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Jan 2017 · 695
Looking for Proof
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
When the dream breaks, so much has changed, as if time has been manipulated.
I look for you in photos with me for proof, but it seems that you have faded.
I must be crazy to speak and have memories of things that may have never happened, but I swore someone else was there.
I guess I'm really losing it, maybe it was just a voice in the air.

Should I go back to these places and look for four footprints in the mud, or are these photos telling me all I need to know?
Could I have been roaming around in the woods for three years by myself, conversing with a ghost?
Jan 2017 · 786
Poetically Whole
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
The marriage of pen to paper gives birth to poetic imagery.
So full of life that its authentic nature can be felt every time you read.
My heart nurtured in its soil so deep that my mind thinks poetically. Aligned with the body and soul, I become poetically whole.
Jan 2017 · 452
On the waves of wind
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
I'll be sending my thoughts on the waves of wind, to get to you.
Letting my tongue rest and silence do what my voice can't seem to do.
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
How can the sun exist without the moon?
In mid winter you made it feel as if it were June.
Must've been a dream tho because I feel the cold and the snow now.
People catch me from time to time twirling  round hugging myself outside in stormy weather.
I have to keep reminding myself to pry open my eyes and realize that we're not together.
I must be crazy every time, but I'll be crazy till every feeling is left in every line, till I can look back and smile but for now the Poet in me weeps like a child to not have what I once had.
I'm as blue as the ink that pours out of this pen, I'll be drowning in it pretty soon.
You said that I was your sun, so how can the sun exist without the moon?
Jan 2017 · 335
To Remember
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
As long as I'm still alive
I am a work in progress,
trying to remember the contract signed before I reincarnated into this flesh.
Who I agreed to meet, the people that would make life a little light, yet still keep enough space in between to be able to hear the spirit speak and guide.
These chapters of my life are written down to show that I am living and have lived them, so I have to write even if eyes never take the time to read, or ears never listen.
Just trying to live and connect the dots with every written line, to remember why it is I agreed to this and signed upon the dotted line.
Jan 2017 · 440
Darkness of our Hearts
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
Tonight the native flute plays,
expressing all that my heart cannot say.
Limbo is such a strange place to be, still I keep quiet that I may hear when the spirit speaks.
The closest ones can change and seem so far, like they've flicked off a switch and left you in the dark.
So lately I've been doing too much, stretching and reaching in darkness to find that there's nobody in here to touch.
Still I reach just one last time, I stretch my arms out wide, slowly feeling them crossing and coming back, then I find that I'm inside of them tightly wrapped.
I'm still alive in here, and though it is dark I am not blind to the things that are so clear.
I do not wait but quiet  I'll remain, with dry eyes and dry face; I can hear the flow of every tear.
As we both know, we come in this world alone and we'll die alone, so what is there to fear?
That we'll fade into the darkness of our hearts and warm water will turn to frozen tears.
Jan 2017 · 231
Free Dinner
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
I lost my appetite last night when I saw the love fade in her eyes,
even though the mood was set just right, actions spoke louder than words.
Why am I even here with her?
Under dim lights with candles that surround, there's a one man band in the background strumming his guitar but I can't even hear its sound.
Nothing much is said but everything is felt, she treats me like a stranger and those tears only fool herself.
A little bit more silence, the lack of eye contact tells it all, she puts her glass to her lips as the tears fall and fall.
Why am I even here with her?
This wine has gotten bitter. Oh, someone please come bring my check cuz her cold heart is giving me the shivers and there's nothing more left to be said.
This is not how I imagined it, no it's not how I thought it would be.
It cost me alot to sit face to face, but for her, dinner was free.
