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Greta 7d
I heard about twin flames,
wouldn't it be fun if I knew where mine is?
I'd die a hundred times
finding the one for me
so I wouldn't die trying
to make people fall for me
this is my first one, I'm sorry.
LannaEvolved Jan 20
Sparks never go unnoticed by
2 distinctive souls

Their idiosyncrasies are irreplaceable forms of matter that continue to live on
no matter the distance imposed

We finally have
what we’ve known
And it’s all we
When we laid next to our souls

Do you ever wonder how it knows?

Body on body
Heart on soul
Soul on soul

It flows.
Lie your body down
to rest
on the pillow that is our

You and me bleed the same life

There’s no way to know
But we feel how it knows
To be the jewel in the stone
Hugging the dream
Even in its throes

It’s called touching souls

Body on body
Heart on soul
Soul on soul
It took me decades to find my soul and my soulmate, even though I’ve always known, it wasn’t expressed until now. Grateful it all turned out the way it has.
Swoo Dec 2020
He Said
Love you a million fold.
He said
Love you with my entire being.
He said Love you until the after life!
Thru the test of time I'll hold on to you
As long as you hold on to me.
He said
To infinity and beyond I love you.
He said
That's my creed to you.
- He Said -                           Sw👀
eden Dec 2020
a delicate anxiety is the sick gift
of our shared trauma
we managed to develop the same aching
the same gut wrenching feeling
manifested from
a dull childhood
based on manipulation
and senseless control
but sam
you are my
best friend
you are my
twin flame
we have lived separate lives
of suffering
but we had to
in order to meet
each other
our souls had to endure
the complexity of existence
beautiful and painful existence
this sadness persists
but I will never complain
no, I can’t
from the bottom of my heart
I am forever deep in the
debt of my angels
eternally grateful
to the universe
that my sam
is a part
of me
we help each other grow and I love you :)
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020

I want you to explore the unknown parts of yourself through me.

Shackles break free when thirst turns to unity.

The feeling of being at one with the void
Independent is the 1 from the Zero
Yet excited to create the code together, heart in heart there is no other energy in the game more sweet then after you are satisfied we wash your feet.

Humbly bow to the King who hath finally revealed himself to his queen. We have loved with reckless abandon every time thinking that was you behind the light in their eyes, we took the leap only to find more lessons, more sharpening of our mastery, more compassion for who we used to be.

In your eyes we receive an achievement unlocked. Here is the place we have won our best self, we leveled up, integrated and at one with all the creatures of love, below and above.

We see the code of golden light, hold space so that you may enjoy the desire knowing your deep primal wants have already been written to be freely expressed inside of Us.

Set your Love free, let out your god seed feed on the bliss of its own creation story, it’s you we have longed for to release the dam between our hearts and all our vast expression of wondrous fire.

Néw notes of pleasure We sing discovered songs of satisfied, building out the tribe, there are so many stories we have yet to live in the frequency of Gorgeousness.

Weirdly Honest, Surprisingly Calming.

Like our first kiss when your electricity shot through our spine, like a tape hitting rewind in surrender of the tech. A beautiful mess of circuits overloading, shifting directions to dimensions of unsung awareness of possibility.

The Fantasy is Our Reality.

Living on the edge in a womb we built, free to be free, love is our hilt and there are enough Bliss Dragons to keep us busy for all eternity.
Co-creating with our One True Love calling him home.
Rachel Spell Nov 2020
eleven (11:11) eleven.
we see
in each other.

eleven (11:11) eleven.
you and me.

eleven (11:11) eleven.
so what
will happen
when we touch?
11:11 11/11
Larissa Frost Nov 2020
Our souls crossed
And told the lies
We’d be together
But then the cries
Wailed from hearts
Breaking in denial
Who thought
They’d withstand the
Trial of
Turns out souls don’t wait
They dissipate
And leave the wreckage

Larissa Frost Nov 2020
I long for you
To touch me
And set my skin on fire
Inhale my soul
And spread my
With your desire
Take your lips
And part my sins
And dance around
The flames
That have waited
Patiently forever
To be screaming
Out your name.

Flash Thunderson Aug 2020
I’m cold as ice, paradise.
& I’ll watch you walk out that door—
like so many women have done before.  
I finally found my voice—
do not think I didn’t have a choice.  

Your mediterranean skin
& your bronze tones.
Roman empress— this Celtic warrior pays allegiance to you no longer
— because I’ve finally become stronger.  
W/ my blue eyes, deep as the Atlantic,
& my long, wild hair—
blowing in the wind w/ out a care.  

You look like a fairy tale.  
Those inviting looks & your soft, supple lips.  
Your curves & your edges—
& those gorgeous goddess hips.  

But like any fairy tale,
it is nothing more than a dream.  
It’s empty, like the calories in ice cream.  
There is nothing there, because you don’t care
& I can’t bare that we lost our flair,
but I have to wonder—
was it ever even there?
Karijinbba Aug 2020
His handsome countenace
is my everything as he
holds my face in his hands
smiling whispering

"My beauty it's you I want."
we are a couple cherished
among our beloveth offspring
we will be hurried side by side
watching freedom fireworks
counting the billion stars
camping making love
watching our wedding day joy
we will breathe our last

His vessel lays in the meadow green
our forest land our paradise
On the continuity of time
and space we reigned as one
we married we had eight darling precious children we changed Earth
now rich can marry poor

Now we slowly advance through
the last departure gates
even Lord Christ went through
this mirage deaths gates

clams my ancient vessel form
as it breathes its last breath
" I love you beautiful love"
to thanks for the unkind mask
Our Earthing fate known

to meet my maker in fate prayed
re-gluing weaving us back
to one-nes togetherness
Into my true loves ether
Forever melting renewing two
Out holy new soul and mold
And G*'s grace blesses both
breathing eternal life
Into us twin souls
our twin flame's
goes on.
By Karijinbba
Twin flames are forever in the spiritual world where perfection not competition where justice not jealousies nor envy malice nor greed reign..we relive
our happily ever lives.
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