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We look
upon the
the flowers,
“I was once
you, before
my eyes
were known
to your
the wind is
lifting the
gently as
of the sea,
the night
us and
are as
of the
we give,
and yet,
Traveler Nov 2021
I read your writing
and tried to respond
but the dot kept spinning
all day long…

I made myself a promise
and pledged to hold on
never given up
on the outlet for my songs

So if you don’t hear my cheerful
daily rhyme
I’m sure the gateway will open up
in due time!
Traveler 🧳
Traveler Sep 2021
When white lies trickle
into my speech
I hold my tongue
pressed against my teeth

I take a deep breath
and tell the truth
I can’t live this life
any better then you!

Travelers 🧳 Tim
Freedom will come
when the king relinquishes the throne!
Danielle Feb 2020
How envy I was
in my past.
when we were rushing the future
and made the present bypassed;
we were left in past.
Purcy Flaherty Sep 2018
The evening breeze,
the rhythm of the trees,
the song of love,
the honey bees,
I climb back under the covers
and dream of traveling horses,
starry skies, valleys and plains;
from which the mountains rise.
I keep my feet upon the ground.
She keeps her eyes upon the road.
Our souls, wild and fertile, roaming with desire,
Our souls, wild and fertile, roaming with desire,
but love ?
In that she is replete;
traveling from A to Z.
and i'm happy for her.
Gypsy, travelers,  Romanys,  New age travellers,  troubadours Pixies
Brian McDonagh May 2018
When attached to a place,
A certain company, for a long time,
It’s no easy step to meet a new face.

Your quarter, nickel, and dime
Know well how change works;
It can be as sweet as sugar, or sour as lime.

A score of time somewhere one lurks
Withholds the power and experience
To accept seeing new folks, whether angels or jerks.

That’s the code of assimilating in an audience,
Where faces turn seat-to-seat
As if to survey an area of new and one-time presence.

There are small feet, but this is no small feat
To get to know and open ourselves.
Never doubt, though, you may find someone neat!

Stories about us, stories about themselves
In a community that has something to say;
We are books that need to be dusted and read from our shelves.

Leaving the home, mystified with each day,
Us travelers hunger for blood not yet acquainted,
There’s always a new somebody not too far away.

Community: has this a picture painted?
It has always made me nervous meeting new people face-to-face, but to me it's not growth unless an uneasy feeling is felt at some point
Aaron LaLux Apr 2018
here we are again,
you’d think we’d have it figured out already,
especially after so many lifetimes,

why would anyone in their right mind,
put themselves through this life after life time after time,
we both want the same thing eventually that’s for sure,
we just can’t agree on the timeline,

and honestly I’m ready now,
so please don’t make me wait another lifetime,

so we separate once again and go on our way,
always running away,
and never finding the time to make a home,
just finding different places to stay,


we’ve waited too long,
and I’m ready now,
I know I ******* up but you ******* up too,
well to build a house it takes a few screws,

so come back,
build this house with me,
let’s pour the foundation,
and leave our past buried in that concrete,

and yeah it’ll be hard work,
but anything that’s worth it always is,
and I’m tired of finding reasons to die,
I want to find some reasons to live,

live with me,
I mean really,
live with me,
in this reality,

and I want to explain this all to you,
but you’d probably think it’s a bit too heavy,

plus you’ve got your own baggage,
so why would you want mine,
I mean we both travel so much,
that we know there’s a 2 bag limit on most airlines,

but I don’t mind,
I’ll let you lay your luggage upon me,
I’m stronger now a can take the wait,
tell me all your troubles above ground under palm trees,

on our own island,
safely harbored from that sea of troubles,
we’ve been blown off and popped to many times,
but we don’t need them anymore we have our own bubble,

and I love it in here,
in this world we created,
but just when I start to feel safe,
and think that we’ve finally made it,