Jan 2017 · 449
Natural living Man
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
let me flow like water,
let me be free like the birds,
respecting mother earth and the laws of the universe.
Don't try to contain me for I can be like the wind,
blowing warm and calmly or cold enough to reach the bones under your skin.
A natural living man I am, don't ever try and chain me down
with your rules, expectations and perceptions of me, for I will not be bound.
let me live, step aside and let the spirit of I thrive, don't try and imprison me with your doctrine full of lies.
Freely I should live without your prying eyes, for I'm no enemy of the state but a mighty man of Yah.
With humbleness I come and these are the words that I must say, before I take what's rightfully mine, knowing it won't be given anyway.
This is an outcry, in every line take heed or prepare for war.
If not, we are coming to take back what has never ever been yours.
Jan 2017 · 207
True and Living
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
To my windows you've never came close
to understand that these tears are just mystic rain
running down and off the pane to let you know that this is true and living
Jan 2017 · 397
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
There's no way I could ever say you weren't there to pull me out of the wilderness.
Your roots, so deep in love already, it was easy for you to pull me in.
Forever am I grateful!
Jan 2017 · 325
While I'm Dreaming
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
I'm not tired but it's dark outside so I guess I'll close my eyes,
but that don't ever mean I'm sleeping.
I've gone off beyond this reality,
forever awake while I'm  dreaming.
Jan 2017 · 361
Nothing left to say
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
There's nothing left to say that hasn't already been said.
This love is growing cold,
eventually it'll be dead.
So I'm letting go before it kills me,
before I can never love again,
and to you I say goodbye my lover, goodbye my best friend...
Jan 2017 · 669
Where the veil is thin
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
In your courtrooms and on your dollar bills it says In God we Trust,
but the only god they serve is (G)uns (O)il and (D)rugs.
Peep game, or forever keep being played by the system put in place to play games upon your brain.
It's an energy exchange to gain control, to steal your soul when your spirit's vibrating at an all time low;
so sniff these lines I write to get you high-enough to become aware of the other side.
We always see the bright side of the moon but if you close your eyes and use your intuition then you'll be able to get in tune-
with the owls and the wolves that howl at midnight, and the black ocean waves that rise.
It'll pull you in where the veil is thin, and you'll see beyond the lies of this holographic universe; to get in touch with the great spirit you don't need a church.
There's only one God that lives and sits on the throne, and that's the most high who resides inside of your holy temple.
Jan 2017 · 225
The ART in Living
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
Thinking of your artic heart as I watch this winter wind blow over the water.
Emotions open leading me to sparks that I can build up to flames.
When silence is key and the heart is heavy, I leave what's in my head on the page, written in paint.
Writing through easy and hard times upon this canvas of a life;
still learning through living artistically.
Jan 2017 · 618
Mrs. Freeze
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
I'm just a stranger...
even a ghost I could be.
Lingering around, hoping that the sound of my voice can bring back memories of me.
Not even a whisper sounds familiar, and my touch that used to reach becomes frozen, then my heart shatters to the ground.
They should call you Mrs. Freeze.
Jan 2017 · 227
Warriors of the mind
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
To those with ears to hear, lift your heads up high.
Let the truth be the truth and it'll open up your eyes.
******* lines fill the sky, expanding till the blue heavens are covered in a vast ocean of white; weakening the sun, dimming beneficial light.
Keep your wits about ya and keep covered your king(dome) whenever you go outside,
It's a spiritual warfare and them lower forces are headed straight for your mind.
Straight for your mind to sabotage the divine that's been within you since the beginning of time.
It is there where you must stand on your square and be a warrior on the front lines.
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
Mother Earth

