? Do one that has been brought to their knees, by the normality of a given life find the strength to move. When constantly they carried the weight of an ever expanding universe on their defeated shoulders.

This my ever constant battle, to reassemble the broken shards of a universe disrupted.
for a completion disruptive art prompt
Dec 2020 · 73
Edge of Darkness
Faizel Farzee Dec 2020
I stand on the edge of darkness
forked road my eternal divide
Being fed nothing but hatred
How would good grow inside

I stand on the edge of darkness
cold frozen my aching heart
the light within slowly fading
As they slowly feed the dark

I stand on the edge of darkness
prayer voiceless within despair
Never once felt a warm embrace
Not once did anyone say they cared

I stand one the edge of darkness
Shouting screaming is anyone there
Only silence returns with its answer
Feelings of joy caught ensnared

I got lost within the darkness,
all I was fed was hate
Do you even have a choice, If love was taken away
So does the battle within exist, or is written by the fates
The two wolves within, writing prompt
Dec 2020 · 177
March of Destruction
Faizel Farzee Dec 2020
Caught between a dream and nightmare
Stabbing mind pains this is not fair
Sleep awake living or dead
Stuck in a place called nowhere
Is this life even real, should I even question to care

Do I take a chance, dream beyond the skies
A world with the absence of light
dark with vision impaired
Infested with lies & legal crimes
Can we really live life to the fullest
When we already ensnared?

These are the questions, infesting my dreams at night
When voiceless earths screaming
Still putting up a fight
We destroy everything, just look at our historical might
Building towards exstiction
To destroy our nature, it cannot be helped.
We march valiently like lemmings to death
Dec 2020 · 93
Words of wisdom
Faizel Farzee Dec 2020
How dark the world as night still approaches, I look at graves
our morals we ghosted.
Left infested infesting our spirits, digesting our light in decay its invested.
Are we wicked? Or Bested?
By the trickery of the world molested. A feathered pillow lie our heads we rested.
Standing on the precipice of breeding pessimists born into a age of information yet still ignorant.
Oppressively with kids needing therapist.
To cope in a world of divided ugliness
This where the drug reaches, grabs hold until you defeated beaten broken to pieces, Leaves
Alone, lonesome no one knows loneliness as it knows you.
This a lying truth obscured by the lies in truth with the untruth that it brings. Lies without wings, a melody of deceit.
Thoughts butcherer till our ends we meet.
This the sad reality, life our chauffeur while we strapped to the passenger seat.
All we truly have, are  our own beliefs and that beating vessel in our chest. A pulsating heartbeat
We just passangers on a journey
A wicked ride
We chase rollercoasters
When we on one all the time
That's for you to decide.
Dec 2020 · 70
Faizel Farzee Dec 2020
Raised on love, grew up in a **** storm
lullaby at night, the sound of a gun call
Always had the fight within, not falling tis form of mentality
Future seemed a bleak
mentally not giving into criminality
I was a ninja personified dodged the debris
They design to distort reality
Their scope on ones that lose hope don't cope
Feed them to their criminal dynasty
Broken souls who's life has been beaten with brutality
smelled out the weak, broke them infected their mind
the beast always looking to destroy or feast

I had to fight my way out, never had a ounce of doubt
Hustled and jumped every hurdle put front of me
I don't mess a-bout, punch with the weight of not the ****
technical knockout
Ploughed through the *******, ****** life and pulled out
Not once did I lay down and cower, I reroute
All the negativity I ate
Then spewed out flowers
In essence you can say, broke out
Negativity I devoured
Now I run circles around square thoughts
A fresh Prince, running on sheer will-power
I'll defeat anything you throw at me, I've seen it all
Call me Dwight David Eisenhower.
if you able to get you flow. This is tight
Nov 2020 · 81
That's Rich
Faizel Farzee Nov 2020
Like the army corpses paying for caskets
While the rich gorge on gluttony
Wolf in sheep clothing
When they just fat little pigs
That's rich...
Sometimes I feel they had just switch off
the light in the world, like a light switch
Well that's rich!
So this world can be reborn
When the first light kisses a retiring night
A new aged dawned
With divide and ruling the ensuing chaos
Encaged in a fake freedom
Our thoughts caught in what's right and what's wrong, what they will say
Don't offend or joke or be or breathe
This the life we lead, conscious but struggling to breathe
You have to be what they want
Even if  you just want peace
Say without boundary or offending belief
We living on eggshells
While the world gnawed to its core slowly bleeds
Are we really free?
Or is this just a perception perceived?
There are lines in this world
If we cross them are we deceased or are we
Nov 2020 · 67
Faizel Farzee Nov 2020
No lives matter the minute you step out the door
prey to the world, imbedded in its core
imbedded in history, divide and conquer
This our motto, Ill Intentions obscure

