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Roro Aug 2020
Now and then I catch a glimpse

Of a shadow or piece of a thing

Alive but terrifying to reminisce.

Now and then I sense

The presence of some being

Closing in on my ears and neck.

Now and then I feel a tap

On my shoulder or my head from the back.

Surrounded by too many

Always checking

Always wondering

Who's there?

Where did you go?

But to an audience that doesn’t know

I'm alert, though in isolation

and completely alone.
For me, feeling paranoid and manic together feels like seeing glimpses and feeling the presence of creatures from a parallel world. I like to think a small invisible fairy visits me and flutters around my head annoyingly, making me **** my head around and see frightening things that disappear in a flash. Even in the calm comforting solitude of my own bedroom :D
Alex Camu Aug 2020
What if parallel universe really do exist?

I hope its true,
and there's a never-ending me & you.
And in this never-ending universe there's
a chance for us.
A world where we can be who we want,
a world where we can be carefree, a world
where we can be down.
A world where we can be together.

I hope its true.
I hope its true,
that there's a world where the word 'us' is true.
But in this world... its just 'me' and its
just 'you'.
clementine Jul 2020
I hope she has a good life.
I hope she has friends that she can lean on.
I hope she never overthinks at night.
I hope she never encounters depression and anxiety.
I hope everyone loves and cares for her.
I hope everyone accepts her flaws.
I hope everyone understands and respects her.
I hope she can find a man whose willing to sacrifice for her.
I hope she can do whatever she wants.
I hope she never shed a tear without knowing why.
I hope she has confidence.
I hope she can decide on her own.
I hope that every moment in her life is a worth to remember.
I hope she's not drown by sadness.
I hope she's happy unlike me.
luna soleil Jun 2020
they said there are a lot of lifetimes —
multiple universe similar to ours

maybe in one universe, i’d walk to you;
you’d stop writing and smile at me
i’d complain about how messed up the system is
and you’d chuckle as i say “let’s run away”
we’ll lie on the bed, you hugging me
and you’ll remind me of the first time we met;
i wasn’t your type, and you weren’t mine
yet the universe knew we’d be more than fine

          and parallel you won't fall out of love for me

                 while parallel me would never have to let you go
Because inside her beautiful mind,
She creates her own universe
It’s not big
But just enough to fit her thoughts, hopes, and dreams.
Apollo Hayden Jan 2017
She was pinched in stature.
Radiated with such confidence,
yet she was nothing like a preacher, still we opened up and listened from within.
She scanned my energy from front to back, and told me that self forgiveness was thing in which I lacked.
I gave her a smile along with a nod letting her know it was well received, then I sat down, poured out the clutter and met her in the stillness, and listened to her speak.
It was all about forgiveness and walls we build that limits our beliefs.
It was there I was told to let go, piercing my skin her voice spoke to my soul, saying "and this you already know," but I forgot.
Oh the things that can be brought back into the light, when we're able to be still, slow down our thoughts and close our eyes, the answers will come.
I opened my eyes and to my surprise I stood alone in a room, and remembered that we all are one.

— The End —