May this skin I'm in always remind me of the air and what's underneath my feet. I am one with the soil and wind that blows the blades of grass on the ground and branches on the trees.
Keep me planted, with wisdom and understanding I pray that I can always speak creatively of my experiences in life, from the he(art) of poetry.
Always learning from the trials of what my actions in this universe brings, and never ever forgetting to express my love organically.  

Father sky

Renew my heart,
cleanse my spirit and keep open my eyes.
Lead me more to thee, as I fall at your feet I pray that you free me from all lies.
Break these chains of doubt so that I may gain my wings and fly,
rising to a higher vibration, continuing to expand my mind.
Jan 2017 · 238
I try
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
Days go by

You'd think I'd be doing fine
but I'm missing you more and more

Still I try and carry on
yet wonder if you'll ever reopen your door
and let me return
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
There are times I fall so deep in dreams, I have to break my own heart just to open my eyes.
Upon return, the world feels so different to me, as if someone has sped up time.
As I journey through the mazzaroth, I learn more about the signs, all while learning how to balance mine at the same time.
Jan 2017 · 259
Fire from my heart
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
I can slow down time every time I write.
My heart beats in between each and every line.
What was once a spark has became a flame in my mind,
now I write with the fire from my heart,
leaving all passion on the page.
It's been this way since I felt my first flame,
and it will never ever change.
Jan 2017 · 464
The Oracle
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
She was pinched in stature.
Radiated with such confidence,
yet she was nothing like a preacher, still we opened up and listened from within.
She scanned my energy from front to back, and told me that self forgiveness was thing in which I lacked.
I gave her a smile along with a nod letting her know it was well received, then I sat down, poured out the clutter and met her in the stillness, and listened to her speak.
It was all about forgiveness and walls we build that limits our beliefs.
It was there I was told to let go, piercing my skin her voice spoke to my soul, saying "and this you already know," but I forgot.
Oh the things that can be brought back into the light, when we're able to be still, slow down our thoughts and close our eyes, the answers will come.
I opened my eyes and to my surprise I stood alone in a room, and remembered that we all are one.
Jan 2017 · 358
Catching Diamonds
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
How is it that I can make you laugh and cry at the same time?
Your tears so precious they form at the lids, and become diamonds that fall out your eyes.
If I could catch them all I'd be the richest man alive.
Still I've managed to collect a few that I'll  hold on to, and cherish for all of time.
Dec 2016 · 231
Seasons of the Heart
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
Forgive me for these words that pour,
turn not your eyes this way,
for I am stuck in a season of the heart, and all it does here is rain.
If you must look this way I assure you that the rawest to come out of pain is poetry for the senses that'll never leave you numb;
I know you can relate.
Can you hear it as it storms inside?
Will you stand with me in it as words continue to pour, and we'll wait here together for the sun to shine?
Dec 2016 · 159
Same Wave
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
**** it's been so long since last I  seen your face; days can feel like months.
Now we sit here face to face, in the dead of winter you've become something like a warm front.
A few people sitting around but they've quickly disappeared from the sound of your voice; it can make my head feel so clear.
So much to say in this small café, I know I'll never say all that I wanted to,
so I rest my tongue more and listen as we sip on hot tea that sooths.
Warm already from your presence, it just satisfies my buds, and as I keep my eyes upon yours I realize that I've grown more in love.
From being apart, my heart sits inside barely beating, wondering when the next time it'll feel you near, or feel the vibration from when you're speaking.
You have covered up your heart so well it's hard to keep the connection, so well you've even guarded your head it's hard to get reception.
Just trying to stay on the same frequency so tell me where to dial in
so that I don't lose you through all the static in life, and we can surf on the same wave once again...
Dec 2016 · 221
Faith in Love
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
If our lips should touch it'll all come rushing back on in,
so when I use my imagination why does it feel like such a sin?
So much space and time has gone by, still I prepare myself for the climb
because you've built up your wall so high, making it harder for me to get back inside.
But I won't throw it all to the wind,
I'll pick my ladder up and try again,
since I saw tears in your eyes it let me know I'm still a thought in your mind that swims.
Don't drown me out with a cold cold heart,
Oh no,  don't let the space get so wide
to the point that you let me fall out your heart, and no longer care that I'm not apart of your life.
Still I climb with faith in love intact to fight the feeling of anxiety, to silence the doubts when I'm feeling shut out. Then your eyes eventually remind me that love is still present, by letting your emotions that you still keep towards me show, you humble yourself and let them flow out.
Dec 2016 · 560
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
It wasn't the lack of light, it was the intensity.
Our souls merged and it got so bright to the point I started losing sight of what you meant to me.
I needed space so I closed my eyes and went inside but never wanted you to leave.
Still I feel your presence but I also can feel you slowly fading away from me...
Dec 2016 · 211
Out of the darkness
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
How can there be any real inner vision if you're afraid to be in the dark to let your mind shine like a prism?
Dec 2016 · 563
I See You
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
Past the skin I've caught glimpses of your soul
From the things that you've done to what you still do
I just wanted you to know
I see you
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
Calm was the bluest of waters held back behind her glass.
With just a few words spoken that glass began to crack.
As if the highest note was reached from the lungs of a singer of opera,
the glass broke completely and I couldn't even stop her.
The water rushed and I held her close,
becoming the destroyer and her comforter; somehow I still mean the most.
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
One to twelve, one to twelve,
clocks on the wall, one to twelve.
Circle circles, cycle cycles,
chains of time on the mind, stuck in this hell.
Back into the light, you've came here so many times;
deja vu flashes clues yet you still can't tell,
how we used to be able to reach thirteen but they've got us stuck in this cycle of one to twelve.
Dec 2016 · 328
Lidless Eyes
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
Lidless to the darkness,
stretching it with both hands I
stick my head right inside with eyes open wide seeing it all.
You call it crazy, I call it spiritual.
See, there's an invisible world right in front of our faces yet most don't even know,
or is skin and bones really all that we are?
Does your bare feet not tingle in blades of tall grass, does your heart not quake when you look up into space and witness shooting stars?
It's more than just the sight, my purest of thoughts carry light piercing far beyond the limits of these lowly earthly eyes.
Everything is X-rayed and magnified the more one continues to stay connected to the most high.
Dec 2016 · 334
Before its too late
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
See the problem is we always think we have time,
so before the sun descends and the moon arrives
I tell you I love you before I shut my eyes at night.
Oh darling, heaven only knows how much breath we have left inside.
No matter where it is we stand, this I'll always say...
before I run out of time, before it's too late.
Dec 2016 · 731
Life is Strange
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
The hands of time rewind then
tears roll up our face and back inside the eyes.
Frowns turn back to smiles
and dark clouds roll back as the sun comes back out to shine. We're left there;
into each other's eyes we stare, becoming frozen in time
as thoughts of choices to make and consequences that'll come still roll around in my mind.