This the truth of this world, there is no other options
We live in divided chaos, we breathing in toxins
Toxic  and choking on air, no one has any conscious
Lose and lose our option, Its starting to get obnoxious

this my synopsis
take precaution
don't just believe
be cautious
no lives matter
we already in boxes
this not assumptions
I see the world bleed
cut down to its emotions
In the end, we just oxen
lambs to the slaughter
sold to corporations
consumerism their auction

so let gets this straight
words not dry, don't need to hydrate
any choice we make a mistake
mind a contortion
grab as the clock run
there is no exceptions

the minute you leave the door, no lives matter
for me, no misconceptions
this the truth
they rule the world
the more money
the more influence
Nov 2020 · 110
Life's Journey
Faizel Farzee Nov 2020
Are we walking this life blindly
A plan with no direction
thoughts absent minded
Is there a purpose to all this
Questions denying answers
answered refusing questioning
At times we feel mindless

I'm losing faith
Tears prayerless
Our prayer faithless
We choking on oxygen
Our voices voiceless
Gasping to breathe
Our breath breathless

The hate in this world
It's overwhelming and tasteless
These culprits faceless
masters of masquerade
unmentionable and nameless.

Caskets of war a profit made shameless
Their blood money heartless
Rivers of saddened tears
To them wasted and fated
compared to riches, weightless

It's unfortunate
This the worlds bases
morals laces with shamelessness
2020 we still dealing with racists
Its like hate's contagious
we can combat it with love
Though even it seems hopeless

Put up our hands
we have to be courageous
inside ourselves we have greatness
together we not shapeless
If we march as one
this world can be painless

As I ink this lie
I realize the problem is imbedded in the ages
No one is rowing this boat
Navigation aimless
So we find faith somewhere
The light shines within us
Continue this unknown with grace
Movement Gracious.
Thoughts of a poet
Nov 2020 · 99
Lucid Whispers
Faizel Farzee Nov 2020
Running blindly
lungs start to scream
thoughts mindless
sorrow endless
Nightmarish dream.

Living this lucid reality
memories vivid visual 3D
Visions morphs beastly
Oceans coal a black sea
Cascading dark all I see
Choking on oxygen
gasping to breathe
Screaming in silence
My voice start to leave
fall to my knees
the dark inverts
It's all my eyes sees

Shaken, A rude awakening

Awake on a Horse
Followed by the ace of hearts
Arrows swoosh my head it past
I hear a voice in the background
yelling, ' give him back the tarts
It's the queen of tarts hearts
She will take off your head
paraded headless, call it face arts
encountered a army, came to a halt

As the axe touches my skin
awake in agony my neck attached
hands cant move, I start to overreact
If I must guess, buries in a casket
I cant move or scream, getting tired
***, it feels like I'm dying
buried alive, tears started crying
I feel my last breath dissipate
soul torn from my body
I envision it flying

Am I Dead?

I hear a familiar beeping
My name its calling
to my soul it's speaking
I get pulled back to unreality
I opened while shrieking
sweating overheating
was I awake or sleeping
Am I awake now?
Answers misleading

My soul still seeking
the only answer it gets
whispers from my demons
night rhymes
Oct 2020 · 105
Earths screaming Breath
Faizel Farzee Oct 2020
Morning dew glistens off the surface of waking flowers
The sun happily calling the sleepy earth to awake this hour
Early birds flutters in song as their day begins
Sounds of love and longing fills the melody they sing.

