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Dinner on the 13th floor.
Traded a life with a kiss on the cheek.
A tree held the rope for me,
As I traded the life back.

I was number 13,
Of the 12.
Some time in may
Last year, 2018
It was a warm day
I was thirteen

You said you didn't want me
You broke my heart and changed me
But that's not the end

I thought I'd never finish
Being thirteen
To die was my dearest wish
But I turned fourteen

You may have broke my heart
But it fixed on its own
You messed me up real smart
Now my hearts on airplane mode

Won't let anything in
That includes memories of you
I'm going to win
I will forget how I loved you

You you you you you
On my mind
Me me me me me
Please be kind

To yourself
You're still alive
Look at you
Heart still going

My heart's on airplane mode
At least it's still beating
Living on my own
No more feeling
Thought I'd be dead by now really I did pretty proud I'm still here hehe
Dream Fisher Feb 26
If my words were like a gun
There would be smoke coming off my tongue
I don't think about life during a sunrise,
During a sunset or a star showered night.
I think about life eating a plate of nachos,
Drinking too much coffee with my wife.
I know in a big picture, I don't make the portrait
But when they torch these walls, I'll help restore them.
I can keep calm with a poker face like you,
But truth is, I'd rather be a joker getting wild with the twos.
I'm one of the few honest liars left
And we don't rattle. We don't rattle.

It's an odd feeling knowing the words,
That keep me up at night,
Won't matter once they're out, still unheard
Only said as the emotion lingering in my head.
I lie in bed putting my thoughts to rest
Sliding my finger to turn the page
Back to the real world behind the stage
Of a notepad and metophorical pen
Because a digital thought looks neat,
If only you saw the backspacing eraser
Scribbling out all my waste you'll never meet.
But we don't rattle. We don't rattle.
chloe Mar 2018
today was yesterday and they lied about tomorrow.
it doesn't exist. just like you.
you are only one thing in a world of hatred recklessness.
you were never planned. you are nothing. let me make it clear.
i don't want you to think that you got it easy. because you didn't.    
no-one ever does. its a myth of constellations in the sky.
i want. * don't say it * it breaks people and keeps them in eternal darkness. you are asking for something they can't extrapolate from themselves.
what are you going to take from this. nothing.
you fit. thats all you need to know. you certainly don't fit in. but you fit. within a world of your own.
because of me. i wanted it to be perfect. it wasnt. it never will. and this is now my punishment.
take it from me.

yours sincerely,
this is all about me. don't take it personally
Skylar Turner Mar 2018
i am 13 years old and in a brand new
yellow two piece swim suit when
your gaze flickers up then down

you are 21 and it is okay because
i “look old enough to be 18”
but my mother doesn’t think so

she snaps at you to “keep your
eyes in your head boy before you
lose ‘em i promise you that”

i am embarrassed for all the wrong
reasons but it doesn’t click
until years later when i realize it

i wanted my mother to keep it down
let him look but don’t let him touch
it’s okay mom it’s flattering to me

but it is not okay
i was not embarrassed because my
mother had every right

i was ashamed from the way his
male gaze swept across my body
as if he were searching for a meal

i was ashamed because i thought
that’s how women got complimented
how girls were suppose to behave

i was ashamed because “am i
not **** enough for him mom
should no man look at me?”

i was ashamed because i
was 13 and it was the first time
i was introduced to sexuality

but now i am not ashamed
i am angry because
i am not the only one
H3L3 Feb 2018
Traveling thunder
And rolling lies
Thoughts down under
And scarred thighs
Slashed feelings
and thoughts of suicide
Oh when god, when will I die?
I’m feeling stuck, ****, I’m stuck
So why god, why, why am I alone?
Scarred thighs
Scarred lies
Scarred wrists
And feelings dismissed
I’ll open the bottle and count
All the way to thirteen
Thirteen and I’m done.
Thirteen and I’m free.
Can you tell I’m feeling down? Have a goodnight saplings. -TR
lost Dec 2017
thirteen reasons why i love you
1.You made me smile like never before
2.I never seemed to cry when I was with you.
  3.I thought you were the one
   4.The memories weren't scaring
    5.The pain wasn't as strong while being around you
     6.My scars started to heel.
      7.My smile never leaved while around you
       8.I was actually happy
        9.I enjoyed being around you
         10.When I laughed I wasn't faking
          11.When we talked it wasn't awkward
           12.My emotions were alway defined
            13.My heart wasn't confused about you
                                          thirteen reasons why i hate you
1.You can't make up your mind
2.You never said you wanted us to work
  3.My emotions never made a difference to you
   4.My feelings were alway wrong towards you
    5.We never did what I wanted
     6.We didn't talk about our problems
      7.I wasn't want you needed
       8.I did things that you didn't argue with you
        9.My beliefs weren't agreeing with yours
         10.My friends could never hangout with us
          11.Changing opinions wasn't what you ever wanted
            12.Changing for me was alway a no go
              13.Someone alway came first
                                                         one reason why I left
1. I loved you
                                                     one reason why you left didn't love me
I was sitting at my desk, randomly got this need to write thirteen reasons.
I'd buoy
and faithfully
quest bitter
nuance these
florid orbs
milk the
way with
point of
passion if
tact hand
in hand
with umbrella
this straw
key in
clouds for
another day
beware Friday the Thirteenth here
Lunar Oct 2017
I've been wishing for you,
wishing on you;
Is this the reason why
my dreams don't come true
because they don't need to?
When you're here
dancing as the pale moonlight
across my shadowed skin;
it's only in the dark
when I can let you in,
and we can see each other
best and in our brightest.
So paint yourself on the canvas of my thoughts;
allow me to be the blank pages you need.
I'll empty myself for you to fill me whole
with this dance of the thirteenth month—
a tribute birthed out of this tune.
When it ends I'll never move again
the same way I did before:
because now you are the echoing pulse of my bloodstream,
and I'm completely anew like the full moon.
Inspired by SVT's Performance Unit's song 'Lilili Yabbay/The Dance of the 13th Month'.
I love the theme of the song, the dance's choreo, the genre; from the scenery, to the fluid movements which flow between the dancers' extremities and the fabric that wraps around their skin.
Ever heard of a song that's part of a dance, not just a dance that's part of a song? This is one of those rare kinds of songs.

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