Words are felt but never spoken, still I knew it would change the future.
She couldn't put a finger on it but felt the same, as we stared we seen goodbye in both of our eyes.
it's so crazy; life is strange.
Dec 2016 · 564
Calling on Angels
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
I can sense the flame is getting dim, will we lose or will we win?
I much rather we tend to this fire then to start all over again.
Some things that are lost can be found but we haven't lost a **** thing yet, and I would hate for us to lose the love and forget how we ever became friends.
Cuz that's how it started and then you got in my heart and made yourself at home, so they'll be remnants of your beautiful soul if ever you had to go.
Please don't go, let us not lose this flame or its glow,
because ever since we've connected you and I have became one soul.
There goes that dim...and the flame is flickering, are there demons in this room trying to **** whatever's left?
Well I'm calling on angels to help by coming to fight for us, because this battle we've been facing is more in the unseen dimensions of our love.
Come fight for us...
Dec 2016 · 262
Sleeping Beauty
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
We were laying there,
into the air I stared with eyes wide open
but I could never speak on what I had seen.
To do so would mean that I disturbed her soul, and woke her up out of her fantasies.
Why question, or penetrate to provoke the mind to critically think
when even the blink of her eyes wouldn't  change things?
So should I continue to lie there with my eyes open and stare, not saying a thing, or should I quietly get up, pack up my stuff and just leave her be?
Dec 2016 · 664
Mind on the moon
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
These scales always tipping,
this mind always spinning...
Oh slow me down, slow me down;
insane, yet I am sound.
Momma never knew how deep it could get when she placed her son right near the sun;
the kids used to call me a rocketship.
"Apollo 13! Apollo 13!" Now I'm beginning to figure out what all of this means.
I'm light years away suspended in space, wondering if they'll ever come and meet with me.

