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Why do I keep on rhyming
Without even trying
It’s like these words has its own wings and just keep on flying
I get that your dying, but please just stop climbing,
This slippery ***** of hope
that leaves everyone crying
Knowing you’ll be missed as we are defining
The life left behind the conclusion
it’s subliming
Sorry! I mean sublime
there were some slime
on my pen and the word just went sliding
So back to the writing…
Where was I? Oh!  This looks exciting
Just let go and the afterlife most likely won’t even be that frightening…
Do I talk from experience
Only hope that you are biting
And to ease off to the afterlife that some time seems so inviting
And all hope against hope
here’s to you dining…
with Kings.
Some if previous work!!! storytelling, designed to entertain.
4d · 25
Coup D'état
We want to bury our head in the sand
But I'll be ******
I can't keep writing about love and a fake happiness land.
The world is in turmoil
Maybe we should removed the old new order
This current generation is more tolerant.
From all the forward thinking, they won't make the mistakes of the past.
Like Z in the alphabet
The thought of war would be last.
We all wish to focus on the happy things.
Which I have no problem with
Just know this,
There's dark in this world
Its the absence of light
Just look atrocities
That still have this world in a plight
4d · 47
Alluding Dreams
In this errored existence
Even our dreams have died.
Deprived of oxygen, then injected with cyanide
Through the media, distort all the evidence
Then call it suicide.
The desired result, would be for hopes hope to demise
So they can stage a funeral
Then with crocodile tears, ghosting their fears
Faking, they will be pretending to cry.
Dark chronicals #3
4d · 71
Another day in a chaotic world.
Sins spinning, volcanic eruptions of twisters invariably twisting
Heated emotions sweating,
I'm ice in humidity, I'm losing my cool.
Dark chronicals #2
5d · 71
It flatlined, I'm dead inside.
Fake smile, underlying torment I'm attempting to hide.
Drowned emotions, in oceanic graves they reside.
Tears of carnage, down my face infected it slides.

Viral and infectious.
Dark chronicals 1
6d · 46
Here is something the schizho within me do not understand
I'm searching for answers
They constantly allude me
Which means, them I can't find
I have been killing it, in so many styles
My pen's my obsession, my words it's weapon
It's fine reading
From flavoured story telling, to mind twisted rhymes

Sickening love
The state of the ugly world truthfully captured
It's ascends, it must be the rapture
In a picturesque view
I made these words flew,I mean fly
my pen slipped
On the tears of these words I make so skillfully cry.

There is not one not poem on my profile,
I get that art is subjective
Don't get me wrong
If don't see these poems is dancing in tandem
Cutting emotions, severing minds
It's razor-sharp
It's always being seduced, by an enticing language playing the harp

We avoid all the dark
On this journey you have to embark
That is where the truth lies
open your eyes
Our worlds flooded with hatred
We drowning in sorrow
This time there's no saving
This time there's no ark.
These words flow from my third eyes minds core
I'm feeling it
I opened my minds door
It leads to emotions
Within my soul that's still raw.
Jan 15 · 37
Faizel Farzee Jan 15
Time caught in de ja vu
it's reliving a moment
the one that you lost
let's take it back, make sure you that you own it

Show life what you made of
the strength that's in side you
It's motivated by love

It shows in your smile
so let the world see it
let them not be denied
quit the thoughts of quitting
add this, to your living profile
It's a new year, let me be clear
forget all the heart ache
and remove all the fears
lets live for today
but keep tomorrows thoughts near
so in the end
we this year with a cheer
Jan 14 · 72
True Eyes
Faizel Farzee Jan 14
Hi it's me again,
I called earlier, but they said you were with a friend
I miss you,  As I say it
It feels like a sin

These are just empty words
Severed by emotion
I trusted you blindly
I now clearly see
I was just one of your whims

A passing notion
Yet I just hear your voice
I feel so alive, a new lease on life
Like exploring the ocean

Maybe our love don't measure the same
I don't care
Even if I have to extinguish this flame
I love you wholeheartedly
Yet it seems, sadlly
My heart beats only to the sound of falling rain.

Beats to the deafening sound of the pain
of true love lost
I will rather abide my time
I can see what in tears it cost
You are fragile, I'm a tortured friend
Two twisted emotions
Floating on the sea of the dead.
When feelings are jumbled.
The more you unwind
It all starts to crumble
So you wonder,
Is it worth all the trouble.
Your heart and your mind
Stay in a constant battle.
Jan 14 · 59
Love lies
Faizel Farzee Jan 14
In transit on a stationary life
The earth rotates on it's own access
It spins,
So if my soul wait
Ghost, you will float by again.

