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4.0k · Dec 2015
Apollo Hayden Dec 2015
Through it all I hope and pray that you keep your eyes on the horizon. Imagine the blazing rays before the sun shows its face, yet never hold back those tears from falling off your eyelids. There is a time for storms, so while this rain pours and pours I pray that you continue to hold on. Never hold your breath, let it out till there's no pain left. Inhale deep and just...breathe.
3.2k · Jul 2016
Become Resurrected
Apollo Hayden Jul 2016
Why are you holding back?
If only you could let go...
Hard times would get easier to handle, if you just embrace the natural flow.
I speak to you with a book wide open, from lines that give light to mind. I am on a journey just the same as you are, so not all that I say may be right. And as life goes on, I'll gain more sight, and know that I was wrong. Yet when the feeling comes from the marrow, I know I've held it in too long, and know it is time to write.
Take those kinks out of your head and give life to what was dead and become resurrected. O sister, we connect telepathically, and O brother, I know you know there is something within us that most can not perceive. There is more of us than the grains of sands in the ocean; our hair is like that of the waves upon the sea. Just open your minds eye to who you are, let go and live naturally.
But how can you know if you don't search, tell me how can you remember if you don't seek?
It's time to erase the lies and unshackle the mind to the truth of your own history.
2.4k · Nov 2016
You're a Blessing
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
You smell like spring
You look like heaven
You speak like angels sing
You're such a blessing...
2.0k · Aug 2018
Poetic High
Apollo Hayden Aug 2018
Everyday is a day to inspire
To light a flame so my words be the fire
igniting the wick deep within your soul
I could hold all of this in
but it'd feel like the worse sin
Having a spirit of self expression, how could I ever hold onto all this gold?
No one can put money on this, and what Yah bless no man curse
as long as my thoughts are high and these feet are planted upon the soil of mother's green earth
Hitting you with electrical nouns and verbs
Creating a chain reaction
Praying you receive these words, meditate on 'em and keep on passing
Spreading your fire to those in need
For I don't just write but breathe poetry
From today until the day I die
I'll be writing to your heart because I'm
forever on a poetic high
1.6k · Aug 2018
Protect your Energy
Apollo Hayden Aug 2018
Take your time beloved,
remember all that we spoke of.
If your heart isn't in it, get out because it isn't love.
We're more than our flesh but when it gets weak it'll start to speak,
tempting us to satisfy it's desires as if it's something we really need.
But you've gotta protect your energy and mind your aura.
For all are not in it to give but only to receive,
leaving you in a lower state which makes it harder to breathe.
That which you possess, keep it high
because not everyone who comes can surf the waves on which you vibe.
1.4k · Mar 2017
Apollo Hayden Mar 2017
I was right behind that mountain,
now I'm just above its peak,
able to see things for what they truly are and not how I wanted them to be.
In hindsight the sun has shined its light on life's mysteries.
Out of the darkness we must rise; with resilience we will shine.
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
Mother Earth

May this skin I'm in always remind me of the air and what's underneath my feet. I am one with the soil and wind that blows the blades of grass on the ground and branches on the trees.
Keep me planted, with wisdom and understanding I pray that I can always speak creatively of my experiences in life, from the he(art) of poetry.
Always learning from the trials of what my actions in this universe brings, and never ever forgetting to express my love organically.  

Father sky

Renew my heart,
cleanse my spirit and keep open my eyes.
Lead me more to thee, as I fall at your feet I pray that you free me from all lies.
Break these chains of doubt so that I may gain my wings and fly,
rising to a higher vibration, continuing to expand my mind.
Apollo Hayden Mar 2017
Mind the skin you touch,
for there's no glove that could ever protect you from the worst of enemies.
Though the flesh is all you may see, you're not that.
But temptation gets so strong till we can't take it, and our bodies are open and bare, left with a heart that's naked.
There's eyes in the dark.
They've been waiting for you, to poke holes at your aura and like a snake they'll slide on through.
Passing from one to another, unaware of what we carry;
If we saw our true selves in the mirror, would the sight not change, or would it be of something scary?
It's hard to tell, even if you know them well their energy can deceive,
till they detach off them and onto your spirit they'll cling.
Sexually transmitted demons, relentlessly scheming to find away to stay alive, waiting for a sleeper to slip by not using their spiritual eyes.
