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we put in everything we had



kept it in the nicest places- where it could feel the gentle heat of the sun

the light wash of rain

we tried

we really ******* tried.

you have to realise, darling,

no matter how much you try to foster it

an artificial plant will not grow.

it isn’t alive.

                                                       ­      it isn’t r e a l.

[artificial plant]
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
I lost my appetite last night when I saw the love fade in her eyes,
even though the mood was set just right, actions spoke louder than words.
Why am I even here with her?
Under dim lights with candles that surround, there's a one man band in the background strumming his guitar but I can't even hear its sound.
Nothing much is said but everything is felt, she treats me like a stranger and those tears only fool herself.
A little bit more silence, the lack of eye contact tells it all, she puts her glass to her lips as the tears fall and fall.
Why am I even here with her?
This wine has gotten bitter. Oh, someone please come bring my check cuz her cold heart is giving me the shivers and there's nothing more left to be said.
This is not how I imagined it, no it's not how I thought it would be.
It cost me alot to sit face to face, but for her, dinner was free.
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
There's nothing left to say that hasn't already been said.
This love is growing cold,
eventually it'll be dead.
So I'm letting go before it kills me,
before I can never love again,
and to you I say goodbye my lover, goodbye my best friend...
When am I going to listen to myself?
Is it the right thing to do?
I wanna make up my mind now
Because I regret every single day of my life
I thought that would be better, but I was wrong

I learned my lessons
Lessons that made me regret
I tried to make myself happy again
But I forgot he was my happiness
A happiness that cannot be restored

You were my love
And now you’re my cold love
Loving you was just an infatuation
Letting you go is the hardest one
But meeting someone like you was my biggest mistake

— The End —