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Apollo Hayden Jun 2020
Watching the waves come in.
Feeling the wind blow over my skin
as the sun sits high in the sky and clouds roll by, just trying to stay connected.

So many dimensions, so much going on. Just trying to remain calm and keep my eyes wide, to keep from being pulled under and drowned by the high tide of the current tensions and emotions.

To be detached and not react, they'll say that you must not care.
It's such a balancing act so I do my best to pick and choose my words with care.
In the end it's all spiritual.
Trapped in this temporary physical skin, still I must be aware because they never fail to forget in letting you know of which body you reside in.
So it's a balance
of speaking up and traveling in and out of worlds,
all while trying to keep my feet planted so that I don't lose my mind.
So I find solace in the wind that blows over my skin, and within these rays of sunshine.
Apollo Hayden May 2019
I may seem like I'm lost
but only because you're searching for something you'll never find.
I may no longer be able to hear your voice but I can still feel your eyes.
Life is love and I'm so in love with life.
Still dancing with poetry because she never leaves long after those who were here are no longer in sight-
Insight has shown me a whole new world like I'm on a carpet that flys
and my head is the genie so I rub it twice to let out the light.
Shining from the inside out and learning how to move,
leaving you wondering about things you have no business wondering about and so it just leaves you even more confused.
I'm a ravens feather in the wind,
I'm a muses muse,
catching fire whenever writing from the depths,
redirecting my energy to things that make it easier to breathe, instead of feeling spent because I'm up to my chest in spiritual debt.
Nothing to prove...
Nothing to see even though you think I show it all,
but you'll need a few oxygen tanks to dive deep enough to understand just how I breathe.
Till then, with this pen I'll cause inception and use it to get through the layers of your dreams.
To search out your true intentions and see if you really came to love or just to hurt me.
Well this time around my shields much bigger and my sword is sharper too,
so I'm blocking everything and anything that doesn't serve my highest good and cutting into the marrow to look for truth.
I'll be invisible so the things you think you know, you really have no clue.
Though you think you see, your eyes deceive
as I write quietly I silently move.
Apollo Hayden May 2019
Things are changing as they always do.
5G on the rise messing with people's moods till they get confused.
Chips in the skin got 'em permanently plugged in,
summer draws nigh but winter is coming soon.
The wind speaks,
The earth shakes even if you can't feel what time it is.
Your guards low,
creeping in the soul is dark energy from false enlightenment.
All the yoga in the world won't save for when it's time to be stretched out,
to unravel your secrets to see if you really bout what you've been talking bout.
No fruits or greens can ever thoroughly clean you out.
For the most high says it's not what goes in that defiles but what comes out the mouth.
I caught this on the wind so I had to grab a pen and write it down,
even though I know my heart ain't the tidiest, I'll still speak from it while I clean it out.
I see it coming...
people are running and it's even happening now,
while some worship the creator in spirit and in truth, others admire creation more and still have their doubts.
Just look at your hands and the spirals of your finger prints and how it's in the flowers and the stars.
The universe isn't outside of you; the universe is what you are.
Created from an unfathomable mind so divine and full of love,
that he sacrificed his magnificent light so that sin would die and his spirit can live on through us.
The prophets say we haven't got much time and I'm trying to straighten up,
so that I may die just to live in his everlasting love.
Apollo Hayden Feb 2019
Into the universe we place our trust.
Closing our eyes, holding each others hands and falling backwards into us.
Flowing through the milky way,
unbothered and bathing in love...
All of this happening so quickly just from one simple touch.
A sacred act...
An electric attack that crept up our spines.
Bonded through water and air sealed you and I for all of time.
A trust fall into the universe, we're flowing now...
Using our minds more than our mouths.
Getting in touch through telepathy,
even now I know you're hearing me...
I had no time for love,
and you had no time for men.
After one laid his hands on you and you said you'd never place your faith in any again.
But the universe laughed cuz it had other plans
and it's that exact energy that placed you right where I am.
And here we are easily swimming through stars and oh how I wish I could slow it all down...
A love story for the angels to marvel developed at the speed of light,
so beautiful and so profound.
I write into existence stories that'll last until the end of time.
Speaking of someone and no one, causing confusion in the minds of those who find it hard to enter into mine.
It's all about energy and I try vibrating high, so that I bring to life just what I write upon these lines.
The co-creator of my own life, diving deep into my pool of imagination just to keep my world a little more colorful and bright.
So I closed my eyes and wrote exactly what I seen inside.
A love story about someone and no one, all at the same time.
And what's left are crumpled up papers and rough drafts of deleted scenes...
Apollo Hayden Jan 2019
Baby I'm still learning...
Holding back on these emotions when I get mad
Knowing it's best to think it over before I speak
so I don't say some **** that'll hurt and make you feel sad
Lets not lose sight of our love
Pointing fingers like there ain't six pointing back at us
Lets try and keep this between you and me
cuz people can't criticize what they can't see
But if we must express ourselves let it be creatively
To inspire those who carry heavy loads and so that we're reminded to keep the peace
Yeah let there be peace amongst lovers
Through all storms we should be by each others sides
Holding it down through the rain and thunder
So let the softness of our voices keep the hearts tender and keep our minds at ease
And although they'll be ups and downs
may we always bring it back to common ground
and do our best to keep the peace
Apollo Hayden Dec 2018
Fire inside
like an uncontrollable flame
Emotions like Kerosene
The more I poured out it continues to rage
Started to rise till you could see it in my eyes and it brought on an irreversible change
Now look at me
Covered in ashes, tongue blackened with soot all over my face
I'm a wild fire when you push me
A sensitive soul but I ain't no p*y
If only you knew what you'd be getting into when you test me, maybe you'd tread a bit more softly
Even so, I know I still have much to learn as I stare at bridges that didn't have to burn...
Rummaging through ashes searching for anything left of any worth but its all just consequences in my hands
But I'm a loving man whose waters reach depth that one could never perceive, and so I'm misunderstood...
Just know I'm working on taming this flame inside
If you don't believe me, I wish you would...
Oh yeah, I'm cleaning up the inside
See the flames burn out in my eyes and the smoke begin to clear
IGNORance is ignoring the flames when knowing it needs tending to
but it's getting hot for even me so there's something I've got to do
So I quit fanning the flames and became the change by directing my energy to creative things
The fire is still lit but look what I've created with it
Words so powerful that they can rebuild a bridge
because the past is the past but this is the only way I can get over it...
Apollo Hayden Nov 2018
Such beauty there is in new beginnings
The cycle of light dying and rebirthing
Finding much wisdom and strength through the sense of touch in a state of darkness
The subconscious holds the keys of realization and I swim in its sea of connection
Touching you while digging deeper to discover who I am
An evolving soul in this vessel of a man
I've traveled to far off lands without moving an inch
Learned so much about the outer world from traveling more within
From dying and rebirthing
Building and destroying again and again...
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