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Terra Levez May 14
We open the halves of a miracle
an extract from the poem Ode to a Lemon by Pablo Neruda
Jay May 4
Lemons into lemonade...
That's what they tell me.
It's so hard to make lemonade
When your wrists want to bleed.
The juice stings my flesh
And I just want to end.
The scars remain on my flesh
A reminder of my friend.
Pain is the only one I can tell
Nothing else is real.
Other people will spill and tell
The secret of how I feel.

Lemons into lamentation
That's all I have today-
Nothing but hopeless lamentation-
Until life stops dumping lemons on my tray.
Rea Jan 15
Oh, I've been a shapeshifter my whole life.
Smile wide around bleeding gums.
And life didn't give us lemons,
didn't even give us that much.
I flossed and now everything tastes like blood.
Terra Levez Sep 2020
When I got lemons from Life
They told me
to make lemonade
I tried and tried
But the yellow drink kept coming red
with my hands burning
from the cuts that Life left me with
Now burning with acid
Radhika Lusted Sep 2020
When life gives you lemons
What do you say?
Do you keep them for yourself?
Or give them away?

Will they be sour if you eat them?
Or sweet if you leave them?
You’ll never really know
If you never receive them 🍋
Gunnika Mehra Jun 2020
Some times life gives you lemons
Sour , which trouble your sensitive tongue
The sourness goes down the throat
And leaves it's imprint behind.

But what life also teaches us after every lemon
Is that you can always drive it away
Mix the sour with sweet
And it pleases the tongue that way.
So isn't it all about finding the right flavour
Something you can savour.

So next time life gives you lemons
Look for ingredients that will dilute it's pain
And then enjoy the lemon that way.
"Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade"....
Everyday is a new chance to
Make the best
Of your life!
Now is your chance to
Start your best you! *
Stay Strong!
Wrote back in May 2020 and just wanted to write positive.
Title by Ashley Tisdale
Lyda M Sourne Jan 2020
Just this short moment
A little moment to yourself

Look at the sky for a moment
A pause in the humdrum of life

And just take a little moment
Like the quarter rest on hold

Cool down the thrumming heart
Relax those tense shoulders

Add a little honey
To the sourness of the situation

As life gives you lemons,
Make lemonade
I feel overwhelmed by everything
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