Bring with you my smile
I misplaced it
Like hope lost, to find it
I need to go back in time

When your hand was always locked in mine
Inseparable we were
The truth is
Love is blind

I pulled out it's eyes
I laid it to waste
I spit out your name
As I don't want to know how a lie taste

If love becomes deceitful
Then we no longer safe
Love was hope
Now all it brings is distaste.

Cupid is fake
I looked for him all over
I needed his bow and arrow
This time he won't miss
You need to alleviate this sorrow

The time we surfing on is borrowed
I hate myself for wasting it on a ghost
A figment of my imagination
Do I know what happiness name is?
I am just pains host.
When words scratches at the surface
it's screams to be free
you lay it bare on these pages
to subdue my demons in their cages
so i don't end up....
Jan 11 · 99
Vision of you
Faizel Farzee Jan 11
Why is that I have to find my breath
Everytime I see your smile
Gasping for air
Light headed, oxygen deprived

I see the infinite stars in your eyes
A endless journey
It goes on for miles
Your essence my drug
A addict I am, your love my addiction
I'm on a constant high

I have to hold on to gravity
Heart reaching for skies
Am I living a dream
or a lucid reality

Joy wants to scream
Taken aback by your beauty
It's dizzy and out of breath
A thief of my heart
Eternal, until our death.
Words indescribable
I try
I with every once me
You are my queen
Today and in the afterlife.
Jan 10 · 39
Faizel Farzee Jan 10
Walking around with this constant frustration
Just underlying, it can be felt in my chest
A simmered valcono,always ready for erruption.

Triggered by the unknown
Sparked by insanity
To a frenzy I get thrown
Fighting empty unwarranted feelings
Born within the eye of a storm
It's twisted and chaotic
How can this even be condoned
It comes just as sporadic
It's swimming against the current
In a losing battle, against me I get thrown

I don't mean it
The words I echo in song
Knowing I tried to stop it
The stop sign has given up on life
In the ocean of restraint, it has drowned.

My smile a constant frown
This becoming my mantra
"Why don't you turn it upside down"
I bequeathed to the person in the mirror
He negatively replies he lost hope
Hope he disowned.
When the feelings inside is toxic and died
The only solace is for you to constantly try
To fight the darkness
That lays dormant
Until it no longer hides.
Jan 8 · 50
The clock strikes twelve, I get lost in your eyes
I see the future bright, a new year
Let's shelve all the unwarranted fears

Take a second, breathe
Listen to the strength of your heartbeat
With every whisper within
Reminding us, to never give up in defeat

I can taste the future with you
An aroma so sweet
You are the air that I breath
Without you,
Happiness will be rendered weak.

With this kiss
A promise I make
I will dry every tear, ease every fear
fate will be fated
Relentless in my pursuit of our success.
Dairy entry no1.
Dec 2019 · 64
Faizel Farzee Dec 2019
My thoughts stand beside you
You have been my home
Lost feelings, searching within dispair
With every fake smile i force
I  feel more alone.

The memory of you is not enough
I long for you even more
With every longing moment
My soul becomes a little crushed.

What happened to the promised future we discussed
Beautiful in notion, a clouded dream we build
To you it seem to have decayed, it has turned to dust.

Were we not always in lust
hungered hands searching each other constantly
Like lost ships in the night, my alluminating flower
You were my ever guiding light.
Thoughts that wonder
It's always you that it wonders to
The love that we shared, you have misconstrued
Maybe i just misunderstood
I thought our hearts we're beating as one
I was such a fool
Dec 2019 · 87
Faizel Farzee Dec 2019
Morning star, a goal unreachable.
In contrast  to the obvious,
A dream that's untouchable.

We all fallible, a walking fault
In a barter system, we born
That's systematically flawed.

I applaud,
The human resilience
In the face if adversity
They get lead by simplicity

Surviving for eternity,
A simplistic notion of simply to live
are we scared of the unknown,
Or, is it the nothingness in death.

We stress,
Yet life just pass us by
The next time it passes
Jump on, and just smile
There things we control and thing we cannot,
So forget about things we can't
place it in the attic, with the cot
We all grown up, so let's live by this rule
Live life to the fullest,
we are poets at heart
Let's expose what in this world is untrue.
Dec 2019 · 62
Closure 11
Faizel Farzee Dec 2019
I stand on the sacred ground we laid you to rest.
I Your headstone magnificent, a fresh cut bouquet of flowers, I lay on your grave
Every footstep that brought me to this very moment, I was tortured and in pain.
All the feelings I should have bequeathed to you.

Instead in the light of my heart, it stayed.
So my love,
Today I stand before you with tears flowing from longing eyes
To please forgive me for the transgressions that infested our lives
I thought you knew the extent to which I eternally loved you
I can now clearly see, how wrong I have been
I should have declared it from every rooftop, alas, it seems with you passing on
My time to convey it was simultaneously at an end.
Please hear me now, my love, listen to what my heart has to say,
Falling to my knees, to heaven my gaze is sent.