Oh, but it's much more than that. With this lyre attached to my back and music in my heart, I give you songs of poetry straight from the stars of Libra.
Can you see the constellation?
This October soul gets in touch through the element but I'm no prince of the air;
learning to use discernment with these gifts I've been given, I am very much aware.
Nobody can tell me who I am, only experience can wake me up to searching...
That's why I have gone beyond the sky a long time ago and haven't come down yet.
Way over their heads I am floating...
Nov 2016 · 553
Wolves in the Poet
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
You'll be asleep but I'll be spending my nights howling at the moon.
But if you've ever wondered if wolves cry baby, well they do...
I'm known by many, yet understood by a few.
A mystery but I tell my story through simple words,
turning pain to gold, the alchemist unfolds his truths from the philosophers stone.
I am a paradox because I enjoy your presence, yet I would rather be left alone.
With a few books in a sack full of pencils and paper; watch this poet as he continues to roam...
Nov 2016 · 601
Butterfly Effect
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
Fluttering of wings
Angelic things, mysterious in the same
Ripples from choices made can rewrite narratives
In just a blink of an eye all things can change
Wishing you had control of the past, and that you held tighter on the reins, blinds your view and holds you down with a heavy load of regret
Don't let your soul burn away like a moth in a flame
Though you've been hit by the butterfly effect
Nov 2016 · 326
(TRU)man's Wall
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
Allegories of euphoria drip from pen, triggering deja vu.
Spiraling down holes where white rabbits go with a clock around my neck; don't wanna be to late to open up and look through a different point of view.
Spitting out bones as I chew; infinite elasticity makes room for truth when the fear of searching has faded. Becoming aware of the bluescreen and the avatar of which I exist in, I'm breaking through the cages.
There's so many checkered floors and doors that lead to more doors. Huge ones you can walk on through and small ones only built for the willing to crawl.
What's a life lived without seeking for truth and knowledge?
What's life like beyond Truman's wall.
Nov 2016 · 468
Rise up and Rebel
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
Must've been a glitch in the matrix
Cuz all of these faces are all starting to look the same to me.
Caught up in their fears of tomorrow, lowering their vibrations,
How will you ever make it to 5D?
It'll take more than a board to surf these waves,
more than fog lights to clear all this haze,
from the heart and the head is where it all vibrates so become aware of what's in front of you to see what your subconscious mind is trying to say.
From head we project what we see, just like a movie screen, we are the directors unaware of the rolls we play; thoughts creating our realities everyday.
Hearing echoes from Obama saying we need to believe in change; listening to Micheal as I stare at the man in the mirror, remembering where it starts first.
It can't be done if it ain't from the heart first,
the war can't be won if you don't put God first because there's a shift on the horizon.
As I write these lines time is speeding up while some still on the dark side of their mind hiding from self.
We can build heaven here on earth, or we can choose to remain in a hell.
The trumpets are blowing, in this age of knowing
Jacob's finally breaking out of his sleeping spell.
Read the signs and know that it is high time to rise up and rebel.
Nov 2016 · 286
Inside your Head
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
I come and go like the wind that blows
but you know you know...
am I really so far away?
Cuz all it takes is for your eyes to close and it's as if we're face to face.
So there's a way to slow it down, and even at times rewind moments that were so profound and relive it all over again. Until the next time I come around, we'll be meeting inside your head.
Nov 2016 · 2.5k
You're a Blessing
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
You smell like spring
You look like heaven
You speak like angels sing
You're such a blessing...
Nov 2016 · 445
Light of Philosophy
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
You could say I kept most beliefs inside,
held them till it killed me.
What was kept did not cause suicide,
most of y'all just didnt feel me.
Yes I've entertained the possibilities of what could be wrong in this life of ours;
how generational curses could be holding us back, from stretching our life so far.
Or if there's a spiritual world surrounding us by demons, creating a fear too tough to conquer,
gaining access inside of our lives,
making us become the monsters.
These are psychological things and we can be seen as a devil; who roams, seeking whomever he may devour.
