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Nyx Apr 25
And when I met you for the first time,
I felt like my soul recognised you,
And yours mine.
you whispered

" I wish I had met
you when you were older"

and I replied

" I wish I had met you
when you were younger"
riri Oct 2022
there are two types of love i've experienced, but none were everlasting

there is the love that is electric, the chemistry is undeniable
you can spend hours talking to them and not one moment will ever be dull
your mind becomes addicted to this person, they become your drug
you saw forever in that person's eyes the first time you ever looked in

then there is the love that is calm, the chemistry isn't really there though
you love them and would do anything for them, yet that electricity is missing
it's a calm type of love, the kind where you can be your 100% self
you found a best friend, yet it's not the "i see forever with you" type of love

the day i find my soulmate is the day i find both of these things in one person.
but most importantly, you need to fall in love with yourself first before you give your heart out to anyone else
Dhimss Sep 2022
Soulmates and twin flames were lost on me
But I remember telling you about a red string,
A line that tied your toe to mine.

I heard a snip, then a snap.
Efforts to mend, always end in knots.

We're done
We're done.

We're done now.
Back at it again.
Billie Marie Jan 2022
Why must we be apart?
If I knew how to find you
nothing would keep me
from going to be near you
Our energy lights the worlds
Our distant love rotates
all the parts of the great universe
Our Love is sacred Truth
more magnificent that the undying
romance between Life-Giving Sun and Goddess Moon
Who can understand our bond
forged in pleasure and pain?
Who can judge our repulsion and ignition?
No one knows
We are emperors of the eternal flame
keepers of the hidden language of truth
Our love guides the ages
and dooms men to a hollow existence
of endless craving
because they refuse to see
the same love aflame in their own hearts
Arise oh love of my very own
Arise and awaken the hearts of all who would see
Bring me to my only love
Greta Feb 2021
I heard about twin flames,
wouldn't it be fun if I knew where mine is?
I'd die a hundred times
finding the one for me
so I wouldn't die trying
to make people fall for me
this is my first one, I'm sorry.
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
Sparks never go unnoticed by
2 distinctive souls

Their idiosyncrasies are irreplaceable forms of matter that continue to live on
no matter the distance imposed

We finally have
what we’ve known
And it’s all we
When we laid next to our souls

Do you ever wonder how it knows?

Body on body
Heart on soul
Soul on soul

It flows.
Lie your body down
to rest
on the pillow that is our

You and me bleed the same life

There’s no way to know
But we feel how it knows
To be the jewel in the stone
Hugging the dream
Even in its throes

It’s called touching souls

Body on body
Heart on soul
Soul on soul
It took me decades to find my soul and my soulmate, even though I’ve always known that it  was possible to find such a thing, it wasn’t expressed until now.
Grateful it all turned out the way it has.
Swoo Dec 2020
He Said
Love you a million fold.
He said
Love you with my entire being.
He said Love you until the after life!
Thru the test of time I'll hold on to you
As long as you hold on to me.
He said
To infinity and beyond I love you.
He said
That's my creed to you.
- He Said -                           Sw👀
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