How many souls you got clinging; from the merging of DNA can you still say you feel like yourself? Or is there so many thoughts inside your mind that aren't yours that you can no longer tell?
It's the exchanging of energies that can strengthen us or make us weak,  so mind the skin and if ever you should choose to miss the mark, be aware of the preying eyes,
waiting to cling to you in the dark...
1.2k · Feb 2017
Ethereal Beauty
Apollo Hayden Feb 2017
On days such as this
of reminiscent times viewed on rewind
The slowing down of details missed gives sight to the blind
Wider eyes letting in ethereal beauty to a much grander design
to where divinity is intricately knit deep within the fabric of life
1.2k · Aug 2018
Reclaiming the Heart
Apollo Hayden Aug 2018
It was never love,
lust causes illusions.
Pulls your heart deep into the sunken place, till all that you're in is a state of confusion.
Building on nothing real,
sacrificing how you feel for the sake of the happiness of someone else, with no reciprocity.
As if they're ashamed of the real you, they try molding you into who they want you to be, just so others can be pleased.
The westernized mind, microwaved and fried, indoctrinated till its living the "American dream," based off of lies.
Always asking "What do you do?" so they know what level of respect to show,
never concerned with your soul, and how bright it must glow.
We need money to survive in this three dimensional life, always taught the ups and downs, left and rights, but never touch on the importance of what's inside.
Always worried about how we look in other people's eyes,
we hold onto nothing except a false reality and relationships built on lies.
But I refuse to pretend to act like this is what life should look and feel like, so I reclaim my heart, climb out of the sunken place and live life with both eyes open wide.
Guarding the heart and protecting my mind.
1.2k · Feb 2017
No mediocre love
Apollo Hayden Feb 2017
I don't want no mediocre love,
give me more of a 1 corinthians 13.
I need to know you'll draw nearer when heavy or small storms come,
not lose your sh*t, get scared of the thunder and leave.
See, love is a learning thing and we'll need water for it to grow,
we can't just plant our seed, walk away and expect it to grow on its own.
We've gotta clear the pathways, rewire and connect inside our domes, because without communication we'll both feel as if we're all alone.
But if forever can be seen within the roots, then no storm will ever be hard to get through.
I said it's all about forever, it's all about the roots.
If they're deep enough then there's no storm that will be too rough, and love will not be moved.
So give me that 1 corinthians 13 and we'll till the ground and build from a strong foundation.
Any other type just won't feel right, and will only be wasting our time.
957 · Feb 2016
While She is Sleeping
Apollo Hayden Feb 2016
While she is sleeping
I send these words,
silent to her eyes but to the ears I pray they be heard.
I send them straight to her universe. My eyes gaze upon a starry night while she lay in darkness with eyes shut tight; I am there, though I cannot touch with my hands, I know she will feel these words hit her ears. While streaks of light flicker in her eyes, I am watching stars shoot across the midnight sky, thinking of which words to write,  knowing they will reach you.
Then I feel a slight grin appear on her face; falling deeper into her space, I could have sworn I heard her say, "I can hear you."
937 · Sep 2018
Love or Lust
Apollo Hayden Sep 2018
Are we infatuated,
falling in love or lust?
Blinded from not testing the waters, we jump in not giving a f**k.
So warm it feels, swimming in deceit.
Are we truly tying our souls to those we don't really need?
Oh, these days it's all for the thrill; worried more about the ****** and less bout falling down the hill.
And I ain't new in this so it'll be foolish to seek out emptiness...
Cuz there ain't no forever in temporary bliss.
We feel nothing in their kiss, hit the switch and turned it all off.
Even the lights begin to dim to keep from seeing the truth within our eyes; dead to a stranger because in someone else's heart we're still alive.
Still alive,
Still alive,
In another place when they're by our side.
Heart carried away the brain just to seek satisfaction,
only way to pretend is to remain in a state of detachment.
Are we moving towards love or slowly sinking in lust, losing all motion, getting knocked out of focus because temptation can be tough.
These days the temporary thrills are all that we need, because we don't know who to trust.
Already knowing what it was;
still calling lust love...
928 · Oct 2016
Who were We?
Apollo Hayden Oct 2016
From the last life we were like this,
so meeting you here and now we're just reuniting.
