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CM Burgess Nov 2019
Swirling round the original wound
They loiter sprint on imagined limbs
Wrinkled orb thus far removed
Remembers furling glitter wings

My crown I raise to indigo stars
As dreams cascade in burgeoning cells
****** from earth in candle hymns
I capture crow, my shadow nymph

Siphoning words from fingers cupped
With lips I sieve forgotten glyphs
In blackness click the spirit prayers
Engulfed I heed                    surrendering
Working with the shadow...
Rui Rosa Jan 2019
When the clock tick midnight its time to go,
Walking between my realm and the realm of the living
I sense the smell of a young soul,
The sweet salty taste of soul.
I'm the shadow you fear every night
Blending in the dark of night,
To haunt you here I go.
Voodoo chanting I do,
to unleash the fear in you.
Leaving chills down your spine.
So that I can add another soul to my collection.
Try Dec 2018
Am I asleep or wide awake
Everything seems to just blend
Am I nearing the end
Or a new beginning
Am I at my limit
Or is life truly limitless
This reality I cannot digest
Everything seems to penetrate
The Kevlar vest upon my chest
Only a tattered piece of equipment is left
Still breathing, deeply sleeping
As I take my next step
Towards a goal with in the unknown
is this where I find myself
The same place I lost myself

© Try
Try Dec 2018
Is it time to leave
or is it too soon
to dance under the new moon
as we wait for the sun rise
our only night
that we get
so we dance slow
take our time
to enjoy the night
it's our only night
that we get
and if feels too soon
as it comes time to leave
as the sun begins to rise
hard to enjoy the morning
our only morning
that we get
as it comes time to leave
you behind
in my dreams

just a poem about my lucid dream last night, not sure who it was in the dream world with me but I do hope to cross their path again in the real world.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
You were just a dream,
I wasn’t allowed to keep,
like any unknown the odds were always 50/50.
but I knew the risk when I took that leap,

& it's not your fault nor is it mine,
it's just The Fault In Our Stars shout out to John Green,
Blame It On The Rain feeling as silly as Milli Vanilli,
feeling like everything's fake like you're only a screen,

& maybe that's why I feel so detached,
& why when you spill your heart out I don't say a thing,
you overreact & I don't even react,
because like they say life is but a dream,

though to be fair I'd say it's more of a nightmare,
because we get to see it all but can't keep a thing,
sleepwalking through this waking life,
where the loudest noises are mute & the silence screams,

& the truth is you seemed so lucid,
that I felt stupid for not being able keep you here,
& I'm not making excuses but the truth is,
I choose to lose everything including you that I hold dear,

which makes sense since you were just a dream,
that I wasn’t allowed to keep,
like any unknown the odds were always 50/50,
but I knew the risk when I took that leap...

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆

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Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
I'm not tired but it's dark outside so I guess I'll close my eyes,
but that don't ever mean I'm sleeping.
I've gone off beyond this reality,
forever awake while I'm  dreaming.
Rob Sandman Nov 2016
Only when I dream am I safe,I ****** hate the place I'm at,
I ****** hate the pace I'm at forced to slow down to a crawl,
******* all I hate the four walls I'm constantly starin' at,
trapped in an evil habitat,as twitchy as an alley cat,
I'm feelin close to snappin necks,
leavin wrecks of bodies in the walls like my name is west,
my best years are flying past
while I'm constantly harassed by "so called" loved ones,
you're lucky I don't own a gun
-cause seriously don't push me cause I'm at my boiling point another joint?
maybe it'll help me chill,I'm so stressed its makin' me ill

and my friends can't help me,they've got their own probs man
plus I don't like to admit how suicidal Mr Sandman the tough guy is really feeling,
Astral project and punch the ******* ceiling
out of this glass house that's constantly throwin' rocks,
your self obsessed attitudes is seriously a load of ****,
so I try and get my sleep on,
no more time with the leash on,cause the Sandman controls you there,
remember all the nightmares? you've been having recently...
its ME messing with your nocturnal life is payback for my days of strife,
and I can keep it up for years,investing in your deepest fears,
lets see how YOU like holding back the tears,damming up like a blocked weir,you won't be spreading fake cheer,
with the Sandman in full control,
your life your dreams,body and soul,
like Alice falling down the hole,
my goodness!,oh my gracious me,
you really shouldn't stress me,
I'll fill your mind with TNT,
mix it with some ***,
you'll blow your mind like LSD,
and maybe then remember me!(to be continued)
The unvarnished unglamorous side of life at the moment,coupled with Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection...a dangerous combination!
Aaron LaLux Oct 2016
You came to me again,
in a not so distant dream,
a lucid deja vu version of you,
I swear you felt so real,

