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Aug 2019
The sound of battle sings around me
a voice armored
Deaths favorite track drenched with hope and tearstained destinies cut short silently plays
My name screaming across his cold lips
Do I give my soul already condemned willingly
My demons caged
rattles my spirit from an eternal slumber
Waking a memory of a blessed love waiting in cloaked fear
I stand as if the mountains themselves, has given me their roots
Her scythed love carries me forward as fear chooses to fear
I move with the might of 1000 comrades fallen
Courage lends me its strength
Lashing out as the hatred of the innocent lives lost fuels me
I strike with the force of demons possessed
The blood of my victory seeps from my wounded sword
Cries of a battle won rains tears of elation
Breathing underrated as death screamsā€¦.
Knowing, I chose to live.
Battles, hope, chilling
Written by
Faizel Farzee  30/M/South Africa
(30/M/South Africa)   
   BR Dragos
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