There are many words in the English language that can be loosely translated as the same exact thing in other languages

So maybe, just maybe, Happiness and Perfection are one in the same. Divided by some overzealous scholars or some kind of misguided concept that one was obtainable and the other is not. That maybe we harbor this warped notion that constantly pursuing happiness in fact grants you the mindset that it truly exists in our lives.

You can chase happiness, and to reach it would be perfect wouldn't it? But perfection is for circles and happiness is for children's books..
I wrote this when I had to leave home and I was basically forced to delve into myself internally. At the time, this is what I found and regardless of how daunting it was me.
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
A warm summer breeze
sends clouds of dandelions
to swarm around my body.

They crash and glide,
spin and collide,
until they find their own way
to the ground.

Despite the heat,
my limbs are frozen together,
locked into place, while
my mind explores this empty town.

She’s there,
under the drifting shade of the dying oak tree,
watching me from afar,
waiting until I can see her sunlit countenance,
until I can know her.

My love,
the one my mind searches for
in the darkest alleys and
the jutting cliff sides of
my cavernous heart.

She lies in the shade,
just waiting for the moment when
the glimmering sun reveals her
identity, while
my persistent mind attempts to
distinguish characteristic features
within her impenetrable

But it can’t;
It never will.

When stubbornness and impatience
search for love,
only chaos breeds
and spreads
like fire in this lush, illuminating field.

The ash chokes the life
from the flowers before
they even get their chance to bloom,
and the deadly smoke lifts
to destroy my only chance
at beginning a life
with the one I love most,
my only chance
to understand my emotions enough
to see your beautiful face

Whoever’s it may be.
neko-nae Aug 2017
my eye lids are crack ed
flaking, an abundance of tears
leaving so frequently

a multitude at once, i know for sure
the end is nigh
but i charlie brown drag,
puff puff, no pass
and clean, straighten
in hopes of piecing together the in-
side while at it--

self-reflection looms
as i stare steadily in the mirror,
but i know you have much to learn
& i can weather my demons
or just
flush them,

if only soul depth
could be explained as simply
as wiping away the cat hair
from the bathroom sink--
kellie scranton May 2017
When you can't go outside in the cold
Cause it hurts your bones;
And you've caused self inflicted mayhem
On every surface of your skin
When the night is your only cherished friend
It comforts your deceiving soul
And sings you a fast tempo lullaby

-Kellie A Scranton
Diary of a night owl
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
These scales always tipping,
this mind always spinning...
Oh slow me down, slow me down;
insane, yet I am sound.
Momma never knew how deep it could get when she placed her son right near the sun;
the kids used to call me a rocketship.
"Apollo 13! Apollo 13!" Now I'm beginning to figure out what all of this means.
I'm light years away suspended in space, wondering if they'll ever come and meet with me.

Oh, but it's much more than that. With this lyre attached to my back and music in my heart, I give you songs of poetry straight from the stars of Libra.
Can you see the constellation?
This October soul gets in touch through the element but I'm no prince of the air;
learning to use discernment with these gifts I've been given, I am very much aware.
Nobody can tell me who I am, only experience can wake me up to searching...
That's why I have gone beyond the sky a long time ago and haven't come down yet.
Way over their heads I am floating...
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2016
I can stare blankly.
I have mastered the art.
Feelings evade me,
I swept them into the dark.
Now I persuade me,
Run away from your heart.
Keep running long into the morning.
Never saying goodbye before you depart.
Run away but not too lively.
Remember, you must keep up with your art.
Impressions from Surface to Spirit.
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2016
Upon reading, I still quite didn't  understand .
Not until applying my own definition.
Even today she's meek, humble.
Once a dream, I woke to find her gone
I Still hear her voice so far away.
What was this idealistic principle.
Youthful soon to mature,
Finding it's way into a grave.
The scarcity of something so precious.
The adoration, was any moment opportune.
I knew very little, seeking her.
Comprehending what I knew from such a small glimpse .
Resistance truly was futile.
Stumped at the very root.
Grabbing the proverbial apple, taking a bite.
I no longer had any control of my life, displaced with closed eyes.
Searching for a glimmer of hope,
I urge, 5 more minutes
She wasn't a dream
stone bear Oct 2016
I think with my heart;
not my head
in my hand
or buried deep under the sand.

Because when everything comes from the core,
i don’t need to wonder any more.
Thinking is not a chore:
like folding laundry into a tidy drawer.
But that’s what draws our glass floor,
and causes us to continully snore.
But what we chose to ignore,
should be infact, exactly what we adore.
Then maybe we’d ask for an encore
instead of a 24/7 drug store.


To you, i may be a boar,
but we must bust down the door.
Stop fighting the war!
Live for evermore(
if we wish to soar).

But today our biggest sore
may be the us marine corp.
i hurt for their souls, scattered galore.

it is i who they fend for,
it is why their blood continues to pour.
But that doesn’t effect you,
because it happens on another shore.

Your questions? i have answer for,
but please don’t ask me the baseball score.
Those fact are not in my houses’ decor,
all forms of politics, i choose to ignore.


You can call me a dinosaur,
regardless, I am not a cannibalistic carnivore.


I know you may ridicule,
but i prefer to be the recluse,
only coming out, when looking for a spruce.

So, when i do explore,
you will not find me with the busy bodies,
you will find me with the mircoscopic spores.
After all, it's we they provide for.

After this adventure, i know they swore,
they could create me a commodore.
On our yaht, somewhere offshore.
There would be no more war.
just hugs, tugs, and kisses galore.

Before, I was a skeptic, hardcore.
i now believe holeheartedly in folklore.
My faith in prewar,
is now eternally restored.

Because mother against man always out scores,
that is why i look no more.
Nature is my only mentor.


now, i see myself as a matador.
i can be anything,
that is the underscore.
Sinai Aug 2016
I loved you so much harder than I did myself
The same way I love everyone
Because when I saw you
The details didn't catch my eye
Your selfishness and your apathy
I saw your soul
And I focused on it until there was nothing else left of you
The same way I always do

At the end of every day
I wash of everyone I have loved
I rinse their souls out of me
And I stand in front of the mirror
Searching for mine
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