Moment of peace before chaos arise
Silence before hatred split the divide
Serenity before pigment of skin matters
Tranquility before the ignorant chatter

Some demons awake with no ill intent
Earth screams in agony in quiet torment
Chaos rains in smiles and greetings
Choking on air she struggles breathing

Tears in the moons eyes as it arise
Dreams in prayer sent to the skies
Oceans rage with angered despair
trapped unhurried demise ensnared

As the night go silent
I can hear her breathe
Change in the climate
Close to being deceased
she our sustenance for centuries
We pay her in treachery
We our biggest enemy.
Oct 2020 · 254
I still love you
Faizel Farzee Oct 2020
I  want you to know

They see life's hardship still in your eyes
l see your heart in its endless paradise
I see your smile still go on for miles

I'm sorry

Was your sacrifice now I feel part of a vice
We drifting unless another plan we devise
love is still there, its in the touch and the stares
Life got us stepping, hardship, invisible stairs
Faced it together kissing while making repairs
I cant believe where we are I know we still care
Invested our relationship is growing in shares

I promise

To tell you I love you daily
To love you forever sweetly
To cherish our love greatly
words the heart makes the pen cry.
Sep 2020 · 229
Faizel Farzee Sep 2020
I look upon the canvas cloaking earth in its entirety, yet its not tangible.
Our sustenance, to sustain life it's critical.

Its companion has the shade we seek on a warm day, lovers carve their union to a part of history, we insist on destroying the beautiful, replacing it with decay.

Why do we march so valiantly towards demise, when we have the ability for ourselves to get saved.

Why do we seek intelligence, but overlook a simple concept as tolerance, is this how we were made?

I believe we borne with a blank slate, pure and kind, it is the infested dark of this world that infests and overtake our mind. If you lucky enough not to be borne into it, during your journey, prey, you it will find.

Embedded in history, a dark slithering serpent has this world in a bind, it is called corporations, they enslaved human kind.
We enslaved to this life, we can never break free, freedom an illusion, conveyed through common strife, we caught in a web, steel to the throat, knife.
Sep 2020 · 899
Faizel Farzee Sep 2020
I love you, I love you too
Your hand caressed mine
With every winged kiss, my elevated heart starts to fly
I looked deep into your eyes
You know it was always meant to be, you and I
Our union blessed in heaven
You laughed, blushed and turned shy.
I know silly, came the reply
This promise you know we share
Always and forever
until the day that we die.

I want you to  go first, so for me you don't  have to cry

I'll carry the burden of living life with a broken heart
I will not have you shed one saddened tear, whether I'm dead or alive.
I love you that much
I would not let you shed a tear because of me
you the air I breathe
our love magical, border line mythical.
our love we addicted to, something we both need.
Sep 2020 · 153
Nephilim (Battle)
Faizel Farzee Sep 2020
The night i was born there was a crimson moon.
There was lightning and thunder, not different to a monsoon.
The wind blew eerily while wrapped in my cocoon.

Then suddenly...

She came to me in a blinding light, told me about the power of word and its endless might.
I listened intently at the tale she recite, asking me to repeat after her
under a silver starlight.

She said, I bestow upon you a thirds mind eye
You will see the pain of this world through a poets eyes
you will marry the writing craft, it will course through veins
the oxygen you breath you will need to survive

I obliged, I gave them wings and made them fly

So i started training these words to thrill
My craft pure, refined, distill

None of this hippitty hop ****, look I use alliteration quite frequently
I think I'm the ****, well like a candy isle  in a convenient store i need bars you ***.
These words running through my mind, a marathon of thoughts
It's  is on training schedule, they ripped and fit.
This to me a game of chess, I play with finesse
you all toddlers, so easy to outwit.

Like taking candy from a baby, your defense unfit
i think you cold, here is some wool and needles leave the writing game, a new hobby for you, knit.

I see these guys with alliteration for days but ain't saying ****
Weak like trumps wall missing its bricks.
I need medical assistance my brain sick, you have no flames, a candle without the wick.

anyways, for now i'm done, i wrote this in 15 mins
ahead of myself, myself i outdone, I'm Ra
myself i out-shun.

After reading this i know you  will be brooding, I am divine, A angelic presence in a world of humans.
So don't confuse this, I'm not in battle mode yet, my demons was asking to give you some lip.

This my conclusion, sinners get down on your knees and pray for absolution.
For a written battle contest, I tried.
Sep 2020 · 126
A wish I make
Faizel Farzee Sep 2020
How, Is the world not saying something? Why, This total disconnect?

They grabbed our ancestors from thier paradise to work on stolen land, no matter what civilization in the process they wreck.
Leader of the free world I lol with discontent.
This whole situation is parallax completely wrecked

Now that they have build you your nation, in return ask for a little respect
Suddenly you forget
There was a entire civalisation living peacefully before you on horse back

You completely wiped them out

Then proceeded to cultivate that blood land on their enslaved ancestors back
Now they suddenly not welcome
Like a reject, you want to send them back
They have no home, you made sure throughout history, made sure of that fact.
That is their home now, equality a notion you intentionally hiding from or is it attempting to forget.

