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my soul feels at home
when you’re around
but how crazy must I sound?

I see a lot of signs
and I wonder,
why is your soul
so familiar to mine?

maybe we’ve already met
in another life, at another time
maybe that’s why, so hard, I try

I beg the universe to show me the path
I know how to count my blessings,
but I’m bad at maths

I tell my soul story
in an empty room, 
a huge auditory

I beg for a single listener
my thoughts made me a prisoner

I’m trapped in this journey
some days it might be stormy

but the beautiful moments,
the ones I capture
they are very much needed
for my manufacture

so I might be a work in progress
but I write these words off my chest,
I sit down and I confess

your soul is familiar to mine
I can’t ignore it nor decline

and I came to tell you
my soul story
even if you’re not
sitting in the auditory

because I’m not made of fear,
I’m full of glory.

- gio, 09.05.2020
Jann Flach Nov 2018
Its 3AM, and i´m all alone
nothings around me, just the walls of my empty room.

I´m sitting in front of the Window,                                                          ­     Just my silhouette, black and grey.
Listening to the songs we used to hear together,
but now you're gone,
and i´m sitting here all alone on my empty Throne

Hope your journey goes on and on,
maybe you will notice where you belong
Watching outside, the rain keeps falling down
just one word to describe it

Behind the window I see a lonely soul,
like yours, but no peaceful mind at all
just full of useless things,
despite everything, I still think about it

Now the sun comes out, and steals the sadly beauty of the rain away
There's nothing more to say, just one simple
way to keep you in my memory
I have to catch every raindrop that falls down on my skin,
I am looking into the rainy clouds,
just the see your teardrops falling,
falling into my Soul
Apollo Hayden Oct 2016
Love is not about possession,
I am not yours, you're not mine.
Yet this room once was empty and now we are the two souls occupying this place in this space and time.
We go out and come into each other's presence which has created souls that became intertwined.
We must unravel to remember that we are individuals, with different heart's, different brains and eyes.
All we can do is learn and gain  understanding by looking through our windows to understand each other's minds.
Yes we're in love, in a place where no other souls can ever occupy,
for we have built this room with the first words spoken and a touch that sparked the vibe.
Don't ever forget that it can slip through your fingers, no matter how hard the grip, no matter the time;
just don't hold on so tight.
Because I am not yours, you're not mine.
Black Roses Apr 2015
I  miss you deeply, deeper then seas.
I miss everything we shared,
we were two hearts that cared,
two souls that could not bare,
we just stood there and stared.

— The End —