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Simran Sadhwani Jul 2019
I have sinned for what I have been told
Graves upon graves
Filled with the bodies of a thousand weeping souls
Their blood
Stains each and every finger of my own
I am helpless
Have not committed this sin
So horrifying and untold
Yet I am stamped guilty
Since I have sinned for what I have been told

~Simran Sadhwani
Apollo Hayden Mar 2017
No bridge will ever be built.
No passion could ever feel as real without love;
there's no stronger force that could ever bind us so, to the point where we're no longer separate but completely whole.
So death to mediocrity, give me that which comes straight from the soul.
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
As long as I'm still alive
I am a work in progress,
trying to remember the contract signed before I reincarnated into this flesh.
Who I agreed to meet, the people that would make life a little light, yet still keep enough space in between to be able to hear the spirit speak and guide.
These chapters of my life are written down to show that I am living and have lived them, so I have to write even if eyes never take the time to read, or ears never listen.
Just trying to live and connect the dots with every written line, to remember why it is I agreed to this and signed upon the dotted line.
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
let me flow like water,
let me be free like the birds,
respecting mother earth and the laws of the universe.
Don't try to contain me for I can be like the wind,
blowing warm and calmly or cold enough to reach the bones under your skin.
A natural living man I am, don't ever try and chain me down
with your rules, expectations and perceptions of me, for I will not be bound.
let me live, step aside and let the spirit of I thrive, don't try and imprison me with your doctrine full of lies.
Freely I should live without your prying eyes, for I'm no enemy of the state but a mighty man of Yah.
With humbleness I come and these are the words that I must say, before I take what's rightfully mine, knowing it won't be given anyway.
This is an outcry, in every line take heed or prepare for war.
If not, we are coming to take back what has never ever been yours.

— The End —