The land you stole it, but it was "slaves" that made the biggest impact, nations stolen from homes knees placed on their neck. Their culture captured in musuems, then as  slaves they were tagged.
From a conscious mind, how messed up is that.

Don't get me wrong, I know it's only a certain sect. Then make your voice heard, don't just disconnect, it's a world problem we need to dissect, let your voice fly united for bigger effect.

It was our ancestors, the retort Then, Why, Is this still happening?

All we want is for everyone to be able to walk down the street without fearing death because of colour of skin.
Something we have no control over, unless made in a dish
I pray for a shooting star so this I can wish
All they hear is gun fire, and they fear the grims scythe
Keep them safe.

By the hand of ignorance

Please not like this, not by someone that spews lies and hatred on a daily basis yet no one even bats a eye or blinks. Money truly equals power, by now you should be sold on this.
A guy that that don't know the meaning of words, it alludes him, yet he's running the "free" world
To us this should be a diss.

What does this say about the state of human consciousness , it's a miss.

This causes dismay..

This world is currently sinking
It's way past a point of decay
If this was the Titanic we would running for the life boat, which they control.

This world is currently dying, I feel its cold.

They have it by the throat, It's life slowly fades
Unless the world United make a tremendous noise
I fear nothing will ever change.
Conscious poetry
Aug 2020 · 137
Faizel Farzee Aug 2020
I remember how you use to hide your tears inside the downpour.
Always prayed to be the one to  lift and be your Savior
Your teary smile my downfall yet in my eyes you grandeur
Poetry in motion by elegance you revered.

This is sincere, a window to my soul inside its depth you have peered.
A piercing light from your eyes luminous it appeared
Breaking through the dark in me and now the sky's seems so clear.

There's no fear
From this day forward I will be your smiles protector
Behead the evil of this world , headless, it's decapitator.

In this life we narrators
Idling as life unfolds, never in control. Jesus take the wheel.
merely passengers.

Fake freedom sold to us
Like caged birds our path to true freedom locked. The holder of the key under the impression it's what we need or want.

All I want is to build a life unencumbered
Put in the effort reap the rewards
Without all the judgement
Our beliefs may differ, tolerance.
This is the time we tap into the truth
Some may not like to hear it
The truth hurts, so does being chastised because of colour of skin
The conscious is tired and want to ascend
We ready to evolve, can we now cut away the dead skin, holding on to the glory years, even though they will lose in the end.
Aug 2020 · 132
Faizel Farzee Aug 2020
Why it like this?
See a anthill as a mountain untill we bridge the hurdle and fly over it, over sight
Looking back i can no longer  see my irrational fears
Washed away by all of my rational tears, hindsight.

Never forget we borne in a state of fight
Even if the evil of the world attempts around every corner to shut it out
We push through the blinding darkness
In our hearts we will always have a guiding light
Sometimes we wonder if we living right
The fact that you asked that question
Its a type of consciousness, so I have no doubt in your plight for righousness.

How did we get to this point
When the meaning life of has become less than a point
Everything we lead to believe is fake
There's no truth in this world
It got out, it escaped.
It disappeared with real history
Written in masquerade ink
Hiding mistakes and atrocities.

So in essence they killed it
So there is no escape.
So do we accept what they falsely feed us
Even though we know that it's fake
Nations wiped out,
displayed in musuems
History's grim laced with snakes,
Alexander was great, but Gengis was a tyrant that all woman he *****

What's the difference? Colour of skin.

Now do get where I'm coming from
Open your mind,
Stop eating
the sugary mold they've been feeding
To dampen the mind and truth becomes lies
The revolution is now,
Like a phoenix from the ashes new hope will arise.
Don't stay blind
Open your consciousness
Give your thoughts wings let it soar above the chaos...
The truth can no longer hide
We opened our eyes
The end of all lies should be Nigh.
Conscious poetry
Aug 2020 · 122
When I get lost in beauty.
Faizel Farzee Aug 2020
My fingertips softly glides along it's silken surface.
Skin as soft as feathered silk
In servertude we are to our love.
Pleasing all of you my eternal life's purpose .

Your florescent smile against the backdrop of a starry night.
The dim moon envious of its glow.
It illuminate the darkened universe.
Your radiant essence eternally my guiding light.