May eyes believe more than they see,
before that final hour..
May your thoughts rearrange, scaring you half to death...where you finally believe in a higher power.
Harder to explain the occurrences,
easier to understand, if you do your research and finally realize your not the only one occupying this land.
I wont be ridiculed, I'll be gone before they do.
Though many came before me, many still haven't changed their point of view.
Whether we choose not to see, we still live amongst the unseen;
angelic and demonic forces that will never leave us be.
Come out of hiding, great minds
yes, awake from your slumber.
I'm appalled at the time that wasn't taken to just sit around and wonder..
about yourself and others,
and how the souls that dwell within could be filled with heavenly light or darkened by worldly sin.
Nov 2016 · 210
Give 'em Truth
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
Find a way of delivering the truth to the wee ones without destroying their sense of imagination.
Speak it through it by creating a beautiful colorful world full of wonder and (amaze)ment.
Be there by their side, like an invisible guide; more like a voice of reason.
Give 'em truth, yet let them find their own way.
Oct 2016 · 337
The Waking Hour
Apollo Hayden Oct 2016
Come, return to who you were before they fooled you.
Before they grabbed and pulled and took away the inner child.
Before they changed the frequencies making it hard to hear the whisper in the wind that spoke to your inner ear.
Before your heart stopped then restarted, now it doesn't beat the same,
before you let misery take you over the second it would rain.
Forgetting you are the droplets; skin like soil soaking it in,
don't you know to forget and lie in ignorance is a terrible sin?
You must come back and let go of these robotic ways...
step out of line to see ahead of those you're following, because they may be leading you the wrong way.
Yes, even the best of friends could be leading you astray;
unaware of the daze their living in, keeping 'em in a hypnotic state.
Connect yourself to a high #Yah love, to shield yourself from all the hate.
Oh remember, remember
for this is the hour that you should awaken.
Return to mother nature and take back what was taken...
Oct 2016 · 219
Footsteps in the Sky
Apollo Hayden Oct 2016
Thunder rolls as lighting bolts create flashing images in my mind,
of bowling *****, falling pins and giant men walking around in the bluish black sky.
Apollo Hayden Oct 2016
Love is not about possession,
I am not yours, you're not mine.
Yet this room once was empty and now we are the two souls occupying this place in this space and time.
We go out and come into each other's presence which has created souls that became intertwined.
We must unravel to remember that we are individuals, with different heart's, different brains and eyes.
All we can do is learn and gain  understanding by looking through our windows to understand each other's minds.
Yes we're in love, in a place where no other souls can ever occupy,
for we have built this room with the first words spoken and a touch that sparked the vibe.
Don't ever forget that it can slip through your fingers, no matter how hard the grip, no matter the time;
just don't hold on so tight.
Because I am not yours, you're not mine.
Oct 2016 · 334
The puppeteers
Apollo Hayden Oct 2016
And still you're more concerned  with who's in front of the curtain than who's behind it.
The puppets are being controlled by the puppeteers.
The strings are there, even though they're thin and clear; if you're searching for truth you'll find it.
Oct 2016 · 933
Who were We?
Apollo Hayden Oct 2016
From the last life we were like this,
so meeting you here and now we're just reuniting.
Trying to remember all that we forgotten.
Did love stay fresh, or did it go rotten?

I guess only time will tell.
From the first time we met, I felt I already knew you so well.

I just hope even when we ain't in heaven, you'll still stand by my side through hell.

Who were we?
Oct 2016 · 310
Seek (The miner)
Apollo Hayden Oct 2016
Since all things are inside,
I am the miner of my own mind.
Digging through not just to dig but searching to find-
by traveling through the dark night of the soul, and rediscovering truths that were covered up by lies from His-story that's been told.
Oh of all the things one could desire, let it be to shine a light on the dark places within that have been neglected for some time.
I can sense heaven through the mist as I try understanding it all, yet I won't get too high; just enough to see where I am to draw my lines.
Connecting dots just too escape out of boxes that have been made,
looking back and realizing that it's been me this whole time.
The deeper you go, the darker it gets; have no fear and turn on your light.
Holding onto what we be(lie)ve without the wisdom to seek knowledge, can slowly corrupt the spirit and confuse the mind.
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