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Oct 28
Is see their ghost again
Silhouttes of past love lost
They are my floating sins

A reminder that I once wore a grin
The smile I wear now is truly paper thin
A forced happiness
Equivalent to a faked second skin

The light in my heart is set to dim
It's sizzling cinders
My future look burned, to ash it has turned
This undead feeling singed to my soul within

Do i sink or swim
Questions refuse to be answered
It's got my tail in a spin

Why can't I just live on a whim

Forget all these toxic feelings
Just pack up and run

Start a new life
Holding hands with the sun

That future seem bright

The truth is, I'm build never to give in
So I'll fight till the death
Till I have life pinned to the floor
Ready to rip of a limb
Looking into my determined eyes, no matter which ghost you throw at me
You will realize that I win.
Sometimes we feel alone
If we just look around, we will realize we not drones
We can unplug from the static
Come together as one
Share experiences and shed our infected skin
It will fill the void within
Left by love lost, at least we experienced love
Allow your mended heart to sing
So forget all bad, remember the good, pick yourself up....let the next round begin
Written by
Faizel Farzee  30/M/South Africa
(30/M/South Africa)   
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