I loved you, more than the air that we breathe,
No! i love you, in my I soul still do, the hurtfull longing every day reminds me, this is still true.

I should have showered you with more kisses, given more than my love
Now i stand here rain-soaked and down on my knees, the dirt soiling my hands, my fist hits the ground, I scream out your name
Please! I know now the time is what you needed, time to be together, to float in our love.

I'm sorry, is all I can say, I'm speaking to the air, yet the feel of your touch is still raw
it still burns my skin thought
I reach out to your grave
Where's the closure I yearn for.
Writing from a third party perspective. capturing  moment of despair. While still trying to keep it's cleverness.
Dec 2019 · 75
Faizel Farzee Dec 2019
Questioning life
Living, is this not a purposeful mistake
The world is in choas
In our souls
We all left with distaste
What could have been
I wish history could be replaced
Fix all the mistakes
Caught up in the faked glamour
While we letting our home turn to waste
The earth is our substance yet we killing it off
Is this not the epitome of insanity
Or am I just doff
Dec 2019 · 66
Negative Space
Faizel Farzee Dec 2019
Have you ever lost yourself
Who you are you misplaced
You search the shadows within
a unwanted fate, negative happiness
all you left with is hate.
Feeling and thoughts
In a whirlpool of some sorts
I smiling on the outside
Inside I am a corpse.
Nov 2019 · 83
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
I try and stay calm but I'm starting to pace,
Memories discarded, a projected sequence
Of broken imagery through my mind start to race.

These demons singing to my soul
I can no longer face, they eating at my being
It's a gourmet meal,
they can't get enough of this desperate taste.

I'm directionless, even times time I waste
Losing myself daily
Even the air that I breathe,
Hates every breath that I take.

Without you my worlds just an empty space
You took my heart with you,
I can feel it faintly beating, in your trash case
Sprinkled with the hated words, floating in a river of hate.

I have to hold on to my sanity
Or it will get lost in this state
Was any of it even real, or was every moment just fake

My discarded feelings
Scattered and misplaced
Constantly searching for happiness
When you left, it packed up in a haste
Now I'm left with the broken shards,
Of a life that was never meant.
The feeling we carry can sweetly sing,
At times it plus at your code
and love start to sting,
the angelic voice, now screeching
Just hold on for dear life, remember
Your heart is still beating.
Nov 2019 · 89
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
I walk around on air, when I'm inhaling your name
My confidence your handbag, carrying it to new hights,
Your smile intoxicating, to you I'm willingly enslaved

We have no safe word.

Our hearts, eternally burning with love
Our lust
Forever enflamed.
When your passion burns like the scorching sun
Your hands always reaching for one another
******* a marathon
We forever on the run.
Nov 2019 · 60
Bad Patch
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
This life is a conundrum,
Sometimes you get the hidden meaning,
At Times you grasping at air, gasping for oxygen.
Deprived of life, choking.
Emotions twistetIy clouded, your direction seems caught in a head spin.

These times we have to put it down as rough terrain,
Just swing through, bully your way through the pain
Trying to not misplace who you are,
Losing it, grabbing hold of your mind
Just to keeps us from not going insane.

This is life's work out, it will only make us stronger.
Dark is absence of light, so always keep the
fire inside you burning, it's a bonfire
Ensuring, we will never falter
a mountain stance,
We leave all the numbing pain at the alter.
Sometimes life can be tough,
We tougher,
So never give an inch, take a stance like a fighter
We swing back
In the corner it should cower
This is not a gimmick, within, you have the power.
Nov 2019 · 71
Tortured soul
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
Tortured soul
He walks this earth alone
Crying out to be saved
His heart now turned to stone
He’s soul now aimlessly roams
Searching for the light in his darkness
He finds that no one’s home
He put his pen to paper
His savior has become his poems
Capturing all eternal heartache, that life to him has thrown
It brought him sadness
But just look how much his grown
He alone atones
For the words he captures
When he’s in that zone
Writing from feelings
He will never truly disown
Giving it life, No one will ever condone

As he’s pen bleeds
Inscribing heartache of a tormented soul to these pages
His heart rages
His caged demons scream’s for him to release him from their cages
His inked pen now becoming his soul Savior
The screams of an artist with a voice unheard,
Attempting to change the art
Not stick to what's preferred
Giving words a voice
Hopefully it will get heard.
Nov 2019 · 80
Natural Forces
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
In the silent night, silently your words like snow falls.
Icely freezing my heart, its frosty whispers
My soul freeze, my voice frozen
A avalanche of saddened tears fall.