Your birth the wings of my confidence.
like the wind guides a feather
You make me want to be a better me
Soar to a higher consciousness.

You are my heavenly earthly angel
Your tongue taste devine
Our union blessed in nirvana
Our love religious, devotees, it has it's own shrine..
Our love is a religion.
We stanuch followers
We devote in its following
Our hearts is our wedding ring.
Aug 2020 · 222
Faizel Farzee Aug 2020
Morning sun awoken slumber
Now a nightmare truly begins
Dreams becoming the hunted
Obstacles daily in-cumbered

Pushing through treacherous hurdles
Morning sun awoken slumber
Shedding all unwarranted burdens
whispering failures a cumber

Self worth in a constant wonder
Searching for all the fading stars
Morning sun awoken slumber
All failure singed within memoirs

To learn from all life's mistakes
Not to be another number
Happiness at times we must fake
Morning sun awoken slumber
Sometimes dreams can be out of reach
do we give up?
run and flee?
We knuckle down, we fake a smile
we take the negativity and make it kneel
the trick is never give up in life
even if that is how it makes us feel.
Aug 2020 · 157
Searching Destruction
Faizel Farzee Aug 2020
We walk this winding road in a state of decay, It's cascading unhurriedly, deteriorating quietly. Like dying leaves in the fall, it's death falling silently.

A hushed tone to the tone deaf
signs signalling all around
screeching on collided tracks
a train-wreck
We continue with this one track mind
Telescope equaling tunnel vision
It makes it easier to ignore visualising facts.
Keep faith with a system built by ancestors
Who's fix was genocide and unwarranted wrath
Where is the sense in that.
With the downtrodden and their broken backs covered in death their wealthy tracks
rewrote history without a inch of tact
nations made to disappear
truth be told, looks like that sort of dark magicians back.

Lessons not learned  
Make us believe our livings basis is math
Education  singed to history
A crimson moon lit by untruths
We deaf-ly continue to dance to the same horror-ed tune
Our murderous march equal to suicide
Our morals compass corrupt
like windows in a error state
It's magnetized  needle had crashed
smilingly walking  this destructive path.
Truly the only end in sight, a ****** bath.

Is this not crazy?
like a merry go round wearing the tears of the world flexing in insanity's pants.
Moon walking
falling in the same backtracking tracks
Taking a giant leap for mankind
yet our mentality's still stuck in a timeless past
2020 fighting for equality amidst a deadly  virus attack
If this is not the epitome of a human race in digress
Like running on a treadmill backwards never evolving
hopelessly moving, yet stuck in one place
With truth caught in a ever revolving messy mess.

Losing unnecessary lives is pure nonsense
Like Trump in office it makes no sense
Like a lemon peel hand in hand with hope lost
Seeking for it blindly is living life bitter with a bad taste
The majority is woke, mostly not fake
It's the leaders sleeping on change
Like mount Rushmore it's struggling changing its face.

The power to them is addictive, it's so dope.
They would rather one by one slit our throats
Get buried with all the dead trees that made them rich
Then give dying world a ounce of hope.
I lol,  but this is no joke
Maybe this is my outlet, or just a way to cope.
Knowing the earths dying slowly ....
Yet we still harmfully searching for hope.
how is this the mentally today, we moved from home phone to space
yet cannot grasp the fact the we all one human race...

If i was alien, i would not want to be on this earth
I'd rather be locked in a cage
until the human race cause itself to disperse.
Jun 2020 · 320
Love of Death
Faizel Farzee Jun 2020
A rose lay in an open grave
Vision of beauty in death
Kneeling prayer a saving grace
Breathing joy with every breath.

Your undying love my saving faith
A rose lay in an open grave
Addicted to your love I crave
Like a convert my life you saved.

Walking poetry true elegance
Your name within my heart engraved.
A rose lay in an open grave.
Beauty in death evident.

In death itself a endlessness
Like a limitless ocean wave
Thoughts conquered by benevolence.
A rose lay in an open grave
The Quatern is a 16-line rhyming poem that is somewhat like the Kyrielle. It is a French form and has 8 syllables per line. It is written in quatrains (four line stanzas). It also has a refrain line that appears in each stanza. However, unlike the Kyrielle, the refrain line in a Quatern moves. It begins as the first line in the first stanza, then moves down one line in each consecutive stanza, until it becomes the last line of the last stanza.

