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Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
Memories of you slowly consuming my idle mind.

I can still feel your healing touch
The taste of your hungered kiss
The voice of your pretty lies
My heart starts to shed uncontrolled tears
For you, It cries.

I miss you still
Like a flower misses the desert rain
Yearning for your loving embrace
Craving words of solace
To rid me of this numbing pain.

Reels of images of your beauty timeless and vivid
It's violating my fragile soul
Reaching out to only a figment of you
A chunk of my heart you snatched
I feel I'm eternally falling
Into the abyss of an endless hole.

I no longer feel whole
You broke every part of me
This love that left me hating
Not even satin will condone.
When the pain turns to hate
Your heart has all but lost its shape
Tears are your solace
No matter how hard you try
This sorrow cloaks you
There is no escape.
lua Nov 2019
I feel the weight of the skies rest upon my shoulder blades
And the burn and stretch of the meat beneath my skin
As I carry it, sweat rolls down my temples
And I walk an endless winding path

I look up and I see you
Sitting on your high throne
Cackling like the mighty claps of thunder
Voice bleeding into the world’s innermost core
Shaking the ground beneath me
As if to taunt me
To mock my ever wobbling knees
To tell me “This is what you deserve!”
I weaken
I fall

My body limps and meets the darkened soil with a loud thud
A sound that rippled through the atmosphere as I wither away
The skies collapse
Breaking and shattering into thousands, millions of glass shards
Showering the earth like rainfall
A reminder of my defeat
Of the weakness I possessed
Of the weight of it all.
inspired by the myth of the titan atlas
FrankieM May 2019
After being painted over
In black and blue

When we split in the Spring
I carried on I bloomed

No longer recognizing
Such vibrant hues

I flourished more beautifully
Without you
On no longer needing you

“Flourish” continued..
Isaac Nov 2018
You and I live on a ball
That runs its race without tiring at all.
It gently spins at a constant pace,
Proudly carrying the human race.
How long will you and I be here?
Forever, till when we disappear.
The future and past now are not.
Our present self is what we have got.
So give your heart and soul into this moment.
It is here for you to play with, so pwn it!
Written 17 November 2018
It is not our responsibility,
to be carrying our sins daily;
Christ took them upon Himself
for our benefit, whereby we can
move beyond… our fallen nature.
Success isn’t based on ability,

but on our reliance upon Yahweh!
Repent from wickedness; cry unto
Him, Who saves; study and apply
His Word with diligence; ask for
divine wisdom; trust Him and gain
unimagined peace; His loving sway

reinforces the subtle and genuine
reality of a relationship with Him.
We have been instructed to choose
Life; a final death sentence awaits
us, if we ignorantly or unwittingly
insist on… carrying our sins.
Inspired by:
Gen 6:5, 8:21; John 3:16; Rom 3:25;
Deu 30:19

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2017, All rights reserved.
Ava Bean Apr 2016
In my Prada purse, I carry my heavy medical textbook
I carry an extra tube of my MAC lipstick in Russian Red
I carry a comb
A clear nail polish topcoat
And a bottle of eye drops that I avoid using because it makes my mascara run.

In my wholesome home, I have glossy tiled bathrooms
Pristine, crisp, snow white curtains
Organic, citrus scented cleansers
Granite counter tops
And large mahogany desks.

In my hollow heart I cradle my worries of a straying spouse,
My anger towards the anonymous administrator
My notions of a sneaky baba
My choking OCD
My crippling debt to a vile man
And the breaking weight of having to shield my children from all that goes on behind locked doors.
A character perspective of "Lillian" from the book "Trafficked" by Kim Purcell
From the time I first recognized
The presence of a painful hold
Upon my heart, I realized
That sadness can sometimes feel cold.

Chills can spread throughout your body,
You can't utter a single word.
This torment almost seems ungodly,
Your mind and soul soon start to blur.

Why I have to acquaint myself
With such woeful misery
Just seems so unnecessary,
A bleak and pious mystery.

It's not like anybody else
Would consider it as fair,
But still, I know somebody's there
To help me flee this ****** despair.

The love of your life, beloved friend,
Endearing, caring counterpart,
The one who always will depend
On the unity of your hearts

Will nurture you the best they can
Until you're ready to return
To the life both of you began,
Free of the shackles you once spurned.

Wherever we decide to go,
There's something I'll forever know:
Inside my heart, you have a place
No foulness could hope to erase!
Eleanor Rigby May 2015
I am tired of carrying my body.
It's heavy, really heavy.

Dial my number to say hello
So I know you're stil thinking about me
I don't say this enough
I appreciate it
Those three words should go down in history
Take that other words
Dial my number tomorrow
Some fleeting moments pass by-
             like golden hues
                     carrying magic
that is only felt
              when all comes to an end.

— The End —