we both go ahead and break it,

all those lines we wrote down as vows get forgotten,
and the same pencil we used to write that page we use to erase it,

and you ran away like you always have,
because you’d rather turn your back on your reflection than face it,

and that’s okay I guess,
if you’re gonna go you’re gonna go no matter what I’m saying,

and if you love them,
set them free,
so I let you go without saying a word,
and watched you walk away again for another eternity,

and now I’m left alone again,
and everything reminds me of you,
the beach the sun my breathe,
even the classes I take in Jiu Jitsu,

can’t sleep,
because when I lay in bed you’re not there,
and that gives me that pain in my stomach,
and that desperate feeling of despair,

can’t eat,
because all food reminds me of our meals together,
can’t go out,
because even when the sky is clear it feels like stormy weather,

and I know this sounds corny but whatever,
this is our Love Story and no one is going to write it for us,
and we’ve been apart for too long,
and we deserve to explore us,

and I’m ready,
finally after all these years,
but as soon as I think I’m ready,
instead of standing strong I break down into tears,

and I don’t want you to see me cry,
because it’s embarrassing,
I’m a man men don’t cry,
and I want to speak up but I say nothing,

I’m all out of words,
and can barely breathe,
feels like my soul is being crushed,
so how do you expect me to speak,

it’s a challenge just to breathe,
can’t sleep nor do I want to wake up,
just want to find a way somehow,
to get back through to you so hopefully we can make up,

but it’s not up to me,
it’s up to you,
I just hope,
you realize soon,

before it’s too late,
and we’re both gone for good,
back into the world from which we came,
back above the clouds but still misunderstood,

can’t return to Heaven,
until we earn back our wings,
and we’re not going to find our reception,
until we learn a few more things,

and we’re not going to learn,
until we grow up and face each other,
not only as friends and soul mates,
but also as fellow beings and eternal lovers,

there’s work to do,
and I’m ready if you’re willing,
and there’s no time to lose,
because time is constantly ticking,

can’t get back a single moment once it’s gone,
and the moment is now so let’s not hesitate,
because we are timeless anyways,
so we are never late,

we measure time by lifetimes,
and I’ve waited a few to see you again,
and just when I finally think we’ve finally made it,
you go ahead get up and just run away again,

here we are again,
you’d think we’d have it figured out already,
especially after so many lifetimes,

why would anyone in their right mind,
put themselves through this life after life time after time,
we both want the same thing eventually that’s for sure,
we just can’t agree on the timeline,

and honestly I’m ready now,
so please don’t make me wait another lifetime…

∆ LaLux ∆
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Brent Kincaid Feb 2017
When it’s spring on the ocean
The wind is clear and warm
And the campers pull in
To wait out summer storms.
And one of them spends time
As he spends his time in Egypt
Making flutes of bamboo
To find his living in it.

He seems to be immune
To states and times and towns.
Whatever is his story
He's glad he's still around.
And when the campers waken
To sniff the fog of dawn
The ocean will still be there
But the flute man will be gone.

Gone to seek his being
Where no man is alone
Where no one rubs his shoulder
And each soul is his own.
You know he's glad he met you
But he is moving on.
He leaves the waves behind him
But the flute man has moved on.
Apollo Hayden Oct 2016
From the last life we were like this,
so meeting you here and now we're just reuniting.
Trying to remember all that we forgotten.
Did love stay fresh, or did it go rotten?

I guess only time will tell.
From the first time we met, I felt I already knew you so well.

I just hope even when we ain't in heaven, you'll still stand by my side through hell.

Who were we?
Alan Feb 2016
Watch for the travelers that carry no marks. Some may wear their journey through ink, others through the mark of the blade or the tool. But those that have neither, yet cross the lands as if they were wading through water.

They may carry their marks inside.

Where they can stretch the skies and fill the oceans, without ever being seen. Those are the travelers to watch for, not the ones with letters or pictures adorning them, but the ones who are marked only by their dreams.
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