My minds been rocked, an everest of thoughts in a crater I find
It's depriving me of oxygen
Our relationship was always a cliffhanger
It's a mountain we both lustful, wanted, needed to climb.

Waves of emotions washes over me roughly.
It breaks,
Every part of my broken heart drowning
feelings caught in a whirlpool
Rising inside of me, silently screaming
It's haunting.
The line between words and the picturesque, is thinly lined
you can make words laugh or make them cry,
broken words, i try and make it fly.
the above is about heartache, with a twisted write.
Nov 2019 · 172
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
Looking, at life through fickle eyes.
Questioning, everything.

Life! Happens, as a daily occurrence.
This, as true as a sunrise aver constant.
We soldier on daily in the ever-expanding universe.
Yet our true nature, Oh! Our true nature, is to find a single constant.
The universe expands daily, daily!
Yet, we look for the most simplistic solution.
The most mundane of mundane existences.
Staying constant, God! The boredom one must feel to be so drab.
So, like that of the true design, of wars past lost or won.
We are now being willingly controlled.
I false freedom if you must,  equivalent! to that of a caged bird.
Ooooh! The injustice, and looking at the world as it passes by, pointing at our sqaured little lives, mesmerizing us with images of splendor, escalating false feelings of happiness, all that we may stay content.
Within the boundaries of these restrictive, fences surrounding this so called freedom.

Alas! This! I fear is our fate,
We cannot change this, as it set in time,
Each fault, flaw and historical injustice, brought upon this world by greeds, greedy greed for power.

We, .... give in, we march on like good little soldiers, looking for their slice of what's left of the pie.
Snippet. Of my mind.
Nov 2019 · 236
~ Closure ~
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
This letter I write to you with a heavy heart
Sometimes my emotions put my heart inbox,  mails it to my past,
As much as my mind want to move forwards
Like running on a treadmill backward
I'm not moving anywhere fast.

You carried my confidence like a handbag
Without you, I would be a bore
Sometimes I wish I could hunt that part me
Then realize we all carry our flaws

So I forgive us
For all our transgressional sin
The lying truths
With the untruth that it brings.

The heartache will leave scars deep within
I would never change this
I know we
Apart,  of me still loves you
My saddened tears says with a grin.

I hope that you happy
With this letter, I'm done
Now a match I put to it
Like a blazing history
My past alight I discard in the bin.
Sometimes we have put our feelings on pages
Burn them, it get of the minds mazes
Knowing you moving on from the past
Grieve has it's stages
Make yours not last long.
Nov 2019 · 320
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
A rose lay in an open grave, the essence of beauty in death.
Eternally resting your eyes to sleep
This is the slumber in death.
A complete state of peace of mind
This is serenity in death.
Knowing you can any moment be acquainted with it,
This is the reality of death.
When we born
with the first breath we take
from that moment it's a step towards death
this is reality
this is not a myth
we push it to the back of our minds
so we can learn to live.
Nov 2019 · 68
Parental Thoughts
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
I have this mountain to climb
It's a rocky relationship
I keep trying hopefully to lookup
I descend
  It's a repeated downwards *****

You know that I will always love you
This winding path you taking is directionless
It's a dark road, devoid of light
You keep throwing punches at the world
Your emotions must be in a constant fight.

Open your eyes
Please don't ever lose sight
the biblical morals I instilled in you
It should be glowing and shining bright
It's supposed to be infinite
I first-hand know life's not easy
It will always be an endless plight

I was truly hoping you would never lose your innocence
This was a lying might
You growing up
The choices in life will become more
I'm left praying daily for you
Hoping you always choose the option that is right.

I will always be here
Whenever your heart cannot find
The love that is needed
To keep the darkness within you aligned
The most innocent sound in the world is a baby's laughter
As they grow older they get smarter
The World will try and destroy them
It will only get harder
So as oarents, we take up the plight
And pray they turn out close to right
Nov 2019 · 93
Ghost Love
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
Memories of you slowly consuming my idle mind.

I can still feel your healing touch
The taste of your hungered kiss
The voice of your pretty lies
My heart starts to shed uncontrolled tears
For you, It cries.

I miss you still
Like a flower misses the desert rain
Yearning for your loving embrace
Craving words of solace
To rid me of this numbing pain.

Reels of images of your beauty timeless and vivid
It's violating my fragile soul
Reaching out to only a figment of you
A chunk of my heart you snatched
I feel I'm eternally falling
Into the abyss of an endless hole.

