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Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2021
If life was simple you'd still be right here
In a parallel universe I'm holding you near
Black and white would be so much easier to understand
Than the shades of grey blurring distance between where we stand
My world used to be colorful and bright
Since you left I'm surrounded by darkness of constant night
You made things easier with just one caring touch
In your absence I find my problems are too much
Clearly you love me or my messages you'd ignore
But lately I wonder what you take the risk for
You are currently involved in a blooming romance
That's why I am reluctant to give you another chance
You've made each moment together feel better than heaven above
There is nothing on this planet as unique and strong as our love
We express our emotions in our own individual way
Believe we are meant to be at the end of the day
I wonder why fate has forced our fingers far apart
Maybe I need to accept that your presence can only exist in my heart
We are bad for eachother
As toxic as cyanide
We were made for chemical reactions building up inside
As soon as your kiss is deposited onto my lips
The scale balancing our desires suddenly sags and then tips
Yet we are drawn in hopelessly despite inevitable explosion
Our world only shaped by resulting corrosion
I look forward to the damage you inflict without second thought
I'd choose to live without you if I could but I cannot
The beauty in the chaos created is something no one can deny
I embrace not just sunshine but the storms that grace our cloudy sky
Because I've learned that the intense highs come with equally low lows
It's a fair exchange and it's just the way it goes
But the ecstasy delivered makes it worth the disappointment and heartache
I'd go to hell and back for you as many times as it takes
A million times if I had to
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Forgiveness taking far too long
Knife out and in my hands
My own judgement tasting wrong
Back and blood understands

Using to sharpen wit but not
Hurt anyone
Zero exceptions
No matter if they ought
Harm myself is my intention

Their heads in false guillotines
Hair drenched in sweat
Manage to turn my cheek
Wrong that this pain I let

They are supposed to care
The ones who betrayed
Just expected them to be there
My feelings were played

Until understanding why
Heart will keep bleeding
Alone continue to try
Never made progress in succeeding
I hate feeling like a fool
Maria Etre Oct 2020
Prayer takes time, unless it's a miracle
Poetry takes nothing
but gives
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Time willingly caught in deja vu, Repeating this timeless moment
I slowly drown in your ocean blue eyes
In this heated atmosphere,we stuck, icily frozen

Your embrace releasing all the pressures of life
I breathe in your essence slowly,
every ounce of my being screaming to make you my wife
my earthly angel, defeating the nights so lonely

Your winged whispered word takes me higher
you are my oxygen, a match made in heaven
you set my soul on fire

So as i put your hand in mine, together we ascend
Our lips embrace with hungered tongues
Our immortal love, together we transcend.
As our love grows the higher our understanding ascend, you are the air that i breathe, you awake and maintain the poet within.
So for this i thank you, with a few written words,
You are the life i live for, the song of the birds.
sunshine Aug 2019
it takes me a while to admit
you're all i feel when i dream
it takes me a while to realize
you're all i've really wanted all along

and i know i've never been you're favourite
but trust me you've been mine
and i know another's on your mind
but trust me i can't get you off of mine

it takes me a while to focus
when you're standing right there
it takes me a while to breath
when you move in closer than before

and i know i'll never be the one
but trust me you'll be the perfect one
and i know someone else has your heart
but trust me you've had mine forever
i can't admit
but i won't lie
you're just trouble

Perdue Poems Jul 2019
Slow's the sun's rise
To skies
To bring light to eyes
Who's shadows
Blinded understanding
Juno Jun 2019
We will miss you
And that’s okay.
We said we’d win
Whatever it takes.

For the good of the world
You had to jump.
We all know that,
Yet it still cuts.

Are you happy there?
Do you know we won?
And what about him?
Do you know what he’s done?

You both together
Are the reason we won.
You jumped, he snapped.
It worked, but you’re gone.
Jessica Jarvis May 2019
“I love you.”
“I know.”
Between the highs,
And the low,
In the times
When I’m alone,
That’s what love does.

It comforts,
And hides
In the corners
Of your mind,
Yet surprises
Just in time.
That’s what love does.

It takes
The chance
The percentage
Of circumstance,
The sacrifice
In glance,
And does what love does.

It conquers,
And pays
The cost,
Without delays,
As if it’s not much,
To stay,
Because that’s what love does.

It hugs,
It kisses,
It sees you
And misses,
Yer true love,
Rarely disses,
Because that’s what love does.

I haven’t written poetry in a while, even the silly, cheesy, lovey stuff. Even that used to be so simple and easy, but I haven’t done it in a while, primarily because of the most cliché reason: I’ve been too busy. My Love reminded me of what loves means, and how it supercedes that of any excuse. He does that a lot. He reminds me of the simplicities in life and helps me enjoy them. It’s just a funny coincidence how he said something that inspired me to write a poem about just that: “That’s what love does.” It wasn’t until after I wrote this that I realized all it takes is just a little of my time... If you truly love something, more than likely you can make something happen of it. I’m proud to say this was a result. Here’s to hoping that I don’t lose sight of the simple things in life, and Lord help me if I do forget by placing people in my life to help me remember.

This was written in just 7 minutes...
adriana Apr 2019
i'm on a one-way street
playing a game that takes two.
it feels like we're doing ninety-five on the back streets.
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