The Quatern does not have to follow any patterned meter, such as iambic meter, nor does it have to conform to any set rhyme scheme.
Jun 2020 · 197
Ticking all the boxes
Faizel Farzee Jun 2020
Like a teary river trickles seamlessly in a eternal stream -
It deathlessly flows

Like a sprouting flower extends its reach to the anticipating sun-light
life of it's being -
It searchingly grows

Like the sinful wind chasing the dreams of
dreamless clouds-
It forcefully blows

Like your fire flied smile illuminate
the darkest hour of my life -
It illuminating glows

Like the checkered past cloaks from a hopeful
future, out of site-
It progressively goes

Like a mind-full poem speaking leaves a grey mattered mystified perception -
It sense-fully knows
As i learn i revamp what i can, bringing to life what my demons command
if i ignore they start to demand, so i start getting my pen, so i can singed these words to the sands of time.
Jun 2020 · 229
Faizel Farzee Jun 2020
Crimson moon as blood lust engulfs
Blood as sweet as gods nectar
Craving as hunger becomes pulse
Prince of Darkness a sinful spectre

Slipping between shadows
Stalked prey as eyes caress her
Beauty as dorned by a rose
Prince of Darkness a sinful spectre

Silent as the whispering night
  Prowl like a hunting predator
Quick as lightning a sunken bite
Prince of Darkness a sinful spectre

I drained her like a life unplugged
Another life I am a collector
A Blood high as if I am drugged
Prince of Darkness a sinful spectre
Dark as the night
Mind in shadows
Deeper I go
Untill the words I swallow
Jun 2020 · 279
Faizel Farzee Jun 2020
Midnight singing as it approaches.
Slipping silent between shadows.
My book of life it wish to close.
I am heading to the gallows.

I am scared hiding in plain site.
My breathing like water shallows.
I'm in a state fight or flight.
I am heading to the gallows.

I can hear its axe ground scraping.
A debt to humankind i owe
I am In chains no mistaking.
I am heading to the gallows.
The first style I tried was gammo, (won a contest with first attempt) aside from free verse, trying the below next. This also my first attempt. Writing is awesome. (Style Kyrielle)

1. A Kyrielle must have eight syllables per line
2. It must be written in quatrains (four lines stanzas)
3. The last line of the first stanza must be the last line of every stanza in the poem.
Jun 2020 · 497
My vision's delight
Faizel Farzee Jun 2020
Her lips, soft like that of cotton candy as it subtly embraces my name. Her voice, like a beautiful musically composed orchestra of pure delight.
Her hair, red as the sands of mars cascading under the dancing moonlight.
As i look at the stars this night,
Assurance i got from the moon, our union shines just as bright.
Trying to eliminate being to abstract
All i know is i love you forever,  this is fact
these words i write, for your love they fight
i'm the happiest when in my arms, you fall asleep at night.
May 2020 · 239
Moving Grace
Faizel Farzee May 2020
Art pictured in motion, walking elegance.
Words you give life, monocle syllables
Beauty captivatingly imprinted, portraits stared.

Words gliding from your Cherrie lips, mesmerizingly eloquent
Intoxicated my heart listening, convinced by its eloquence
You my wish granted, an answered prayer.

Boastful our love drenched in splendour, Our love grandiloquent
I loved you in past lives, Aphrodite seems envious.
Saving Grace, pulled my soul from despair.
First attemp at the Gammo style writing out of ethiopia,
the rhyming scheme is insane
May 2020 · 472
Tears me to Tears
Faizel Farzee May 2020
I stare deeply into my truthful mirror.
The reflection of what you left me as leering back at me.
I don't realise who this is
This creature broken and unknown,
He's face I've never seen.

I remember your eyes,
The light I once saw in them,
Blown out by the wind of your lies.
Replaced by a cold abyss,
It looked straight through my pride,
From them I cannot hide.
This virus you left me with.

Your heart has been frozen...

In my soul it reside.
Speaking to my demons
Within them daily I confide.
You left all the good in me deceased.
Even the memory of happiness has died.
The only solace
Is for me to cry
Like Rivers of anesthesia
My hatred with dry.
My demons subside.
Once again I'll put my heart on loves merry go round.
May 2020 · 183
Faizel Farzee May 2020
Corona virus, Corona Virus
Is it not by time that you leave us,
I can hear your mom calling, i think she's in a rush
as you walk past me to leave , please remember not to touch.
This sentiment is felt by everybody,
Our lives is in a clutch.

