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Chelsea Quigley Oct 2023
Back to the start we go,
Life is a constant flow,
Of ups and downs,
Smiles and frowns,
To all the memories
we know.

Back to the start,
We say
As we become
lost and astray,
Tired and drained,
At the tasks thrown at us today.
Or perhaps day one
For some,
Feeling less than alive,
We sink and thrive,
All at the same time.

What a strange way to survive.

Back to that feeling,
We pray,
That it goes away
one day.
Or perhaps not,
As we sink and rot,
In the wounds and woes
Life has thrown and tossed,
To make us feel lost,
And truly unknown.

Or perhaps we are content
In life as it is now.
How wonderful it would be
For all to feel the same,
The relaxing happiness
That we strive for each day.
We pray and fret,
And live to forget
Of the thoughts that keep us
locked in
And afraid.

But as humans we grow,
Live through the flow,
Of light and darkness,
For the awaiting goal.
To finally feel at home,
Content with the flow,
Of constant changes
To our mind and soul.
But we live and thrive,
Breathe and survive,

For what a strange way we live in this life.
SGP Nov 2021
I am going to leave a note for my future self.
I have to let you know that I am content; I can look at his messages again.
I look at them with a smile because now I know what I've learned.

Its funny to see that today I feel this way, knowing that years back I couldn't even hear the sound of his name.
I'm glad for the lesson he left me and I am grateful for the happy memories we shared.
I can finally say we can part our ways.

Now I've found my way.
The path I should follow.
I learned that love comes from deep within myself and not from someone hollow.

Understanding that what you are is what you attract is something important to share and
If you're not happy with yourself, then that is a shame.
Be happy with who you are and what you are today.
Then you will see how everything falls into place.

This is the message I'll leave for you today.
Descovia Feb 2021
I opened my heart

To someone who would

Never even open his

Eyes To see me.

You were all

But it was

So easy for you

To watch me fall

I refuse to let you

Carry the pieces of me

Even if I break

I will build myself

From the ground up

with everything you

Fail to Take

My heart is open

My eyes they can see

As long as I keep

Striving and Growing

There will be far more left

Than just mere pieces of me!*

Descovia & Rein
ShininGale Dec 2020
"I missed, miss, and kept missing you".
though you are near, you seem so far.
though we share one space, you felt so distant.
I miss you, when we used to share the same reflection.

From I to you, from me to thee
"See you soon, my dear self".
"Lovesick" can describe someone who loves someone and is unrequited in that love but it can also mean that they miss someone who they love who is away from them... like "homesick".

I know this type of poetry and topic is cliche, but it is not different from everyone who seeks improvement and change, but at the same time misses themselves time-to-time. I do not fear change and I am grateful for it, but at times it's like yearning for someone to comeback or even the slightest parts to comeback. but again "KEEP MOVING FORWARD"
I used to say that... a lot!!!
[There's nothing wrong with wanting to change and missing the changed]

This simple poetry is just a reminder that the year will end, we must face the new year and be prepared. It's not to hinder you with negativity but to boost your morale about us being changeable. To those who's seeking for change, and is changing...DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BE CHANGED.

Merry Christmas Y'all, He is with us always.

[The hashtags ain't enough, but  you knew...]
Storm Jul 2020
Im no fan of streets
Its a crowded place to go
People trap in two parallel lines
All figuring out where to go

Most of them knows where
But Im new here
How do you walk alone?
In a valley of crowded people

Still searching for you
Maybe just the thought of you
I thought I can walk Cornelia street even without you. Wow it's been 6 months already
My life's too dreary
Why did I boast?
Now I'm paying the cost
Oh! I'm so weary

Been on too many journeys
Carrying heavy loads
On life's numerous roads
Too weak to survive life's tourneys

They told me home is best
There I can find the cure
Then maybe,I'll become pure
When the beast in me finds rest

That's why I'm here on my knee
With tears in my eye
Sorry 'bout you and I
I'm still just trying to find me.
freesoulandpoet Mar 2020
Here I am, once again
Facing the depths of my soul
Those hidden crypts, If I could
Would gladly have avoided

Here I am, facing again
That truth that I've always run from
Those thoughts that I've always buried
Afraid of the reflection I might see
If I looked closer

We all shape our reflection in the mirror
With the hope to not gasp in horror
At our own image, own self
Wishing our agony was silent
Like a book gently resting on a shelf

At last, here I am again,
Agonizing in a beautiful stream of words
Depicting emotions, feelings, and pain
With the hope of being freed from these chains
Chains that have surrounded my world
Dragging me down into the scary depths of my soul
It is one thing to acknowledge our mistakes. It is another thing to acknowledge the pardon we deserve to be able to move on. I am stuck in the middle of those two things.
Naomi Firestone Feb 2019
Darkness haunches over me
The mountains swallow the obsidian sea
A thick chill weighs heavy on my lungs
Like the sinking night
The ocean with no will to rise and fall
lays still to the weight of time
And I, knees tucked tight,
watch the minutes pass by
contemplating, soul searching
as the calvary draws from the east
Arterial red spears pierce the darkness
Copper ink bleeds from sky to sea
casting colour like rose petals
and cotton candy
to welcome the sun
as it’s light drowns out the night
The mountains retreat like watchdogs backing down
The chill lifts
unfreezing the motionless tide
Lovers take to the long stretch
And so the day begins
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