Trying to remember all that we forgotten.
Did love stay fresh, or did it go rotten?

I guess only time will tell.
From the first time we met, I felt I already knew you so well.

I just hope even when we ain't in heaven, you'll still stand by my side through hell.

Who were we?
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
How can the sun exist without the moon?
In mid winter you made it feel as if it were June.
Must've been a dream tho because I feel the cold and the snow now.
People catch me from time to time twirling  round hugging myself outside in stormy weather.
I have to keep reminding myself to pry open my eyes and realize that we're not together.
I must be crazy every time, but I'll be crazy till every feeling is left in every line, till I can look back and smile but for now the Poet in me weeps like a child to not have what I once had.
I'm as blue as the ink that pours out of this pen, I'll be drowning in it pretty soon.
You said that I was your sun, so how can the sun exist without the moon?
Apollo Hayden Oct 2016
Love is not about possession,
I am not yours, you're not mine.
Yet this room once was empty and now we are the two souls occupying this place in this space and time.
We go out and come into each other's presence which has created souls that became intertwined.
We must unravel to remember that we are individuals, with different heart's, different brains and eyes.
All we can do is learn and gain  understanding by looking through our windows to understand each other's minds.
Yes we're in love, in a place where no other souls can ever occupy,
for we have built this room with the first words spoken and a touch that sparked the vibe.
Don't ever forget that it can slip through your fingers, no matter how hard the grip, no matter the time;
just don't hold on so tight.
Because I am not yours, you're not mine.
867 · Aug 2018
Dying Embers
Apollo Hayden Aug 2018
Fading is a light once so bright it warmed our bodies in the bitterness of winter.
Now what's left is ashes of a love story that can never be told.
So cold its difficult to even remember.
Dim lights from embers slowly fade; we have become that change.
In time; out of sight and out of mind, we'll be ashes in the wind.
Having Learned from a faded love, that'll never be felt again.
784 · Jun 2016
The Air between
Apollo Hayden Jun 2016
Can you see two world?
I am the air between 'em.
777 · Sep 2016
Cold day in Babylon
Apollo Hayden Sep 2016
And so the plot thickens, negros getting plucked like the feathers off chickens.
It's open season and while the hurt is grieving the earth is washed with rivers of blood that sinks in.
But they got blinders on as if this **** ain't really going on; not phased at all as strong black men raise their hands only to fall.
By the wayside...they lie lifeless while the people shout for Justice, but their voices fall upon death ears.
Fatherless children growing up in fear, turning tender heart's so cold; she calls 'em super predators as if her feet could ever fit in their shoes; she'll never fathom their souls.
It's gotta be the spirit inside mankind, cuz human beings don't act this way.
It's just what I see through my own two eyes; dead bodies getting hash tagged everyday.
It's just another cold day in babylon, I know it's hard to stay high when they trying to keep us low.
As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we can hear the screams from ghosts.
Judgement will come one day, though it may be hard to see it through those watery eyes.
In the end nobody will ever get away with   taking an innocent life.
776 · Jan 2017
Poetically Whole
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
The marriage of pen to paper gives birth to poetic imagery.
So full of life that its authentic nature can be felt every time you read.
My heart nurtured in its soil so deep that my mind thinks poetically. Aligned with the body and soul, I become poetically whole.
749 · Oct 2018
Tides and Shorelines
Apollo Hayden Oct 2018
See the waves rush in
to grasp a bottle in its hands;
a letter written perfectly protected enclosed by glass
Fire could not do
what this bottle is hoped to do
Sail aimlessly, never to reach the shores again of me or you
Words that were never said have ran out of time and expired
So they are just messages in a bottle lowering and rising with the tides
Never again to reach the shores of you or I
727 · Mar 2017
Spring Cleaning
Apollo Hayden Mar 2017
I've gotta get you out my heart in time for spring
I Know I said that I've moved on but I've just been faking to make it honestly
Its a mess in here, shattered pieces everywhere that needs to get cleaned
Unwanted memories cover these walls of you and me
Causing more bad than good feelings from what used to be
I've been lying and taking my sweet time with reodering everything...
So many memories that need to go, to keep a healthy soul but it's so hard when the heart just won't let go, I think I'm turning cold...