I no longer feel whole
You broke every part of me
This love that left me hating
Not even satin will condone.
When the pain turns to hate
Your heart has all but lost its shape
Tears are your solace
No matter how hard you try
This sorrow cloaks you
There is no escape.
Nov 2019 · 75
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
It's that time again
Time for you look at this hated world
Ask it to get in the ring

This is a caged dogfight
We are tearing to win

The bell rings

Out the corner we come
Rough and ready
We feel like steel, just hot and sweaty
Eyes like daggers
Punches equivalent to a sharpened machete

Life swing, you sway
It's a miss
You jump forward with speed of a cheetah
Connection made
It's an anvil fist

Lights out, life has given up the fight
You returning the favor
This is how it made you feel
During those miserable nights

Just remember
We all tough as nails
We march forward, no matter how hard it hails
we have fight
We will never go silently into the night

Our common goal
To defeat life at life.
We all have those upheaval days
Whether it's caught in your mind
Or in your heart, maybe yours we will find
Bare in mind
Life is grind, so let's not give up
Until the happiness we find.
Nov 2019 · 287
Artful Love
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
Why is it that I feel so subdued
I lost all fight
I surrendered all of me to you
You all I dream of daily
You are a daydream
  Even in the still of the night.

While I walk I randomly call out your name
Your name sweetens my heart
When I talk the conversation subject is exactly the same
An ode to the perfection that is you
You are my sweetheart.

Your smile more captivating than treasured art
Your essence priceless to me
A precious notion that we will never be apart
We love for eternity
Even after our souls get reaped.
Words are the meaning behind all of our feelings.
Trying to capture true love
Is leaving me reeling
My verses have words with hidden meaning
Trying to clever it up
Looking to capture the feeling.

All I know is love you till the day that I die
My heart is one with yours, you feel the same
Our feelings equally tied.
Nov 2019 · 113
Honied skin
Faizel Farzee Nov 2019
Every time you seductively call out my name
I get weak in my knees, It's not just your  bewitching face
I have to hold on to your smile
So I do not float up and get lost in space.

I love the taste of your honied lips.
Your name just as sweet
I completely love every part of you
Is all of this real? This must be a cheat
Kissing every inch of your trembling body
To the melody of my heartbeat
Slowly taking in your aroma
renders every part of our souls satisfyingly weak

Your happiness my precedence
In the way that I love you
this must clearly be evident
You are live art, poetry in motion
A true picture of eloquence.
Love words that come from within
Ink my tears of happiness
Feeling this happy must be a sin
I grin
Thinking how lucky I am
Knowing we both feel the same
Together drowning
In loves ocean.
Oct 2019 · 104
Life Lessons
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Life equivalent to a runaway roller coaster.
It is a scary ride
At times you feel like letting go
Befriending the grim reaper
So he would call you willingly to his side.

Just like the fishmonger
These thoughts are selfish.

What about those left behind
The ones that truly love you
That has always been by your side
If you do not see them, please open your eyes
You are not alone, you have courage inside

Get your thoughts out the stormy clouds
Dry your saddened tears
Let the darkness see light, if only for a moment
let go of the numbing fears
You will soon realize, you have not yet drowned
To the darkness, you not consensually bound
Just open your blinded eyes
To see the love that is all around.

In the darkest hour, you will always find a smiling face
This is the nature of the human race
We might be killing ourselves and the world slowly
Drowning it with all the hate, we killing it unhurriedly
One day it will suffocate
We still built to adapt, so never give in
You are stronger than you know, exhale all the toxic thoughts
Let all the elegance in heart start your sing
We have the strength within, just open your heart and let all the love in
Disliking yourself, remind yourself, this is a sin
Just breathe in the good of the world
exhale all the toxin.
Live  life with a grin
Bringing happiness and laughter
Instead of darkness and grim
Oct 2019 · 265
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Is see their ghost again
Silhouttes of past love lost
They are my floating sins

A reminder that I once wore a grin
The smile I wear now is truly paper thin
A forced happiness
Equivalent to a faked second skin

The light in my heart is set to dim
It's sizzling cinders
My future look burned, to ash it has turned
This undead feeling singed to my soul within

Do i sink or swim
Questions refuse to be answered
It's got my tail in a spin

Why can't I just live on a whim

Forget all these toxic feelings
Just pack up and run

Start a new life
Holding hands with the sun

That future seem bright

The truth is, I'm build never to give in
So I'll fight till the death
Till I have life pinned to the floor
Ready to rip of a limb
Looking into my determined eyes, no matter which ghost you throw at me
You will realize that I win.
Sometimes we feel alone
If we just look around, we will realize we not drones
We can unplug from the static
Come together as one
Share experiences and shed our infected skin
It will fill the void within
Left by love lost, at least we experienced love
Allow your mended heart to sing
So forget all bad, remember the good, pick yourself up....let the next round begin
Oct 2019 · 44
Combative Thoughts
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Swiftly moving through this eerie forest
My stinging breath loudly rings out in a shivered surrender
The dark, slowly beckoning me to explore the enclosing abyss
With a montage of seductive images, it entices me
A reel of lying splendor.

