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Invisible May 2

Twists and turns,
Soon fade away.
When you find yourself
On a straight road.

Only one car,
Next to you.
A stranger.
Someone you don't know.

The light is coming,
Taking it along.
All that's left is you,
So you're alone.

In the middle
Of nowhere,
Now you don't know
Where to go.

Everything is coming your way.
You're in the wrong lane,
But you try not to let it show.

At a crossroads.
What will you choose?
Forwards, backwards,
Why not just go after your shadow?

You're waiting.
But now you have to let go.

Because of the twists and turns.
They come back slowly.
You had a one-way path,
But you missed your chance.

When life throws you lemons, but you can't catch them in time.
Deen Apr 16
You tasted my fruit and decided
you didn't like sour things.
You thought you liked the taste of lemons,
but soon found it left your tongue bitter
and tough.
I thought your sweet would meet my sour
and would leave me licking my finger tips.
But now I'm licking my wounds and
wondering if I said something wrong or
maybe I didn't make you *** hard enough...
Or maybe it's because I didn't ***.
You are King Kandy,
and my teeth have begun to hurt.
Shannon G Apr 3
Our relationship used to be sweet as sugar.
but, heartbreak knocked on our door
and now our relationship became sour as lemons.
I don't want to let you go.
I don't want to let us go.
I want to make lemonade.

Brianna Mar 29
Truly, it was complicated.
It was oranges and blues so contrasting I couldn't tell if it was summer or winter.
It was the smell of lemons and the taste of sugar, but was it really lemonade  or poison in disguise?

Captured memories in photographs around the walls of this cage.
I wanted to run.
I need to run.

The wind picked up outside and my urge to move cam as fast as the storm.
It was always so complicated.
I never understood why we couldn't just slow down and dream a little.
Slow down and feel a little.

Truly, It was complicated.
Sierra Dec 2018
A warm summer morning
Bright light to cover a different mourning
The lost treasure of fresh air
Caring thoughts being placed elsewhere
A simple glance through a pane of glass
Revealing what she could not surpass
Children running amongst the street
Echoes of laughter becoming bittersweet
A turn of the head reveals a different picture
The remaining heir alone, seeking closure
Guilt replaces the overwhelming sorrow
Lost in the emptiness of tomorrow
Rising to her feet, she struggles
Body held down by a thousand anvils
She passes by the small child
Wishing she had smiled
Exiting the room, she enters another
Nothing but a mindless drifter
Despite her fear, she opens a door
But she doesn’t recognize it anymore
She wonders why the mirror is still here
Broken and insincere
The shatters stained with scarlet
The memory like a bullet
A sob escapes her lips
She leaves with even more hardships
Her last child sits at the table
Not fully understanding the fable
She wants to look away
Away from the child she’s led astray
But she’s done that long enough
She can no longer hold up the bluff
She spots a useful memory
Reaching for them anxiously
Two simple fruits
Two beautiful tributes
She shows her six-year-old son
A small smile, she’s won
They begin their work
Creating an edible artwork
It’s as if life has broken out into song
It had been far too long
Sweet laughter emanates through the air
Joy replacing the need for despair
Proving that all it takes for happiness to chime
Is something as simple as lemons and limes
Rahama Sep 2018
I hide when I should fight,
Fight when I should hide.
I cry when I should smile,
Smile when I should cry.
I retreat when I should attack,
Attack when I should retreat.


I'm lost,
I want to be found.
I'm stuck,
I want to move around.
This goop keeps holding me,
Within this circumference;
In this perimeter;
Hidden beneath shawls.

Life is hard.
You'll never get what you want,
Or wish for,
Or deserve,
All life gives you is lemons-
Lemons and limes.
Life is hard
Asiah Mangham Aug 2018
Can't gain anything from winning and can't receive anything from losing. When Life hands you Lemons, what's the point of making Lemonade if it's Bitter?
Your Buzzard luck speaks volumes.
Can't **** nothing and won't nothing die
When the world lies flat...
Bitter Is The New Sweet

Lying still means being ***** to Beautiful nothing.
AAron Roz Jun 2018
When life gives you lemons
don't make lemonade.
It will be the worst **** you have ever tasted.
With no water or sugar.
You will be drinking straight up lemon juice.
This will make you sour.

No one likes a sourpuss.
September Roses Jun 2018
Why is everything so co.mpli.cated.
        Why is nothing how it should be

Nothing good lasts for ever
well it seems to me like nothing good lasts a ******* second

Everything is
         Everything was good a week ago
    A month ago
Ok maybe not good but better

         Because this ******* life has
        given me the ******* lemons
And although I'm used to ***** lemonade
it's like life still enjoys pelting me with the leftover ones
        I want
    To disappear
Go away
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