It's not that I want to because I want to be ready for when love comes around again
It's just that I thought you and I would always remain the best of friends
It's such a strange thing, these feelings of you I've been hoarding, leaving no room for something new
and spring is right around the corner so I've got to rid myself of you
It's not something I want to do but it something I have to
Though I've already lost you I don't want to lose my mind too
I've gotta get you out my heart in time for spring...
720 · Dec 2016
Life is Strange
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
The hands of time rewind then
tears roll up our face and back inside the eyes.
Frowns turn back to smiles
and dark clouds roll back as the sun comes back out to shine. We're left there;
into each other's eyes we stare, becoming frozen in time
as thoughts of choices to make and consequences that'll come still roll around in my mind.

Words are felt but never spoken, still I knew it would change the future.
She couldn't put a finger on it but felt the same, as we stared we seen goodbye in both of our eyes.
it's so crazy; life is strange.
684 · Jan 2017
Looking for Proof
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
When the dream breaks, so much has changed, as if time has been manipulated.
I look for you in photos with me for proof, but it seems that you have faded.
I must be crazy to speak and have memories of things that may have never happened, but I swore someone else was there.
I guess I'm really losing it, maybe it was just a voice in the air.

Should I go back to these places and look for four footprints in the mud, or are these photos telling me all I need to know?
Could I have been roaming around in the woods for three years by myself, conversing with a ghost?
666 · Jan 2017
Where the veil is thin
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
In your courtrooms and on your dollar bills it says In God we Trust,
but the only god they serve is (G)uns (O)il and (D)rugs.
Peep game, or forever keep being played by the system put in place to play games upon your brain.
It's an energy exchange to gain control, to steal your soul when your spirit's vibrating at an all time low;
so sniff these lines I write to get you high-enough to become aware of the other side.
We always see the bright side of the moon but if you close your eyes and use your intuition then you'll be able to get in tune-
with the owls and the wolves that howl at midnight, and the black ocean waves that rise.
It'll pull you in where the veil is thin, and you'll see beyond the lies of this holographic universe; to get in touch with the great spirit you don't need a church.
There's only one God that lives and sits on the throne, and that's the most high who resides inside of your holy temple.
646 · Sep 2018
We're Still Drifting
Apollo Hayden Sep 2018
We're still drifting
Headed towards oblivion
Feeling the effects of our past regrets, but not saying nothing
Would love to start over again but its so hard to repair broken things
If we stare at it long enough maybe it'll fix itself magically
but we're in a space of darkness and silence, all it'll take is for someone to speak
and I have said all that I could, spoke so much that it got hard to breathe
So I'm suspended, floating, roaming 'round on my own and I feel you searching to find but there's nobody here with me
Just me, myself and I getting on with life, with a weak reception in telepathy
Traveling through the astral realm, I could've swore that was you in my dreams
Still, there was nothing but silence as I felt your thighs and hips as we made love so passionately
but even in the act I knew I'd have to wake up eventually
So we're still in this dark and silent ocean, wondering and assuming but not saying one thing...
I guess its what happens when you let go of attachments, and stop trying to control and just let the universe speak
And even though it's so silent, I can still hear because I feel everything
645 · Jul 2012
Lingering death
Apollo Hayden Jul 2012
I don't know what this is but I can't feel what this isn't
Maybe the false is hidden, caused by the illusions of the heart
O what battles I face in these affairs, and when it comes to you!
Illusions can make it feel so real..
What felt so deep could turn out to be a surface of lust that's frail
So I keep my distance to guard the heart but I grow weak in my resistance
Cold feet in concrete decisions leave me froze
I act as if you should give a ****. How could you if you don't know?
I feel you never will..
'Cause we took it too far way too fast which brought on the chills..
Now occasionally you get mad at me and I've hid this secret anxiety; now I'm sure it shows.
A familiar feeling starts to arise
This situation hangs by an old rope.
642 · Dec 2016
Mind on the moon
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
These scales always tipping,
this mind always spinning...
Oh slow me down, slow me down;
insane, yet I am sound.
Momma never knew how deep it could get when she placed her son right near the sun;
the kids used to call me a rocketship.
"Apollo 13! Apollo 13!" Now I'm beginning to figure out what all of this means.
I'm light years away suspended in space, wondering if they'll ever come and meet with me.