Thickets and vines all pleadingly reach out to me
Hoping to capture my sinful soul
Frightened, my legs refuse to give up this fight
Carrying my fragile future solely alone.

Monstered faces relentless in their pursuit
Soiling every lucid dream, frightening away all happiness
Bringing serinity in disrepute.

Hope lends it's helping hand
The darkness dissapate
The forest clears instantly
My thoughts relieved of hate.
Those days when your thoughts are your own worst enemy
It protects your heart but cusses you out
Something equivalent to a frenemy
When have to call on hope, with it's a wider scope
To breathe in the toxic air, breathlessly.
Oct 2019 · 141
Ode to my Love
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
I compare thee to heavenly Angel.
Pure of heart as that of an infant breathing
within it's mothers sheltering womb
Untainted by the impure

Your illuminate heart outshines a bewildered scorching sun.
Your smile the equivalent of glowing radiance
It alights even the darkest hour of my life.
Your healing essence
The taste of your honeyed lips I live for.

You are the most beautiful rose
Amidst my thorned existence
By any other epithet, you would still smell as sweet
You are more than my heart, You are the sustenance I need
My soul has imprinted on you
It don't wish to be freed
You are the oxygen, In this dark world
I need daily to breathe
There is no evil in this world
Because you are all that i see.
Oct 2019 · 98
Distorted Lovers
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
They say love is the equivalent to the air that gives us sustenance.
 It keeps us alive

What if that love become addictively toxic
Calling from the seductive abyss, it whispers your names
When the deafening silence is screaming
In the dead of the night, Your truthful minds in control
Pictured in a montage of guidance
You can know longer hide, a piercing uncensored truth
your hearts true feelings, saddened breaks down and cry

You love each other wholeheartedly
This is without an ounce of doubt
The unspoken truth is
 You both know you sinfully bad for one another
This will never change, from this waking daydream you want to completely breakout

When you love, He hates
A constant cause and effect
likened to aphrodite in the heat of summer
the passion is so raw, you believe you were hexed

One moment you both vindictively breaking each other down
The next your clothes get strewn to the floor
Getting lost in a lustful haze
Yet both having one hand on the door.
Hungrily taking in every taste and feeling every feathered touch
This crazy love is what you both crave
Your soul lustfully thirst for
A hungered desire that's never enough.
When your relationship is undefined
you love and you hate
the passion is relentless
yet the tears is never fake
it's a yin and yang conflict
you better off apart
Just like magnets you drown to one another
at the same time repels
emotions completely twisted
this is pure love made in hell.
Oct 2019 · 91
Wistfull Affection
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
I miss the warmth of healing touch
I miss your radiant smile that lit up my life
I miss angelic laugh that lifted my spirit
I miss your warmth in the cold winter nights

I cry for you daily
I pray for you nightly
I sing for you always
I crave your silken skin for eternity

I long for your essence
I yearn for your presence
I thirst for your honey'd kiss
I ache for the love we shared

I know you no longer with us
I know that you singing in the afterlife
I know your light in this world no longer shine
I know the angels has called you to their side

I will still love you when I sleep
I will love you in my dreams
I will still love you in death
I will still love you until my last breath.
Attempting to capture feelings as a third person.
Just from a standard poem flow
Trying to enhance my various range of poetry
Oct 2019 · 707
Hated Love
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
I danced to the tune of your heartbeat
I love to the memory of your touch
I'll bleed just to see your smile for one more fleeting moment
I'll give up my soul just to hear your Angelic voice calling my name

In the bitter end
The truth decaying my numbing mind
Words like daggers through a fragile heart
These words floating in a river of hatred
The honesty of your love undefined

You moving forward in life
leaving me broken and blind
Truthfully, love and hate both have four letters
This time your love was unkind.
When love only flows one way
no matter how hard you try
When every part of you is craving their touch
when they say that they love you
Yet it's the kind of love that's never enough
It's a love that hurts,
It's a love that lost all the smoothness of being gentle
a love that wholeheartedly rough.
Oct 2019 · 339
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
I stand before you with my heart on my sleeve
Drenched with the rain of my love
I beg you with every ounce of soul's life
Please turn back the moment, to the point where I did not need to shed tears for you not to leave

When the sun smiled down on us in wonder
How sinful for a love so perfect to exist in this world
Before the stormy winds drowned out the light in our life
When just the sight of your lips had my lungs gasping to breathe.
The moment when your emotions fail to understand
When you need desire just to stand
When you wish time would turn back
When love was a masquerade
And your love with theirs went hand in hand
Oct 2019 · 288
Fleeting Moments
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Some times I steal a glance at you sitting
Lost in a spaceless haze

Thoughts of wonder I hope, running through your mind
I smile slowly creeping over your captivating
Unknowingly it instantly lights up the sky

Your beauty at this moment overwhelms me
I promptly forget who I am, I too get lost in a timeless daze
The love we share I can never truly capture
Your beauty these words can give justice to
Just know I'll keep trying my love
Until my last breath
This words from my soul is true.
Oct 2019 · 93
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Love is the essence and fuel of the heart
Love conquers all if you believe in it's might
It's feeling that's joyous and always seems right....

