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Johnny walker Jan 15
Amongst all the problems in this world to which we
live but hidden
away safe from harm an Incredible
Sometimes all It takes Is to reach out and take hold
To admit that sometimes In life you just can't
A cry for help there are so many good people out there who listen and offer their help
If the world had more good people running our lives Instead all the corrupt politicians what a different world we'd
Life would be so much more pleasurable and a much nicer place to
So much good to be found In a world of much trouble but also so much love to be found just reach out It's there cry out but find It
Don't wait

Don't wait

It must be heard

She truly loved

And you did

You must not stand

You must not give up

As she said  a word

She did not love you

Get up, get up

Work hard ,be the best

Pray to your God

Who has the hearts

Obey his orders

You will get her heart again

If you want her

You must be her hero

You must ride the difficult

To be only her dream

who carries her on white horse

flying wide ,wide at hight heaven

You must dive into deep

To get the pearl she evaluates

Who is in the fact the pearl?

Who beat the other by brilliant?

Who can call you are intelligent?

The pearl is her

The pearl is here

at he spirit

When she put it on,

Who is the smart?

When she took it off,

The pearl get no charm
the love needs power,to protect, money to get what you need,  and heart
Karisa Brown Jul 2018
Not loved
Not enough


getting better
Things look up
A little lighter
III May 2018
It's the drone
Of some forgotten tune
Bubbling up static from
A radio station you've never heard of,
Lack luster in comparison
To the glow of their voice
When they'd murmur the
Curves and valleys of song
And sway their hips
In sync with the rhythm
In the early blush
Of the mid-morning sun
Soaking the kitchen whole,

The run in with a smell
That only half encapsulated
The fire in their hair
And the spirit in their heart,
Nuzzled warm against the
Breathless rasp of winter,
Somehow seeming to weave itself
Into all of your clothes,
No matter how many times you washed them,
But it was okay
Because you didn't mind
Always having them close to you,

The upturned stretch
Of a stranger's lips
As they hand you your coffee
And for a moment so quick
You hardly catch it wink into existence,
You see their face again,
And hold up the line,
Now shifting with impatience,
Because you forgot that
Your feet weren't cemented
To the ground,

And it's things such as these
That for a fraction so small
You might just miss it,

They exist in your world again.
Maybe I was just supposed to meet you
The -ship we have
I forced upon us
Upon you

When I step away
You remain still
When I stop
You fade away

This was me this whole time?
That doesn't matter now!
It is early, still...

Magicians are:
Rulers of destiny Masters of will
Their fate is theirs to determine
through their own power

Magicians are never in love

Love obeys no command
Love is stronger than...
Love is more important than one could ever be
Love hates magicians

© Christopher F. Brown 2018
Imran Islam Dec 2017
I will make a mirror
with your love
in my little heart
and I will always see you
on that secret mirror
when you will be apart!

I will make nature beautiful
with your memory
on my tired eyes
then I can see you
and your imagery.
Yeah, I will do this
I make a promise!

If you forget me forever
and don't love me anymore
then it'll make me happy
and takes away all my fears
but no one can see
how much pain is in my broken heart!
Sweet, it'll bring me too tears
they can make a salty sea!
Mike Virgl Oct 2017
How do you obtain the grower of love?
Will it take the flight of another dove?
To reach the skies and receive the light
How blinded I am by your helpless sight
No longer should you be so bold or rash
To sit is to run and avoid the lash
And look to the ground to soak in the red
A flower takes time to grow from the dead
From seed and patience this rose did arise
To kiss the grower, a pleasant surprise
I did this poem for English class. it is (I hope) in perfect iambic pentameter, however I may come back to revise it if I see a mistake. This poem is dedicated to a renewed hope, and wonderful feelings of happiness.
Arlene Corwin Sep 2017
You & I Are Meditating

I go into my brain,
Imagining that I and Father my
Are one the same:
One and the same.

Today it’s fun
To think
That You and I are meditating:
Two in one.

Aim always the same:
Restoration of a state of mind
Of kindness,
And focus.

I’m going now
Back to my TV show,
With minutes spent seconds ago,

You & I Are Meditating 9.1.2017
To The Child Mystic II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;
Arlene Corwin
It only takes a second.
Maria Etre Apr 2017
It takes a slap of realization
to inject reality in your fantasy

It takes a kiss of honesty
to shock your hazy emotions

It takes a warm bedtime embrace
to instill your happily every afters

It takes a touch of you
to send chills of now, and not what can be

It takes you
to remember me
Äŧül Dec 2016
Patience is what it takes,
To be happy and successful.

Dedication is what it takes,
To be sincere and well-turned.

Time is what it takes,
To be recognized by a true lover.

Maturity is what it takes,
To be faithful and loyal to one love.

Affection is what it takes,
To be caring and loving in life.

Strength is what it takes,
To be full of fidelity and satisfaction.

Morality is what it takes,
To avoid infidelity and seduction.
Did you have any of it, dear?

HP Poem #1325
©Atul Kaushal
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