Oh, but it's much more than that. With this lyre attached to my back and music in my heart, I give you songs of poetry straight from the stars of Libra.
Can you see the constellation?
This October soul gets in touch through the element but I'm no prince of the air;
learning to use discernment with these gifts I've been given, I am very much aware.
Nobody can tell me who I am, only experience can wake me up to searching...
That's why I have gone beyond the sky a long time ago and haven't come down yet.
Way over their heads I am floating...
611 · Jan 2017
Mrs. Freeze
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
I'm just a stranger...
even a ghost I could be.
Lingering around, hoping that the sound of my voice can bring back memories of me.
Not even a whisper sounds familiar, and my touch that used to reach becomes frozen, then my heart shatters to the ground.
They should call you Mrs. Freeze.
590 · Nov 2016
Butterfly Effect
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
Fluttering of wings
Angelic things, mysterious in the same
Ripples from choices made can rewrite narratives
In just a blink of an eye all things can change
Wishing you had control of the past, and that you held tighter on the reins, blinds your view and holds you down with a heavy load of regret
Don't let your soul burn away like a moth in a flame
Though you've been hit by the butterfly effect
583 · Feb 2017
Apollo Hayden Feb 2017
She always had dilated pupils but never did drugs like that.
Only now I realize that her body's been trying to get its soul back.
She's got a calcified third eye with a drawn on one on her forehead for
the fools who don't think deep enough to know she isn't spiritual, because her soul has left her body a long long time ago.
Eventually truth comes to light, and truth is she had no eyes to see that we are so much more than body and bones, and the blood that we bleed.
She fools you with the things she eats, even the sound of her voice can be so sweet, but nothing could be further from the truth;
her eyes always proved that she's hollow through and through.
She still wins though, because only I know, only I felt, only I could see the truth of the real person who lied deep underneath the skin.
She's hollow through and through, having no soul within.
566 · Feb 2017
Apollo Hayden Feb 2017
No matter what, I won't let go of you.
You make my winters warm and my summers so memorable.
The second I hear you speak to me
I scurry for a pen and let you out through the ink on the sheets.
Already written on the walls inside my head,
I let you out so that I may not be so stressed.
You're therapy, the air I breathe; they'll always hear you when I speak.
You're like calm waters for a heart that's filled up with raging seas,
and that's how we connect, the magnetism so deep that I let you do the pulling as I let the pen bleed.
There's no difference between this blood and ink, within both life is carried.
So when the flow stops don't burry me, burn me along with my word's
and throw my ashes into a swift wind,
So I can be heard across the universe, and speak to those whose inner worlds are listening.
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
One to twelve, one to twelve,
clocks on the wall, one to twelve.
Circle circles, cycle cycles,
chains of time on the mind, stuck in this hell.
Back into the light, you've came here so many times;
deja vu flashes clues yet you still can't tell,
how we used to be able to reach thirteen but they've got us stuck in this cycle of one to twelve.
559 · Dec 2016
Calling on Angels
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
I can sense the flame is getting dim, will we lose or will we win?
I much rather we tend to this fire then to start all over again.
Some things that are lost can be found but we haven't lost a **** thing yet, and I would hate for us to lose the love and forget how we ever became friends.
Cuz that's how it started and then you got in my heart and made yourself at home, so they'll be remnants of your beautiful soul if ever you had to go.
Please don't go, let us not lose this flame or its glow,
because ever since we've connected you and I have became one soul.
There goes that dim...and the flame is flickering, are there demons in this room trying to **** whatever's left?
Well I'm calling on angels to help by coming to fight for us, because this battle we've been facing is more in the unseen dimensions of our love.
Come fight for us...
558 · Dec 2016
I See You
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
Past the skin I've caught glimpses of your soul
From the things that you've done to what you still do
I just wanted you to know
I see you
548 · Nov 2016
Wolves in the Poet
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
You'll be asleep but I'll be spending my nights howling at the moon.
But if you've ever wondered if wolves cry baby, well they do...
I'm known by many, yet understood by a few.
A mystery but I tell my story through simple words,
turning pain to gold, the alchemist unfolds his truths from the philosophers stone.
I am a paradox because I enjoy your presence, yet I would rather be left alone.
With a few books in a sack full of pencils and paper; watch this poet as he continues to roam...