What about the love that hurts, the toxic love
Some live for, where pain equal pleasure
In their heart they know that they still have love for one another, but they are heartbroken, the pain never heals,
It's constantly raw

What about serial killer stalking his pray, he fell in love with killing, this is type of love we love to hate.
And we should, this is a twisted kind of love
We have condemned this
It has been sealed by fate.

There's many types of love in this world ruled by greed
Let's embrace the pure love and hope it never bleeds
If it turns sour you will never be free
Let's pray that all prayers then, makes it to heaven safely.
Lovely words for the world with love from a lovable person.
Oct 2019 · 114
Tragic fate
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Gazing upon a silent sleeping city through my window pain
Your perfectly captured picture I'm clutching soaked and tear-stained
Your bright smile in my mind is forever singed and framed

The rain instinctively falling to the beat of my broken heart
Missing you like flowers misses the desert rain
I'm holding on to your perfect memory
How do I cope with this longing pain
You were the air that I breathe, I'm starting to choke on oxygen, your silhouette still haunts me
I feel I'm slowly going insane

How am I suppose to let you go
When I'm constantly craving your healing touch
I can still feel the taste of your lips
This heartache is living within my soul

From this spiraling emotions, I have no escape
I only have God to blame
Every part of me being led by blinding hate
I can no longer see happiness
It was stolen by a tragic fate
The tragedy is a part of life
It's how we pick our selves up after the strife,
Keep moving forward
Put your hurt in a vice
Squeeze till love is in lust
Oct 2019 · 70
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Twisted emotions twisting equivalent to a toxin with in
Burning my soul from the inside
All I want to do is just scream
Till my lungs pleads for me stop
How do I make sense of this acidic feeling
I can hardly whisper your name
Without It leaving me broken and reeling

I dont know what cards I've been dealt
I still feel that I've lost this hand
This forced notion alone consoles
I dont know what the future hold
You would have prayed for me to keep moving on
As much as it hurts me to breath
Your love would have never just want me to fold.
You my lifeline
You coded in my essence
Even though you not here
In my heart I can still feel your presence
Oct 2019 · 108
Love transcend
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
My hearts free falling for you
No ground in sight
In love and falling for miles
these happy feelings ticking all the boxes
In my mind I undoubtedly know it’s elated feelings is right

It's more than just your captivating smile
It’s your enchanting independent fight
Your sparked passion is relentless
Fueling wanting to be a better me
A desire you always unknowingly ignite

My love equivalent to flooded rivers
Their destinations the ocean of love in your heart
Your every kiss a breath of life I live for
Your silken touch seductively excites my skins thought

Emotions closely related to shivers
Excitedly freezing my mind
There is no Angel I would rather imprint on
We believe in past lives our souls were heavenly entwined

Yours is the smile that I live for
Your sweet taste embedded in my soul
I pledged my love to you for eternity
Even in the afterlife we promised to be betrothed
Even though you were stolen by death
Like a thief in the night
My heart I buried with you
Only for the reason
My heart will then forever know light
Oct 2019 · 453
Dark Days
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Madness whispering loudly
Floating on winds scented breath, I can hear it's seductive call
Blindly leading me down mazes within my uncharted mind
Sanity has misplaced my blue print to a glittered life
In my broken heart it no longer reside

Hatred combat ready, It's fully armed to the teeth
Speaking in oppressive tongues
It craves for me to greedily taste and admit defeat
Chiseling relentlessly at my positivity
my cool resolve alone withstanding the heat
The air around me is toxic and choking  
I'm still grasping to breathe

emotions screaming to break free
it no longer wants to suffer in silence
even it's prayer is cloaked within a plea
waiting for this clouded smoke to dissipate
so finally the world pictured i can truly see.
Madness consumes the idle minds
lets not be blind
we all have those days
when we questioning if we living right
just don't give up the fight
never back down to any strife
if the clouds is all that you see
then lets get creative
and cut this thoughts with a knife.
Oct 2019 · 100
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Wrenched from a walking nightmare
Is this my rude awakening

My reasoning mind convincing a hollow heart
The storm is over
Foggy memories of you mistily fading

Slowly erased from my lifes pages
The notes that you left all that reside
A memory I'll hide in the depth of my mind
Box it and cage it in cages.

