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Not everyone
Likes lemonade
When life gives me lemons,
I would much rather
Throw them
At the people
Making my life
Lyda M Sourne Jan 19
Just this short moment
A little moment to yourself

Look at the sky for a moment
A pause in the humdrum of life

And just take a little moment
Like the quarter rest on hold

Cool down the thrumming heart
Relax those tense shoulders

Add a little honey
To the sourness of the situation

As life gives you lemons,
Make lemonade
I feel overwhelmed by everything
Inhaling less than swallowing, the smoke
Is churning in guts turned over frail lungs.
There is a taste of parties that evoke
Loitering and after *** chill sessions.
It's all just floating in the space between
Pulsing diaphragms and small intestines.
Hitting tobacco from the **** to ween
One from cigarettes is like invest'n
In a slower death. One accidental
Flex of the throat and feel the backward blows
Of a thousand dead leaves instrumental
In slacking muscles blocking acid flows.
      Some tums might help, throwing up, or quitting.
      Nah! I'll **** lemons and keep on spitting.
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
When your slowly sinking life consistantly smells of propane
You endeavour to silently drown out the crashing waves
Dodging firery and deadly sparks
Knowing any minute it can go up in flames

Poisened with fight we lose all of your paralyzing fear
A progression of a genius mind
We  evolve and become fire eaters
Until we have fear scared and in tears

You move with armed confidence
Even your words has some bite
Slowly eating all negativity
Then still sleeping soundly at night

This life can never drown us or keep us down
We Borne in a state of fight
Screaming at the world
I believe this to  be our battle cry
To let the world know our hidden might.
With the first breath we take, we on a journey to die,
The fight of life not easy
Even the best find the rocking of the boat queasy  
So don't lose your balance
That fire in you, feed it
Give it wings, live every second
Like we were never rejected.

Life we have a stake in it
Amanda Sep 2019
I make the best of whatever life throws at me no matter how much it puckers my lips  
Tangy drops of nectar meet a H2O sea with a sugar beach and ice cube glaciers
Garnished as always with a bit of bitter zest and vioĺa! That's how I make Amanda's Unlucky Lemonade
Day 5 of the 30 day poetry challenge
Write a three-line poem about lemons without using the words lemon sour peel fruit round yellow citrus juicy ****
Kai Aug 2019
life gave you lemons
least it gave you something
life isn't so free
Life isn't so kind as to give things for free, a lemon is a blessing from such a fickle creature.
Jack Harrell Jul 2019
They say those
Who are afraid of heights
Aren’t afraid of the fall
But are scared they’ll jump

A leap of faith is all it takes
That’s all it took for me
To fall into the trap you made
I got stuck in your lemon tree

The fruit of the lemon
Is much too sweet
A whole lemon
Is quite a lot to eat

So sour it will purify your teeth

If my burdens be yellow
Then my teeth be white
My trouble they make me swallow
Until I blow out my light
Ruheen May 2019

Twists and turns,
Soon fade away.
When you find yourself
On a straight road.

Only one car,
Next to you.
A stranger.
Someone you don't know.

The light is coming,
Taking it along.
All that's left is you,
So you're alone.

In the middle
Of nowhere,
Now you don't know
Where to go.

Everything is coming your way.
You're in the wrong lane,
But you try not to let it show.

At a crossroads.
What will you choose?
Forwards, backwards,
Why not just go after your shadow?

You're waiting.
But now you have to let go.

Because of the twists and turns.
They come back slowly.
You had a one-way path,
But you missed your chance.

When life throws you lemons, but you can't catch them in time.
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