547 · Dec 2016
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
It wasn't the lack of light, it was the intensity.
Our souls merged and it got so bright to the point I started losing sight of what you meant to me.
I needed space so I closed my eyes and went inside but never wanted you to leave.
Still I feel your presence but I also can feel you slowly fading away from me...
541 · Apr 2016
Swim Here
Apollo Hayden Apr 2016
It's too deep for you to swim here, yet
a shallow mind isn't necessarily sleeping, still one must begin to use it if ever they wanna come to the deep end
505 · Dec 2015
Sails of the soul
Apollo Hayden Dec 2015
Watch the dimming of the light in the midnight sky.
Watch it flicker, watch it fade above
as a life grabs at his chest from an attack on the heart below.
A star that's burned for eons has felt the experiences of many seasons; new days in the body always come and go.
Yet they're never guaranteed, only change and death be the surest thing; stars are born while others lose their glow.
Though the heart has failed, the sails of the soul will prevail and bring it safely home.
481 · Feb 2017
Apollo Hayden Feb 2017
Like a thick mist that just won't pass I'm getting caught up in the haze.
Heart on its knees fighting to beat, still confused and questioning things in my brain.
I still have puzzle pieces but not enough remnants to make sense of anything.
Love lingers still, while I wake up every day out of a dream that I thought I was wide awake in.
So in the words of Sade,
I've got to wash you off my skin.
461 · Nov 2016
Rise up and Rebel
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
Must've been a glitch in the matrix
Cuz all of these faces are all starting to look the same to me.
Caught up in their fears of tomorrow, lowering their vibrations,
How will you ever make it to 5D?
It'll take more than a board to surf these waves,
more than fog lights to clear all this haze,
from the heart and the head is where it all vibrates so become aware of what's in front of you to see what your subconscious mind is trying to say.
From head we project what we see, just like a movie screen, we are the directors unaware of the rolls we play; thoughts creating our realities everyday.
Hearing echoes from Obama saying we need to believe in change; listening to Micheal as I stare at the man in the mirror, remembering where it starts first.
It can't be done if it ain't from the heart first,
the war can't be won if you don't put God first because there's a shift on the horizon.
As I write these lines time is speeding up while some still on the dark side of their mind hiding from self.
We can build heaven here on earth, or we can choose to remain in a hell.
The trumpets are blowing, in this age of knowing
Jacob's finally breaking out of his sleeping spell.
Read the signs and know that it is high time to rise up and rebel.
459 · Jan 2017
The Oracle
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
She was pinched in stature.
Radiated with such confidence,
yet she was nothing like a preacher, still we opened up and listened from within.
She scanned my energy from front to back, and told me that self forgiveness was thing in which I lacked.
I gave her a smile along with a nod letting her know it was well received, then I sat down, poured out the clutter and met her in the stillness, and listened to her speak.
It was all about forgiveness and walls we build that limits our beliefs.
It was there I was told to let go, piercing my skin her voice spoke to my soul, saying "and this you already know," but I forgot.
Oh the things that can be brought back into the light, when we're able to be still, slow down our thoughts and close our eyes, the answers will come.
I opened my eyes and to my surprise I stood alone in a room, and remembered that we all are one.
445 · Jan 2017
On the waves of wind
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
I'll be sending my thoughts on the waves of wind, to get to you.
Letting my tongue rest and silence do what my voice can't seem to do.
442 · Jan 2017
Natural living Man
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
let me flow like water,
let me be free like the birds,
respecting mother earth and the laws of the universe.
Don't try to contain me for I can be like the wind,
blowing warm and calmly or cold enough to reach the bones under your skin.
A natural living man I am, don't ever try and chain me down
with your rules, expectations and perceptions of me, for I will not be bound.
let me live, step aside and let the spirit of I thrive, don't try and imprison me with your doctrine full of lies.
Freely I should live without your prying eyes, for I'm no enemy of the state but a mighty man of Yah.
With humbleness I come and these are the words that I must say, before I take what's rightfully mine, knowing it won't be given anyway.
This is an outcry, in every line take heed or prepare for war.
If not, we are coming to take back what has never ever been yours.
437 · Nov 2016
Light of Philosophy
Apollo Hayden Nov 2016
You could say I kept most beliefs inside,
held them till it killed me.
