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Apollo Hayden May 23
Things are changing as they always do.
5G on the rise messing with people's moods till they get confused.
Chips in the skin got 'em permanently plugged in,
summer draws nigh but winter is coming soon.
The wind speaks,
The earth shakes even if you can't feel what time it is.
Your guards low,
creeping in the soul is dark energy from false enlightenment.
All the yoga in the world won't save for when it's time to be stretched out,
to unravel your secrets to see if you really bout what you've been talking bout.
No fruits or greens can ever thoroughly clean you out.
For the most high says it's not what goes in that defiles but what comes out the mouth.
I caught this on the wind so I had to grab a pen and write it down,
even though I know my heart ain't the tidiest, I'll still speak from it while I clean it out.
I see it coming...
people are running and it's even happening now,
while some worship the creator in spirit and in truth, others admire creation more and still have their doubts.
Just look at your hands and the spirals of your finger prints and how it's in the flowers and the stars.
The universe isn't outside of you; the universe is what you are.
Created from an unfathomable mind so divine and full of love,
that he sacrificed his magnificent light so that sin would die and his spirit can live on through us.
The prophets say we haven't got much time and I'm trying to straighten up,
so that I may die just to live in his everlasting love.
Ashley R Wright Oct 2018
I knew help was needed
when I laid down my sword
felt like I was dying inside
enslaved by insecurities
abused with lies
I pushed myself to the side
to ride for the wrong one
thought I was meeting HER,
then I ran into you
my hairs gray but you’ve dyed my soul blue
the mad man blows me east to west
The great spirit, My abba,
in my soul, He invests
I’m ending my complaints
learning to play the hand
keeping my eyes upon the sand

-Ashley R Wright (@wisecurls)
Apollo Hayden Oct 2016
Come, return to who you were before they fooled you.
Before they grabbed and pulled and took away the inner child.
Before they changed the frequencies making it hard to hear the whisper in the wind that spoke to your inner ear.
Before your heart stopped then restarted, now it doesn't beat the same,
before you let misery take you over the second it would rain.
Forgetting you are the droplets; skin like soil soaking it in,
don't you know to forget and lie in ignorance is a terrible sin?
You must come back and let go of these robotic ways...
step out of line to see ahead of those you're following, because they may be leading you the wrong way.
Yes, even the best of friends could be leading you astray;
unaware of the daze their living in, keeping 'em in a hypnotic state.
Connect yourself to a high #Yah love, to shield yourself from all the hate.
Oh remember, remember
for this is the hour that you should awaken.
Return to mother nature and take back what was taken...
Apollo Hayden Jan 2016
If it's not water that you come to give, then I don't want your negative. 
Give me light, give me that positive. Yes, that will suffice. 
Bounce them off of me and together we will rise
from the lower state of which we came, for we were always meant to live right.
O remember to let love flow, and watch it be the current to electrify your light bulbs, helping you to see the truth that's been inside.
In a world of war and so much pain, let the healing hands of love be magnified. 
Speak the words and touch those who hurt by sending those uplifting positive vibes.
More than just skin and bones, for those who dont know or forgot...
remember you're a vessel of the most high.
ZT Jul 2015
Closer you and I
Ever so slowly I die
Just a sad goodbye

— The End —