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Traveler Apr 2020
There I found peace
In the realization
Of synthetic euphoria
Waiting and looking forward
To the end of calamity
Serenity is kind to us
Feel the world slow down
Hear the children yawning
The weary look in the old folks eyes
Knowing too well
That someday maybe soon
We are all be moving on
In peaceful serenity
Traveler Tim

"Observable phenomena's effect on the human condition."


"Utilizing knowledge acquired during human existence to better understand the inexplicable through language."


"The perception of past events or knowledge altered by the present human condition."


"Mankind's attempt to eradicate God and Nature in order to determine whether or not there is life after death."


"Programmed Cell Death."
With a body of curves, like no other, a true image of the magnificent, celestial mother.

And flowing as a spring with infinite roar, yet one small detail one could not ignore.

Her hair was a torrent, a weathering storm, scattering birds, attracting lightning; a whirlpool in form.

This visage, this appearance, so strange, so bizarre; face of spinning waters, as brilliant as stars.

Falling in love with her, into her flows, where everyone knows where the torrid passion goes.

In drowning descent, never returning from the throes, Land of Sleep, a beast awaits; the awful Kro-nos.
Charybdis is the whirlpool that descends to the underworld. She is the source of the word Caribbean. This is metered poetry. I believe Charybdis is in fact all the oceans around the Eurasian landmass, swirling as a gigantic whirlpool that in ancient times would bring any ship down whom ventured to stay at sea too long.
Stars gleam -night/snakes run their races,
Rain always seems/to find our faces,
Drowning deep abyss/those dark and evil places,
Wanna' die, release/trapped time, a Beast,
....come end this stasis,
....come end this stasis,

I wanna' die,
I wanna' die,

We have eyes/still won’t see it,
Hearing without hearing, ears won’t believe it,
Argo, course, pivot/never touch, feel, regret,
Hunger boils feel/pain, life, hurts, reveal;

I wanna' die,
I wanna die,

I wanna' dine at the table of Kro-nos!

Grinded, gnashed, sliced, eaten/devoured as a Cretan,
Die, soul to fly/meet in the sky,

I wanna' die in the cosmos,

I wanna die,
I wanna die,

Trapped mill machine/they eat, they gleam,
Meet for the feast/Almighty beast, Almighty Kronos!

I wanna dine,
It a crime?
Swallowed by time,
In the cosmos,
I wanna die,
I wanna dine,

I wanna dine cosmos/retch my body, I transpose,

I wanna dine at the table of Kro-nos!

*I wanna die,
I wanna die,
Apollo Hayden Dec 2016
One to twelve, one to twelve,
clocks on the wall, one to twelve.
Circle circles, cycle cycles,
chains of time on the mind, stuck in this hell.
Back into the light, you've came here so many times;
deja vu flashes clues yet you still can't tell,
how we used to be able to reach thirteen but they've got us stuck in this cycle of one to twelve.
Where did they hide a punch clock in the timeless solace?

Or did they hide it all?

Perhaps it’s difficult to see some mornings?

We walked together to the school bus-stop, Billie Jean and I,

…she seemed to have a thing for me although I don’t know why?

I had a birth deformity; my feet were horned like snakes,

…a scaly-green monstrosity that locked away my heart and mind,

…so that; like the time clock, no one would ever see me.

Even the trip to doctors in Thebes, it only made it worse,

...all the children in my town found out, and said that I was cursed,

An ancient Greek named Urias claimed;

That tranquil purple’s peaceful dawn had hid a pitcher of lies,

And Zeus’ anger at the act brought down lightning from the skies,

…and struck down the people just like me against a ballad of rainbow fusion sunrise.

For the dreamy cosmos exercises as the pantomime he realizes,

…the many fancies of his disguises that the panoptic mind has in its surmises,

And in their parrying fall the distended fragments of the egg,

…formed some like me who were formed quite queer, said to come from Apulian’s nightly fall of fear.

Glass-bottled visions of events not clear all framed in a circle of Plato’s Great Year.

My feet the scaly-green monstrosity which sealed my heart and mind,

Billie said it was a gift from that Great Old Father Time,

A spring of rocks, a great mountain, a whirlpool and a navel,

I guess one day I’ll become them all, if and when I’m able!
Ancient Greeks believed that a war in the heavens occurred and the original, "giants," of the Earth had been destroyed during it. One ancient author described something unusual about them, their feet, which had claws.

Today, "modern," science calls them dinosaurs and said that a weapon from heaven destroyed them. I like the Greek version better.
Villain villainous vicarious, voracious or a vorate,
a Vulcan hell, a chthonic well, Megaron or substrate,
we find ourselves imagining some patterns in the stars,
with characters traveling -across this field of view of ours.

One will often contemplate the possibilities,
of all the fancied origins, of life in heaven's seas,
did Kronos eat the five they say?
Or does the day disguise them?

Perhaps he eats them every night,
as they dip on the horizon!
Rhyme, Greek mythology, cosmogony as rhyming poetry. All star characters die with the day in TIME.
By David John Mowers

Oceanus, Acheron, Styx and Gyges, Phlegethon,

Phaeacians lament, mourn the loss, Scheria, dissolved in froths.

Virgil’s tale, found correct, a land too good, a nation wrecked,

Nausikaa, burn the ships; their minds released, cool airy nips,

Below the wave, watery grave, submerged to bottom, fathoms by stave,

Fathoms some more, until the whorl, descending to, another world.

Through Omphalos, to Land of Sleep, awaits a beast, where time has ceased,

Darkness here, underworld, cold and frigid, below the whirl,

In solemn grave, souls released, judged and counted, by the beast,

Deeper than, the deep itself, past drowning fairies and dying elves,

Who did mourn them? Those golden men, magic mariners, Mino's kin?

What wrong was seen? What vice not true? What awful sin? What did they do?

One thousand years, first black age, Two thousand more, to find the stage,

Cast off Aries and cast Orion, to find beginning, of Golden Lion.

Man of Heavens, Beast agrees, Bull of Sky, Ox of seas,

Land of Punt, Land of Éire, Ogyges blue, hearts on fire,

All the seashores, all the mines, Tribe of Dan, from ancient times,

Port of Sais, Port of Thera, Port of Lagash, bygone era,

Sailor’s horse, Minotaur, a lyre is crying, strummed guitar, nation dying, abattoir.

Ochre foams to sanguine depth, there they rested, where Kronos slept,

He’ll never answer, he doesn’t care, we’ll never know, if this was fair.

Our hearts in sadness, hands on the gates! I curse you Poseidon!

. . .and your Sea of Fates!
Every historical and mythological reference to the kingdom of Atlantis which was destroyed by it's founder; Poseidon. All of the characters including the archaeological agreement on the historical basis along with Geo-location as well as an approximate age of occurrence, extent of the kingdom set to metered rhyme.

— The End —