What was kept did not cause suicide,
most of y'all just didnt feel me.
Yes I've entertained the possibilities of what could be wrong in this life of ours;
how generational curses could be holding us back, from stretching our life so far.
Or if there's a spiritual world surrounding us by demons, creating a fear too tough to conquer,
gaining access inside of our lives,
making us become the monsters.
These are psychological things and we can be seen as a devil; who roams, seeking whomever he may devour.
May eyes believe more than they see,
before that final hour..
May your thoughts rearrange, scaring you half to death...where you finally believe in a higher power.
Harder to explain the occurrences,
easier to understand, if you do your research and finally realize your not the only one occupying this land.
I wont be ridiculed, I'll be gone before they do.
Though many came before me, many still haven't changed their point of view.
Whether we choose not to see, we still live amongst the unseen;
angelic and demonic forces that will never leave us be.
Come out of hiding, great minds
yes, awake from your slumber.
I'm appalled at the time that wasn't taken to just sit around and wonder..
about yourself and others,
and how the souls that dwell within could be filled with heavenly light or darkened by worldly sin.
436 · Jan 2016
Be Electrified
Apollo Hayden Jan 2016
If it's not water that you come to give, then I don't want your negative. 
Give me light, give me that positive. Yes, that will suffice. 
Bounce them off of me and together we will rise
from the lower state of which we came, for we were always meant to live right.
O remember to let love flow, and watch it be the current to electrify your light bulbs, helping you to see the truth that's been inside.
In a world of war and so much pain, let the healing hands of love be magnified. 
Speak the words and touch those who hurt by sending those uplifting positive vibes.
More than just skin and bones, for those who dont know or forgot...
remember you're a vessel of the most high.
426 · Jul 2017
From Within
Apollo Hayden Jul 2017
You've been up,
you've been down,
you've been left and you've been right.
So familiar are you with the outside world,
but how much time have you spent inside?
To be aware of the world around you, from within let the waters flow.
For what is it to breathe if you don't feel alive from your head down to your toes?
Staying aware of even the subtle things, of which the eyes tend to miss but the mind always reads; the signs and symbols that speak louder than any word off the tongues of men.
You think you can't train it but you can, and if you don't someone else will always be in control,
separating you further from mother earth, dimming the light of your soul.
So wherever you are right now, close your eyes and breathe,
and imagine you're the wind blowing through the trees, flowing in and out as you remain mindful of how you're connected to everything.
418 · Jan 2017
Darkness of our Hearts
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
Tonight the native flute plays,
expressing all that my heart cannot say.
Limbo is such a strange place to be, still I keep quiet that I may hear when the spirit speaks.
The closest ones can change and seem so far, like they've flicked off a switch and left you in the dark.
So lately I've been doing too much, stretching and reaching in darkness to find that there's nobody in here to touch.
Still I reach just one last time, I stretch my arms out wide, slowly feeling them crossing and coming back, then I find that I'm inside of them tightly wrapped.
I'm still alive in here, and though it is dark I am not blind to the things that are so clear.
I do not wait but quiet  I'll remain, with dry eyes and dry face; I can hear the flow of every tear.
As we both know, we come in this world alone and we'll die alone, so what is there to fear?
That we'll fade into the darkness of our hearts and warm water will turn to frozen tears.
414 · Sep 2016
Afraid of Heights
Apollo Hayden Sep 2016
Many may come,
yet few will climb;
not every man is concerned with what's inside.
Stuck at their base, just by the look on their face, you can see the soul speak in their eyes.
They were never ready to start from the heart; they were always afraid of heights.
414 · Jan 2016
Soul Upon Flesh
Apollo Hayden Jan 2016
How can the stars shine without darkness?
How can a mind glow without being enlightened?
Open up your EYElid, or forever remain in your ignorance of who I am. This is soul upon flesh; black gold with an African drum inside my chest. Pumping and thumping loud enough for you to hear; whenever the ancestors speak, be prepared to learn.
As for those insecurities, dig 'em up and let 'em burn, sending the ashes into the sky.
Even then you may not be willing to open up your EYE, but every time you look into the darkness I know you're in fear of what you would find.
A truth that'll hit so hard it'll destroy those beliefs and prove they were only lies.

With tough love I speak to the soul, and so it is with tough love that I write.
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