At the start it might have been a bit fun,
We getting to a point where from ourselves we want to run.
Thoughs becoming undone, i'm watching myself daily on a boring rerun.
If it was not for writing, i dont know what i would have done.
thank god i dont have a gun,
i'm not suicidal, just my brain have been idle
my thoughts starting to become a little dum.
i'll shoot at the stars, to the beat of insanity's drum.
I laugh crazily, squeezing the trigger like delicious plum.
feelings caught in a void, i must have searched my inner soul to much
they packed up, and angrily conveyed that they done.

Now from my feelings i'm shunned
sanity sitting in a corner arms over knees rocking,
a sound, sounds like a hum.
Its face look glum,
i cant blame him
to the madness we have succumb.
just some fun while im jotting thoughts
there is the funny side of life also
sometimes in the darkness to long i get caught
am i really crazy, the answer is deviding by zero
it comes to nought.
May 2020 · 178
Faizel Farzee May 2020
Enchanted a vision of pure plendour, graceful grandeur.
Like that of a starry abyss
Your eyes beckoned my soul to a journey of promised heavenly delight.
Your smile whispers my name, I immediately find me gasping to breathe.
Grasping in tandem at a  heavenly love we share.
A match adoren in heaven, our souls combined hearts beating as one, it completes us.
As your silken hand rest in mine, with unspoken words dancing around our single world.
The song in our hearts the only music we love and cry to.
When we embrace, I feel you holding as if I am the only one to save your soul.
In this instant, I hold on tighter.

You are my guiding light in a darkened world.
My oxygen in world choking
You eridicated cynicality,
I now shake the hand of optimism, I once again wed hope.
I like to think our love is pure
Untainted by the hate in the world
You equivalent to hatreds cure.
I appreciate you wholeheartedly
Today , tomorrow and forever more
May 2020 · 209
Man Is?
Faizel Farzee May 2020
The corner stone of the human race suppose to be morality, right?
Then why so much hate?
Which leads my thoughts to this chaotic mind space,
It poses me a question..If you may?
Is man good? or is man evil?
Which sparks this debate....

Man is wholeheatedly evil, lets start with Slavery,Racism,Guns, ****** and nuclear attacks, unwarranted tax, wiping out nations, then skewing historical facts.
Glossing over financial enslavement by glittering cracks.
Like take this virus situation, this whole view seems parallax.

Man is good, same as there was slavery there was slavery's end
Japan in essence has thrived since then
mistakes were made but we learned from it in the end.
you cant generalise, not all man is evil
same not as all man is good.
Somethings are not evil, just mistundestood
Show some compassion and the result with surprise you in more likelihood.

This is my point, there is always two side's to a coin
man were born as blank slate
unfortunately we all know how cruel is fate
some get born into safety others into heartache
with a loveless safety net.
i wish i could share my love with all of them...
in the end what control's good or or evil is the individual minds state
weather it's been exposed to love
more than septic hate.
terror breeds terror
same as love breeds love
this misconseption is a common mistake.
Its how fragile the mind is ....
the loss off hope....
this i believe is were evil lurks
Hungrily consuming our souls.
It's an individual mindet,
consequence is irrelevent
we all capable of being both
its on which ultimately your energy is spent.

Parallax - the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.
May 2020 · 258
Faizel Farzee May 2020
You are the beauty in beautiful.
A true visions delight
A essence the gods finds enticing
I lost my resolve, I fall endlessly for you.
My conquerd heart lost all it's fight.

Your kisses tastes of sugar
Sweetening my dreams at night.
Your silhouette in the stars captured perfectly
Sentuated by the wonderment of the singing moonlight
A pictured elegance.
The sun envious of your smile,
As It shines just as bright.

