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Zack Ripley Mar 2019
It's okay to find shapes in the clouds or stand out in the crowd.
It's okay to ask why or if you feel you need to cry.
It's okay to say no.
It's okay if you don't know.
It's okay if your dreams change as you grow.
It's okay if you're wrong.
It's okay if you're right.
It's okay to ask for help
or if you're afraid of the night.
It's okay to sing.
It's okay to love who you love.
It's okay to believe heaven and your god above.
It's okay if you're lonely.
It's okay to admit you're not okay.
But remember. No matter what they say, it's okay
Light House Sep 2017
He had rode into Horror... on a dappled white,
grey horse.  But, his environment soon changed;
he found himself in a glassy, mirror-walled room. The walls
seemed to speak to him, making up for the lack of neighing sounds & such, his stead once made....

The walls emanated,
& answered questions he had asked himself what felt like
lifetimes ago.  They spoke in a strange language, strumming the chords of his intuition ...pressing the keys of his feelings; they spoke in images as they cast back responses in the form of echoes
-- reflections -- of his mutated self.

There was no time ...there,
in that crystal-clear-- box
he once found himself penned up in:
No past...  No future...  ...Not there.

He had rode into Horror, but now...
he walked through it.  Without a horse...
but, instead ...with his own hooves... he, now, stepped.
Hunched... but not broken, he now hauled himself----
awkwardly, at first, yet finding new balance
with his -- not-so-long-ago -- received winding tail & coiled horns, which almost, now... resembled antlers;
they acted -- with some practice & getting used to -- like whiskers, or a balancing pole
...or an umbrella.

A weird combination of what looked like human, goat,
& ..something else... slowly, made it's way
along a dark stretch of thread.  But, he..
had no choice, except.. to howl.. & wail.... continue moving forward -- through Horror -- as this---- whatever this ...he... now, was.
Gone over once,  Re-posting as I made many edits doing so.
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
See the problem is we always think we have time,
so before the sun descends and the moon arrives
I tell you I love you before I shut my eyes at night.
Oh darling, heaven only knows how much breath we have left inside.
No matter where it is we stand, this I'll always say...
before I run out of time, before it's too late.
SMILEY May 2015
We knew each other in middle school
We exchanged not two words
But ***** looks was all we would do
It's still a mystery
We didn't know each other
But we assumed
We should just stay away
To prevent stronger disagreement

I think of it now
And I hate it
I hate how
It took so long
For us to realize
That was all wrong

Here we are
I love you
And I can't imagine
My life
Lacking your presence
Your whole self
You are
Greater than the sky
She's the best..
SMILEY May 2015
The only reason I live
The only reason I love
The only reason I cry
The only reason I laugh
The only reason I believe
The only reason I'm here

You taught me how to be a person
And you're still going
I am your project
Your precious

I just wanted to let you know
You're my hero
And I beg of you
Never let go
Of this knowledge I remind you of every day
I love you
Every little thing about you
Oh, yes I do

Remember this
Don't let it slip your mind
When I tell you other wise
Because those are the things you're still there for
I'll be terrifyingly nice
Just as long as  
You never forget
You're my favorite person
It's my moms birthday.
Simon Woodstock Mar 2015
love me or hate me you can never recreate me for I am one of a kind knowing that we are all made to die and that the love we had was more like a fad because with the change of the season came your change of heart and finally what killed me was your reason I read the message over and over again convinced myself it was treason but no here we sit weeks later and nothing has changed I've lost myself  and you've pushed forward with a plan that has no place for me anymore but in agony I'll remain to wish you luck because to leave is suicide because no matter how broken my heart is my love for you won't give up because when I said through thick and thin I meant it  i'll be here for you whether were lovers or friends

— The End —