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LWZ Apr 2020
Why do I bother with the anticipation of love (lust).

No escaping the pain. One way or the other.
Roulette at its finest.

The love for family burns holes in my heart.
Romantic love burns like cigarettes on the flesh.
Searing the skin right before your eyes.

Sometimes you can smell your smoldering ignited flesh.

Other times in sneaks up behind and the ******* leaves you paralyzed.

Insidiously leaving venom in your veins.
The pain may never disipate.
Kelly Feb 2020
A sharp pang
A silent ring
Drifting from the corners of my most precious

Darting through my body in a lingering scent
That turned my heart to lead
And yanked it to the pitfalls
The brick wall of

And the peripheral edges I kept
Side eyes and swept
To try to reconjure the pain
Instead of your name
A free radical in my brain
Slamming my skull in remorse and disdain

“******* retrospective idealism”

I took to my fate
Satisfied the craving
In simplicity
Unbeknownst to me

And instead of refuge
I Found beaded lights in complex plight
Forced to see the stream of me
Where I usually go to break free
From you and me, an unrealistic dream

And now my solace is littered with us
I spent too long on those words
That were gathering dust
Under lock and key in my healing cortex
Cerebral disfunction in seven letter text

Over and over and over I read

Instead of release the destruction increased and I began to bleed, barriers broke with ease
A flood of contrition, prohibited paths
Thinking in numbers, extirpate my crass

Denial that I cared that you clipped your nails
No talons to scratch me, pleasure to veil
Wait til I’m gone to ease that small pain
Convert to embitterment
To not admit that I miss your name

In similar, small, ignite on my screen
I never wanted mean
And never wanted to leave

And I sat in silence
Re read and re fed
Vitality with your words

And Pretended you still meant

Pt 1
Can it get worse?
Lynnia Oct 2018
seep through the cracks
launch an attack
so relentless
don't fall back

tie me in knots
poison my thoughts
insidious wares
readily bought

twisted like twine
soon out of time
heart beats too fast,
forgot my lines

the words that i bleed
slowly made free
while my soul is chained
i'm no longer me.
about the dark side of love.
Just Alex Aug 2018
No poison as venomous
Nor insidious a rouge
No piercing an arrow
Can compare to love

A disease like no other
Like no virus or spore
It rides the breezes of Autumn
With the leaves as they fall

In the laughter of lovers
As they gaze into their eyes
Their company they cherish
As the world, it turns blank

Such subterfuge is legend
As warning you it does not
And in chains of steel unbreaking
Your heart will be wrought

Your walls will crumble
Your discipline, for naught
You crave their happiness
And then you are lost...
as it tears you asunder
and rips you apart from within

Oh, such a malady has no cure!
You can only give in...

When will you arrive my love?
Please, come to me
Cool this fever of passion
This fire that rages within
Swiftly my darling!
Life from my fingers it slips
I can´t bear to see them smiling...
In sadness I wallow in...
yet, maybe this is what I deserve
For turning my back on my heart
The pain, the agony, it feels...
like the cut of a thousand knives...
Seema Aug 2017
The singing of chimes
Depicts an untold story
I've not committed a crime
But am still, very sorry

I have a lot to tell
But this place,
has a weary clime
Can you wait, till am well
I sure, witnessed a crime

"Detective", I'll spit out all
Just let me breathe for a while-
Tomorrow I'll give you a call
And then we'll go to "Half Mile"

"The crime scene", Detective
At the corner of the Half Mile road
I am not being introspective
But two guys were carrying a load

They asked me for a lift
But I grew suspicious
So I took a race through swift
Coz they looked insidious

With the head flash light
I could see something dripping
They dropped it and ran for their plight
On the other side, running and tripping

I gathered courage and went to look
My breath weakened, suddenly
And what I saw, made me puke
A body or two smeared bloodily

I then ran back to my car and sped
Next morning, I read the horrible news
And became more scared
I should've reported without any excuse

That's all I know, "Officer Sam"
But I do remember their face
I will definitely help to nail them
And be a witness, in this case...

Say NO, to crime. Report incidents.
Valeria Ariza Jun 2017
I am the cold silver light in the darkness.
The rattling madness polluting sanity.
I am both, I am everything.
But mainly I am burdened with truth.

That, is why I am so Afraid of living
Why I am so afraid of Not living

Why I am not afraid to die.

I am the lead tainted paint in a bottle, stirring, absorbing the artist's pain.
In madness I am used to depict a reality ideal.
With every brush stroke, every color, I am killing him, he is using me to **** him,
as he paints murals for the masses to alleviate their suffering.
He suffers from truth.

He is not afraid to die.

I am a chameleon blending in with the rest of you,
Fools, drunk off of false hope and fairy tales
I am the paint, and the painting
I am the artist,

And I am not afraid to die.
First poem of the year, of my decade, of this new chapter.
MsAmendable Aug 2015
Silver tongues, diamond cut,
Artfully place pandering
And articulate acupuncture
Dragging your cheeks up with hooks
Until you are caught by strings
A marionette madly dancing
To another's fine sour tune
Lindsey Graham Jul 2015
Jealousy is the most
Insidious emotion
It eats you away like nothing else
Ever could
Fallen Angel Apr 2015
Where other couples have songs
we had a movie.
A movie that we were watching;
when you first asked me out,
when you first kissed me.
I used to think our movie was ironic
a horror movie
to represent a happy relationship.
Now I'm wondering
if it was a sign of the destruction you'd cause.
Remind me to pay attention to the things
that represent a relationship.
Those things can show how the relationship will end.
And I'd rather it end like Beauty and the Beast
than Insidious...
Bewildered he stands in night time mist
then he wonders as he clenches his fist
how he'd arrived here, with a brain twist
rooted, planted, his reality is dismissed

early onset, gray matter's soon demise
bothered by his failed attempts to recall
his memory's been faltering by degrees
it was nothing he nor his family foresaw

he turns to see a car with an open door
and found car keys in his pants' pocket
it seems he can remember a little more
he's electrified as a plugged in socket

There was a large note on the car's dash
with his name, address, cell, and phone
in case he was ever in an accident crash
all would know the facts will stand alone
The poem is based on a man who is standing in the middle of a night time street ... a parked car with its door open.  His back is to the car ... He is suffering dimentia or altzheimers which is progressing

© Carmela M. Patterson, All rights reserved

— The End —