With every word you whisper
My soul you excite.
My passion you ignite
Without even trying
A better me you incite.
Love is what keeps me sane
Even if the world's insane
She's my muse within this ugly world
She aliviate all it's pain.
May 2020 · 211
Faizel Farzee May 2020
I don't get it?
How simple is it to stay inside?
Get the essentials, then run back and hide.
I get there's situations, maybe some people's deprived.
I'm sensitive to this, but this is what history created, a unhurried suicide.
A portion of the human race living in luxury, when majority having daily to strive.
At the same time, there are those
That refuse to help themselves.
Is it derived by situation, or lack of drive.
All I know is...
The world is cynical.
Built from living  in a world that's constructed on lies.
Sometimes I wish as a race we could ascend
Elevate our consciousness,
So it's raised above the chaos
Be alligned with the skies.
With morality our compass, a human race revived.
Thinking of things that will never happen.
It's a ******.
It's the truth..
The corruption is ingrained in history
Beating to the evil beat of the drummer.
May 2020 · 176
Faizel Farzee May 2020
Sitting here jotting down my current thoughts.
I get stuck on this thought
Has the world gone insane?
Or are we just bored?
Living this life without knowing it's true purpose
this notion we ignore, so we don't get caught
in spiralling mess, leaving us perplexed
fighting feelngs we previously fought
it leaves your stomach in knotts
hurling up reasons that does not make sense
are we here to destroy this world, or simply to live
is this just a badly written plot, common sense twisting
Brains going insane,
Reasoning starting to clot.

Wait? this topic's to hot

To the subject at hand
stay inside, together protecting one another
without having to try.
i get its frustrating i am not going to lie
the alternitave, is possibly having to die
we not scared of death, as the verse above would imply
We scared of the unknown, a feeling we disown
so stop risking our lives.
I know every circumstance is different, it can be tough at times.
There are measures in place, so together we strive
Together apart, we all going to survive.
As my creativity flows
i write to be bold, sometimes it get frowned upon
it's a endless story im told
the truth is, i write for me
not to save anyone elses soul.
May 2020 · 161
Faizel Farzee May 2020
We sit inside a timeless cacoon, with the realty of time exempt.
Is this not the time for us to personally evolve
To search our soul indepth.

No pressures from a lucid world
Just you and self respect.
Journey to the depth of ones mind
clean the rooms that were unkept.

A broken heart mends with self love
the reality of this we should accept.
Love starts with the person looking at you,
in a mirror their perfection reflect.

Speak to the parts we use to love
now because of life neglect.
your inner clown or inner child
break free, let yourself express.

If sadness is what holding you back
Dive into this forrest of sorrow, the hurt you have to inspect.
Like tears of anaethesia, away this sorrow will be wept.
a journey of self discovery
it can be worrying
but the journey we take
by reflecting in reverie
May 2020 · 229
Faizel Farzee May 2020
Has no view in hindsight.
This realisation is so true
with the first breath we take
moves us closer to death.
Once its gone, theres no undo
no respawn, only the living memory of you.
May 2020 · 197
Faizel Farzee May 2020
Freedom is illusion,
We have become dissolution-ed to that notion.
The definition of freedom, you may think me a madman,
Let me alleviate bordem, With this wisdom.

A sip of water, before we begin.

"The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants"
Is this really the case?
Can we use words as we please? Has it been structured to be used only as they feel?
There is being  insensitive, then there is being just mean.
What if we rough around the edges? don't say what I mean?
We guided by signals, life is controlled by media, worlds thoughts through a little big screen.
Their twisted agendas silently pushed through, a constant reel.
By showing lying images that makes your heart feel.
Bombarded constantly with same concept
Until your thoughts are numb, and it can no longer heal.

You cant  think anymore, truths getting blurred.
The facts was airtight.
You thought you 100 percent sure
As they whisper all around you
That lines starts slowly to blur
Your resolve has dissolved
With the truth getting blurred.

Your stance on this subject has been slowly reversed, without leaving your home, your soul have been cursed.
Now we in confinement
There's nowhere to escape
So it's going to get worse.

Am I just clutching at straws?

Have we built up a tolerance
Have we become uncursed
They have been telling so many lies, what they now say, do we switfly disperse
Don't pretend you do not know where I'm coming from
This must hit a nerve, it's the truth within a plea
This message diverse.
The lying truths with the untruths that they bring.

aiming for the 10k word count.
May 2020 · 199
The Dark
Faizel Farzee May 2020
Time in mind, the dark was approaching unhurriedly, surely as promised obsessively coming for us.
Slithering slowly, hearing their deafening screams in violence, violently breaking  the silent silence.

I then saw it , in the depth where it sprung from
I lost my consciousness and began a rebirthed walk to the abyss of absence.

My familiar mind a stranger as the decay journeys to the my souls core
It singes to past lives, happiness now a adjective only in dreams i confess.
Collaboration between mark and I,
It's kinda fly
Taking turns to come up with lines
We both chilled, so it was nice
Writing is the best thing since rice.
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