Air smelling flowery
I'm no longer choking on all that you are
Your toxic love I'm no longer chasing

My feelings no longer hating
Happiness is smiling again
I bought more shares within myself
My confidence now hugely inflating.
When you finally get over a broken heart
And the sky so clear you can see
Remember you once lived without a ounce of their love
So it's something  you don't really need.
Oct 2019 · 259
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
When your slowly sinking life consistantly smells of propane
You endeavour to silently drown out the crashing waves
Dodging firery and deadly sparks
Knowing any minute it can go up in flames

Poisened with fight we lose all of your paralyzing fear
A progression of a genius mind
We  evolve and become fire eaters
Until we have fear scared and in tears

You move with armed confidence
Even your words has some bite
Slowly eating all negativity
Then still sleeping soundly at night

This life can never drown us or keep us down
We Borne in a state of fight
Screaming at the world
I believe this to  be our battle cry
To let the world know our hidden might.
With the first breath we take, we on a journey to die,
The fight of life not easy
Even the best find the rocking of the boat queasy  
So don't lose your balance
That fire in you, feed it
Give it wings, live every second
Like we were never rejected.

Life we have a stake in it
Oct 2019 · 104
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
I know your captivating eyes are wide open
Why are you insistent in being this blind
My saddened heart shed endless tears daily
For your touch It uncontrollably yearns

Your smile still leaves me timelessly frozen
cemented in a statue daze 
your essence pure poetry in motion
It leaves even heavenly angels stunned and amazed

I glide on every word you have ever spoken
i have always been glued to your side
My feelings masked and lonesome
from the hurtful truth they desperately hide

I love you whole heartedly more than life itself
I know these feelings you don't reciprocate
So I keep it deeply buried and shelved
Nightly shedding uncontrollable tears
These secret feelings my lips can never divulge

I love you like a brother
These words more toxic than cyanide
Poisoned down to my tear stained soul
Love's raging
This acidic feelings burning from deep inside

Love is love
The solace I take from living a dream that never came true
A truth that I have a earthly angel for life
With my reasoning mind these words were imbued.
Sometimes the head has to overrule the heart
This for the better of mankind
So you don't get lost in hatred
Missing a genuine love you meant to find.
These feelings are not easy
Sometimes it's hard to hide
Losing a friend you love is harder
Because you losing love from both sides.
Oct 2019 · 189
Struggle Within
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
The hopeless dark of the world is slowly swollowing
It's attempting to posses my numbing soul
Lustfully beckoning like a lost lover's embrace
Whispered honeyed voices calling screamingly
Ive Searched every locked prism within my mind
Behind every burning thought
Sadness and loneliness is all that could find

My happiness is shedding sorrowed tears
Stained by the fight of life
Drowning in oceans of hidden fears.
True feelings with every step that I take
Knowing it brings us closure but not devoid of hate
Oct 2019 · 84
Earths Call
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
With my  eyes wide shut
I subconsciously see everything
Does this mean that i'm woke
Or just imagining a silhouette of the unseen.

We being controlled

We view what they want us to see
Uncontrollably tuned into their truthfully lying frequency
Playing and dancing to the tune of souless enslaved money machines
Chasing the glow of the golden sun
Tears soaked overhydrated flowers
yet we were the ones in history that planted these seeds

Watering and feeding our twisted beliefs
While reaping the rewards from wars and the souls that war feeds

The Human Race

Silently we already admitted defeat
Never learning from history
We rather tend blindly to rinse and repeat
Which unwittingly means
We never in history practiced what we preached

This earth has a desease
It's Intoxicating the air
Like choking on oxygen
It's screaming to breathe
It's Infested with chaos
The Modern day Doomsday
Helplessly knowing
Only when the earths finally cloaked in death..... will it leave.
The earths tears helplessly captured in flowing rivers,
It sustains while we destroy
When will it end.
Sep 2019 · 77
True Nature
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Weeping like a weeping willow
My saddened tears on the night stand
singed and evergreen

Your intoxicating essence
Far more than just beautiful to me
Your unmasked aura
Equivalent to that of a angelic queen

Unequivocally Beauty captured in timeless  moments
When even Portraits turns to stare
For just a glimpse of that smile again
I'll gladly give my pining soul as the coined fare.

A fleeting glimpse outside my window pain
Is daily all that I see
One day courage will lend me it's wings
And by ironic fate we will meet

Until then my love
I will silently love from the shadows
One day our union will be horrifically famed
Like that of a beautiful rose inside of a open grave.
When your mind has been token over,
Your puppet master
Fighting the monsters
Against their nature you have to warrant.
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