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Some where,
In the parallel universe
There might be my
Writing the antonym
Of just this verse!
If I could do telepathy,
Would have shown
All my sympathy
For being just the opposite!
The world has turned into a global village
No one can deny on that...

But..remember the phone we had placed on that beautiful table mat? was a matter of pride to have one..

The only fastest medium of communication we had at that time
It too had models...the rotary phone, the keypad and many fancy ones

We talked, laughed and sobbed sitting at one place as we were tied with the corded set with everyone.

It was fear of radiation or loss of eye sight .

Though it was much too costlier than what it is today....people still communicated and talked their heart out

Now...every hand has a cell phone which comes with many features overcoming the limitation of the old one
People can connect anywhere in no time
Then why...?
We are so disconnected.....!

May be we mastered the art of telepathy?...or we are blessed with a magical wand...?

We talk no more
We only make groups
We love forwarding messages

We have become mute.....

So can we again move to landline?
Come out of the virtual world by talking to our dear ones at this time?
Can we try and understand what they are hiding behind their smiling whatsapp profiles?

Let's do things one at a time...rather than multitasking with phone on one hand and laptop on the other...
Let's give them the love and respect when one needs from your side.
So ..... sit back and dial a number of your loved one...and help the world again to become one if not through landline but may be your heartline!!

Bina Mukherjee
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2019
If you are
Lucky enough

The wondering soul
Will find

To live by
Genre: Romantic
Theme: When everything matters
Bill Johnston Apr 2019
cannot get rid of
the voices in my head-
faulty connection
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
your heart is connected to mine
and that's why i think i feel so sad at times
because when we're apart
our hearts still communicate
and the pain is just you missing me
and me missing you
i wonder if you feel it too
I believe in telepathy.
Even if I didn’t I should.
I like to think you think of me
Each time I think of something good.

Since you are always on my mind,
Energized by our connection,
Across the ether you should find
Me in your mental projection.

I open up and let you in,
And turn my loving thoughts to you.
Each thought of you that’s ever been
Should cause you to think of me too.

You’re in my heart and in my head,
And as unlikely as it seems,
If I’m awake and you’re in bed,
My thoughts of you are in your dreams.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
No bone

My skull has gone, no bone;
Just an open mind of the fallen Sun.
I collapsed in your arms and you held me close,
Just like I always dreamed you would.

I feel your hand upon my brain,
It’s funny but relaxing.
You feel my insistence for you again,
As the waves in my mind start you laughing.

We are connected, two people as one.
Come here, feel love and never feel alone.
Let me grow extendable arms, so I can wrap my arms around us;
My arms fly around you and I many times, entrapping us in love.

Stuck together forever, my love cannot be severed,
I Love You!
Didn’t you notice, that we made a connection?
A telepathic, subtle, intelligent discussion;
A meeting of the minds, blind to the eye, but there for certain.

You know what I think somehow.
I guess it’s written all over my face.
So you know I am telling the truth to you now.
I love you…I love her…I love (…) for she is my grace.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
A part of the process.

As the cadence of my voice becomes a part of your tongue,
I communicate with you in silence using telepathic thoughts.
You are still growing and as of yet you are unborn,
But creation has begun
And there are many things you are learning
And so much more that you need to be taught.

Whisper to me and I will fulfill your needs;
A daily dose of unending love is what you give to me.
So happy inside your little bubble;
Will you grow up to become a lot of trouble?
Or will you bring us the contentment we have been searching for?
You are a moving hand found beneath the rubble and we are all yours.

A light in the dark, a glint in the eye;
A smile and a wink and it was bed time…
And so you were formed, so soon to be born;
Nobody fully prepares you for all of the love.

The fun you bring with you and the changes;
What are the chances of my mind changing?
They are not even remote; they are not a possibility.
We are creating a planet; you are my world and my everything.

And when you are with us, our cherub is helpless;
But we will help you with whatever you need
And do whatever it takes to make you happy.
I don’t mind changing a ***** or two…
It’s just a part of the process
And you are now a part of our family.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Maria Etre Jan 2018
If thoughts can
meet half way across
the ocean
and tornado a whirlpool
of the unspoken
King Triton would
be threatened
by the intensity
of human
Telepathy you say.
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