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Brandon Mar 20
Set I
You don't really call on me like you should
Dial my line and I'll roll through your neighborhood
We all have problems under this hemisphere
But you persevere and smile so fierce
I know your circle doesn't want smoke with me
Because they trust we can go all the way
He broke your trust, trust me, is all I say
It's okay you need someone that's calm and patient
Someone who's never okay being complacent
Who's honest enough to check you in the wrong
Does the armor on your skin belong?
Won't you be my plug?
You could be the one
Like Summer Walker, start with a handshake
And eventually, I'll need more than a hug
Let's vent late at night with Pink Moscato wine
Open up to me about these emotional crimes
All that you're missing; this late night attention
The best combination
To feel empathy is ultimate satisfaction
Communication is not meant for one side
So, do what's best for your mind
I think girls need a little something for everything. A genuine person for starters. Cheers to finding that special someone!
Like a lost leaf in the wind she wondered
Roaring like the thunder
Unafraid of what lays ahead
She was still able to tread
A brave soul though exterior
Without revealing her soft interior
A strong spirit going on with daily life
Fighting through all that complicates her life
A smile like hot chocolate on a winters day
Never does she cry one would say
But all that isn't true
Her pillows know of the tears she shed
Late at night while cuddled up in bed
Brandon Apr 2018
Set I
Don't give up your morals
Believe in yourself and the Sun will shine
Go back to where you held armor to your skin
Don't over-think; just swim towards the storm
You'll be reborn
I'll swim with you
We'll make anew
And be reborn
Life is Strange
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
The hands of time rewind then
tears roll up our face and back inside the eyes.
Frowns turn back to smiles
and dark clouds roll back as the sun comes back out to shine. We're left there;
into each other's eyes we stare, becoming frozen in time
as thoughts of choices to make and consequences that'll come still roll around in my mind.

Words are felt but never spoken, still I knew it would change the future.
She couldn't put a finger on it but felt the same, as we stared we seen goodbye in both of our eyes.
it's so crazy; life is strange.

— The End —