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TD Sep 2018
I startle when I see
the darlings of society
flaunt their scorn
like they have something left
to mourn.
This was a poem I had in my draft box for awhile.. just decided to throw it out there without a single edit. why not..
Darkness haunches over me
The mountains swallow the obsidian sea
A thick chill weighs heavy on my lungs
Like the sinking night
The ocean with no will to rise and fall
lays still to the weight of time
And I, knees tucked tight,
watch the minutes pass by
contemplating, soul searching
as the calvary draws from the east
Arterial red spears pierce the darkness
Copper ink bleeds from sky to sea
casting colour like rose petals
and cotton candy
to welcome the sun
as it’s light drowns out the night
The mountains retreat like watchdogs backing down
The chill lifts
unfreezing the motionless tide
Lovers take to the long stretch
And so the day begins
Sadaf Fatima Feb 4
Since childhood,
I have been fascinated by one story,
The story of The **** Duckling.

Whether a duckling or a swan,
She always stood apart.
Alone in body and thoughts,
She never was the crowd.

But chancing upon her reflection,
She discovered a thing or two,
She wasn't to waddle along,
Their purpose was not her purpose.

She knew she had to be different.
She had to feel out of place.

It took some time,
And great amount of pain,
To realize,
It was the wind that caressed her wings.
It was the skies that enchanted her.

She had to rise beyond inhibitions,
To a place far far away.
Hussein Dekmak Jan 2017
If I stumble, if I fall

While I’m walking on my journey, searching for a way through my sorrows and misfits,

Would you be so kind as to lift me up gently with care?

Would you help show me the way?

If I find myself caught running through a raging storm,

Would you shelter me from the wild wind with your hope?

Would you nurture me with kindness until the rain stops falling?

If I decide to sail through my dark thoughts,

To fly through the cold winter’s dim and gloomy sky,

Would you take my hand, show me the direction to the sun rise?

Would you take me to a place where the melody of the birds fills the air,

To a  place with new dawn, new moon, new hope, and renewed promise.

Hussein Dekmak

Friendship Help Hope Inspiration Soul-searching, Love, Nature, Sad, Pain, Society, Spiritual.
Sally A Bayan Dec 2018
That late afternoon, my first sight,
of the desert, filled me with sighs,
trip was a soul-searching journey, i realized,
not at all scary....the darkened sand dunes
were dimly lighted by the moon
the unembraceable sky was a night show
a million stars and more, joined in the glow,
no known perimeters, souls are free to mull
moments are unpredictable, no longer dull,
such immense space!....minds and eyes
roam.....there are no lows....only highs
no demons, just kind with His rules
gifting His sky, His love, to us, human fools
He heals the holes in our souls so patiently,
through bright paths, He leads us to Eternity
.......................where He wishes us all to be...


Copyright Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan  
November 2018
Kryptonite Dec 2018
breathe in
put your lids to rest
would you dare to
hold in the fear
of all forgotten

put your lids to rest
do you hear waves
do you fear the dark
within the clouded mind
your harrowing thoughts

beneath those vivid images
you so desperately escape
lies quietly fluttering dreams
and if you are willing to see
within a shrouded cave below

quaint a little box,
innocently awaiting finding
familiarity in its sense
its owner long gone
holding the spark
you search.
Debanjana Saha Nov 2018
Blink! Blink!
And suddenly
Everything changes
You, me, I, him, her,
Everything does change!

Love, hate
and every other feeling
Loses it's way

Let not anything
Tamper your soul
YOLO is what
You need to
remind your soul!

Let's get lost from within
And worry too less
What others might think!
An inward journey is soothing
One might take years to reach
But the journey is worth taking!
Pyrrha Nov 2018
To My Soulmate,

When you enter my world
I will give you everything
I will become your anything
And when we are apart
You couldn't fathom
Such a lonely and empty feeling
So stay by my side
So that we can be whole
A home inside of me
A palace within you

Sincerely, a soul in search of someone searching
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Look long and deep within
yourself and wake your
true potential.
Working on the last chapter of the Gala!
Man, it's been a fun ride but all good
things come to an end! ^-^
Lyn ***
Ndolo May 2018
This is the most confusing life I've ever lived,
I keep chasing myself every second of every day
just to figure out what I'm doing,
The goal seems irrelevant when compared to self-hood,
Yet I'm willing to throw that away for the sake of living
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