where have you gone,
touch me with your stare,
grace me with your presence,
take me with you somewhere,

anywhere but here,

here in this house,
the silence has never sounded so loud,
I’m sick of being awake when everyone seems asleep,
caught in the web or rather in the net head in the cloud,

caught in the web,
or rather the net,
head in the cloud,
I said it twice so you’d get the reference,

I’ve found that most our here are lost in indifference,

and I just want to go to sleep,
because nothing is what you left me with,
and I only see you in my dreams,
so that is where I’m determined to return like a revenant,

you came to me again,
in a not so distant dream,
a lucid deja vu version of you,
I swear you felt so real,

where have you gone,
touch me with your stare,
grace me with your presence,
take me with you somewhere,

anywhere but here…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Please take me with you...
Apollo Hayden Nov 2015
I had a dream about you last night; so glad that you came through.
Dreamed I went swimming inside your ocean blue eyes, backstroking and staring up at the moon.
Then the waters started raging as your eyelids began closing. I was frightened by the rapid movement of your eyes. Tried to swim out but my body became so heavy.
I didn't know what you were going through but I found myself drowning in the darkest blue ocean of subconcious thoughts you thought you were hiding.
Streaks of light like lightening in the night helped give clarity and I caught glimpses of you and I. I was holding you in my arms and you were laying your head on my chest with water in your eyes.
Sinking and thinking to myself, 'what the hell has gone wrong?' In reality it's much different than what I'm seeing, because we are still going strong.
There was another streak of light and thunder followed behind it, and in this scene it was still of you and me but this time I was leaving.
My hands slid out of yours until the tip of our fingers barely touched, and I walked away while looking back and said, "I still love you so much."
Oxygen's getting low as I sink deeper into your head. Still wondering what the hell has gone wrong, I closed my eyes as water filled my lungs then woke up gasping for air in my bed.
I must have fell asleep and fallen too deep, until I woke up to a nightmare inside your head.
A collaboration between Elisa Maria Argiro and SG Holter.*

Dear feather. You fell on my heart.
I keep you on my person now; pocket held;
An eternal companion.
As beautiful as you, I remind my
Thoughts to be.
I wake up as Buddha every day.                  
Peace is the corner stone of my breathing.

Dear Last Crescent Moon,
adorning Lord Shiva's brow,
smiling toward Morning Star
enjoying her sweet presence
in clearest predawn light.
She smiles too, drifting into feathery sleep.

Birdless flight, unclenched, un-
Clung to.
With this dew drop in my palm
I need no ocean to swim in.
How can Life's castle, with its wars and
Tragedies, hide within its
Towers of                                                          
Nois­e such quiet chambers?
Paper sails, bamboo, emerald waters.
Single feathers rest even when

From your outstretched palm,
sweet taste of morning touches
my tongue, oceanic dew drop
sharing itself across floating time.
An offering holding the last shining
starlight of this new morning. Drifting
now through limitless space,
finding words in our common language
on your yellow paper sails, we gaze down
from these towers of our ancient dreams,
emerald water below us waiting to catch
the falling feather.

Dear insight.
Light as the wind itself, you
Floated; fell on my heart.
Merged with heavy memories
Like paper balloons rising;
Tsunami of kamifusen
Render my whole being
Third-Eye-Hindsight sees me
Remembering nothing with
One or a hundred lifetimes
Finally now,
Even waking hours feel like

Dear Wisdom, Guardian Planet,
Buddha's radiance shining.
Thousand-Petaled Lotus
is now your own effulgent mind.
Smiling, eyes closed, feeling the
glowing kamifusen of magenta,
scarlet, turquoise, and yellow
floating above us,
we swim so deeply, diving down
into these warm emerald waters,
winking at the luminous fishes
dreaming all around us.
Copyrighted by ©SG Holter and ©Elisa Maria Argiro 
(as a collaborative poem)
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